Fast and Furious Update – Former ATF Director Testimony Released Over Christmas Holiday

On Christmas Eve, the deposition of former ATF Director Kenneth Melson, orignally given last summer, was obtained by news agencies and finally reported on.  The information released so far appears to indicate a concerted effort to place the majority of blame for the failed gunrunning operation on the desk of Mr. Melson – though if that is to be the case, the former ATF Director is not going quietly…

Clearly the fix is in against Kenneth Melson.  His replacement as ATF Director,  B. Todd Jones, a man put in that position by the Obama administration, almost immiediately set out to blame Melson for Fast and Furious, indicating Melson “allowed” agents to “go beyond approved tactics”:

There was a vacuum. Fast and Furious went off the rails, and there were plenty of opportunities to pivot so none of this would happen.

In an LA Times report, Jones has indicated he will use the soon-to-be concluded Eric Holder initiated investigation into Fast and Furious to conduct necessary firings against those responsible for the gunrunning program that killed U.S. border agents and hundreds of Mexican civilians.  Former Director Melson’s deposition though strongly contradicts Jones’ assertions the failures of the operation were focused solely on the ATF – Melson indicates blame goes much higher into the Obama Department of Justice.  The Melson deposition then goes on to directly indicate a cover-up was initiated by the Obama administration in an attempt to hide the Fast and Furious debacle from Congress:

Once Fast and Furious broke into public view, Melson said, Justice officials strenuously objected when he wanted to disclose everything to Congress. “We were floating the idea and asking them to allow us to do that,” he said. But he said he was told “it is a long-standing policy of the Department of Justice that we don’t talk about ongoing cases.


Read Entire LA TIMES article   HERE


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5 Comments to Fast and Furious Update – Former ATF Director Testimony Released Over Christmas Holiday
    • Concerned_American
    • “The Chicago Way,” “The Culture of Corruption,” crony capitalism, political paybacks, is anyone who has watched what has been going on for the last three years really surprised?

    • HMartin
    • I’m sure they all thought that no one would pay attention to the fraud for this long. And now the Senate will take it up again in the New Year.

      I feel sorry for Melson. He seems like he has tried to do the right thing all along, in a slow-minded way. The gang sees the weakness in him (i.e., the desire to do right) and they attack, throwing him under the bus, but he hangs on for dear life, bumping along the pavement underneath. Can he survive until the bus comes to a halt and the real perpetrators are nabbed?

    • ConservativeTea
    • Holder and Obama are chest deep in this attempt to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans and they have engaged in criminal conspiracy to commit murder. I am starting to believe that the American military is going to have to remove Obama from the White House–and in handcuffs. He’s criminally involved along with Holder who is going to be going to PRISON for his role in this fiasco. 200 plus Mexican civilians paid for this insanity and unconstitutional FAILED power grab WITH THEIR LIVES and it’s an act of war against Mexico!
      Obama is incompetent, this is obvious to most of America by now, but the evil that is Jarrett and the First Yeti is mind boggling. The military could line both of them up against a wall and shoot them for treason and I could live with it. This administration is criminally corrupt and we need to show the world that the people of the USA will do the right thing because NO ONE IN AMERICA IS ABOVE THE LAW. Holder is Obama’s firewall and if he goes, the house of cards comes down. Issa has Holder COLD and needs to make an example of him with impeachment, indictment and imprisonment after he’s convicted for conspiracy to commit murder, perjury, obstruction of justice and treason.

    • copper
    • Sounds to me like an opportunity for the “Regime” to have a ‘witch-hunt’ of any members that are too conservative, loyal and honest to the American people. Like the whistle-blowers and the border agents that are fingered by the Mexican govt/Cartels, then set up in ‘sting’ operations like the Border Patrol agent recently put in prison and paroled but NOT allowed to go home or see any family because his wife is also a border agent.

      It is the 1930s and there is an evil axis destroying our homeland.

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