MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s Racist-Tinged Herman Cain Interview

This week, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain subjected himself to the repeated snide, dismissive, and possibly racist words of MSNBC personality Lawrence O’Donnell.  The now resulting fallout from this interview is proving of great benefit to Mr. Cain, while being viewed as further evidence of MSNBC’s inherent race-based dislike of any Black American who does not conform to the far-left ideology of the Progressive Democrats – in essence, that Black voters are to move to the back of the proverbial political bus, sit down and shut up.

Perhaps the most shocking display of what appears as overt racism on the part of Lawrence O’Donnell comes at the 7:20 mark of the interview, when the MSNBC host begins to deride Cain’s description of himself as “staying out of trouble” during the Civil Rights protests underway when Herman Cain was a high school student in the South.  Mr. Cain, unlike Mr. O’Donnell, was a coming of age black man from a poor family very much living in and involved with, the events surrounding the Civil Rights movement – Lawrence O’Donnell enjoyed an upper class East Coast white family upbringing that afforded him the best private schools and Ivy League universities. 

O’Donnell’s repeated besmirching of Herman Cain’s experiences, including those directly related to Mr. Cain’s relationship with his own father, is both startling and sickening to behold – a grievous violation against not only Herman Cain’s personal experience as a young Black man growing up in America during the Civil Rights movement, but a violation against all Black Americans who share similar experiences.

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28 Comments to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s Racist-Tinged Herman Cain Interview
    • Paula M
    • This was one of the most disgraceful, arrogant, condescending interviews by a “reporter” I have ever witnessed. What it proved to me however, is that Herman Cain is a gentleman whose feathers do not ruffle easily. Mr. Cain thinks fast on his feet and will be able to handle a slash and burn type media with grace, dignity,charm and most of all FACTS. Go Mr. Cain~~~~

      I would also like to ask Mr. O’Donnell why HE did not serve in Viet Nam or any other war for that matter.

    • vrajavalay
    • I believe that, due to Mr Cain’s credentials as a mathematician, he was put on working with ballistic missiles. No, he wasn’t a foot soldier.

    • vrajavalay
    • Wikipedia. “d a Master of Science degree in computer science from Purdue University in 1971,[9] when he was also working full-time in ballistics for the U.S. Department of the Navy As a civilian ballistics analyst, he was responsible for developing fire control systems for ships and fighter planes

    • VTX
    • I see a loss of revenue for MSNBC in the near future. Advertisers are going to flee, racing for the exits. They threatened that with Olbermann. With advertising dollars so tight these days, why would a company want to advertise with someone who is that offensive?

      Just sayin’.

    • Barkley Pontree
    • Two things I’ve never been able to figure out: people who think Madonna was ever attractive and people who think Lawrence O’Donnell is ever intelligent.

      • Tparty
      • FYI Larry O’Donnell took seven years to graduate (1969-1976) and graduated with a BA(4yr degree)

        While Herman Cain was designing missile targeting systems while pus nuts was sleeping in late and skipping classes while his rich parents paid for it. Seems like fantastic qualifications for deriding a black presidential candidate about what he was doing and just the type of person I expected to be working at MSLD.

        After listening to this obvious racist bigoted interviewer, I wondered at the precisely calculated return fire. However when Larry asked about his actions during the Vietnam war I wish he would have responded

        ” Larry, since you didn’t criticize Bill Clinton, who not only didn’t serve but evaded the draft, and was white, are you targeting me because I am black? Do you think that all blacks should have been sent over there to fight?

        O’Donnell you racist pig

    • Orlando
    • Last checked the network has the lowest ratings.

      BTW, what’s up with O’Donnell’s two front rabbit teeth? No offence meant to all the rabbits out there.

    • luxuryoption
    • It appears Mr. Cain’s internal White House polling numbers must be very high – and showing him as a formidable opponent to the make believe president, Barack Obama.

      You can always tell when the liberals know the truth, their desperation starts to show in the form of this style of ‘interview’.

      Thank you Lawrence O’Donnell for propelling Mr. Cain to the GOP nomination. In the blink of an eye we know more about the real Hermain Cain – and most of American likes what they see. Love that 20% Gallup poll lead in the GOP field. Now maybe Mittens Romney can take a break and rethink his ever changing positions on the issues.

    • Jimbo
    • O’ Donnell is implying that Cain was not “down with the struggle” — civil rights struggle..

      But Cain’s response that “not every black student in college” needed to go to the protests is A. O. K. with me.

      Going to college and getting a degree in mathematics and then using that knowledge for the benefit of the Navy as a civilian employee is a contribution to the civil rights movement. Successful black Americans as living examples of what hard work — academic work — can achieve is a significant contribution to the civil rights movement in my book.

      Now as far as the 9-9-9 plan is concerned, I don’t want and do not support a national sales tax. Also, in my opinion a national sales tax would require a constitutional amendment — that’s not going to happen.

      Was O’ Donnell being racist?

      Political, yes, racist? I’m not so sure.

      I think both sides want to use the “racist bloody shirt” when it’s perceived to be to their own political advantage.

      I’m tired of it.

      Just stop it — both sides — let’s focus on policy and substance not emotional appeals to one side or the other on issues of race.

      It’s a dead end that leads to division and discord.

      Remember, the elite want to divide and rule — racial division is one of the elite’s stock & trade tactics to divide the American People.

    • NameZaggynutts
    • The things the racist left (like this “reporter) hate is the fact the we are not biteing on the canidate they want obama to run against. Just like McCain they want an easy win for the coward and cheif. This kind of behavior will become more noticeable as the primary get closer.

    • Watcher
    • Cain Owned O’Donnell ..

      If those questions had been posed to Obama he would still be there stuttering and stammering unknowingly. Cain proved he is a REAL leader

    • PattyMN
    • Lawrence O’Donnell just proved once again that liberals can’t handle it when a black man leaves the Democrat plantation! A perfect example of one of Alfonzo Rachel’s observable “teaching” moments. See him on YouTube or and check it out for yourself! Don’t let it bother Herm, we’re on your side!

    • kathy
    • Btw… Who is calling this msnbc Bastard a racist? OMG I wonder if SPLC or DHLS are going to put O’Donnell on list of “terrorists”? Or the ADL? Will he be accused of “hate speech”? I doubt it!

      • Vince
      • We need more than a threat to 0bama…the entire power structure needs a shakeup, and Mr. Cain with his former employment by the FED (along with his wishy-washy stance about supporting an auditing of the FED) make him suspect at best.

    • Bill
    • This is really good news.
      1) O’Donnell’s aggressive attack means Obama feels vulnerable to Herman Cain.
      2) Herman Cain can handle aggressive questioning. And handle it well.

      Cain looks better every day!

    • Bobbi
    • American people are waking up to the fact that they HAVE to defeat Obama in 2012, as a matter of survival.
      Mr.Cain is brilliant and tough and knows how to make this economy friendly for business.
      Additionally, Obama is not going to be able to use the race card.

    • NameKay112
    • Here is some information I retrieved from Wiki on Lawrence— “Lawrence Francis O’Donnell, Jr. (born November 7,[1] 1951) is a liberal American political analyst,”

      Please note he was born in the North East USA in 1951. We can all deduce today he is and was completely ignorant to the subject he is interviewing Herman on in this interview. He is and was ignorant than as well as now. I have not heard someone so ignorant on a subject matter has Lawrence just proved!

      Tis truly amazing how ignorant one can be.

      • Retired
      • If O’Donnell had gone to Vietnam, he may have been KIA. By avoiding the war by not voluntarily enlisting, he preserved himself for a higher calling–in O’Donnell’s case, serving as their spokesman in criticizing Hermain Cain. Others of O’Donnell’s generation did the same. Bill Clinton, for instance, avoided the draft in order to preserve himself for politics. Same with Dick Cheney.

    • shakedown crews
    • Let’s cut through the bullshit and get down to brass tacks. lawrence’s argument was clearly an attack on Cain as a black man who “got along”…who “stayed out of trouble”, and who didn’t help the other negroes try to escape the plantation. In other words, Lawrence O’Donnel was attempting to portray Cain as what has been called an Oreo, or a House Negro, or an Uncle Tom. Take a moment to think about that. Here is a WHITE BOY telling a successful black man that he was a traitor to other blacks and a House N*gg@r. The arrogance of that man infuriates me. I am a great admirer of Cain, I’ve come to that position over time. But seeing how he reacted, with poise and class, earned him more respect for me. Remember how the MSM said that the Tea Party was racist? just look how those liberals treat a black man who dared to leave the Democrat Plantation and think for himself. SHAMEFUL.

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