Why Is Barack Obama Destroying Social Security and Medicare?

The fact of President Obama’s temporary payroll tax reduction folly is that for short-term political gain, the president is robbing  billions of dollars from the already unstable Social Security and Medicare funds.  Why does the media ignore this undeniable truth?

Recently, and for the first time in its history, Social Security paid out more than it brought in – a recipe for the total collapse of what some politicians like Texas Governor Rick Perry has rightly called a “Ponzi Scheme”.  And while Democrats have historically prided themselves on being the political party that mandated Social Security decades ago, and continue to express their unwavering devotion to it,  it appears the current Democratic President, Barack Obama, is willing to damage and perhaps ultlimately destroy that very system in the hopes of scoring temporary political points with voters.

It is an odd thing to watch  Democrats push so aggressively for a particular tax cut that is in fact, directly stealing from the Social Security/Medicare fund in order to give voters about $20 extra each week.  Of course, for those millions of Americans without a job, the Obama payroll tax/Social Security theft means absolutely nothing to them – except for the fact that if during their previous line of work they paid into Social Security and Medicare, Barack Obama is now stealing that money to give to those who still have jobs.  Whereas cuts in the federal tax rates do not directly steal from any particular program, but rather work to stimulate long-term growth and job creation in the economy, Barack Obama is reducing payroll taxes – indicating that such cuts will “help the economy”, while saying nothing regarding that those payroll taxes are responsible for the direct funding of both Social Security and Medicare – two programs Barack Obama has repeatedly indicated his full and unwavering support for.

The question that remains then is WHY?  Why is this president so willing to rob from Social Security and Medicare?   Is the danger posed to these programs intentional, or simply the act of a president that has no clue as to the rules of economics and governmental budgets?  And make not mistake – if it was a Republican president stealing from Social Security and Medicare to fund a temporary and silly tax cut that amounts to just $20 per week for a family earning $60,000 per year, the Democrats and liberal media would be screaming in outrage over such an irresponsible and politically-motivated gesture.

To date, no such outrage has come from either the Democrats or the media over the direct theft from the Social Security and Medicare fund being so aggressively championed by President Barack Obama – just the opposite in fact.  This theft is being applauded by these same people as a sign of leadership from the hopelessly hapless and ignorant Obama White House.  Just this week former Democratic President Bill Clinton alluded to a conspiracy by the media and its devotion to both protecting and promoting the Obama presidency.

Imagine that…



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6 Comments to Why Is Barack Obama Destroying Social Security and Medicare?
    • silverdust
    • “Why does the media ignore this undeniable truth?”

      The MSM, an arm of the Demoncrat National Committee, does whatever its handlers tell it to do.

      “Why is this president so willing to rob from Social Security and Medicare?”

      So the country collapses faster — ideally before the next election. It shouldn’t take that long, Obumbler.

      The better question should be, “Why did the Repukes go along with this and initially insist it be done for an entire year?”

    • Chris
    • I think your missing something, Ulsterman. Barack is no dummy. He knows damn well that the majority of voters have little to no knowledge of Macroeconomics therefore have no idea how the U.S. economy works. Many people actually think the government has money (i.e. equity) like a private company might have. Many don’t know that the only way government gets money is via taxing the citizenry. Also, if you don’t bring in new money via selling your products and services to another country there is a finite amount of money (providing one doesn’t print more on whims.) That being said it’s an easy sell to use the payroll tax game to make the working class is being denied their fair share by the evil Republican party and the rich.

    • Jaydee
    • Obama’s antics of beating the Reps over the head the last couple days have all but ensured this “holiday” will never end. He has completely destroyed the foundation of the third rail. Its like we’re in an alternate universe. Who would have ever thought a Dem president would do this? And the most incredible thing is that his party has sold their souls for his re-election. If ordinary Dems across the country had any semblance of integrity, then they would all be marching on Washington tonight.

    • jms
    • What is happening now is the inevitable consequence of the “Social Security Trust Fund.” When it was implemented, it was a cash cow — billions of “extra” dollars were collected in payroll taxes and “invested” in treasury bonds. What this really meant was that Social Security money was being used to finance the rapid expansion of government under the Clinton and then the Bush administration. Remember the Clinton “surplus”? That “surplus” was the Social Security trust fund money being dumped into the treasury and being spent as fast as possible.

      But now we have turned the corner. Social security is no longer a cash cow. Now it is a liability. Since Social Security payouts now exceed revenues — permanently — Social Security has become a permanent and ever-increasing financial burden on the treasury. What this means is that as the years go on, more and more general tax revenue is going to have to be given to Social Security to repay all of the bonds in the Trust Fund, until the trust fund is gone, and Social Security has no choice but to simply become a pure welfare program for the elderly — paid for in large part by general tax funds.

      Like clockwork, Social Security has changed rhetorically from an iron-clad intergenerational social compact into an unsustainable, bankrupt disaster at the exact moment when the first treasury bond had to be paid back. Now that all of the money is gone and only the debt remains, watch for the government — Republican or Democrat — to try and find ways to dissolve the entire program. The sad thing is that there was one last chance to save the nation’s retirement funds — the ill-fated privatization efforts of the Bush Administration. Had they succeeded, we would all have private retirement accounts (theoretically) untouchable by the government. The value of those accounts would be diminished because of the recession, but they would still exist. But the Democrats won and “saved” Social Security, which chained everyone to a rapidly collapsing Ponzi scheme. America chose poorly, and now we are going to pay the price.

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