Insider Update – New Interview Is Coming (we hope!)

As we complete the transition to the new site, and sort out  reconnecting with our Facebook followers, I have been receiving many questions as to when the next Insider interview would be coming.

The good news is that Insider and I have been in contact of late, and plans for a future interview are underway.  The bad news is said interview remains non-specific as to an actual time.

As I indicated to some most recently, Insider has been quite busy – their fingerprints are all over some recent political news headlines.  I must admit to a mixture of awe and pride in watching their work unfold before us.

Know this – the goal of defeating Barack Obama in 2012 is paramount to everything underway.  Pushing the scandals out into the mainstream has clearly met with significant success – though much more remains to be done in that regard.  Whether or not Insider knew of the Solyndra and Lightsquared scandals prior to their breaking open is not yet certain - but I intend to ask them much on that subject when given the opportunity.

I would also point out to our interview with the figure I dubbed Wall Street Insider.  This individual clearly guided that discussion into the direction of military contractors and campaign bundlers – both topics that are now embroiled in the newly breaking scandals surrounding the Obama administration.  This cannot be coincidence and with hindsight is now clear to being done with intent during that interview as a likely signal to others of what was coming.  While I have been in contact with Insider – I have not been so fortunate with their Wall Street counterpart – but that attempt continues as I consider that interview to have been both a fascinating and informative  experience.

So for now, I remain hopeful of a new Insider interview within the week, and will update you all on status as soon as that information becomes available.  Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.  2012 looms before us now – let’s remember to remain focused and united in the ultimate and necessary goal of ensuring Barack Obama is not given four more years to inflict further and likely irreparable damage upon this country.



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19 Comments to Insider Update – New Interview Is Coming (we hope!)
      • Scott McMorran
      • That’s a tempting thought but Carville is way to high visibility, too mainstream and makes his living off this stuff and I personally don’t see him risking it all on these interviews. However emotionally I think he is the type of person.
        Bu again, way………………….too Establishment. If Carville wanted to “snitch” he’d write a best seller Plus I don’t recall him woorking on Obama 2008. I think he was clearly a Hillary guy. Not 100% sure of that. Lots of these guys are verysub rosa on the stuff they are doing.

    • daisy cutter
    • I hope that when all of this is over you’ll write a book, Ulsterman. I’m sure that the details you’re not telling us are even more interesting than the ones in your posts.

    • Lonni
    • I am looking forward to you upcoming interviews with the White House Insider. And, I have a question.

      You refer, and have referred to the White House Insider as “they”, “them” and “their”. That indicates more than one. Would you care to elaborate on that?

    • Vince
    • “Know this – the goal of defeating Barack Obama in 2012 is paramount to everything underway.”

      I disagree. This thought process will continue to lead us down a dark path, as it has for the last several decades. Puppets like 0bama can only do as much damage as their puppeteers will allow. Free-thinking, constitution-loving patriots who have a proven track record of such compliance are the only viable replacements for the current usurper. I can think of one off the top of my head from the current crop, Doc Paul.

    • M.C.Fergy
    • One can barely see the outlines of our fading Constitution as it it… for the sake of saving any semblance of our Republic; we cannot afford to have Barack Obama in the White House through January 2013.

    • TeakWoodKite
    • Plural? It would appear the Obama jobs bill is the road map to scandel . Keep at it and thanks for the insights that emerge in your posts. Good luck. Best

      It that you in the pic up top or ?

    • Jen the Michigander
    • I read today that Obama went golfing with Bill Daley and Bill Clinton. I wonder if the Insider knows what’s up with that? It has to mean something– Obama and Clinton are not buddies and we’ve all read the Insider Reports detailing Obama’s working relationship with Daley.

      • Dorinda
      • Not just Clinton and Daley, but Doug Band, Clinton’s closest aide. There were reportedly NO Obama advisors included in the 4-some. That seems strange to me that Obama was out there all by himself, when we know he doesn’t do squat without his ValJar or Reggie nearby. Were they delivering the news to him?

    • Lonni
    • I’m looking forward to reading your Insider interviews. One thing I have noticed is that you refer to Insider as “their fingerprints”, “their work” hinting that Insider is plural…or more than one individual. Would you care to elaborate on that?

    • Margie
    • I too await another ” Insider ” report. You are doing a great job! I never start my day until I check out your column. Keep up the great work!

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