Barack Obama – President Baby Killer

If the title to this column makes you uncomfortable – I apologize.  That being said, even for those in the relative pro-choice mainstream, the extent of Barack Obama’s zeal to protect any and all abortion procedures marks him as the single most radical pro-abortion president in this nation’s history.  Should a baby, having survived being pulled from the womb of its mother during a late-term abortion procedure, then be murdered in the name of abortion rights?  Barack Obama says YES – and the media has refused to adequately share that fact with the American people.  WARNING:  GRAPHIC SUBJECT MATTER

The description of “late term abortion” is too often thrown about with little actual shared understanding of just what that term represents.  While there is no agreed upon medical definition of the term, most research suggests late term as being the termination of a pregnancy 20 weeks or more into a pregnancy - regardless of whether or not the fetus is “viable” – a medical term for a fetus that is in fact a child – a life that can survive outside the womb of its mother.  These types of procedures are often called “partial birth” abortions – indicating the infant is in fact born, only to have its life terminated by the doctor.  The abortion industry does not easily divulge just how many of these late term procedures are performed each year, but a 1997 study suggests the figure to be several thousand per year in the United States.  Here is a brief medical description of the two types of late term abortion procedures:

The physician inserts a long toothed clamp through the woman’s vagina into the uterus. She/he grabs body parts of the fetus at random, breaks them from the body and pulls them out. Finally, the head is crushed and extracted. Finally, the placenta and any remaining parts of the fetus are suctioned from the uterus.

The woman’s cervix is dilated. If necessary, the fetus is rotated until it is facing feet downwards. The surgeon reaches into the uterus and pulls the fetus’ body, with the exception of its head, out of the woman’s body. Surgical scissors are inserted into the base of the fetal skull, and withdrawn. A suction tube is inserted and the fetus’ brains are removed through aspiration. This partially collapses the fetal skull. The fetus is then fully removed from the woman’s body.


As a state senator in Illinois, the defense of abortion was one of the few legislative actions the otherwise disinterested then-state politician took an aggressive position on, opposing proposed legislation that would have made it illegal to kill a child that had survived a late term abortion procedure.  As a United States Senator, Barack Obama again opposed similar federal legislation seeking to protect the lives of infants.  It was only later in 2007 when he was preparing his run to become the nation’s next president did Barack Obama begin to zig and zag on the late term abortion issue.  His campaign, the few times he was questioned on the subject, gave vague responses indicating then-candidate Obama was supportive of Roe vs Wade but also felt states had the right to ban partial birth abortions – a position he had never voiced before, and one that his own legislative actions never supported.  The media for the most part dropped the subject altogether, and what little coverage it did give to the issue leaned heavily on the extreme examples of pregnancies that posed dangers to the life of the mother as the primary cause for Barack Obama’s support for partial birth abortions.  This despite Obama’s own legislative record and public statements that rarely made such a distinction – he wanted NO restrictions on partial birth abortions – period.  In fact, Barack Obama ranked among the highest of all politicians with a 100% rating from The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).  This ranking came not from the attempted middle-of-the-road stance on the subject he took as a presidential candidate in 2007 and 2008, but rather for his open and aggressive opposition toward any attempts to regulate abortion practices – including the killing of infants who survived the procedure.  Even if the individual getting the abortion was a child herself, Barack Obama voted to NOT require parents to be notified of the procedure.

What will now follow is a graphic look at the very procedure the current President of the United States has a clear and consistent record of defending.  Within  Obamacare, there is a clear direction of forcing all employers, be they a religious instititution or not, to provide free coverage for not only birth control, but abortions as well, as was outlined in a recent Weekly Standard report:

President Obama today promulgated a scam that, if he is re-elected, will allow him to mandate that every health plan in America cover abortion on demand,” said NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson.

The law prevents the Secretary of Health and Human Services from including abortion in a list of federally mandated “essential health benefits.” But the birth control mandate is based on an entirely different provision of the law, which allows the Secretary to mandate that all health plans cover any service that the Secretary places on a list of “preventive” services. There is nothing in the law to prevent the Secretary from placing abortion, assisted suicide, or any other additional services on the preventive services list, nor does the Secretary require the agreement of any other authority in the government to do so — except, perhaps, the president.

So here we now come to the visual evidence of what Barack Obama, as President of the United States, feels so compelled to not only defend, but require of private businesses and religious groups to provide – unlimited access to abortion, regardless of whether or not the child can survive outside the womb of its mother.  And in fact, if that child were to survive the procedure, Barack Obama defends the practice of terminating its life, thus making him quite literally, President Baby Killer.





I just want to point out, you did not once in the 2008 campaign, not once did anybody in the elite media ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide.  -NEWT GINGRICH




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    • shakedown crews
    • thanks for having the courage to post those images, Ulsterman. The truth is not sanitized, which is why the liberals hate –HATE–the idea of requiring ultrasounds so the mother can see what they are killing.
      As a young man in my teens and twenties I was a rabid supporter of “CHOICE”, and my father, being a doctor who had witnessed abortions, was a passionate opponent, and we had some massive, aggressive arguments about it. he invited me to go see an abortion, which I never felt the need to do. I made the same barbaric arguments liberals do, about fetuses being nothing more than tissues, or parasites, etc. Over time I began to realize that he was right. Now we hear from folks like those two Aussies who are proposing that wymyn be able to kill their infants even after birth, as they are not yet “fully humman” because they cannot form opinions and do not contribute.

      It’s the same argument the Nazis made about the elderly, the mentally handicapped, the demented, etc. Socialists grant themselves the authority to play God, literally, and decide who lives and dies, and yet abhore executions of murderers. It’s not only absurd, it truly is obscene.

    • Chris
    • Pretty shocking. Philosophically I never understood how someone that kills a pregnant women in a drunk driving car accident can be charged with two murders, but when the above happens that’s not considered murder.

      I guess basically if a woman’s baby is killed with her consent than it’s ok, but it she wants the baby than it’s murder. Both achieve the same end, just a woman’s consent or not determinines the legality of the means.

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • Barry mindset: Since fetuses and late-term newborns cannot vote, what difference does it make? Chances are they would grow up to be demo-crats…but why take the chance?

      For the life of me and all that is holy, I cannot understand how the Evil Empire has such widely acclaimed support. Shame. Shame. Shame.

      Expose him blatantly where the LSM has failed to do so.

    • AZVick
    • Consider: As senator, for both state and country, Obama was a do-nothing ‘present-voter.’ Yet he managed to lift a finger to both sponsor and vote in the affirmative for this.

    • silverdust
    • Oh, yeah. Bart Stupak and his gang of naive misfits, who went along with ObamaDeathPanelCare because it contained provisions against abortion, couldn’t be reached for comment.

    • AquaStar
    • I feel sick.

      I’m sorry I saw this but I’m glad I saw this.

      This is government sponsored murder of the innocent.

      Where are the liberals who are so concered about the fate of those judged by a jury to be guilty and sentenced to death? Or they cry over the death of baby seals but care nothing for the unborn child merely because she (mostly) had the misfortune to be unwanted.

      Truly sickening and disheatening..

    • bill o'rights
    • I have been on the pro-life side of the equation since 1989 when, in my first semester of college, I took a course named after Francis Schaffer’s book ‘Whatever Happened to the Human Race’. It was during the course of this class that I first became familiar with images like these.

      Since that time, I have never ceased to be amazed by the political left’s immense support for abortion. It betrays the reality that their championing of human rights is selective, via their convoluted argument that the infant is an extension of a woman’s body.

      Not much more I can add to the discussion, aside from the depth of my disgust for abortion, which often times occurs as a form of birth control wherein the ‘aborter’ CHOSE not to use birth control before the fact.

      Wait…one additional point…

      I do wish that the Catholic church would make a distinction between birth control and abortion, but I believe in protecting the rights of Catholics regardless. To not do so is unconscionablely unconstitutional.

    • Cabby-AZ
    • Yes, Ulsterman, thank you for having the courage to post these graphic pictures. The right-to-life movement has always said that if the media would allow such images to be seen by the general public, it wouldn’t be long before folks would be insisting that Roe v. Wade be overturned.

      You have probably heard that there is another movement afoot in Congress to declare the personhood of the unborn. The Supreme Court in 1973 acknowledged that if ever Roe v. Wade were to be threatened, it would be because of that very fact, since under the 14th Amendment, “…..nor shall any State deprive any person, life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      One final word: What makes any of us think that a holy God is going to forever countenance the slaughter of over 56 million innocents since 1973?

    • VTX
    • I had a nightmare – a repeated nightmare – during the election campaign in 2008. Could not sleep – I literally HAD to go search “Barack Obama post birth abortion.” This led me to Jill Stanek’s column, “Why Jesus Would Not Vote for Barack Obama.” It was not about partial-birth abortion: it was about the procedure Stanek exposed: the baby is intentionally prematurely delivered, mostly in the 8th and ninth months, and is not given care. As Stanek testified, the babies were left to die in a cold, dark washroom. Some survived longer than others: she was aware of one baby that survived an entire shift.

      Barack Obama spoke against the Illinois version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He claimed that it didn’t protect a “woman’s right to choose.” In fact, even Hillary and Barbara Boxer voted for the bill, and NARAL did not oppose the US Senate version – identical to the Illinois Senate version.

      John McCain ignored this issue – even though his campaign was contacted. I guess he was unwilling to “light his hair on fire,” too, unwilling to use a piece of information that proves Obama to be a monster of the worst kind – worse than Pharoah, and on a par with Caligula and Haman.

      We will not see this in this election – because only one candidate is willing to use it. Perhaps some would call my characterizations of Obama as hyperbolic or even hysterical – but the fact that this man cannot discern between a baby and “fetal tissue” means that he is either the dumbest POS to ever hold the office of President, or he is thoroughly, unapologetically evil. I have come to conclude that both are true.

      The Babykiller in Chief is a stupid monster.

    • Justawhoaman
    • As an aging baby-boomer who followed the wait to have children because we need to limit the population on this space ship earth…. Only to find that I couldn’t have children, the concept of this wanten murder of children is beyond comprehension. The idea that sex is so meaningless that the outcome and killing of children is no different from baboon murder of a competing male’s offspring… At least there seems to be purpose to this choice of DNA…. Is a synopsis, in Itself, of what we have been seeing in the past two weeks: the vilification of Rick Santorum’s position as a MORAL Catholic-American, the completely amoral response to the death of Andrew Breitbart, and the acceptance that we need to support a Georgetown law student who wants to have sex whenever she wants and with whom and have ME pay for her contraception…. Sorry.. Pay for sex is a Prostitute… Like he said.

      We are facing a chasm between those who accept our Republic as a judeo-Christian nation of laws… And everyone else. Our tolerance for murder must end here. P.C is out the window and we can no longer tolerate theocracies. If we don’t join hands to restart morality here, we are done… As in stick a fork in us… Hello Lucifer.

    • Abby
    • Pat Buchanan challenged Catholics on their support of Obama in 08 addressing this very issue. Still, my Catholic friends voted for Obama because he was black & they wanted to be a part of something in history. Talk about white guilt- putting an inexperienced someone’s color above a LIFE. Well- Obama certainly showed his “thanks” to them- didn’t he.

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