Has Obama Awakened America’s Righteous Indignation?

On Sunday, Catholic clergy across the nation called for the faithful to write, email, and call their political representatives to let them know how the Obama administration is trampling upon long-standing religious freedoms in America.  Other religious leaders outside of the Catholic Church are lending their support of this cause as well.  Has Barack Obama’s arrogance and Big Government ideals re-awakened the country’s righteous indignation?

The battle lines are now being drawn – on one side are the progressive liberals that permeate both the Obama administration and the Democratic Party leadership.  Nancy Pelosi has described the forced contraception issue a “very courageous decision” while conservative political hopeful George Demos of New York declared the Obama administration’s attempts to mandate forced abortion drugs upon Catholic healthcare institutions “…an outrageous violation of their religious freedom.”

Since 2008, Catholic voters have steadily turned against the Obama administration and Democratic Party, and were pivotal in voting out Democrats during the 2010 Midterm Election that saw Republicans win a decisive victory in re-taking the House of Representatives.  The forced contraception issue is now aligning the Catholic Church with other religious organizations – all sharing a common goal of fighting back against the imperial nature that has marked the Obama White House since its inception.

Dr. Albert Mohler, among the most influential Protestant leaders in the country stated what the Obama administration is doing “is not only a Catholic issue” – indicating the very principle of religious freedom is being threatened.   “Evangelicals need to stand back and – in our own terms, on our own doctrine – understand that our religious liberty is being similarly subverted and attacked.”

Mohler went on to voice strong support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012 -  pending legislation introduced by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, himself a devoted Catholic.  Senator Rubio has described the bill as “A commonsense bill that simply says the government can’t force religious organizations to abandon the fundamental tenets of their faith because the government says so.”

A coalition of nearly 70 religious leaders, including members of the Orthodox Jewish community , submitted a letter of protest regarding the forced contraception policy to President Obama, stating that “religious organizations beyond the Catholic community have deep moral objections.”

While the economy will remain at the forefront of voter motivations heading into the November elections, Barack Obama’s politically misguided over-reach of federal authority that now places him directly against so many Americans of faith will likely make 2012 an election of righteous indignation as well – something that will not favor Democrats – namely one Barack Hussein Obama.



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26 Comments to Has Obama Awakened America’s Righteous Indignation?
    • GreenRails
    • Sad. “I’m going to to write a strongly worded letter to my Congressman!” Good luck with that. It will take more more than whining and complaining to get the Dem’s attention. Catholic hierarchy would have to attack the sources of Dem party funding, namely unions and other similar organizations. Unlikely to take that stand because those are the same people fueling their own coffers. The only hope here is that independent lay people organize and refuse to donate to the Church until it takes a harder stand against the government. Unlikely – those that don’t want to support the Church are already “not going.” We shall see. Maybe I’m wrong.

      • Larry
      • YEP! Follow the “Rich White Man” and the white, brown, red and yellow men all clamoring along after them, hoping for a dollar or two on the edges. Follow the money.

    • Reader
    • Yes the Catholic vote was huge in 2010 and now looking like its gonna be even bigger against the Dems in 2012 because Obama totally messing things up. He’ll try and throw somebody under bus for the stupid move but don’t think Catholics will forget. Lots of other religious groups fired up now too.

    • silverdust
    • Watch. Bammy will back down, the Catholics will forgive and forget and as soon as he beats Romney, he’ll reinstate it all. The Catholics will act just like the stupid party or Charlie Brown vs. Lucy and her football.

      Bill Donohue of the Catholic League said the Church’s next moves will be revealed in a few days. Oh, please, oh, please, oh please, let it be mass ex-communications of Sebelius, Pelousy, Mr. Heinz-Kerry and Biden.

      • Kansas Patriot
      • Excommunicate faux Catholics. The Pope excommunicated two men yesterday. I say excommunicate every Liberal Democrat from God’s church, especially Sebelius, Pelosi, John Heinz-Kerry and Biden.

      • west 1890
      • You are absolutely right- those two faced “convenience Catholics”, Pelosi and the others should be excommunicated-but it will never happen. Look at the immorality of the Kennedy dynasty- and the church just looked the other way. Obammy will back down and as soon as he’s re-elected he’ll pull it back out of his pocket and shove it down our throats. If he’s re-elected I suspect this will be among the lesser of our problems.

        • Jules
        • The Pope has actually publicly spoken out against Nazi Pelosi. She has been told she should refrain from receiving communion as long as she maintains her present stance regarding contraception and abortion. Also, the strikingly beautiful Ms Sebelius has received a great deal of correspondence through the years from her bishop and has been told the same regarding communion. They simply do not care and have really thus excommunicated themselves. And if they do receive communion while maintaining their public stance that is at odds with Church teaching, then they bring comdemnation on themselves and receive communion unworthily.

      • Spartan
      • I was just thinking that same thing, Silverdust. Faith is about to get its biggest test in years. Will the Catholics follow through or get the preverbial ‘pat on the head’ from the administration with a ‘we were just throwing up a trial balloon’. The Catholic church has just been given their biggest gift ever for a new PR campaign to stop the bleeding droves leaving the church. I hope they seize this opportunity and find their spine? I fear they will be told this attack will stop,,,,,for the moment. And will be weakened even more if they give in like the Komen Foundation?

        Please God help us all.

        • silverdust
        • My sentiments exactly. The Church has seemingly found its moral footing again. If they back down now, all is lost. While they’re on the warpath I think formal announcements of ex-communications and denunciations of “progressive Catholics” and faux Catholic (socialist) organizations need to be made to keep the momentum going.

    • Perceptible Future
    • Barry is banking on chaos during the time of the election. He is gambling that Martial Law will be enacted. There really is no other reasoning to his madness. By enacting a derisive policy attacking the very tenets of Catholicism (which includes a very large Hispanic population) and a very large base of his support i.e. Catholic Sisters who supported Obamacare, would be political suicide in any other scenario.

      I fear he has overplayed his hand.

    • truthandjustice
    • What worries me is why are they doing this, knowing it will alienate them – one of their huge voter blocks?? It makes me think even more they must know “thintgs” behind the scenes in their scheming rooms. Why are they so confident about their re-election at the same time they are alienating these blocks? I pray all the time God will not let their evil plans succeed – whatever they are — all I know is — they have some.
      Maybe have a “sure fire” (so they think) crisis event that will not allow the elections at all? Who knows – I don’t put anything past these evil people. I’m sure they aren’t too fond of losing their power to “transform” America when they are so close after decades. But in order to complete, Obama has to stay the dictator-in-chief. They also can’t afford to have the Senate taken over by Repubs – where we have both Houses.

      Yes – think WHI was right — getting ready for “war”…………….PRAY !!!!

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • Triangulation of fire. On one side you have the indignation of Christians. On the other side you have the 99%. On the third side you have the right to bear arms & buy guns. Piss them all off at once and organize a rally this summer…in Charlotte, in the Bible Belt, where the good ol’ boys hunt during the seasons and have been laid off because their jobs have been outsourced. Add to the mix a Governor who is a democrat and who is not running for a 2nd term. Also consider that the unemployment rate there is high…and continues to rise with most NC counties above 10% unemployment. Not to mention that NC has a major military population of marines and special forces. Defense cuts will have an impact on returning troops and military bases.

        Looks like a perfect storm to me. Pray the dark side is defeated if this be the case.

        • Lindandy
        • And, on another side, weren’t Muslims amongst the first to get a WAIVER from participation in Obama’s health care law? (Or, was that just a rumor?) Not sure how it fits into this picture except that BO surely does cater to Islam.

          The photos and caption above, “They said it would never happen again” certainly strikes a nerve with me. I wonder how WSI feels about it… scary stuff happening everywhere. As TandJ said…….. PRAY!!!

          • ThroughtheLookingGlass
          • n8, did not see the story. Thanks for posting the link. I mentioned NC for many reasons, foremost that the Democratic Convention will be held there this summer. Also my personal familiarity with the North State and the location of various military installations there. Perhaps the ghost of Sam Ervin will be conjured to visit this convention in 3 stages–Past, Present and Future–with a remonstration of said party’s acts and words. I would pay good money to see the show if Sam’s ghost visited Barry and scared the s*&% out of him. Doubt he’d be scared straight, but maybe enough for him to turn tail and run.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Some say Barry is a very intelligent, albeit idealistic, man. Others say he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. More say it’s his support staff that get’s in his way. Others say they are the way. Maybe it’s the depression and the drug? Whatever the story behind his actions and speeches, he keeps shooting himself in the foot. Does anyone get the impression he doesn’t want the job 1/2 as much as…say, Moochelle and Valdemort?

    • bill o'rights
    • I firmly believe the short term goal of the Obama administration has been to create destabilization. While I believe these people to be very arrogant, I think it is their desire to ‘stir the pot’ that motivates them.

      Considering the DOJ’s coordination with ACORN affiliated groups and the President’s executive orders with regard to Voter Id, I do not believe this administration is going to accept defeat in November, frightening as that may sound.

      While this may sound absurd, I would point out that Mr. Obama has already far outreached his executive powers, which I think sets an ominous tone for the future.

      Frankly, I believe this administration is trying to walk a tightrope between catering to their supporters and their goal of ‘divide and conquer’.

      • America the beautiful
      • Agree. He will go to any lengths …and seems to be relishing what he sees coming. He has been preparing for a lifetime. The TelePrompTer is more to keep him from going off message and spouting his true beliefs too soon.
        I do not believe he is stupid nor simply managed. I do see him as evil and dangerous …pay attention to his bemused moments with the belligerent laugh of relishment.

    • Denny
    • I don’t believe he and his minions would succeed at implementing martial law. There are too many good, god-fearing people that would refuse to take part in any such attempt. There would be a major revolt within the military and other governmental enforcment agencies that would prevent any time of unlawful takeover.

      • n8
      • Was never a fan of Boehner but this is outright disgusting. How do we remove him as speaker and replace him with Paul Ryan? Don’t know that we’d be any better off with Cantor…

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • Read that over the weekend. I think it’s more like subversive propaganda to undermine the support of non-demonrats in order to cloud the issue. More smoke and mirrors. Nothing like turning a party in on itself to deflect the criminal actions of a few that are targeted for accountability. Classic 3-D approach: Deny, Deflect, Denounce.

    • AtlasShrugged
    • Who cares what Marco Rubio says? He is bought and paid for with Soros and Rockefeller money (Aspen Institute ties). So is Paul Ryan. This is mainly why the mainstream media for the most part does not isolate and vilify them or make them out to be nuts (a la Palin and Bachmann).

      All is an act to make the big O seem more moderate, more willing to compromise, and more authoritative (telling Congress not to ‘muck up’ the economy’s progress). This is damage control on a gargantuan scale, probably in response to that less than favorable portrait of him in the book which was just published. Also helps to pacify the Catholic vote, as if anything they do or say matters to this administration.

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