Solyndra Special Prosecutor Soon To Come?

When far left Democrats like Henry Waxman are willing to throw out the word subpoena, as he did most recently when asked how Congress might get the 5th-Amendment silenced Solyndra execs to testify on the now infamous half-billion dollar Obama stimulus boondoggle of the failed solar panel company, something is certainly developing and developing fast behind the scenes.  Democrats were so quick, oddly so, to jump on the Solyndra public hearings bandwagon, it gives the appearance they are scrambling to try and avoid getting run over by an increasingly inevitable outrage train coming ever faster down the tracks of public opinion just a year away from the 2012 Election.

Waxman, who wields considerable power and influence within the Democratic Party, has in essence openly elevated the already high stakes of the Solyndra scandal.  And while Democrats have sneered and roadblocked other recent Obama related scandals such as the deadly Fast and Furious gunrunning operation that led to the death of U.S. border agent Brian Terry, these same Democrats are now elbowing one another to get out in front of a scandal that is clearly and strongly linked to the President himself.  Unlike Fast and Furious, due in large part to the Eric Holder led Department of Justice’s ability to successfully insulate President Obama from direct implication, the Solyndra information already uncovered has the president’s fingerprints all over the failed half-billion dollar tax payer funded loan program – a loan that directly benefited figures who had initiated significant fundraising efforts for Barack Obama in 2008.

Rep. Lamar Smith, who chairs the powerful House Judiciary Committee, is now openly calling for a special prosecutor.  This call may have to get in line though, as others are also calling for special prosecutors for the Fast and Furious scandal, as well as the still developing Lightsquared scandal that involves alleged Obama administration attempted coersion of Congressional testimony by high ranking members of the United States military.

Three major scandals now surround the administration of Barack Obama, each one significant enough to bring down a president.

“Yes we can.”

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21 Comments to Solyndra Special Prosecutor Soon To Come?
    • Tone Loc
    • Poor fella .. can all you “you just don’t like him because he is black” go back to 2008 and review all the data of his past and the people that surround him? Can ou not see tis guy for what he is?

    • NameP Walker
    • Waxman et al want to railroad the Solyndra execs to keep Obama out of it . John Ransom recently wrote a coloumn on it – Team Chicago are experts in dealing with special investigations .

    • cobra
    • Good move from the other place to you own web site.
      I was getting tired of the other guys writing there.
      Hopefully, you will get more interviews with your insider(s).

    • Dorinda
    • The new NYT article finds no dots connected implicating the WH in anything devious or politically motivated. Instead, they assert “just bad judgement”. It’s pretty telling that the author of this article enjoyed a cooperative WH. I’ll just bet he did.

    • Liz
    • It’s almost as if they are jumping on the Solyndra scandal to take attention away from Fast and Furious, which I believe is growing to several agencies and several countries. Fast and Furious is the most diabolical scandal I have ever heard of. I do not believe there was ever a true law enforcement goal, I believe it was always a political goal to further gun control or to arm a Mexican drug cartel so it could serve as a private military force for someone or something. By the way, Ulsterman, I like the new web site.

    • Anonymouse
    • That news leaves me salivating, Ulsterman! Thanks!

      As an aside, I have a couple technical questions regarding this site.

      1. Usually I surf with JavaScript UNchecked because pages open very much slower when JavaScript is active. Are you aware that when JavaScript is unchecked, the graphics to the left of your article do not appear, but instead spinnng rays take their place?

      Your graphics DO show INSIDE your articles.

      2. Reading bright white pages hurts the eyes of many blue-eyed people. Is there a way to write a CSS so that it overrides bright white pages? My CSS works with Drudge and with most sites, but not with yours or with Bloomberg or Politico or a couple other sites.

      3. Writing in this box, the text is pale grey against bright white. Not easy to read my own writing.

      Thanks for considering.

      And thank you again for isolating your informative pieces on their own site. No more wading through the fraudulent plagiarisms!

      I hope this doesn’t show up twice later. After I posted it, I was transferred from the page with no prior comments to a ‘finger’ page with ten comments. ??

    • Rufus
    • This scandal of corruption and political payback, along with incredibly reckless spending goes straight to the top… to Obama and the Wookie.
      The Solyndra execs who pleaded the Fifth should be arrested and waterboarded until they tell the truth. They were most likely told by the Administration to keep quiet and not implicated the Obamas.

    • Spaceghost
    • “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

      Eventually, you get ensnared by an accumulation of previous missteps. Or so I think, anyway!

      • Akabosan
      • If an individual is impeached is he then pardoned in such a way that he is no longer available for criminal prosecution. IF he lied at all when taking his oath or in the process to apply for the job. Criminal prosecution may still be an option. Let’s hold off on the impeachment if that is the case. ;-)


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