President Obama To Face Primary Challenge?

Ralph Nader is once again confirming his plans to help assemble a “group” of Democratic primary challenges to face off against Barack Obama in 2012.  The move by Nader appears to strongly confirm earlier predictions by certain Washington D.C. insiders that plans were in fact underway to force Obama to spend time and resources defending himself from within the Democratic Party prior to the 2012 General Election.

Nader’s move is under the guise of alleged complaints among Progressives that Barack Obama has moved too far to the political right – a description certain to elicit disbelief from Conservatives and Independents who view the president with increasing mistrust and anger over President Obama’s continued failure to meet the myriad of economic challenges facing the country.  Just this week the Obama administration renewed calls for higher taxes – this time in the neighborhood of 1.5 TRILLION in proposed tax increases.

Next we are really pushing, and pushing hard, to get a primary challenger against Obama.  Hoping to have this in place by the fall.    -Insider: August, 2011


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    • American
    • Who ever gets in on the left, still stick to the plan…no more commies, socialists, builderburg, And all on the established demonrat left should not be voted to be the next POTUS. They have an agenda and they are getting despret…they will stick to the agenda with whoever runs against obby…obby has his agenda and the left have their agenda and none of them have anything good for America

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