Advertiser Begs Limbaugh To Take Them Back – Limbaugh Says NOPE

With the fabricated public outrage campaign against Rush Limbaugh already diminishing, advertisers who had long benefited from the massive and loyal Limbaugh audience who broke off relations with the radio program following the Sandra Fluke controversy, are now asking to be welcomed back.  Unfortunately for them – Rush Limbaugh ain’t having it…

Despite the far-left media’s attempts to portray law student Sandra Fluke as a brave voice against a supposed “war on women”, the alternative media has been hard at work informing the American public of the truth behind Fluke’s sudden rise as media darling of the far left.  With more and more learning that Fluke is in fact a 30-something self-avowed women’s rights/contraception activist who CHOSE to attend one of the most elite universities in the United States has greatly lessened her appeal to mainstream Americans.

When it was further learned (LINK) that birth control was not only easily available to Georgetown law students – but in fact FREE for lower income students, the premise of Fluke’s rehearsed portrayal began to truly crumble.

Now add the even more recently revealed fact that Sandra Fluke’s agenda is being directly controlled by none other than Anita Dunn – former Obama White House communications director!  This relationship gives a strong suggestion that the entire Sandra Fluke “controversy” was planned and initiated by Barack Obama operatives from the outset – with ample assistance then given by their supporters within the liberal media.  (LINK)

So with Sandra Fluke’s credibility in a spiral, and yet more egg on the biased face of the liberal media, those advertisers who had fled Rush Limbaugh for fear of a public backlash are now scrambling to once again enjoy the profitable benefits of having their products being given an audience of millions each day of the work week:

A Limbaugh spokesman said that California mattress company Sleep Train asked to restart a “voiced endorsement” from Limbaugh that it had publicly cut off last week. The company said at the time that it “does not condone such negative comments toward any person.”…

…Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich on Thursday forwarded a copy of an email that he said had been sent to Sleep Train Chief Executive Dale Carlsen. In it, Glicklich wrote that Limbaugh had personally received the company’s requests to resume advertising on his show.

“Unfortunately,” Glicklich wrote, “your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh’s character or the intent of his remarks. Thus, we regret to inform you that Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future.”


Shame on Sleep Train mattresses for its reactionary bailing on a relationship with Rush Limbaugh that dates back a quarter century.  And well done on Rush Limbaugh for making an example of Sleep Train – they and other similar companies need to learn to perhaps withhold judgement against someone until all the facts are made more available.

Sandra Fluke and her alleged “contraception crisis” is proving little more than a calculated fabrication created by supporters and recent operatives of the Obama White House.



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17 Comments to Advertiser Begs Limbaugh To Take Them Back – Limbaugh Says NOPE
    • silverdust
    • The left just hates it when we fight back. Rush has an army behind him!

      I wouldn’t say the controversy is dimimishing, though. Howard Kurtz says the MSM is ramping up to take Limbaugh down. The left is so giddy over Breitbart’s passing that they feel they have the proverbial wind at their backs.

    • Rebel Yell
    • What makes liberals’ heads explode is the free market in action. Sleep Train exercised theirs right to operate in a free market by dropping sponsorship of El Rushbo’s show and he, in turn, exercised his right to refuse taking back their business. El Rushbo is a proud capitalist as are most sane folks.

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • Any chance we can get a list of the sponsors who bailed? For that matter, can we get a list of sponsors for Maher so we can boycott them? A free market society with rights of free speech means some people aren’t going to do business with reactionaries or those who speak out against free speech. Double-standards work both ways.

    • Namecookiegramma
    • I plan on calling my satellite provider and telling them to cancel my subscription to HBO because the network carries Maher. I suspect that enough cancellations of subscriptions might exert some pressure.

    • Justawhoaman
    • The airing of the Palin Lies, Game Change, on HBO would give you even more reason to cancel. I quit TV 5 years ago… Gives me the ability to freely choose and support producers/directors/actors/news….or blogs. (it helps that none of the sports I like are covered on TV anyway). Mass cancelations would be a good thing… As El Rushbo’s former sponsors found out…

      Attacking Rush will at least keep them busy. Gives us a chance to Breitbart them in full frontal mode…

    • Ebysan
    • Fluke’s years of liberal activism. Add her ties to the LGBTQ and her efforts to:

      ……” force schools to pay for sex change operations.”…….

      Sandra Fluke — Liberal Lesbian Activist on a Secret Mission …

      Consider also the little matter of Fluke’s efforts on behalf of the activist group called:

      “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Questioning”.

      Review — titled Employment Discrimination Against LGBTQ Persons.

      “A prime example of direct discrimination,” the “gender law” article claims ”

      is denying insurance coverage for medical needs of …….”transgender persons”…..

      physically transitioning to the other gender.”

    • ShainS
    • The Left has been trying to take-down and/or silence Rush (they ALWAYS tell you whom they fear) for decades, with the unintended consequence of making him even more popular.

      Like Palin and Breitbart, he lives rent-free in their heads …

    • silverdust
    • UM — I’m not linking to Alex Jones, but do a search on: H Con Res 107, 112th congress.

      Alex Jones says Drudge ran this a few days ago when it appeared: impeachment documents for Obama by NC Repub Walter Jones (who most recently voted with the dhims).

    • Aussie
    • UM it is a pity that Rush did not use the term “town bike”. This is a term that has quite a lot of meaning.

      If you do not know the term and its meaning just think “ridden by everyone”.

      Thus a slut is referred to as a town bike. The whole Sandra Fluke thing stinks. If a woman wants to go to a Catholic University then she should not be advertising the fact that she is th town bike. It should not be up to any university to pay for her bicycle activities.

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