WALL STREET INSIDER: Preparing for War

A longtime Wall Street Insider explains how the Obama administration and decades of progressive liberalism are accelerating China’s rise and America’s demise…



WSI:   Let me tell you of my world…a life’s work, ensuring the always-present security of the United States, and this administration and its supporters’ seeming clear intention of dismantling that security .

For once our economy falls, (raises index finger)… then the Chinese jackboot will soon follow.  The attempted slashing of our military, the destruction of our manufacturing and natural resources base…the speed at which it is all happening now…

…let me explain exactly what is being done.

UM:  Please go ahead.

WSI:  You likely recall Ronald Reagan’s declaration of “Peace through strength”, yes?

UM:  Yes.

WSI:  I have, in all my years…as many presidents I have known…never has one so simply encapsulated the essence sound foreign policy.  The safety of the United States…its people…and that of the world, depends on the wisdom and strength of the American military.  Such has been the truth in my lifetime, your lifetime, and the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren.

Peace through strength – such a simple and profound fact in this troubled world.  If the proper degree of strength had been applied against the Nazis…the horrors of that time would not have taken place.  The many lives it then took to deal with those same Nazis years later would not have been required.  But…the powers of the world at that time chose appeasement.  They believed words would hold sway over action.  Over determination.  Over the ambitions and goals of a madman.  That lesson has been…it IS the most integral part of who I became…of who I am.  It will be, along with my family…it will be my most lasting legacy.  When the world was on the precipice…that world turned to the United States to restore order.  To restore peace.  To restore life – life that was, and life that was yet to be.  That restoration came at great expense…and I have spent the entirety of my adult life attempting to repay that debt to America.

UM:  You have profited off of that debt…true?

WSI:  Indeed I have – very much so.  My name as you well know…it is intertwined in legacy.  That alone lends me great obligation.  But mine was…as a child of those times of WWII, my obligation has always been in deference to the gratitude so deserving toward America.  If in the process of meeting that obligation, I too have been blessed well beyond the dreams of most…for that I too am thankful – while always understanding my responsibility to preserve the blessing that is this country is even greater.


…As my life nears…it’s conclusion…as I see the perils of Europe underway…see the troubles inflicting my beloved -deleted-…and the even greater threat to the United States…I fear…for the first time in my life…I fear the future…the permanence of America is crumbling before us and at a rate that now appears near impossible to stop.

Look to the Middle East and see chaos.  See Muslim radicals overrunning one of the few Muslim nations who could be counted on to work collaboratively with the interests of the United States.  Mubarak was hardly the ideal…but he was a far superior figure to those that are now infiltrating the power centers of Egypt.  President Obama…in all of his arrogant ignorance…has created that dynamic.  He has imperilled millions of Egyptians…and millions more throughout the Middle East.  But his impotent foreign policy extends far beyond his own words and actions…that kind of threat we could recover from.  No…you see…this threat I wish to communicate to you is far greater.  Far more difficult for us to now overcome.

When we hear the president speaking of a trillion dollars in military cuts…there are those who call out the dangers of doing such a thing.  Certainly those Republicans seeking the nomination of their party are doing so.  Perhaps even some moderate Democrats.  But that trillion dollars…it represents almost nothing to the real dangers.  It is but a distraction.  As politicians will wage war over the closing of military bases, or the cancelling of certain weapons orders…those things are not the real threat to us.  Not really.

President Obama has indicated his desire to make the U.S. military more streamlined…more…modernized, yes?  He has clearly expressed his approval of the drone bombers.  But here is where his public expressions fall far and dangerously short to his political reality – a reality that has been in the works within America for quite some time.  The labor unions…the environmental movement…it has all worked in conjunction for the now seemingly inevitable destruction of America’s ability to adequately preserve its own and the free world’s safety.

Do have any idea of the essential mineral components that go into the manufacture of every single one of those drones and similar high tech ammunition President Obama has such devotion to?  Do you know how low our supply of those same weapons became after the Libya conflict?  Very little of that information has become public, has it?  That information would place President Obama in the uncomfortable position of having to explain how his tenure as Commander in Chief has left the United States far more vulnerable than most everyone realizes.  And who did the Obama administration plead to assist them in re-supplying the military with those weapons?  None other than the Boeing company…I have mentioned them to you before have I not?  The labor dispute?  And you of course noted the most recent labor board appointments, yes? Oh how Mr. Gerard has manipulated that outcome.  Forced the hand of this president…while in turn simultaneously heightening the risk to our national security…just as he whines of factories closing down in the United States, he is unionizing factories abroad and pushing for increasingly strict and prohibitive regulator measures in the United States - thus ensuring even more American factories are closed down.

And let us return to those high tech missile and drone military weapons…I was given an in-house report recently that indicated tens of thousands of computer chips had been purchased from China in recent years…and the vast majority of them were counterfeit – some of them containing viruses that could have shut down any weapons system they were utilized in.  Now think on that please…the United States’ most formidable economic and military opponent today is China – and this administration is buying the very components from them that are to go into the weapons for our own defense?  Do you consider that to be a wise reality?  Apparently this administration does, for that it exactly what they are doing.

And do you know that China is also currently responsible for over 90% of the mineral components that go into all weapons worldwide?  Over 90%!  America once provided its own mineral components, but after years of environmental regulations and accompanying union labor costs – that production has nearly ceased to exist.  The cost of weapons production in this country…people have no idea.  We are losing the battle and soon to lose the war… if there is a major conflict within the next few years, every man woman and child in this country is at risk of watching its own military run out of the most essential component of the United States military second only to the soldiers themselves - weapons.  Within months of a large-scale conflict, this country could quite literally be weaponless.  Barring the use of going nuclear…the threat to this country is considerable.  Shockingly so.

So here we find the economic and military madness of the Obama presidency.  It has…it continues to push for tougher and costlier environmental regulations.  It pushes for even more Big Labor controls of industry…remember, it was this president who gave a large interest of a car company over to the unions – an act that was a direct violation of Constitutional executive authority.  Thus, the cost to manufacture within the United States, to hire American workers, becomes less and less feasible.  So, that production is moved overseas, often times to countries already unionized by the likes of Leo Gerard.  This in turn leads to the demise of not only American industry in general, but the capabilities both near and long-term of  the United States military which requires a vast and thriving domestic industrial base for its well being.  If a president and a Congress were to reverse the suffocation of American industry…if they were to lessen the environmental regulations and expand right to work…well…we are talking quite literally millions of potential living wage jobs.  Not abroad – but here at home.

Sadly, that is not what President Obama and those who are advising him appear willing to do.  No…they are doing just the opposite…and China is the direct beneficiary of this madness.  The American dollar is weakened to the point of absolute irrelevance.  The only reason – the ONLY reason it is still considered a safe haven by global investment is due to the relative stability of our system…but that same stability is a direct result of a powerful and still-effective United States military.  That same military the policies of President Obama are now decimating.

UM:  It is really this bad?  This dangerous?

WSI:  Yes…more so in fact.  There are still things that cannot be shared in such a way as this.

UM: So what do you intend to do about it?  What can you do?

WSI:  Some of that doing as you put it…has been done.  Consider the increased vocality of some rather significant CEOs.  The resulting advertising revenue at stake…that roadmap is easy enough to read if you but take a little time to do so.  Other things underway…not so much.

UM:  Other things?  What…care to hint at what that is?

WSI:  War.

UM:  War?

WSI:  Yes…I am preparing for war.

UM:  How so?

WSI:  That is all for now.  Just pay attention in the coming months…

UM:  You can’t…can you leave with…something a bit more specific?

WSI:  It’s time certain members of Congress remember the hand that has fed them lo these many years.  I have been generous…some might say to a fault.  That generosity was not absent expectation of eventual repayment.

UM:  How so?

WSI:  No more – just pay attention.  Learn to slow down and see the clues.  You will become far more effective when you do…




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55 Comments to WALL STREET INSIDER: Preparing for War
    • JTorg
    • A fascinating interview, Ulsterman. I eagerly await the responses from my fellow readers who are excellent researchers.

      WSI seems far less cryptic this time around. It sounds less like he’s testing you now and more like he’s about to give you a world-class education into the global financial system.

      • shakedown crews
      • Indeed, I agree. I get the impression that WSI has come to conclusions and made up his mind. “I am going to war” is a very powerful statement and I believe he may be using Ulterman as a vehicle to send out a message…to whom I’m not clear. Is he warning Obama? Is he hoping to rally help from “the commoners”? Is it some sort of psy-ops intended to draw attention toward or away from some other operation?

        Keep in mind that this conversation comes on the heels of the one in which WSI defended Ron Paul and tried to get UM to take a close look into what Paul was saying, and the influence of the IMF…

        How does a wealthy citizen go to war? He got into depth here about military weapons…what are HIS weapons? Cash…influence…ability to influence markets? Hopefully not more traditional martial “weapons”.

    • Kay112
    • Wall Street Insider has made it clear before that this occupy stuff is to be taken very seriously because this bunch of thugs will wage war against this nation. The entire point of removing funding from the military is to weaken it to the point where the US military is limited in its ability to subdue an out of control nation in civil war.

      It all makes very sound sense to me. Actually other people have come out stating they expect a very hostile and vicious election this year~ to the point of chaos and lawlessness.

        • ThroughtheLookingGlass
        • The Mayor of Oakland came out for the Occupiers last summer, making it clear in no uncertain terms that she was handcuffing the police! I heard mention that they (the Oakland Occupiers) have a ‘media spokesman’–apparently to present their side of the issues to the press. This isn’t your everyday sit-in at the admin building in college. This is organized. This is funded. This is dangerous. And the Mayor is siding with them now against her own police department! Shame on Quan. You’re right. This is the first salvo of shots fired. It won’t be the last.

    • America the beautiful
    • WSI …one question…What makes you believe Barack Obama is operating from “arrogant ignorance”?

      He is in lock step – cahoots with Leo Gerard, a communist from Canada with a past.

      Obama had Mao ornaments on s first Christmas Tree in the White House…Mao ornaments in the White House!

      Obama’s media maven Anita Dunn expressed admiration for her favourite philosopher -Mao… publicly.

      Most importantly…Obama knows our weapon systems have been compromised through the bad chips from China with a retro virus…Obama put many millions/billions into Light Bridge to accomplish just that.

      I am sorry but you seem to be missing a chip as many of Europe’s Jews were…. to be suspicious of that which is taking place right before you…will you wait for the mass graves again?
      This is a time to be giving interviews in your most prestigious name…. and yelling this information from the roof tops.
      This behaviour of denial or cowardice is exactly why the Jews continued marching into those ovens of Hitlers. This is not a time for mannerly rules of order dammit.
      If you continue to conduct yourself in this subrosa manner …you will hold responsibility for the death of this country that gave life and liberty to many…For the slaughter that will follow. Speak up man.

      • Kay112
      • America, you’ve shocked me with your post. Are you having a bad night? Why accuse Was Street Insider of cowardice and not coming forward with his real name, etc when you are hiding behind “America the Beautiful”, huh? Wall Street Insider is anything but cowardly. I appreciate all he is saying and doing. Although he is not handling this to your liking it doesnt mean he isn’t at work to make a difference. Are you aware he mentioned some time ago he and others are working on making this election a more fair election because they plan on forcing the liberal news media of providing a more fair and balanced election. How so? WSI stated that Wall Street is planning to buck the unions and Obama by out spending them thorugh the alphabet media. Also he mentioned Wall Street will hold the alphabet media’s feet to the fire of fairness.

        My point is don’t assume this is all WSI is doing. I just think we should all realize if someone is stepping forward to reveal what is going on, on the inside, we shouldn’t hastily accuse the insider of being cowardly. Let’s be patient, ok?


        Note, I am a bit tired so if I misunderstood you, America the Beautiful, accept my apologies now and disregard my post. Also, if I have come across as being harsh or grumpy, it is not my intention either…. Consider it as some constructive criticism only.

        Thx, K

        @ WSI, have I told you, you’re awesome? Be patient with UM and teach him. He is young as you once were.

    • Dan
    • If this guy goes to Congressmen and Senators and demands a return on his dollar, —————– he’s going to get politely shown the door.

      Recall former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, who had been repeatedly promised by prominent Senators on both sides of the aisle that ANWR would be opened up, that something would be done. And Stevens relied upon them, believed them, and was ultimately shown to be a dupe.

      And then to make sure he went away, contrived charges were made up against him about corruption, all of which have now been exposed as worthless and base.

    • novaqt
    • This is how I read what you stated above. China already owns America. So that makes China already the world greatest superpower. Clinton downsized our military so he could say he turned a profit when he left office. All the other countries in the world are nothing going up against China and America together. The United Nations and the international banking system that will dictate to all countries worldwide. This is Brave New World being drawn right now.

      • Ward Dorrity
      • Don’t forget that the Clintons handed the Chinese the details of the W88 warhead in exchange for campaign contributions. Thus, the Chinese have had for some time the ideal weapon – the neutron bomb.

        If you wish to eliminate a hostile and otherwise useless population, but leave all the infrastructure and resources more or less intact… that would certainly work for the Chinese, wouldn’t it? No launch facilities and vehicles needed. Just ship the weapons in conex containers to the destinaitons of choice.

    • Reader
    • Dont think WSi will be shown the door. He is one of the few people who owns that door. Still there is a lot to worry about here. Obama does seem to give up to China a whole lot. And maybe China was one who brought down that drone the Iranians got? The one Obama asked pretty please they give back? Guy is a dunce of worst kind.

    • ShainS
    • …As my life nears…it’s conclusion…as I see the perils of Europe underway…see the troubles inflicting my beloved -deleted-…and the even greater threat to the United States…I fear…for the first time in my life…I fear the future…the permanence of America is crumbling before us and at a rate that now appears near impossible to stop.

      I’m guessing the word -deleted- here is Israel. I’m not sure why it required deletion.

      As I stated in the comments to Part 1, and as commenter “America the beautiful” has echoed above … WSI isn’t making much of a convincing effort — apparently being in a position to do more — to save this country he loves. His action speak so loudly, that I cannot hear what he says.

      So he’s bribed a bunch of Congressmen over the years like all the other crony capitalists out there? Here’s a quote he might take a lesson from:

      If you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, f*** their women, and then come in here the next day and vote against them, you don’t belong here.” — California politician Jesse M. Unruh, referring to lobbyists

    • Oscairo
    • A country conceived and founded through God’s inspiration; that is why the world looks to the U.S.A. to restore order. If WE leave God out of the equation, there is no order or protection.

        • copper
        • If my people who are called by my name will HUMBLE themselves and PRAY and seek MY Face…then….It doesn’t say do it themselves.

          We are allowing this regime and it’s minions everyday to assault the Name of the Almighty, strip our land of his Word and Prayer and murder millions of yet unborn for convenience. HE has every right to judge us for electing this evil.

          PRAY and seek HIM…only HE can turn this around.

    • Molly Pitcher
    • Shain – I read the interview very early – there were only two comments when I was reading. It’s kind of interesting that the country name originally is now deleted. For what it’s worth – it was France. Can’t figure out why it was removed, perhaps it was TMI…

    • SonofAnarchy
    • Very interesting. I have noticed a lot of CEOs talking out against Obama lately. Guessing this WSI has something to do with that. And the NYT book that makes Moochelle look like a ranting idiot and Obama a weak little beeoch. Same thing. Read ad revenue for NYT is way down. This WSI guy is choking the hell out of the liberal media right now. We just got to slow down and pay attention to see it. And if Obama gets a billion to run his campaign this year I think the Republican will get at least that much from people like WSI. They are doing more to bring down the Obama mistake than WHI IMO. Like I said this was very interesting reading. And China can kiss my ass.

    • Spartan
    • If it’s war he (WSI) is expecting than I suspect the ‘floating platform’ USS Ponce being refit and sent to the Straits of Hormuz is what is starting to bubble to the surface? Assad has been given a ‘green light’ by this administration, even Hillary herself. Iran is surely funneling weapons back through Syria. Why else would Assad still be in power? Ghadaffi and Murbarak weren’t given this lattitude when they murdered their own people? What became of that concept R2P?

      The showdown with Israel and Iran is coming and the pieces are being put into place. Bibi is not happy with Obama. (But who is, right?) I suspect that is why Bibi called off the exercises for April? And the top US General had to make an ‘unexpected’ visit. Israel will act on its own, and Obama can’t afford the negative press. Sanctions are not having the bite that was ‘planned’ and now India and China are buying their oil with gold to avoid the banks being blocked.

      Having said all that. To the WSI. All this you are doing, appreciated. But I for one am not convinced that you can’t do more. If we are in the state you say we are in, then the cryptic crap and the backdoor shenanigans aren’t going to do us much good if we have to WAIT several months to figure out what ‘signs’ you’ve been going on about are? MAN UP AND HELP SAVE THIS COUNTRY!!! The judge you are hoping to forgive you on past transgressions will demand more than wasted days and glimmers of hope. The lives of our troops and the spirit in which their families give of their loved ones to service is worth more than sporactic clues and a waiting game.

      Again,,,you’re help is appreciated. But the dire need to save this country should inspire more of the people like you? I hope as you, that we have not come to a point too late to turn around? Many of us are sick and tired of what has been squandered without our knowledge. It’s situation we must take blame for, but also have the desire to restore and preserve this great nation, created on the freedoms and exceptionalism of its people.

      God help us all!!

      • CBDenver
      • Spartan,

        I am not so sure that the reference to war means WSI fears a shooting war is coming. Look at the dialog. UM asks what WSI is doing about the dangers posed by Obama’s policies. WSI mentions the CEO’s speaking out against Obama and says “that roadmap [powerful voices speaking against Obama] is easy enough to read if you but take a little time to do so.” Then he says “[o]ther things underway…not so much.”

        I interpret that to mean the “other things underway” are not as easy to see as the overt criticism from the CEOs. Then WSI speaks of war. It seems to me that WSI is saying that he is preparing to go to war against Obama. Presumably the ROI he expects from the Congressman means that they will be expected to become soldiers in this political war.

        Does this mean there will be an impeachment drama as with Nixon and Clinton? Or a televised scandal like Iran-Contra?

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • More words from the wise:

      John Adams: “There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”

      Thomas Jefferson:

      “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

      “Most bad government has grown out of too much government.”

      “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

      “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”

    • Reader
    • WSI and WHI are doing this just right. Leak it out and then see when it goes mainstream. That is what they are using UM for and probably others. Come right out in the open? No way! WSI would have some BS insider trade charge on them in about a week. WHI probably a bullet to the brain aka “suicide”. Plus these guys probably have familys too. So many times what is shared by them becomes what seen in the news weeks or months later. Now waiting to see if Holder is gone as WHI said a while ago. That guy is evil to the core.

      • Bunny
      • Reader ~ I have said on Lucianne.com over and over that “Eric Holder is the most evil man in DC” and “has the most power” since he was ordained AG by Hussein. Read his CV and connect more dots. Who would ever have believed the power of Washington would shift to the Chicago machine but it has. Enough with the ‘parables’ WHI and WSI – tell us more and straight out how to conquer, not just fight this regime.The time is NOW!

    • America the beautiful
    • The chess board has been in play for some time. The Arab Spring was anything but…. It was not a move for democracy. It was a coalition of Radical Islam with the only military of might being delivered into their hands as planned. Egypts Millitary was the prize they sought…Our ally of many many years was treated like a caged dog. Can you imagine the USA having a part in this under any other time or president. Never! It was despicable to see Mubarak tortured and in a cage in a court room, regardless of his glaring imperfections, he kept a lid on the Middle East. Obama sent out very questionable signals to all of the long term allies of the USA. Obama’s communists union leaders were in Egypt to foment this ridiculously named “Arab Spring” crisis. Expect Obama in 2012 or sooner to deliver the rest of his faustian bargain as he serves up Israel to the dogs of war.

      Think about the coalition in the Middle East of the Radical Muslims of the Mulim Brotherhood brought to power under Obama…where they have raped the USA through oil prices further taxing our economy, making the USA pay for their own death while we fund our enemies war against us through oil prices and a cessation of drilling here.

      Add that to the mortgage crisis brought about by Obama and those that call themselves progressives through their Community Reinvestment Act, the CRA that stole trillions out of our banks and the housing values in this country…The mortgage system in the USA was the floor, the stability of our banking system…feeding monies in and making healthy loans created the stable flow of monies in and monies out..creating predictbility…that is now gone…All part of the scheme to cripple to USA.

      The complete BS of the BP oil spill in our gulf that was created. Where is the investigation of the two men fighting on top of that rig where one fell to his death immediately preceding the spill. The IMF loans ( in reality a USA loan) to Brazil for drilling in our gulf with George Soros the beneficiary of those profits. The complete refusal of vacuum tankers to quickly clean the spill. The Federal non response and illegal freeze on our energy through frozen regulations and illegal judicial responses…This was all in play toward Cap and Trade with Obama’s created CCX to tax us for our own energy. Where is an investigation? The press? The outrage?

      Note the utter insanity of green investing in windmills and solar …while denying any drilling simply as a security measure for our military in these times of war and the extraordinary oil prices sucking our economy dry…as Obama has the temerity to claim those high prices must remain high as “it is necessarily so”…
      The Brits call the global warming crowd – watermelons – because they understand the green on the outside movement is the actually the red on the inside…a communist consolidation of power movement….

      Any fool could look at Spain and know those dollars were being redistributed to Obama’s globalist friends in solar companies that were a simply a scheme to drain our treasury. Not one has produced a dime. And Solyndra just destroyed all product produced. Guess they wanted no evidence should the Obama scheme to destroy the USA not produce the desired results. light Brige amd it’s chips disables our military. The hands of the pentagon are tied and Obama knows it is necessarily so.v

      Obama’s grab of lands in the western states that encompass most of our natural resources…Put this in perspective as we drain our treasury, criipple and decimate our military, drain our oil reserves, digitize the dollar which virtually steals from every citizens bank account, stopping of the pipeline from Canada, waste resources in Libya, offer for murder of 3,000 in Iraq as we turn our back on that theatre and leave, secret letters to Iran as the radical Muslims tighten their grip…and one can wonder if our natural resources will pay the bill for the trillions Obama wasted or borrowed from China. it was by design. And this is but a start…

      There is is very much more and WSI knows that far better than most. He too knows that Obama was not in any way ignorant nor naive …but rather a willing and destructive merchant against the USA and Israel.

    • Anonymouse
    • Some readers responding to WSI’s comments in this interview seem to be concluding that WSI himself has instigated “the increased vocality of some rather significant CEOs.” If that is true, a logical corollary would be that WSI, with as much attack force as Drudge (now joined at the hip with the Republican elites?), is pushing NOT for the choice of American voters — many of whom are Tea Partiers and/or constitutional conservatives — but for the CHOICE of the ELITE Republicans: namely, Mitt Romney.

      Thankyouverymuch, I do not appreciate a candidate being forced on me by a coalition of Washington and Wall Street elites, especially when said candidate bodes to be milquetoast if he makes it to the presidency . . . which is probably the reason the elites are pushing for Romney, to maintain the status quo we have been battling AGAINST.

      But Z does not necessarily result from A.  I.e., WSI’s suggestive intimations do not necessarily add up to “rather significant CEOs” marching to WSI’s drum. That would be a leaping assumption. I think WSI simply reported what those CEOs are doing. He did not claim that he, himself, led the march.

      Apple’s Steve Jobs told Obama to his face that, because of crippling regulations that are UNfriendly to business, “You’re headed for a one-term presidency.”


      Jobs told Obama that in the Fall of 2010, long before the current CEO activity to which WSI alluded.

      Ergo, I speculate “the increased vocality of some rather significant CEOs” has arisen not from a coalition of WSI’s compatriots but right alongside the vocality of the CEO considered by many to be the most significant. The K.I.S.S. reason is that businesses broadly have been hurt by Obama’s antibusiness crusade; therefore, those businesses’ CEOs are anti a second term by the Destructor-in-Chief.

      • JTorg
      • I read the HuffPost article (*gag*) but about sprayed coffee on the monitor when it talked about Jobs’ criticism of the meal Obama planned to serve at the business dinner:

        “In preparation for the dinner, Jobs exhibited his notorious attention to detail, telling venture capitalist John Doerr that the menu of shrimp, cod and lentil salad was “far too fancy” and objecting to a chocolate truffle dessert. But he was overruled by the White House, which cited the president’s fondness for cream pie.”

        I believe Larry Sinclair said something similar.

    • MJM
    • WSI says this about Hitler: “But…the powers of the world at that time chose appeasement. They believed words would hold sway over action. Over determination. Over the ambitions and goals of a madman.”

      WSI needs to do a little more research into history. And how it leads to his own back yard.

      The fact is … what allowed Hitler to do what he did was the funding provided by Wall Street corporations. Wall Street also was the money behind Stalin and Mao. This is not a “conspiracy theory” but has been documented.

      Wall Street (along with the world’s major bankers) is basically behind – and will profit from – the collapse of America. The elites have always funded both sides in a conflict – and profited by it. Wall Street has encouraged and profited by the moving of American industry offshore.

      WSI is blind to what some in his own industry are doing.

      • shakedown crews
      • Finger pointing at its finest. Investors were certainly investing in German industry in the 20s and 30s, but what of it? Who in 1929 through 1939 (prior to the invasion of Poland) really understood what horror would be unleashed? Very few. Even FDR admired the Fascists for what they had accomplished for “the people”…foolish, I know, but one must remember the absolute chaos following WWI so by contrast the Fascist regimes must have seemed like a stabilizing force, at least for a while. A modern equivalent is China. Many of us on this board are extremely concerned and do not trust them…while many investors see business opportunity now until the danger becomes clearer.

        But to point fingers of blame at corporations is absurd, in that light. You may as well blame the German people…or the American people who wanted to isolate themselves, when “it is what it is”.

        But your final conclusion presumes too much; how do you know he is “blind” to what other investors and corporations are doing or not doing?

        • CBDenver
        • I have to disagree somewhat with “Who in 1929 through 1939 (prior to the invasion of Poland) really understood what horror would be unleashed?” Hitler certainly did not hide his totalitarian aims for Germany or his desires for military conquest. Those who did not see chose to be blind.

          From reading Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” we can see that some Americans turned their backs on liberalism, limited government, and capitalism and looked at socialism espoused by Hitler and Mussolini as the way of the future. That is why they funded Hitler’s “economic miracle”.

          In this time of peril for the US, we need to be vigilant and resist those who today say that liberalism, limited government, and capitalism have failed. Obama and his ilk want to use the current crisis to usher in their socialist utopian dreams. If we allow that to happen, it will end badly.

      • Jules
      • WSI says, “…the cost to manufacture within the United States, to hire American workers, becomes less and less feasible. So, that production is moved overseas, often times to countries already unionized by the likes of Leo Gerard. This in turn leads to the demise of not only American industry in general, but the capabilities both near and long-term of the United States military which requires a vast and thriving domestic industrial base for its well being.”

        And, in the “California” entry too, he says this has been going on for decades and decades. The “vultures of globalism” (his words) have been picking, picking, picking away and are about to reach the bone. We know it; he knows it and suggests he has spent his life looking out for the security of this country. Well, okay. I’ll take him at his word and be grateful.

        They have used our system, our capital, our capitalism against us. I think I know what a couple of Republican hopefuls mean when they say “vulture capitalism.” If you take over a company to save it or “make it viable,” but in the process, turn it into an American-owned Chinese company, who are you helping? For decades the manufacturing base of this country has been so eroded not even the whole skeleton remains. The unions and regulators have been busy for decades too.

        Only now everything is speeding up like the last bit of water going down a drain.

        I don’t want to criticize WSI, capitalism, nor, heaven knows, our system at all. American the Beautiful here and I must have been twins separated at birth. But all this secrecy and eleventh-hour repentance is both heartening and at the same time frustrating.

    • MEL
    • That China information is pretty damn scary. It’s also totally true. Obama is the stooge of the new world order clan. WSI has broken rank. I salute them and hope they help to push these social justice scrubs off the stage. WSI is damn smart. But smart enough? Got some powerful enemies now. Time to start praying people.

      • Jimbo
      • The China stuff is true. Computer chips from China are ending up in military hardware. And, basic ‘rare Earth’ minerals have been monopolized by China via low wages and little regulation (on the bright side, America could change this as the U. S. has ‘rare Earth’ minerals, but the mines ended up getting shut down because they couldn’t compete economically with China.

        This is a reason why so-called “free trade” doesn’t work and can be downright dangerous.

        (I, for one, don’t want to see American wages drop down to Mexican levels, let alone Chinese levels.)

        But this isn’t simply a Democratic Party sell out. Plenty of Republicans have sold out the exact same way — follow the money.

    • highlandoutlaw
    • the question I have to ask, is WSI talking about a shooting war with iran, a black-white race war or both? The iranian situation is being driven by two equally crazy ego maniacs, and will more than likely be resolved without our help or interference.
      as to the race war, from what ive seen myself in the street in the last few months is that the average black is getting more and more on edge while around white people. is this just a “sign of the times” or is the obama regime spreading some kind of “whitey will take everything from you or kill you” disinformation about the coming election cycle. When you see holder and other regime talking heads on tv talking about how white republicans are trying to “take away your right to vote because your’e black” or that “white republicans want to end welfare because you’re black” you kind of have to wander.

    • lovelypeace
    • First, let’s not get personal with our attacks. WSI is a survivor. He had to become a man when he was a young boy. That’s part of the picture that we need to see. We need to emotionally prepare ourselves to survive what’s coming because a lot of people are going to be unprepared for chaos.

      Some people weren’t impacted by 2008. The “power centers” haven’t been hurting as much as the rest of the country. This is where the people who make our laws/broadcast the national media are.

      That’s part of the chaos we are going to have to deal with. It’s not just economic, but the social and psychological issues because a lot of people are hungry, poor and invested in the current way of doing things. Remember how everyone was disoriented on 9-11? Confused and wondering what’s next and trying to wrap our heads around what just happened?

      Making new realizations about the world around you can be disorienting. If you give people information they aren’t ready for, it can be just as dangerous as not having the information. A lot of people are invested in old paradigms. You have to bring people the information slowly so they can absorb it and adjust their perspective w/o being overwhelming them. If WSI dies, we aren’t going to have anymore WSI articles by UM. If we don’t learn what he’s giving us, then we aren’t going to be prepared.

    • truthandjustice
    • I didn’t take his remark about a “war” meaning like one with a country, although that may happen — but a war with the people he’s fighting against…those that are the Obama supporters, don’t want things to change.
      But to me that is a spiritual war — about everything is. We’re fighting against all those hordes of wicked spirits spoken of in Ephesians 6..that are working through people. Appreciate all that he’s doing and we must all pray for his protection as well as all “whistleblowers” and those trying to do the right thing in spite of the humongous opposition and threats.

      I really don’t know enough to rebuke him for not getting it out – but I sure feel like the others where we want him to get it out in the national news !! I’m sure we don’t know many things that may be blocking that. Don’t know – but yes, I encourage all who know what’s going on and have the facts with proof to come out with it – since this IS a “war” !! “We the people” are the army !! Everyone seems to be intimidated and fearful for their own lives, their family’s, ego or their career. But, as I said, this is not “normal” times…it’s not “politics as usual”….it is an historical war where the outcome will determine whether we go down the tubes (along with the rest of the world) or not – this year with the elections.

      They may very well be planning an evil event to disrupt those. It’s curious to many now that they have alienated the “middle class” by saying they aren’t going to worry about that group for re-election and lately they are getting the Catholics mad at them re Obamacare – making them pay for birth control, etc. Why do that to a huge voting block? It semms they aren’t worried about not getting reelected – why???
      Divine intervention necessary — YES !!!!!

    • Whistleblower
    • America the beautiful

      FYI, BP Oil has a lobbyist in Chicago by the name of Tony Podesta, as for Egypt, are you familiar with a Illinois mega church by the name of Willow Creek Community Church? The founder is Bill Hybels (Bill Clinton’s spiritual adviser) His wife Lynne Hybels is associated with Jim Wallis (Sojourners)

      • America the beautiful
      • Tony Podesta… brother of John Podesta…a snakes head belonging to Soros…involved in and heads Soros entity for Progress…read communist fronts bent on the destruction of the USA and redistribution of its wealth and power.

        Podesta had a hand in the Chicago Climate Exchange., the CCX with Obama, John Ayers (Bill’s brother) Soros, Hank Paulson and Goldman, among others… to tax Americans for all energy use including the air they breathe. Ths cap and tax is a despicable scheme to tax all Americans for all energy use to help redistribute all wealth with These corrupt communists are harnessing incredible powers for themselves. Wake up America. Your time is short unless your citizens become very busy against these evil globalists.

        Remember the occupy movement of today is a dry run only for what is coming on a grander scale ..Pay attention to the fomenting evil of Soros and his last three interviews. He has had previous practice in collapse…they were only practice runs. Understand those like Podesta that were part of the Clinton team (Podesta is Hillary’s top loyalist) inform you again that any divide between Hillary and Obama is pure Kabuki. Know your players.

    • vangrungy
    • I’ve spoken about the New World Order Baha’i before.. they are Progressive Revelationists..

      Maurice Strong, devout Baha’i lives in China.. directing events.. as George Soros’ ‘best bud’..

      oh, btw.. George “Esperanto” Soros is Baha’i as well..

    • Jules
    • UM: Other things? What…care to hint at what that is?

      WSI: War.

      UM: War?

      WSI: Yes…I am preparing for war.

      I haven’t been able to get this out of my mind. I want to say, “WSI, bite your tongue!” if you mean shooting war. Unsettling, worrying. Fingers crossed, hoping you are speaking figuratively.


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