United Nations Absurdity Continues – Holds Moment Of Silence For North Korean Dictator

A moment of silence for a dictator whose regime has killed off hundreds of thousands of its own people?  Really?  Such is the mindset of the ludicrous United Nations.

Kim Jong-Il, the diminutive madman ruler of North Korea took his last breath of life recently.  A man whose family has ruled its people with oppression and retalitiation for several decades has left the North Korean economy in tatters, prone to widespread bouts of disease and starvation.  Such is the way with a country whose autocratic leaders have utilized the mantra of “working for the workers” to the extreme.  North Korea is yet another in a long line of absolute communist/marxist failures.

Perhaps it is there one finds the reason for the United Nation’s move to honor the now dead North Korean dictator – his lifelong ties to communist rule and his repeatedly vocalized hatred for America.  The United Nations has long been a breeding ground for the radicalized versions of “workers rights”, “income inequality” and anti-American exceptionalism - subjects that are also strongly embraced by the current Obama administration.

Read a full report of the U.N. Dictator Moment of Silence  HERE


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    • T.E.L.
    • President Gingrich should nominate John Bolton for the UN position once again. He always made them quake in their shoes and wet their drawers, euphemistically speaking.

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