BREAKING: Entire Case File On Brian Terry Killing Missing

In what seems almost an unbelievable development even for the inept and non-cooperative Obama Department of Justice, reports are now breaking of the entire case file of the killers responsible for slain U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry have disappeared - possibly sealed for an as yet unknown reason by a federal judge.

The news first broke today via The Arizona Daily Star’s Tim Stellar, who gives the following details:

In May, federal prosecutors won an indictment against Manuel Osorio-Arellanes and others, and they announced it with a press release. Only Osorio-Arellanes’ name was visible in the indictment, but there were blacked-out words where other defendants’ names go.

Osorio-Arellanes was charged with second-degree murder and was not considered the likely shooter. He had been wounded during the gunfight that left Terry dead.

But in the ensuing months, the case disappeared from court records.

Why? Nobody is saying.

Asked about the case, Debra Hartman, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego, which is prosecuting the case, said via email: “Yes, our office is handling the case and can’t comment further.”



Brian Terry Case File Missing

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      • live oak
      • I just called my contact at Oversight and she did get the email this morning with the link to this article. As I predicted, she was unable to give any information except to say that she will be “absolutely sure” that Issa and all the rest who are involved in this case with Holder are aware of the missing file on Brian Terry. I wish I knew how to get more information, but they’re keeping it close.

    • Retired
    • Well, I guess that we can’t pursue this further if the case files were lost. And the evidence, too, I suspect. I wonder if Holder will apologixe for this, or if he will fall back on the old, “I can’t be expected to answser for the competence of my department.”

    • NameTimchert
    • Wow! Disappears just like all of Barack Insane Obama’s records. surprising is that? Seems they are so emboldened because there is NO OVERSIGHT by our Congress. The one thing the House is supposed to have control over…the purse…but money’s rolling out faster than it can be counted. Hardly ever hear Repubs calling out the antics amounting to TREASON that happen on a daily basis. Our Congress must step it up soon!

    • VTX
    • It looks like Obama and Pelosi and Holder have dug themselves into a pit that they’d ordered to be used for a privy. And there’s no escape, no climbing out.

      • live oak
      • I’m betting Issa and the rest of them could REALLY scare Holder and maybe some others to get them to talk. Do I sound naive, or does it sound like that’s what they could do? It’s making me crazy! Please give me your opinion.

        Anyone else feel free to speak up. I sent that article to Oversight about two hours ago and I’ll call my friend in the morning.

          • live oak
          • I still believe Issa can do a lot. They’ve got the goods on Holder as it is and as far as I know there are 38 so far in congress who want him out. Impeachment is better because he will lose all benefits. If WSI comes forward with what he knows and any proof he has, then I imagine the whole process will go much more quickly. Issa has a HUGE ego; there is no doubt about that and he’d be a laughing stock to the whole nation if he screws it up; besides he has his reputation on the line. It’s just going so slowly it’s maddening. I can’t stand all this waiting around for December 8th.

            I had the impression that WSI is thinking it all over about what to do and I think he’ll do the right thing.

    • Fire Holder
    • The Arizona Republic ran a story the other day that the case has been sealed by a Federal Court. The paper also indicated that it’s been entirely removed from the system… one will even be able to look it up or track the case.

      “The case of the people accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is completely sealed in federal court, so Americans cannot learn how justice is being conducted in a matter with intense public interest and serious political implications.

      “Yes, the case is sealed,” Debra Hartman, spokeswoman from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego, said in an e-mail.

      When a case is sealed, the public and the media cannot see evidence, hear testimony or learn about court rulings and arguments.”

    • Essa
    • It is becoming increasingly apparent that the United States of America is now cloaking itself in an iron curtain with the intention of obliterating government transparency.

      All of these losers need to be marched out on a perp walk so we can throw stones at them.

      • truthandjustice
      • Ha! I had just said about the same thing earlier to my husband re the horrible corrupt, evil people there when we were watching the news. I was so outraged – said they all should be gathered up, lined up and stoned to death….after they were water boarded. I’m so sick of all the disgusting “injustice” that has been going on for so long…our wimpy sentencing of proven criminals, etc…no real ethical, honest, sacrificial patriotic “servant” – most all out for themselves sooner or later.
        Re the 60 min. Insider Trading deal, the author was on Hannity and said it is all LEGAL, even if it’s disgusting & ethics committees say it’s ok.
        Think Issa & crew must have some real evidence in their possession that they are holding but we’ll see….I have real hopes they WILL be found out.

    • BON
    • Our government does not exist. It is a oligarcy and they make the rules and break the rules with no reprocussions to be made by “we, the people”. All is lost America as the evil doers have encased themselves in an iron curtain whereby we will not know what is really happening!

    • werbaz neutronName
    • So this vanishes like Clinton’s passport records and his health records and Hillary’s land dealings in Arkansas and doings around Mena airport, like just about everything about obama, just about everything about the Chicago deals and the machinations of “Baby Dancer” both in the white house and as mayor of chicago.

      It seems out of control and seems they don’t care as they believe none of us can touch them.

      Just like Venezuela. Maybe NBC will get Chelsea to tell us what our masters expect of us.

    • Maccraniac
    • In the Morning Everybody!

      Par for the course for this TOTUS and administration. They are crooks and liars.

      When will the people rise up?

      Military coup in 5….4….3….2…

    • Marie
    • Didn’t the Washington Insider predict that Obama would try to fake an attack on himself to gain sympathy and improve his poll numbers? See Drudge headlines now.

      • NameJTorg
      • That was my first thought also when I saw the headline. How fascinating to see the world as it really is – how so much of what we read in the papers and see on TV is in fact, pure fabricated fiction. I feel like I’ve stepped through the looking glass, reading WHI and WSI’s interviews.

        Ulsterman, you’re fast becoming a national treasure.

    • Disgusted
    • The WH thinks they can’t tell the American people the truth about Fast & Furious or Solyndra. The only thing transparent about the Obama administration is how opaque they are. Obama got elected without any solid qualifications for the job or even an authentic BC. (The Photoshop version put out earlier this year should have landed Obama in jail ~ hey you try that with a Federal job such as the FBI and see what happens… that is unless you can use the pc tactic to control critical thinking) Unfortunately, Congress can’t do anything about government corruption because most of congress is compromised ethically as well (Reports: 60 minutes piece on congressional insider trading & WS Insider “WS is to Obama what Jews were to Hitler”). Money plus politics breeds corruption. Just look at what the military industrial complex, corporatism, WS and congress are doing to the rest of the world. And climate control makes no sense… why would American businesses (GE) move industry to China with no emissions regulation and then push to sell the American people a bunch of solar panels indended to cut green house emissions. The con job is just laughable. We have a lawless government no one can believe in.

    • james
    • Obstruction of justice, pure and simple. Congress must act and order a special prosecutor to investigate corruption in the DOJ. Mexico must also act and issue arrest warrants for all and i mean all involved. including the stupid agents with the ATF that should have know better. If mexican agents did this, DOJ would procecute them. Were in the hell is the State Attorney General in all of this? The Sheriff of Santa Cruz county where this agent i believe was killed should have never let the feds control this investigation.
      American’s are sick of this level of corruption in our current gov.
      I hope they put Joe Arpaio as US ATTORNEY GENERAL (THAT WOULD BE FUN TO SEE. ) .

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