Further Media Proof Of Wall Street’s War To Defeat Obama (WSI Related)

“Yes…I am preparing for war…Just pay attention in the coming months.” 


A recently published article The New Republic outlines the considerable shift of high ranking Wall Street Executives – a group that has historically favored Democrats over Republicans, now working to prevent four more years of economic disaster that is the Obama administration.


“If you’re elected president,” asked one guest, “what will you do to the taxes on the people in this room?” “I’ll raise them,” Obama fired back. “Which I admired,” recalls one of the attendees, Leon Cooperman, head of Omega Advisors. “And half the guys in that room voted for him.”

…Four years later, that bond is broken. The hedge fund community has overwhelmingly shifted its backing to the Republicans: Mitt Romney has so far outraised Obama by a four-to-one ratio among hedge fund employees, pulling in more than $500,000—not to mention the seven-figure checks his super PAC has received from several top fund managers.

… “They hate him now,” says one former Obama administration official.

…Many of his fellow masters of the universe had been snookered by Obama, he argues. Obama’s election “was wonderful for the minority and black population, but in my opinion he’s been the worst president in history.” 








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26 Comments to Further Media Proof Of Wall Street’s War To Defeat Obama (WSI Related)
    • ShainS
    • “Masters of the Universe” “snookered” by the most radical Leftist in the U.S. Senate at that time? They supported a Marxist and they’re surprised he’s accelerated the collapse of the economy and ruin of the U.S.?

      And all of us who saw him for what he was in 2008 are “the dummies” …

    • lovelypeace
    • Romney likes America and Americans. That would be a huge step up from what we have now. He wins in “blue areas” because he’s not like “Ricky” Rick Santorum. I’m not asking you to like Romney, just recognize reality. Most of the population lives in larger cities which are less conservative. Most people aren’t as conservative as the current Republican Party. And some Republicans just aren’t as conservative as Rick, nor aren’t thrilled by the idea of reliving the GWB days because they weren’t so great for fiscal conservatives. We shouldn’t go out of our way to nominate someone who is likely to alienate people in our own Party when the goal is to raise our numbers up and win an election.

      • silverdust
      • Romney likes America and Americans? Not true. He has no use for the conservative base or TEA Party.

        As for the Wall Street idiots finally seeing the light, the heavy hitters who gave to Obama in ’08 have switched to ORomney in ’12. Wow. What a ringing endorsement for Obama Lite.

        • Reader
        • Obama Lite? Are you a Santorum supporter there silverdust? Because Santorum is a big union kind a politician who also liked to spend spend spend as a Senator. But even with those negatives hes still way better than Barack Obama. Mitt Romney looks to be wrapping the nomination up. He not perfect either. It was a tough fight. Good for him and all the candidates for all the work they did. Now its time to get out and defeat Barack Obama. None of the republican candidates are Obama lite. thats just dumb talk. Obama is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • AmericatheBeautiful
        • Perhaps you’ll come to recognize and admire the campaign Romney has run when you see the big tent effect after he wins. It will be nice to see a man who likes America and
          Americans …respects our constitution and history and doesn’t
          want To take away religious freedom and liberty.
          It will be nice to have that kind of man in the Whire House rather than a race baitor and
          Divider …where all people all equal

    • Reader
    • Obvious now that WSI is powerful. Real powerful. Glad to have them working on our side to get rid of Obummer. Will he take on spooky dude though? Remember WHI warning though UM. Don’t get squashed by these titans battling it out. They might not even notice the smudge of you on the bottom of their shoe. If somebody like WSI is enough to have the respect of WHI who I am pretty sure now of who they are, then WSI has got to be a big player. Like old money Rockefeller big IMO. You got to be real careful around that kind of power. SO BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barry Soetoro THE MOSLEM
    • “Obama’s election ‘was wonderful for the minority and black population??”

      Oh really?

      Black youth unemployment approx 40%

      Black unemployment approx 18%

      These are just the “official” numbers. God knows what the REAL unemployment rates are.

      Gallup has been publishing something like 19% as the ‘real’ Un-and-Underemployment rate (all groups combined).

      Nothing like a pathologically lying moslem communist, embezzling taxpayer $billions to his cronies, to revive a stalled economy!

    • American Patriot in KY
    • Talk about Wall Street folks jumping ship, here is another one in today’s news.

      Susan Crown, a philanthropist and member of the billionaire Crown family, has switched sides from supporting Obama in 2008 to backing Romney now

      I also read today that Romney has raised four times the money that Obama has. Obama is now desperate by going out almost every day trying to raise more money.

      If more billionaires support Republicans in this election Obama will be swamped with negative advertising. I suspect Billionaires do not wish to become Millionaires under Obama. (smile)

    • Rurik
    • Sadly there is a considerable fraction of hte Black population which is more interested in tearing down anything White than in building up Blacks, and who blames all Black problems on Whitey. For such people Obama has been an ongoing satisfaction. Even if he hasn’t yet given them a new kitchen or paid their rent, he has taken it away from The Man.

    • USA4ever
    • I hope people like the WHI and WSI are working with the Romney campaign. Who better than someone of WHI’s acumen to use the left’s playbook against the left?

      This Wall Street rebellion is the latest reminder that all of us who care deeply about the USA, whatever our political differences, must link arms to kick Obama out. That is THE one and ONLY goal.

    • ITYS
    • Seems to me there have been several recent articles on Obama’s failures including WaPo article on failed leadership w/grand bargain (BTW Daley quoted also), Tapper at ABC reporting on false unemployment data/tax revenues remain down, oil prices and keystone failures, not meeting fund raising goals, Biden booed in PA, etc…..

    • Usapatriots-shout
    • America, this is our last gasp!

      Obama has lost the respect and confidence of the American voter. There is no way Obama will win a second term—even if Donald Duck is his opponent. If by no surprise via fraud, deceit, and cheating America of an honest election Obama usurps the presidency again, you can be certain of the following:

      There will be a bloody revolution of which this administration has already prepared for by evidence of all the recent executive orders Obama signed regarding martial law. Chances are very good that “we the people” will be defeated in this revolution—which is what the Fascists have been planning and hope to achieve. Then they can discard the Constitution of our fore fathers and write their own enslavement of the American people.

      Obama will remain dictator until death due him part. The rest of us will be thrown into FEMA camps. Sharia law will become the law of the land. The UN Agenda 21 will rob the rest of America of their residences and properties.

      • ThroughTheLookingGlass
      • Unless you are a psychic with a crystal ball or have inside information, then please do not send this negative energy into the world to gain momentum.

        If you do have inside info and/or a crystal ball that you can see into the future, thanks for the warning to get our ducks in a row.

        • Usapatriots-shout
        • How long have you had your head in the sand? It doesn’t take a psychic to see the blueprint they have created and are following. The conclusions I stated are based upon actual fact. Bill Ayres,, Francis Piven, Saul Alinsky, the entire Communist Party have been planning this for over fifty years. The actions of Leon Panetta, Obama, and his entire czar collection–especially EPA, DOJ have been aggressively baiting American citizens for the paast 4 years. They want us to rebel so they can defeat us. Are you blind?

          Secondly this site belongs to Ulsterman not you. Where do you get the arrogance to tell another blogger what to post or not?

          Thirdly, what makes you an authority of what is negative or not? This is “negative energy” in your opinion only. To others it might be uselfull conspt in helping them to identify the problem. A problem can’t be solved unless it is first identified.

          Fourthly–It doesn’t take “inside information” to know this. The facts are glaring at us daily in every thing Obamma has done since he took office from favoring Muslims over Christians, indoctrinating schools into making it wrong to display the American flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance, to his forcing the unconstitutional Obamacare, to the corruption of 100′s of judges in the eligibility challenges, to the control of main stream media, to the voter fraud and cheating he practices, to the turning over major American sovereignty to the UN, and on, and on, and on.

      • American Patriot in KY
      • USAPatriot…I know you mean well but please do your homework a little more thoroughly. You said, “recent executive orders Obama signed regarding martial law.”

        That is NOT new. That document was created back in the 1950′s and has been updated by many Presidents including more recently, Bill Clinton and George Bush and now by Obama.


        I’m no lover of Obama and even hate to defend him, but regardless of any President I do not like when people tell misinformation or even lies. Lord knows there were millions about George Bush.

        We American Patriots must not become as gullible over sound bytes or headlines like the Liberals do or we will be no better informed than they are. Homework, Homework, Homework.

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