Union Leader Leo Gerard Granted Use of American Military?

In 2009 and 2010, USW president and one of the primary architects of Barack Obama’s national political career, Leo Gerard engaged in an aggressively hostile labor strike against Brazilian mining giant Vale, and its then-CEO Roger Agnelli.  Within a year of that strike’s conclusion, the Brazilian government ousted Agnelli as Vale CEO, and President Barack Obama was promising billions in U.S. taxpayer-paid aid to the Brazilian government and affiliated corporations.  Coincidence?

The timing of the deal and the direct involvement of Leo Gerard, who helped launch Barack Obama’s national political career in 2004, Gerard’s direct links to not only two of the largest labor groups in the world, equally direct ties to such radicalized socialist groups as the Apollo Alliance and the Blue-Green Alliance, and his in-house appointment as a trade policy adviser to President Obama, makes the outcome being the result of mere coincidence highly unlikely.  When reviewing these links, it appears Leo Gerard set off to break the back of former Vale CEO Roger Agnelli – himself a far stronger proponent of free markets than most of Brazil’s government-controlled CEO’s, and replace him with the far more cooperative and union-friendly Murilo Ferreira.  Regarding Ferreira, Gerard said the following…he’s very accessible and always ready to listen to the concerns of the union.  The one to close the deal was none other than Barack Obama – who in essence, jumped at the demand of union leader Gerard that the American president travel to Brazil post-haste with the promise of U.S. dollars – not only in the form of a multi-billion dollar loan package – but the further promise to purchase billions more of Brazil’s natural resources, all of which will further grow the power and influence of the Brazilian government and its now quickly growing labor unions – headed by none other than Leo Gerard.

The Brazil deal is yet another in a long line of examples of how American labor leaders are not in fact opponents of world free trade as they so often indicate - but  are rather strong supporters of world trade that they and their unions control.  No other president in the history of the United States has given so much of that control to union groups as has Barack Obama.

But proof of Gerard’s sway over the Obama administration does not end with the president’s trip to Brazil.  Leo Gerard also appears to have the use of the United States military at his disposal as well.  Take this recent Fox News headline dated October 14th, 2011 that had many news watchers scratching their collective heads wondering what Barack Obama’s true purpose was:

Obama Sends U.S. Troops to Central Africa to Aid Campaign Against Rebel Group

Why would the Obama administration, at a time when U.S. troops were already engaged in operations in a number of fronts across the globe, be sending yet more troops into the bowels of the African continent?  A campaign to aid against rebel groups?  Really?

Now take this earlier headline from September 2nd, 2011 that when taken alone would appear entirely unrelated, but when you connect the dots of Leo Gerard, the Brazilian mining company Vale, and President Barack Obama’s first-hand participation in that scenario, the story takes on an entirely new meaning:

Vale now active in Southern, Central and West Africa

And within that September 2nd article the following excerpt:

JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly.com) – In June, Brazilian diversified mining major Vale, the world’s second-biggest mining company by market capitalisation, reaffirmed that it is set to make major investments in Africa by 2016.

…Our current investment proposal in Africa is to expend more than $12-billion over the next five years, subject to board approval,” Vale Zambia exploration manager Ian Hart told the recent first Zambian International Mining and Energy Conference and Exhibition, in Lusaka.

Billions in direct investment by a company whose labor union is controlled by Leo Gerard – who clearly has his sites set upon further labor union development upon the African continent, and is utilizing the presence of American military to assist him in doing so.  Having established a dominant labor union presence in North America, and Western Europe, Gerard is now clearly working to do the same in South America and Africa,(and quite likely the Middle East) and appears to have at his disposal the power and influence of the executive branch of the United States government – having purchased that power and influence via the 2008 presidential election.

Following the 2008 presidential election, Gerard then set out to effectively take control of the world’s second largest mining company, Vale and its subsequent influence upon the Brazilian government, and then use that company and its influence globally to initiate a program of labor union expansion throughout the world – in essence, a powerful vehicle of global socialization of which figures like Barack Obama and George Soros are mere parts of the whole.

Evidence of this agenda can be found on the Public Citizen website, which proudly proclaims the following:

Celebrating 10 Years of Global Trade Watch!

Global Trade Watch is the international activist offshoot of Public Citizen – and a primary tool of labor union leaders such as Leo Gerard.  Figures involved in Global Trade Watch convened in February of 2006 – including Leo Gerard.  The group’s own self description is as follows:

Global Trade Watch serves proudly on the board of the Citizens Trade Campaign, the nation trade coalition of labor, environmental, consumer, family farm, religious and other progressive groups representing 14 millions Americans, of which GTW was a founding member. Global Trade Watch is also a founding board member of the International Forum on Globalization and is an active participant in the global Our World Is Not for Sale network.

The group’s leader is longtime radical Lori Wallach, a former associate of Ralph Nader’s who herself rose to prominence during the war protest movement of the Bush presidency.  A 2003 expose on that movement indicated its leaders primary goal was to “radicalize and globalize”.  Lori Wallach was described as actually not being against the World Trade Organization, but a proponent of a far more powerful and aggressive version of the WTO – most likely labor union controlled, an environment figures such as Leo Gerard most certainly would support.

What makes Gerard so much more significant, as the examples of Brazil and Central Africa have shown, is his seeming direct control over the policies of the current President of the United States – including the use of the American military to make those policies a reality.  The radicalized groups that surround the rarely transparent workings of the Obama administration – be it labor union groups, the Occupy protests, the BlueGreen alliance, the Tides Foundation, the Ford Foundation, ACORN, CAIR, or any other such  examples, many or all appear to be linked to this one figure – Leo Gerard.

Leo Gerard with Global Trade Watch director Lori Wallach in 2006.








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    • HMartin
    • Wow, I really did wonder why in the world BHO sent those troops to fight that Christian Rebel group in Africa. Now we see who’s really pulling his strings!

    • HMartin
    • Is there a relationship between Leo Gerard and Jack Gerard, CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, which is promoting the Keystone XL?

      Is BHO cleverly using his fight with the Repubs to get THEM to force the pipeline, thereby saving his hiney with the Enviros?

    • Marie
    • This has to be treason. The United States Military is not supposed to be used at the discretion of a private individual. Surely this is against the law. I am not an attorney but this is illegal.

    • Redwine
    • Illegal and unconstitutional. Comrade Dear Leader Barry Hussein installed Commie Panetta as Sec’y of Defense. The whole treasonous regime needs to be frog-marched off to prison.

    • Name DOTK
    • Where in the heck is the Congress in all this? Are they ALL asleep at the switch, too busy golfing, insider trading, posing bare chested on magazines looking for *dates*??

      For sure, pass the vomit bag.

    • T.E.L.
    • Look at the picture of Gerard. He is going to be in a hospital bed before long, and evil heart poisoned by an evil mind. Not to worry – have faith.

    • snapcrkpop
    • Interesting that a quick FB search shows his daughter now works for Vale purchased INCO in CAN now. These people are a virus

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