Barack Obama to America’s Catholics – I Am Your God Now…

The nation’s considerable Catholic population is stunned at the dramatic over-reach exhibited by the Obama administration in its declaration that Catholics are to ignore religious conviction and First Amendment rights  in favor of governmental authority.

For a president who so often cites his concern over the health and well being of Americans to attack an institution so vital to the care of the nation’s indigent is both troubling and from a political viewpoint – downright confusing.  Either the administration is once again displaying a near all consuming inability to govern with measured competence, or it has immersed itself entirely in the waters of its own arrogant self-importance.  How else do you explain their decision to mandate to American Catholics to suspend religious belief regarding contraception and sterilization and simply “follow orders”.

Even MSNBC’s notoriously left-leaning political pundit Mika Brzezinski admitted President Obama had “overstepped” his authority.  Catholic leaders throughout America are now slamming the administration – and calling upon the millions of Catholics in the country to do the same.  Peggy Noonan wrote in a weekend Wall Street Journal column that Obama has now initiated a battle he has no way of winning – that the administration’s seeming attack on Catholic charities was far worse then GOP rival Mitt Romney’s somewhat out-of-context statement that he was not so concerned about America’s “very poor” but rather its middle class.

Noonan is right of course, but the liberal-dominated weekend news cycle saw the Obama vs Catholics subject underplayed and the Romney commentary very much overplayed.  While that may work momentarily to distract from the administration’s attack on a very powerful and influential religious segment of America, that distraction is already proving short lived.  Catholics are unhappy, and at this very moment, mobilizing against the administration - particularly within the Hispanic-American community, a population that takes its devotion to the church very seriously.  For Hispanics, the Catholic Church is an integral component of their daily lives, and as President Obama attacks the church, so too does he attack Hispanics.

As American Bishop Robert Morlino put it,  the Obama administration’s edict is secondary to that of God.  Bishop Morlino states the matter is one of conscience and Catholics can’t violate their consciences because “our salvation is at stake.”  And while it is no secret that American Catholics have long engaged in the use of contraception despite the requirements of the Church, that choice has been theirs to make, and the source of that contraception has been acquired outside of the church itself.  To have the American government now attempting to forcibly reform the Catholic Church from Washington D.C. will not set well with even the more casual Catholic practitioner.

Critics of Barack Obama have often pointed to his too often easy willingness to portray himself as not a mere politician – but rather a figure of almost divine nature.  Now the president has revealed to America’s Catholics that such portrayals are perhaps more than just show.  Barack Obama is indicating his administration’s will supersedes even the will of the Almighty.

Catholics and others of faith in America would do well to realize that according to President Obama –  he is their God now…


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29 Comments to Barack Obama to America’s Catholics – I Am Your God Now…
    • silverdust
    • Now that the Catholic Church is finally showing some backbone in coming out against Da Once, I’ll believe they really mean business when they ex-communicate Sebelius, Pelousy, Lurch and any other prominent dem I’m forgetting. (“The Swimmer” is already in warmer climes.) That may be another broken cog to stop the wheel from turning.

      • America the beautiful
      • Agree. Many would like to see the Catholic Bishops take a serious, meaningful stand. The Catholics whom the church wants to “come back home” would prefer to see decisive action rather than further whining from the grand capitulators.

        The Catholic Church, more than most, should have understood history and forseen that the radical Marxist they supported, (for thirty pieces of silver) would not work out as the Catholic hierarchy had hoped — but like Hitler, Obama would exercise his prejudices during his transformation.

        While a stern letter to be read to the faithful was an appropriate partial first step– when backed up with no action, will be read as collaboration by the many Catholics who are paying very lose attention to their church.

        Perhaps the weakness of the Catholic Church in the USA cannot manage this destructive chapter and the Pope will weigh in to manage this complete usurption by a fascist government….Which would be a welcome change — rather than issue worthless apologies 50 years later…. as they did to the Jews of Hitler’s Germany.

      • Mark Anderson
      • Could it be that Obama and his cult are trying to take away the Catholic Church’s tax free status? The CC owns a huge amount of real estate in the US. Or could it be that they are deliberately provoking this situation to bring this issue into the courts to pave the way for rulings that would benefit Sharia Law proponents?

        • Rurik
        • As the Christians once did to their pagan predecessors, the neo-pagan Obamites seek to destroy the old belief in order to supplant it with their own. We got the first foreshadowing of this during 2008 with school children being coached to sing the Obama Hymn, filmed on You Tube, the posturing before the faux Greek Columns, and the whole series of Icons (in the traditional sense) replete with halos. This also relates to the campaign to obscure and muddle his Birth Legend

    • Concerned_American
    • Of course, the left leaning elite are educated (indocrinated) at expensive ivy league schools by socialist, communistic leaning professors. When will the proletariate get it? They know what is good for us, better than we do. However, most of their rules and regulations apply to us, not them.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • With hard work, commitment and steady behavior, enough of us will rise up this November to get that jerk – and his Motley Crewe – GONE from the ramparts and banned to the gutter where they belong.

    • Usapatriots-shout
    • The right to practice religion of choice is inalianable right in America. Throughout America’s history, there have been relatively few confllicts over this right.

      That is until Obama took office. Now there seems to be nothing but religious conflict–athiests vs. believers, Christians vs. Muslims, Muslims vs. Jews, Muslims vs. any one not Muslim and the goveernment favoring Muslims over American citizens and long term Christians. This bitter chaos is what Barry Sotoero deliberately brought to to us for the purpose of turning Americans against Americans. Now he’s trying to turn Christians against Catholics and all of Americam against Catholics. Throw the bum out!

    • 2nd Ammendment Mother
    • The point seems pretty clear:

      Due to government regulations,

      Catholic Adoption services are closing

      Catholic Counseling for victims of human trafficking has all but ceased

      Why wouldn’t the administration view a few more regulations as the means to shut down more Catholic Presses, Charities, Hospitals, and Universities; as well, as most administrative Diocesan and arch Diocesan functions. That’s just about the simplest way possible to “bomb” 23% of the US population back into the dark ages.

      Add to it, the MSM media “reporting” that 98% of Catholics use birth control anyway. What they fail to mention is that they 98% statistic comes from a study conducted by the Guttenmach Foundations – who’s founder was also the founder of Planned Parenthood. And you now have a set up to convince the American people that the Church’s leadership is not representative of the body thus minimizing it’s moral outrage/authority.

      This whole thing is Alinsky at it’s finest. The Bishops should have prayed much harder before endorsing Obama (despite his very clear voting records from the Senate and Indiana) in the first place.

    • Marie
    • “To have the American government now attempting to forcibly reform the Catholic Church from Washington D.C.” The last monarch who tried to “reform” the Catholic church was King Henry VIII. History seems to be repeating itself. Obama should realize that Henry VIII may have won battles with the Catholic church, but in the end the church won the war. Wisdom is something that escapes Obama.

    • Chris
    • Vee Vant you to do vhat is best for you and VEE know vhat that is. Sieg Heil.

      Actually I am Catholic and do belief in using B.C. I just don’t expect my fellow countrymen to purchase Trojans for me.

      • Eamon
      • Chris, I don’t know how old you are or what your background and life experience are, but, until the present age of absolute insanity known as the post-Vatican II debacle, every Catholic on the face of the earth grasped and accepted that being Catholic means actually adhering to Church teachings on faith and morals. Disagree? Fine, but doing so knowingly and willingly terminates membership in the Church. That is the way it has always been and, despite present nonsense, will always be. Regardless of what some old, liberal Jesuit or some charismatic tool-bag wanna be priest ‘trained’ in some place like South Bend, IN or Stupidville, OH tells you, birth control is radically opposed to Church teaching — believing and living according to this teaching is not optional. I am not seeking any kind of quarrel with you, just trying to clarify something that has, to all appearances, not been clarified to you before. This is an age full of confusion and far too few seem to know what used to be considered rudimentary. Godspeed.

    • Denny
    • The Catholic church had an opportunity to nip this in the bud by condemning Obama’s policies to their congregation when he was running for president. Now their stuck with their gutless inaction. Perhaos this time they’ll speak out but it may be too late.

    • John Trainer
    • This is simply a forward patrol. The real battle will be against all religious institutions, and it is just behind the hill. These guys mean business and they are thinking now they got to get it done this year, now that their re-election looks a little iffy. Coming to a church near you…

    • Lanurse1
    • Atheists and Muslims have teamed up together to tear down America’s Christian and Jewish foundation. Obama is not only allowing this he is endorsing the JudeoChristian attack with this Unconstitutional Edict. Remember last year when he stated that Muslims have been in America since the beginning? He has attempted to rewrite American history and is attempting to reshape it to his psychologically warped world view.

      I believe Obama is an atheist (his parents both were) and his final goal is a completely secular society. Once he has that then he and his minions can reshape our society’s moral and ethical codes which will become much more lax with an atheist world view–abortion, no problem, harvesting organs from those with “no autonomy”, no problem, forced sterilization, no problem. Without a religions to provide a moral compass we are doomed.

      I pray Obama has miscalculated and has awakened a sleeping giant with this edict. The Catholic churches were overflowing this weekend. I know this because I was there. I am a Catholic and I have come home.

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • WTF are you talking about? Whatever translation service you are using doesn’t get your point across. So do us all a favor and take the few marbles you have and go home. We don’t want to play with you and apparently neither does Ulsterman.

    • ITYS
    • Many refuse to comprehend the larger issue with everyone of these oppressive Obama dictates: The Totalitarian-in-Chief and the slippery slope, every decision is just another knife cutting away our personal liberties. Today its Christians and Catholics, yet at every turn we are told about tolerance! r Will there be Obamacare $$$$ for female mutilations next? Will Jews and Muslims be forced to eat pork in public school lunches?

      This issue should be used instructively: The expectation of govt HC yields oppressive rules / Strings attached.

      Wake up America, if you want LIBERTY, you must take personal responsibility.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Give Barry enough rope and he’ll hang himself. He turned his back on Rev. Wright. Then he turned his back on Israel. Now he’s trying to take over the Catholic Church. He will do and say anything–even lie–to promote his Muslim agenda.

      If his formative years were spent in the Islam faith, that is the faith that is his foundation. I was raised a Christian, and regardless of the different faiths that I have followed and believed, my foundation and roots are in Christianity.

      It is the basis of the education of our youth that their formative years are crucial to developing discipline and formulating their foundations in learning and critical thinking. I think we all know Barry’s upbringing and the effect it has had on his personal philosophy. Had he grown up in America with the Christian values that he presumes to posses, he would know that he is fighting a more worthy opponent and a formidable foe who is the God of our Founding Fathers.

      His arrogance is only superceded by his narcissism and infated ego.

      Let Barry’s chickens come home to roost…and pigs root in his garbage.

    • Rurik
    • The Brokem Window Theory applies doubly to Stained Glass Windows. Failure to stop a heresy decisively and early only legitimizes it, and encourages it to extend its roots. The Church needs to settle this matter promptly with some massive excommunications of all the public figures who support, or fail to decisively oppose the COOTUS. What might they hope to save by delaying? Too much has already been lost. Peggy Noonan should be mortifying her flesh and seeking martyrdom in pennance for what she has helped to bring upon us all, if not for the shards of her credibility, then for the sake of her soul.

    • Denny
    • In response to Rurik, you’re absolutely right. Multiple excommunications of public figures such as Pelosi and all of those supporting the abortion policies of this administration would be a wake up call to all Catholics and bring them together to defeat this administration.

      This president is through and out the door in 2012.

    • shakedown crews
    • I’ve been disgusted with the Catholic church for a long time. DISGUSTED. This same church allowed their Jesuits to support leftist insurgencies throughout Latin America in the name of “helping the poor”, and yet the ideology of those leftist governments is NOT in keeping with that of the Church. They promote homosexuality, abortion, attack Christianity, and spread dependency on the government. In the USA, the Catholic church has consistently promoted moderate GOP and liberal Democrats and then is surprised when they get governments like this one that tramples on their rights.

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