How Much Has Obama Cost America?

While not an all-inclusive list – the following video does a credible job of outlining the reality of the Obama administration upon the American economy.  Four more years America?  Really?


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    • birdie
    • UM – this website might be very helpful to you in your research. Click on the link, then click on “Auto” in the upper lefthand column. It will show you an incredible animated map of all the heads of major corporations/unions and who sits on their boards and who sits on each others boards. Someone went to a lot of trouble to put this data together. Really amazing.

    • bill o'rights
    • My last post didn’t go through, so I’ll try it without the links….

      The thing most central in my mind is simply this:

      I do not believe this administration will take ‘no’ for an answer in November. Furthermore, I do not believe the issue is simply that the administration wants to keep power for a second term, I believe they HAVE NO CHOICE!

      The issue is that if they do not remain in office, they will be held criminally culpable for treason. Even if every conservative were on the same page, we would face an uphill battle. These people will do anything and EVERYTHING to remain where they are, out of sheer desperation.

      What can we most certainly expect in November, after the administration’s phony balogna lone wolf scenario?

      Unbridled voter fraud on a massive scale.

      So, right now we are at the crossroads. Will we prepared, when the administration sets fire to the Reichstag this summer?

      • justawhoaman
      • I agree with you that he won’t leave… he was never entitled or eligible to be in the WH in the first place. This we know, now, given the fraud in the form of birth certificates, selective service card, and the soon to be released tapes from that will demonstrate “the Plan” to take down the US with an unqualified biracial gay Indonesian. They have the threat of totally ruining you financially if you go against them… and obviously, as we have seen here, they will stop at nothing… including killing you or your loved ones.

        There really is no difference between Putin and Obama as far as narcissism and hunger for power. Don’t forget that.

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