Obama Invites Himself To Speak Both to and for Women

Few presidents have ever been so willing to demean the office of president as has Barack Obama – and the latest invented “contraception controversy” is no exception…

The warning bells sounded months ago when, during a GOP candidates debate, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos persisted in asking a question about birth control of all things.  Little if any time had been given to the subject in prior debates, and the question left both the Republican candidates and the audience wondering why the question was being asked at all.  There was no national controversy on the subject.  As Mitt Romney himself basically put it – birth control is working fine.  Who cares?

And yet Stephanopoulos insisted, repeating the question a number of times in a clear attempt to create some kind of “gotcha” moment that would prove harmful to the Republicans.  The motivation for insistence, and its implications, are now becoming abundantly clear.

As the Obama administration attempted to force religious institutions to provide free contraception options – including sterilization and the free use of an abortion pill,  many wondered why the White House would so willingly engage in such a divisive issue during an election year.  Within days though of the debate becoming an integral part of the national news cycle and public debate, both Democrats and the mainstream media worked together to pivot the issue into once strictly pertaining to contraception for women.  The speed at which this was accomplished again reinforces the suggestion it was the plan all along.  Barack Obama has no real record to run on for re-election.  The economy remains fragile – unemployment still well over 8%.  The deficit has exploded and he insists on yet more deficit spending.  The Middle East is now as chaotic and dangerous as it has been in a generation.

What then, is a sitting president to do?

Paint his eventual opponent, whomever they might be, as an enemy of women.  The fact the issue has far less to do with contraception and everything to do with foundational religious freedom in America matters little to this president, his administration, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media.  Together they have successfully created an issue where none so recently existed before.  The examples utilized in this process are ludicrous of course – college students walking around campus with faces stricken by the concept of too-expensive contraception.  So said far left womens rights  activist Sandra Fluke.  Fluke is a 30-something  year old woman who willingly attended a university that does not provide free contraception to its students.  She was chosen by Democrats to be the concerned face for the women of America clamoring for free contraception.  The fact no such problem exists, and that contraception is both readily available and quite cheap in this country was irrelevent.  The Democrats were grandstanding to epic proportions with a willing mainstream media assisting from the outset.

Following her testimony before Congress, and resulting fallout of comments by Rush Limbaugh who painted Sandra Fluke in deragatory terms for her basic request to have taxpayers pay her and other college students for having sex, the Obama White House let it be known that President Obama made a personal call to her to express his support of her cause.  Now let that sink in just a bit folks.  Recall the first time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Obama White House.  He was made to enter through the back door, was made to wait for President Obama to arrive, and soon after that arrival, Barack Obama left the Prime Minister so he could go have dinner.  Netanyahu was then escorted out of the White House via the backdoor.

Ah – but for 30-something year old womens rights activist Sandra Fluke, who CHOSE to attend a religious university that does not offer free contraception only to speak out against that known policy, the President of the United States takes time to call her personally to voice his support?

And now just today we learn that the Obama White House made another personal call – this time to Barnard College in New York – a womens college mind you.  And what did the White House offer the students of Barnard College?  Why nothing less than to have the President of the United States over to give them a commencement speech!  Normally it would be a university asking a president – not a president asking a university, but in the pimp-politics that is so interwoven within the Obama administration, normal political gravity ceases to exist.  If there is an issue to be exploited, Barack Obama is there – just make certain the audience applauds loudly please, because this president really loves that manufactured applause.


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17 Comments to Obama Invites Himself To Speak Both to and for Women
    • lizzy'sName
    • Hopefully women won’t be fooled by Obama-there isn’t enough lipstick to make the pig anything less than the sexist, racist, ageist pig he is.

    • Justawhoaman
    • Barnard College is a liberal bastion of “education”… Okay, indoctrination. The irony that he replaces a successful woman at a woman’s college will be lost on the media… Lizzy’sName, your “lipstick on a pig” reference could not be more appropriate… Sadly, as many of us are confident that the Chicago gay men’s club membership for Zero and Rahm are true, this makes your comment spit-the-drink-on-the-computer-screen funny.

      The stink of the putrid remarks made about Rush Limbaiugh after he brazenly (even if appropriately) referred to Ms. Fluke as a Prostitute (if not just to the Aministration) added to the rot of the liberal response to the death of Andrew Breitbart has left me gasping for breath. I could never have imagined how many souls have been lost to the atheistic, amoral left. We have Bill Ayres, his teachings, and his narcisstic protege to thank.

      Let us never forget Andrew and keep the truth alive. Destroy the media….and save our Republic.

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • Who better to speak to, about and for women than a girly-girl himself? Guess it doesn’t bother Moochie that he wears the skirts in the family. Hope her mother will be around to raise the first daughters. With popsie in jail, and mommy out of a job and her law license revoked, what will she do to support her kids? Continue to whore for far left?

    • Name THE SLAMMER
    • I am outraged and writing my congressmen and senator. I have had chronic lyme disease for the last 4 years and my health is deteriorating to the point I can barely work. My insurance company won’t cover ANY of my treatment which is all out of pocket. In 8 months, I am $16k in the hole and had to stop seeing my doctor. Numerous phone calls to Cigna to no avail. Insurance companies will not pay for chronic lyme treatment but will pay for this tramps BC? And MY tax money is going to this? I am struggling to work and not go out on permanent disability and this is where MY tax money is going? Poor f’n baby, she has to buy rubbers!!! I haven’t had sex in 4 years!!! If I ever am able to again, I won’t bring any rubbers because our taxes got that covered. I think I am going to write Barry too, but may end up like Breitbart.

    • ShainS
    • So many nicknames for this embarrassment to our nation, so little time: President Zero, President Downgrade, President Solyndra, President Fast & Furious, President Food Stamp, President OWS … here he demonstrates his unique narcissistic/megalomaniac personality disorder as President Patronizer.

    • Rebel Yell
    • Reggie: Barry, if we went camping and you woke up with a condom hanging from your butt, would you tell anyone?
      Barry: Ummm, uhhh, well I probably wouldn’t.
      Reggie: Wanna go camping, Barry?

    • fedup
    • He has no respect for himself or the position he stole. Doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.. He’s so desperate that he has to call and invite himself to give a speech.. The obnoxious self centered arrogant bastard doesn’t even care that even if the collage didn’t want him they felt obligated to say yes.. And this is all over a bunch of females that want to screw around on someone else’ dime.. Taking birth Control for female problems is one thing but expecting others to foot the bill just so you can get laid is another!!! IMO that is an out right whore!! Pay your own freaking bills!!

    • Kim Leland
    • The more I read, the more I hear, the more I really believe we are witnessing — if we are very lucky — the Balkanization of this country. If we aren’t lucky, then I don’t have a clue. Either way, this just sucks. Not very eloquent, I realize, but sadly true.

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