Congressman Declares Holder Must Resign or be Impeached

If he (Holder) doesn’t go the easy way – he should go the hard way – impeachment.



In an interview following an often contentious hearing between Eric Holder and the House Oversight Committee in which Obama’s Attorney General went so far as to dismiss Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador as being from ”Idaho or wherever you are from”, Congressman Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor,  re-affirmed his belief that if Holder does not resign his position as the top law enforcement officer in the country, Congress should remove him.

If he (Holder) doesn’t go the easy way – he should go the hard way – impeachment.

…This isn’t about politics…you can’t trust in the Department of Justice.

At the center of the growing controversy between the Barack Obama DOJ and members of Congress is Eric Holder’s now open use of the Executive Privilege as a means to refuse to turn over documents related to Fast and Furious – the failed and deadly gunrunning operation that has left hundreds dead including U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry.

Agent Terry’s mother, following Eric Holder’s most recent hearing before Congress, described the Attorney General as a “joke and a coward”.

Mr. Holder. How come you can never say my sons name. You never have. All i ever hear you say is ‘I didnt find out or I cant say’ Im actually tired of hearing your double talk in answering questions. What a joke you are. You know my son was a real AMERICAN, a WARRIOR, and a HERO, who was also protecting COWARD POLITICANS like you.

A just published Daily Caller report makes a strong case the Congressman Gowdy proved that Eric Holder and other DOJ officials lied to Congress regarding who – what – and when as it pertains to Fast and Furious:

I think he wound up admitting at the end [of the hearing] that Main Justice knew of gun-walking, so this notion that we’re going to blame it all on the United States Attorney’s office in Arizona or ATF – I went through a litany of people, all of them were Main Justice employees who knew about gunwalking both in Fast and Furious and before which means the letter that was sent to Senator Grassley was demonstrably false.

We don’t have any documents after February 4, so it’s clear to me that people at Main Justice knew that gun-walking was going on in Fast and Furious. It’s also clear to me that absolutely nothing has happened to a single solitary person as a result of this other than one dead Border Patrol agent and lots of Mexican citizens. Beyond that, I can’t find a single consequence that has befallen anybody who knew about this.

Even before yesterday’s Congressional hearing on Fast and Furious, Eric Holder has made claims the investigation into the gunrunning operation that killed hundreds was not only political in nature – but is also racially motivated against both him and President Obama because  ”we’re both African-American.”  It is interesting to note that Holder made not mention or gave any explanation as to his department’s unwillingness to fully cooperate with an investigation into an Obama-government sponsored program that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Does Eric Holder hate Hispanics?

Two can play at that game Mr Holder…





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39 Comments to Congressman Declares Holder Must Resign or be Impeached
    • AquaStar
    • I am getting a little discouraged with this whole Fast & Furious investigation.

      Are we making any headway or is this just going to peter out?

      The MSM have covered it as little as possible and if we can’t get him out soon (before the election) the WHI said he is the linch pin for the Obama WH coverups.

    • live oak
    • First of all, Holder belongs in prison on death row. Second, Congress won’t be able to do anything about him because the Repuklicans are spineless cowards (at best) and way too concerned about their money and what the media thinks of them. Nothing is going to happen and Holder isn’t going anywhere.

      Here is a bit of what happened yesterday at the hearings. Holder is just unbelievable in this youtube video.

      My heart goes out to Brian Terry’s parents. Please keep them in your prayers.

      • Lindandy
      • Eric Holder kept trying to bring the subject back to the “Bush era” Wide Receiver program. In other words, trying to point blame at Bush again. However, if I recall correctly, not only was the “Bush era” program done differently and in cooperation with the Mexican government but was also DISCONTINUED because it wasn’t working. Does anyone here have definite info about Wide Receiver being discontinued? I’m fairly certain that is information I have heard and/or read.

        All the same, Fast and Furious was a different program which came about under the Obama administration. Not sure but I think Fast and Furious began under the name Gun Runner and evolved into Fast and Furious.

        There also is a video (from 2009, I believe) of Obama and Calderon having a news conference in Mexico and Obama mentions plans to begin a program of “tracking” the weapons. At the same time, Holder was somewhere else in Mexico talking about the same thing. On Greta last night, Issa mentioned something about what Holder said or did in Mexico. I hope they also have the video of Obama.

        Sorry my details are a bit sketchy on all this… don’t have time to look it all up right now but hoping someone here is aware of this information and can back it up (or correct me if I’m wrong). Thanks all… I really appreciate almost everyone who comments on this forum.

        • live oak
        • Lindamdy,
          You are right on all counts. I have the info and videos bookmarked in our computer archives. It would take me a day or two to find it all because we have so much “stuff”…but I can tell you that you are correct about everything you said. Ogden spilled the beans a long time ago and Oversight has that video because I sent it to them as well as many other people who likely did the same trying to help the cause.

          • Lindandy
          • live oak,
            Thanks much for confirming my information. I have a pretty good memory but sometimes there’s so much going on that the facts can get jumbled (and I don’t want to post misinformation). Sure glad you have everything backed up. I haven’t figured out how to archive web links and videos. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.

            Anyway, thanks again!

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • live oak and Lindandy: You have obviously done your homework. What amazes me is that the media has let this one(video of Barry and Holdem in Mexico) slide into oblivion. One would think they would be out there with the story. Maybe they are waiting for the movie to come out.

    • Pizzacorner
    • If I was the father of the killed border agent, Eric Holder would be enjoying retirement in about 5-7yrs when it would all come to an end. When evil rules, good men must become outlaws…

      • IS
      • “When evil rules, good men must become outlaws…”

        That seems to be the talk of the town lately. Time to get that cc before its too late.

      • lovelypeace
      • They sit ‘calmly’ because it’s their job. It’s not because they want to. They don’t want to screw up the hearing making it about them, not Holder. You know the press would have a field day exploiting it to their advantage and covering Obama’s cr@p.

    • American
    • Where is Janet Napalitano, wasn’t she the governor of Arizona and now is Director of Homeland Security, shouldn’t she be investigating all this too? We should have already heard something from her…where is she and why haven’t we heard from her on this…Why is she laying low?… wonder what she knows about this? humm,

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • She’s in with the WH, DOJ, ATF, etc. She stands by her belief that there are more border patrol agents on the border and that the border is safer than ever before. Oh yes, because the agents that are there are the ones letting the guns walk to Mexico and overlooking the straw purchases. It’s safer for her and her buddies because they are the ones who are the criminals. She’s covering her hide just like Holdem.

        Has anyone noted in the wide shots of the Committee room the number of photographers/camermen in front of the table where Holdem sat? My question is: Where is the Press????

    • Anonymouse
    • Experiment to see if my shortened ID is the reason my posts are being held in moderation.

      Elsewhere I have changed my ID from ‘Anonymouse’ to ‘Anonym’, but I’m unable to make the change here (hence this experiment with my former ID).

      • Jules
      • Remember the old Warner Bros. cartoons with the sheepdog and the Wile E.Coyote where they’re opposing each other, naturally, but just when one is about to get the upper hand, the whistle blows signaling the workday’s end and they stop what they’re doing, get their lunch boxes and timecards, punch the timeclock, and bid each other good-bye? “See you tomorrow,Ralph,” says the sheepdog. “See you tomorrow, Sam,” says the coyote. And off they walk together, two friendly co-workers.

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • Great post, WoW. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront. Who would have thought this from CNN?

        After reading this piece, I’m inclined to think that it’s only a matter of time for Holdem. Don’t think Boehner is ‘in’ with Obama. That is such an unlikely pairing. I’d be interested to see what WHI says in that regard.

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