Yet More Proof Of Barack Obama’s Divide and Conquer Strategy

On the proverbial heels of the president’s open embrace of the radical race-baiting rhetoric of the Congressional Black Caucus, Barack Obama has followed up with further divide and conquer public statements that reveal a man increasingly desperate and willing to say almost anything in an attempt to marginalize his potential GOP presidential opponents.

At a fundraiser held Sunday evening, (an event that marks the fourth such fundraiser in five days for the president – wonder how the country is managing to run without him?) President Obama described Republicans as cheering the death of someone due to lack of health care, while also stating they boo homosexual military personnel serving in war.  (Both examples were from less than a handful of individual responses at various GOP presidential debate forums – the president is now taking those extreme examples and attempting to portray all Republicans as such – a blatantly dishonest and irresponsible portrayal that once again diminishes the office of President of the United States.)

As Barack Obama becomes increasingly worried over his chances of winning a second term as president, America is now seeing who the man really is versus who he pretended to be in 2008.  President Obama has proven himself time and time again to be a divider.  He calls for unity and hope, while simultaneously working to take advantage of the division and hopelessness he himself is creating.  He speaks often of American values, while increasingly showing he actually shares few if any of those very values.

As the American economy continues to be mired in the Big Government tax and spend policies of an administration bereft of leadership, President Obama travels the nation fundraising for the opportunity to provide us four more years of more of the same.

Wake up America.

Things are getting scary-serious…

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11 Comments to Yet More Proof Of Barack Obama’s Divide and Conquer Strategy
    • werbaz neutronName
    • What a classy guy! Just the kind of person we all want to be associated with. Just the kind of superior character that we want to lead us as a nation. His behavior toward the rest of us will stand the test of time as a golden role model to our youth.

      All his life experiences to date are now focused on revealing to all, without doubt, the dimensions of this inner person.

    • NameGreg
    • Obama tells supporters at a California fundraiser, “Don’t call me the Almighty, call me the alternative.” Thus sayeth the Great Odogma to his loyal fools!

    • jen
    • Here’s what shocks me…That the world goes on….You go to work, and no one is talking about it; you talk to relatives, and no one mentions it…We are in the middle of the most secretive, illegal, and corrupt administration that could ever be imagined, yet it is business as usual for most Americans. What the heck is the matter with people when our country can be dismantled and handed over to cronies and the Third World without any special attention paid to it?.

      • tbarrelier
      • The scariest thing about all of this is that 535 members of congress, 9 supreme court justices and 5 Joint Chiefs of Staff ignore Obama’s ineligibility for the office of POTUS. We have accepted blatant “Caesarism” in place of the rule of law!

    • Marlowe
    • What is distressingly clear in the roll up to the 2012 election is Mao’Bama will demogogue any issue or event that hee feels will play well with the particular audience he is in front of at the time.

      To a certain extent all politicians do this but Mao’Bama has raised this black art to new heights. He has a venial and mean spiritedness in him that I have never seen before in a politician at his level. Probably former Congressman Alan Grayson is the equal of Mao’Bama but then again Grayson was frequently off his medicines.

      I feel fairly certain that the vast majority of Americans don’t likke their POTUS taking cheap shots at any person or group and that this malignant behaviour will come back to bite him.

    • Fred
    • Obama is just channeling his inner Valerie Jarrett. As stupid of an idea as this he is not smart enough to try to pull this off on his own.

    • Socco
    • This Sunni Muslim impostor is a lame duck, which makes him all the more dangerous. I cannot understand people like Morgan Freeman still playing a race card that has lost its clout, in fool support of this abject failure. The man has murdered how many Blacks in northern Africa? The rebels are hunting down blacks, and killing them.

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