The Most Awkward Embrace Since Al and Tipper Gore…

This photo came to me via a Facebook story link late Wednesday.  The story itself was a bit of White House manipulation attempting to portray First Lady Michelle Obama as a darker toned version of Jackie Kennedy – as if wearing nearly 50 thousand dollars worth of garish diamond jewelry during a lavish New York City DNC fundraiser at a time when the nation is mired in the worst economy in generations, would go over well with average just-trying-to-survive America.

Beyond the inane attempted purpose of the story, was the photo itself  – for it was the photo that left me contemplating the clearly forced body language of the First Couple.  I was also struck by the rather shocking outline of President Obama’s hunched back, an image in stark contrast to the young, athletic, soon-to-be-leader-of-the-free-world that voters were repeatedly hammered with by the mainstream media throughout the 2008 election cycle.  But let us stick with the First Couple for now, and what appears to be a photo showing a relationship having grown very-very cold.

Note the distance between their bodies, the side kiss, the near grimace of Michelle Obama, how stiff the shoulders and arms of the president appear. (Steve Urkel anyone?) Trouble in paradise?  Certainly there have been whispers and the occasional speculative news reports of such.  No photo yet though has so clearly captured the seeming truth of such speculation.  It is the kind of kiss most often seen given unwillingly by suffering children to the odd and strange smelling older family member during the holidays.

It would appear the economy is not the only thing failing President Obama these days…








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26 Comments to The Most Awkward Embrace Since Al and Tipper Gore…
    • ExExZonie
    • The TOTUS is coming between them! Seriously, the pictures of this couple after they get off AF1 show a great deal of unhappiness and animosity. Michelle only seems to enjoy life when she’s on a lavish vacation.

    • KT
    • Yes, it looks totally staged. Plus, she’s wearing bracelets that are worth 42k. These people are totally disgusting and I can’t wait for Nov 2012.

    • Mr Sinclair
    • Well, who amongst you would be anxious to embrace either of these creatures? Both of them have good reasons for recoiling in disgust at the other.

      Congratulations on the new site Ulsterman!!!

    • GB
    • Agree- definitely awkward. When I look at it though, I see a “mom” embracing her son wishing him good luck, like “knock ‘em dead, kid”- before a valedictorian speech.

    • vrajavalay
    • Reggie Love is his lover. All the family stuff is for props. His kids don’t even look like him.
      BTW how do you like the shadow of the TelePrompTer bisecting them?
      Something tells me that the photographer had dome intention yo make a very “telling” picturein mind.

    • Kitty
    • That was MY first, and lasting, response too. No passion or warmth of any kind. Not even a sense of friendship between the two. Zip. Zero. Nada. Just cold granite posing for a photo-op. And lately, the missus seems more like a mother figure to Little Barry.

    • wwwild
    • When I first saw (glanced, really) this photo it didn’t cross my mind that it was Mr. Sotero. Taking a closer look at the photo I thinks it’s because of the strange discoloration along his hairline caused by the TOTUS in the way. How strange and fitting.

      I saw the Drudge link comment about Michelle’s complaint that they never get to travel together; methinks: 1) that might be out of choice (Freudian); 2) that they thought with the election they had one a four-year party that’s not quite panning out for them. Just guesses.


    • AquaStar
    • I had the same reaction to this picture as the moment when Gore and Tipper locked lips at the DNC convention:

      It looks so contrived and forced that it’s painful to watch.

      Youd think they have the routine down pat by now.

      Obviously not.

    • elspeth
    • This woman has disgusted me from the very beginning. It is not her skin color; it is her attitude. No wonder she can not be beautiful on the outside. We know he is a hypocrite; what does it take in a woman to be with someone like him?

      I’ve never been more embarrassed by my country than I am with these two representing us to the rest of the world.

    • Shain
    • Well, to be fair, it could be an image captured before or after a closer, more intimate embrace … but I doubt it. That man has the passion of a turnip.

    • Jon
    • It looks like two mannequins pushed together so that the lips touch. Are you sure that this is a picture of the president and first lady and not two mannequins?

    • jen
    • What a laugh. And the leftist sites love to talk about how “hot” their lives together must be! Heh.

      And, I swear, those fake cheekbones of MO’s seem to grow out another inch evefr day,

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