The Chart Barack Obama Doesn’t Want America To Know About

While the Obama administration and the mainstream media attempt to paint America as enjoying a current economic recovery – the facts tell a very different story.  After some 5 TRILLION dollars in deficit spending, job growth remains as stagnant as ever under the yoke of the Obama presidency:

There are a couple of interesting observations to be made from the above graphic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  One, the steep decline in American jobs correlates to when the Democrats took over control of Congress.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But then recall that Barack Obama begins his presidency in 2009 and the decline very much continues well into 2010 where it at least flatlines.  2010 was when Republicans then took control of the House of Representatives and gained a number of seats in the Senate – which the Democrats still control.

$5 TRILLION in lost taxpayer deficit dollars is quite a sum for what that chart reflects – stagnant job growth.  Millions who remain unemployed.  Millions more who have dropped out of even trying to find work and are therefor not even being counted in the unemployment figures.

For a bit of contrast check out this comparative chart detailing the Reagan recovery vs the Obama recovery.  One president charged ahead with plans to greatly reduce taxes, lessen regulations, and pushes to increase domestic energy production in the United States.  The other president – Barack Obama, called for more taxes, more regulation, and has fought increasing domestic energy production at every opportunity – such as his shutting down of the much-needed Keystone pipeline:





The truth is clear - the Obama presidency has been a near-complete disaster for working Americans.  This might explain a term growing in popularity of late – “ABO”  -  Anybody But Obama in 2012…





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17 Comments to The Chart Barack Obama Doesn’t Want America To Know About
    • Perceptible Future
    • That is why he is known as President ZERO! But the truth be known, this IS EXACTLY what his “Handler’s” had in mind… Does anyone here believe that Mr. Teleprompter could orchestrate such dismal results by accident?

      It’s not that difficult to figure out.

      • Publius
      • Keeping in mind what WHI has told us in previous interviews about Obama campaign plans for disruptive demonstrations this year, has just sent out an e-mail claiming that 100,000 people will gather at “direct action” trainings nationwide as part of what they are calling the “99% Spring.” Training will take place during week of April 9-15 and will focus on “what happened to our economy,…and how (to) take direct action this spring to challenge corporate power” – etc.

        They’re using interesting language. I think “direct action” is an Alinsky term, but I remember a French terrorist group that called itself “Action Directe” and went around blowing things up in/around Paris in the 1980′s.

        Since Moveon seems to want as many people as possible to attend these training events, perhaps some UM readers might want to sign up and report back to the rest of us on what they learn. All of us should be prepared for what’s coming.

        • werbaz neutronName
        • Ah, yes: here come the noble, but ignorant, peasants, crowded into their wooden-wheeled oxcarts, brandishing their crude home-made pitchforks, drooling melodramatic slogans as if they were characters from some Mel Brooks movie.

          Those who fund them from the shadows must be disappointed, as usual, with the quality of those otherwise-idle camp followers they seem to attract to their predictable and time-worn causes.

          Shallow and disreputable causes attract shallow and disreputable people.

          Follow the money….the odor….and the lack of reality.

    • charlotte
    • Put them on a Tea Party protest poster or better still on billboards all over the US!By the way, where are the Tea Party protestors now? They should be all over Obongo

    • ITYS
    • Now is the time for the GOP to take control of the narrative with these grafts. It is NOT a coincidence that the demise started ever since the ’06 midterms when Ms Nancy and dirty Harry took control of congress. Almost imediately ther were skyrocketing gas prices and jobs issues. Its time to put an END to the diabolical rhetoric that has destroyed and enslaved this country!! Obama has accelerated the unraveling and dismantling of our country.


    • John Trainer
    • If these graphics are not the backdrop for every Republican appearance and not in the majority of TV commercials, then we will know the truth about the Republican establishment.

    • America the beautiful
    • UM ask WHI where are the investigative reporters or the leaks surrounding Obama’s scheme of Cap and Trade and his creation of the CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange….that Obama created with Bill Ayers brother, John Ayers and Soros …where ALL energy is taxed and that baffoon makes 10 TRILLION a year on the backs of the American people…Look at the principles of the CCX…Obama, George Soros, Al Gore, the Clintons, Hank Paulson, Goldman, Maurice Strong… crowning themselves our masters and we their slaves.

      Can we assume our politicians silence in this massive corruption and fraud was ia sale for a piece of the action….

      UM — can you get a deep throat from inside the Pentagon?
      Holbrookes dying words to get our soldiers out of Afganistan may have coveyed a knowledge of a more serious threat to our military than we’ve considered…Who lit the latest fire in Afganistan by releasing the information of the burning of their Koran?
      Seems we have an arsonist at the State Department who has continually lit the Middle East on fire. The notion of an Arab “Spring” is laughable.

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