BREAKING: The George Soros – Ron Paul Connection

In a fascinating report just published by, author Daniel Greenfield makes a compelling case for a possible cozy working relationship between Congressman Ron Paul and George Soros…

Initially upon reading the article’s title I thought “rubbish!”  A closer look though at what was being detailed gave me pause.  I was unaware of Ron Paul’s having so recently worked with utra-leftist/progressive and outgoing Congressman Barney Frank on a goal to drastically reduce the size and scope of the American military. The two were part of an odd assortment of policy “experts”  – many of which had direct ties to George Soros funded progressive groups.

Ron Paul working with progressives to gut the American military?  Really?  Here’s an excerpt from the  REPORT :

It was recently observed that Ron Paul was to the left of Obama on national security and the best evidence for that statement can be found when one year ago Ron Paul joined forces with Barney Frank on a proposal to gut national defense via a panel of experts, quite a few of whom were tied to George Soros.

The panel of experts who would decide how to best gut national defense featured such independent thinkers as William D. Hartung of the New America Foundation. Hartung’s main expertise was appearing in “Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire.

…Going further down the list there’s Winslow Wheeler of the Center for Defense Information (CDI)…CDI gets money from the Open Society Institute (OSI) where the stench of death and stale cabbage never goes away.

If you think this can’t get any worse, meet Paul Kawika Martin of Peace Action (PA). You might know PA better by its old name, the “Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy” or just “SANE,” a Communist front group investigated by none other than Senator Thomas Dodd.

Another task force member was Heather Hurlburt of the National Security Network (NSN). The NSN’s goals are to “build a strong progressive national security and counter conservative spin.” Its founder was part of Obama’s transition team and resigned to work for Janet Napolitano. Soros’s OSI helped fund NSN, and its Special Counsel was on the NSN Policy Committee.

…Not only did Paul join forces with Barney Frank to slash military preparedness, but he ended up putting the experts of a foreign billionaire with global ambitions in charge of the project. And that was what he did as a congressman. Can anyone imagine what he would do as president?


You can access the full report  HERE   It appears well documented – and makes a compelling arguement that Ron Paul is among the most far-left of any member of Congress when it comes to foreign policy.

Read it and then decide for yourself…





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21 Comments to BREAKING: The George Soros – Ron Paul Connection
    • Jane Millar
    • I knew that Ron Paul was NOT Right for America! If it wasn’t for the Ron Paul Supporter and Voters in 2008 – Obama and his people would NOT Be In Office Today! BO OBAMA 2012 AND NO RON PAUL 2012!

      Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane.

      • Savage1911
      • @Jane Millar Ok, I am curious now. How do you link a 2008 Obama win with Ron Paul? He dropped out of the race. I think it was the terrible McCain candidacy. Romney would have done much better then McCain in 2008.

        • Brandon Martin
        • I agree that McCain’s candidacy was an uninspired choice and effort. However, Ron Paul’s supporters may have contributed by campaigning ferociously to depress the enthusiasm of the Republican base. It’s doubtful that Obamabots will as tenaciously and thoroughly smear Republican candidates with the same passion as Paulbots. For them, there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, they are all one big corrupt group defined as “other than Ron Paul.”

        • Ben B
        • Ron Paul did NOT drop out of the 2008 Race! His campaign attempted to hijack several State Conventions to override Primary voting decisions, he had his own “National Convention,” and he endorsed voting for PRO-CHOICE LIBERAL 3rd Party Candidates over the GOP Nominee! The economy killed McCain’s chances, but had that not happened, Paul was still trying to split GOP votes to give Obama the win!

    • Eric deCarbonnel
    • Hi Ulsterman,

      I have been falling your writing for about a year now, and I have enjoyed the insight you offer. I write a blog called where I have linked to your work. However, you are wrong about Ron Paul (your evident hostility to him). It is Mitt Romney you should scorn.

      I can tell you this with absolute certainty: if Mitt Romney becomes the next president, you will soon be interviewing new white house insiders with even worse tales of America going down the drain. Mitt Romney and Obama are both puppets (it isn’t an accident that Obamacare was based on Romneycare).

      The root of all corruption in the United States is the treasury department, specifically an agency you have never even heard of called the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF). Watch by video series about the the ESF and its history when you get the chance: (I reference your articles two times in the videos by the way)


      Eric from

    • Eric deCarbonnel
    • “ANY one of them them is better than Obama. Your vote is either Yes Obama or No Obama. A third party is a Yes Obama.”

      There are two problems with this “support Romney at any cost”:

      1) He can’t win. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO DEFINITELY CAN’T WIN. You should know this if you read Ulsterman blog. Obama is preparing to run for re-election using the “social inequity” theme (the occupy wall street narrative about the 1%). Ronmey is the perfect candidate for this re-election strategy (out of touch billionare). Romney appears to literally be co-operating with Obama’s re-election team. Just look at his $10,000 bet he made at the debate last December (it looks like he intends to purposely lose). Ronmey is the candidate Obama’s re-election team has been preparing for, the one they want to run against. (If Obama’s opponent isn’t an out of touch billionaire but a grass root phenomenon like Ron Paul, the “social inequity” election strategy isn’t going to work).

      2) Do you remember why Obama is president in the first place? Answer: The hate Bush mentality. After all, “nobody could be as bad as bush”, right? Obama was going to bring “change”, RIGHT? Except he didn’t. He took Bush’s controversial actions (Guantanamo bay, etc) and went even further in the wrong direction (OKing the assassination of US citizens, indefinite detention, etc).

      Now I hear you say “ANY one of them is better than Obama”. Really? You think electing a carbon copy of Obama is going to make things right (Obamacare=Romneycare, both want war with Iran, etc)? Notice Romney silence on Obama “indefinite detention” and SOPA/PIPA (he supports them!). Sigh… Do you think America can surviving four years with a president as bad as, if not worse, then Obama?

    • Stan Lippmann
    • There is no other word for you than coward, UM. All the neo-con Cheneyac warmongering Evangelical right-wing nutjobs like Michael Gerson are freaking out that when Ron Paul is President, they will all be put on Reality TV Grand Jury live from Nuremberg, Pennsylvania.

    • plainolamerican
    • Again I say how easily we loyal readers of the U report now and WHI from the “other” site have been duped. Mr. U how saddened I am to find out (by people that know) you really are just another Republibot owned and operated by the OP.

      Dam how sad. I really enjoyed. Oh well move on people, nothing INDEPENDENT here to see just more political drivel.

    • American
    • gotta laugh at some of the ron paul people who are trying really hard to ignore all the facts in the article. look people it seems clear there is something going on about ron pauls support. seems no doubt dems are trying to use him to have an advantage. whether or not paul is in on that or not who knows? article says to read the link and decide for yourself. fair enough to me. I will not vote for ron paul. he is being used as a stooge by the left imo. if its ron paul vs obamabuma then i would vote for paul,. only then. later.

    • Name Nancy
    • Why did Obama beat McCain? Obama was young, metrosexual, stylish, Black & everyone wanted to prove that they were not racists, also Bush-fatigue, For the same reasons Obama will win again against Newt, Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a Congressman forever, & he passed ONE SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION – a pork-barrel bill! He barely admitted he lied about his newsletters blasting Blacks & Jews.Dr. Ron Paul is PRO-IRAN & ANTI-ISRAEL.
      About 15 years ago, an ex- Skinhead once told me that the ultra right & ultra left will work TOGETHER to seek to destroy the United States, & once the US Constitution is gone, then civil war will decide who will rule us. Ugly old men are Ugly on the inside, The ugliness “shines” thru.

    • NameDOTK
    • I am pretty sure Obama’s election was orchestrated by foreigners along with Rs and Ds and commies and Islamists but puhleese, Ron Paul?

      Soros has his fingers in everything…and I have see his name linked to many people. Some whose last names begin with B.

      Yet another attempt to smear someone who thinks the constitution is actually to be our guidebook and the RULE od law in the US. Yawn…this Ron Paul fear is getting boring.

      Obama and WH don’t HAVE to say anything about Paul, the drones are out shooting for them.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • When Paul supporters are as blind, narrow-minded and extreme in their devotion as Barry’s, then it’s time to take a closer look. Seems to be different sides of the same coin. That ain’t good at all….

    • NameDonald De paola
    • RON PAUL IS THE SPOILER! He may not win the Republican nomination but HE WILL FORM A THIRD PARTY CANDIDACY and DILUTE a minimum of 15 to 20% of the Republican votes. HE IS ASSOCIATED AND IN COLLUSION WITH THE ULTRA LEFT WING FINANCIER, GEORGE SOROS. Voting for him will ultimately give Barack Hussein Obama four more years to complete his Soros backed “ONE WORLD ORDER” SOCIALIST AGENDA AND POLICE STATE. Read more about Ron Paul’s real political motives and you will understand the potential danger this man represents to this country. We have only one chance to bring America back to a Federal Constitutional Government. Don’t be deceived by Ron Paul. He is NOT the candidate that will bring us there!

    • Randall
    • Soros? Doubtful. Soros is not the problem with Ron Paul. It’s the Ruskies.

      Soros bankrolled Solidarity, contra Communism and Russia.

      Alex Jones, RT, “9/11 Truthers,” attack on our money (it goes beyond just attacking loose monetary policy), attacks on our Constitution in favor of the Articles of Confederation, support for the legalization of “dietary supplements” which mostly come from Russia, drug legalization, and on and on…

      Soros wants a strong, unified Europe… like Napoleon. Ron Paul does NOT like a strong Europe and does nothing to defend its interests.

      Ron Paul has a Russia addiction. Soros is a red herring. Keep your eye on the ball.

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