Fast and Furious Update: “We Have Notes In His Handwriting”

In a lengthy interview given on CBS’s Face the Nation this past weekend, Congressman Darrell Issa made clear his views on Obama Attorney General Eric Holder - pointing to a coverup at the highest levels of the Justice Department.

For the first time, Congressman Issa revealed some of the specific evidence Congress now holds against Eric Holder’s Justice Department, including handwritten notes that appear to directly contradict the testimony Attorney General Holder gave to Congress on Fast and Furious last spring where he stated under oath that he had just learned of the failed and deadly operation just weeks prior to his testimony – a claim Congressman Issa clearly finds to be false:

“His chief of staff had intimate details; we have notes in his handwriting that shows that the number two and Eric Holder’s right hand had intimate details for long time,” Issa told CBS’ Bob Schieffer. “One of the questions is, why wouldn’t you tell your boss about a program that had gotten so out-of-control that it had all kinds of people scurrying to try to stop it?” 

CBS News is now reporting on documents proving Holder was briefed specifically on Fast and Furious as far back as the summer of 2010.  Congressman Issa during his Face the Nation interview went on to indicate a coverup was potentially initiated by Holder’s Justice Department at the crime scene of slain U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry – a crime scene where one of the weapons appears to have disappeared from the collected evidence:

“…If weapon number one [which] appears to be missing were ballistically matched, we would have an absolute rather than the inconsistency…when you have tickets [labeling the weapons found at the scene] that are numbered 2 and 3 and there’s no ticket 1… When agents who were at Brian Terry’s funeral made statements to his mother indicating that there were three weapons, when the two weapons that they have tested don’t conclusively match up, then you look and say, ‘Well, was there a third weapon at the scene? Were there additional people who escaped with weapons?”

When asked whether or not Eric Holder should resign from his position as Attorney General, Issa told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer, “That’s for the president to decide.”



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21 Comments to Fast and Furious Update: “We Have Notes In His Handwriting”
    • truthandjustice
    • Yes, I posted yesterday about the news that Obama has just come out and said that whoever was responsible for it would be held accountable – which is different that what he’s said before. I think that means that the Obama Admin. knows that they have the goods on Holder & will be forced to make him step down and have been trying to figure out what other traitor to replace him and have got one now and think they’ve secured the DOJ enough so Obama’s secrets will be kept safe.
      I remember Ulsterman reporting that the WH Insider said they were trying to find someone else, etc. but they were going to try to somehow get the info to expose Obama when Holder left. ????
      I always pray they will succeed and Obama will be exposed for the fraud he is. Really anxious to hear from the WH Insider about this.

      • live oak
      • Me too. I want to know what the WH Insider has to say about these developments.

        It hard for me to believe that anything is going to be done about kenya boy but we never ever give up. Eventually he’ll be buried in scandals and the lies.

        Congress is useless.

    • Kay112
    • This F&F case has been like a leaky faucett… Drip, drip drip drip of a tad of news here and a tad of news there… This thing cant seem to pick up steam and come to a head. I am ready for some action.

      ……..still no prosecutor has been appointed. I need some patience! WInsider did say they want this F&F fiasco boiling over and erupting in chaos during the 2012 campaign. I guess that means around next Spring. Geez!

    • Tea Party at Perrysburg`
    • From this incident alone, there are only two conclusions an objective observer can reach: 1) Holder is complicit and lying 2) Holder is uninformed, incompetent and doesn’t have the sense to hire good people to work for him.

      Either way, he should be fired. Why would we keep such a liar/incompetent person in charge of anything?

    • VTX
    • I still don’t think it ends with Holder. Now that Odumbo is ready to throw Eric under the bus, I suspect that he’s gonna be pointing his finger upward – Napolitano, perhaps Clinton, Jarrett, and/or Odumbo himself. But who knows? Meybe he thought up the scheme by himself. But…

      Ron Brown said he wasn’t going down alone – and he was right: someone caused the crash of the flight, and those who died were not just that single passenger. If there’s an accident in the near future, and Holder is in it? All I can say is, if he has evidence that proves that he was ordered to run the program, he’d better make it widely available and secure – all at the same time. No need for a repeat of that bit of drama – and Ron Brown should NOT have gone down without taking others with him.

      Hear that, Mr. Holder? The life you save may be your own. If they can do it to the Commerce Secretary, why not you?

    • Pandora
    • It’s a shame this isn’t all over the place in the news, but then again the news is Pravda and we only get to know on a need to know basis. Surprised Drudge doesn’t have it up yet though.

    • VTX
    • Fox has a video – Greta’s show – showing an doofus Henry Cuellar (possibly the only Congressman dumber than Hank “Guam’s tippint over” Johnson and the Senate’s Patty Murray) He’s attempting to humiliate two generals on the issue of border security. The Demonrats are desperate if they put up with this from their own. Worse than desperate.

      I wonder how WH Insider feels about this little tactic?

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