Herman Cain’s Wow Moment

Last night’s Republican candidates debate gave voters yet further glimpses into who would best serve conservative interests in defeating the failing presidency of Barack Obama.  With significant back and forth between certain candidates, and a myriad of issues discussed, it was Herman Cain’s personal reflections on the inherent dangers of Obamacare upon the health and well being of every American now facing Obamacare’s full implementation that painted the most searing and effective contrast between an America of personal freedom, and an America of centralized Big Government control.

Well said Mr. Cain.  Well said…


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12 Comments to Herman Cain’s Wow Moment
    • Shain
    • Repealing ObamaCare must be the first order of business when 2012 brings us a (hopefully conservative) Republican President, and super-majorities (the more Tea Party members the better) in both Houses of Congress …

    • Paula M
    • As a health care provider Mr. Cain impressed me with his Obamacare answer…actually I was impressed with his entire performance~~this man is a fighter!

    • Oscairo
    • Seared in my mind is the remarks and back-and-forth Herman Cain presented at the National Conservative Student Conference, August 5, 2009. Among the topics he addressed were conservative ideology, tax policy, and health care reform efforts. Following his remarks he answered questions from the audience, from the hip and impressive. Here is the link: [ http://www.c-spanarchives.org/program/Herman ]. Name recognition and the character of this man make for an excellent leader of the United States of America.

    • AquaStar
    • I donated to Cain’s campaign several months ago. I’ve like his direct approach to problems and his plain speech.

      I’d love to Christie to get in and have a real debate from two straight shooters.

      My dream team!

    • pant
    • PU LEEZE…Christie is not a conservative! Check into his background. He refused to sign onto the lawsuit with the other states against Obamacare saying it was going to cost his state money he didn’t want to spend. That was a total crock. It wouldn’t have cost his state any money.

    • NameBuck Farack
    • Mr. Cain has impressed me with his intellect. He gives concise, yet easy to understand, answers. On one occassion, when he didn’t know enough to give an answer to an interviewer, he admitted it on the spot… Not hours later through a spin doctor (“What Mr Cain meant was…”) Knowledge & honesty- a winning combination for 2012. I say let’s beat Obama with a Cain!

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