So Media Cries Racism Over A Hispanic Man Shooting A Black Youth In Florida?

That’s right – I said Hispanic.  The alleged killer of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Florida has initiated a barrage of media coverage attempting to portray America as a still terribly racist nation.  What these same media reports fail to state time and time again though is that the shooter, George Zimmerman, is Hispanic.

With the last name of Zimmerman, more commonly associated with someone of Jewish origin, the false portrayal of the Martin shooting as evidence of a racially motivated crime is more easily made.  And yet, it is George Zimmerman’s own father who told reporters his son was a Hispanic man and former alter boy.  Media personalities and Democratic politicians have charged Florida law enforcement with alleged racism as well for not arresting Mr. Zimmerman for the shooting.  Hmmm…racism for not arresting a minority?  Really?

As for George Zimmerman, he certainly may be racist against Blacks.  His being Hispanic should not dismiss him from that possibility.  The fact is though, that the vast majority of news coverage of the shooting is neglecting to indicate Zimmerman’s Hispanic heritage.  That omission is a purposeful misrepresentation by the media in a clear attempt to have Americans believe George Zimmerman is white.  Some media reports even went so far as to incorrectly state that Zimmerman was in fact white.

It is clear that the entire episode is being facilitated as a means of once again shaming American voters prior to the November 2012 Election.  For of course, a vote against Obama is a vote for racism – right?

Oh – and by the way.  If all of the Al Sharptons of the world were actually motivated by truth, they would openly condemn the far more common Black on White violence that takes place in America.  That isn’t just my view – it also happens to be the view of Black commentator Larry Elders.

Watch the following video that depicts some of the most violent and brutal crimes against Whites.  There was little to no national media coverage of these crimes – and certainly not Democratic politicians crying out against the loss of life at the hands of Black criminals:




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40 Comments to So Media Cries Racism Over A Hispanic Man Shooting A Black Youth In Florida?
    • InTheKnow
    • Zimmeran has been reported by the media as “white,” I believe. Not hard to imagine such reporting would have been on purpose.

      My own take on this incident is it’s a perfect storm (in a supposedly good way) for Team Obama. Gun laws. Race angle. Florida. That’s why it’s being pushed so hard, I feel.

      Sadly, what I fear is that people are being deliberately stirred up by this event, and then that built-up emotion could then be rekindled if the staged event you (UM) asked WHI about does go down this summer.

      I hope that is just the cynical part of me talking. But the way the media are handing this situation makes me feel that higher powers may have decided to co-opt this tragedy (Gabrielle Giffords or Joseph Kony, anyone?) for their own ends.

      • Ebysan
      • This Trayvon Martin is “not” a “little boy” as Obama calls him …………..He’s a 6’3″ man!!

        The new Black Panthers want Zimmerman Dead!!

        Zimmerman is being Lynched by Media!!

        From Trayvon’s facebook page!
        This is not the squeaky Clean Kid Obama & media talk about!!

        Trayvon Martin
        Trayvon Benjamin Martin was born on February 5, 1995, the son of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. He was 17 years old, 6′ 3″ and weighing 140 pounds (police report below estimates 160 lbs) at the time of his death.

        He was visiting his father and his father’s fiance, Brandi Green, at her rented townhome in Sanford, Florida, on the day he was killed, after being…………. “suspended from school for 10 days”!!

        According to his father Tracy Martin, he was suspended because he was in an “unauthorized” area on school property, but he declined to offer more details.[22] Trayvon Martin had no criminal record.[24]

        Possible Eyewitness to Incident
        On March 24th, 2012, FOX 35 in Orlando reported that an anonymous source had told police that Martin attacked Zimmerman on the night of the shooting.[64

        Neighborhood watch
        Some residents of his "gated community" declared that Zimmerman was known for being strict and that he went door to door asking them to be on the lookout for "young black men who appear to be outsiders", while others regarded him as "normal," "helpful" and "passionate about neighborhood security",.............. having supposedly thwarted a previous burglary attempt. ...............

        The community reportedly experienced numerous instances of burglary, theft, and one shooting during the previous year, with ............"402" calls made to the police............ According to the Miami Herald, Zimmerman had placed.... "46" of those calls since the beginning of 2011,...... "to report disturbances, break-ins, windows left open and other incidents. Nine of those times, he saw someone or something suspicious".[25]

        Sanford police chief Bill Lee stated, “Mr. Zimmerman was not acting outside the legal boundaries of Florida Statute by carrying his weapon when this incident occurred.”[35]

    • truthandjustice
    • Just saw on The Blaze that Allen West was outraged and has called on the DOJ for investigation !!! Yes – our CORRUPT, VERY racist Holder and crew !!!
      Most of the commenters said they liked West but were disappointed that he was calling in the Feds on this “state” issue. I agree. This is playing right into their plans re racial wars, help Obama. Hope it gets out that this guy was Hispanic though….

    • AquaStar
    • Whenever you have Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and their rent-a-mobs coming in to foment demonstrations you know that this is a prefab outrage looing for a situation. It doesn’t matter that the man isn;t white. They need an incident to play out the scenario that they are going to use this summer and until the election.

      Remember that the WHI said that they are going to try to whip up the black vote with racial incidents. Obama needs ALL of the black vote, the majority of the female vote (why do you think the “war on women” conveniently popped up just recently ?), and some of the white vote.

      This is an administration that has divided the electorate and hopes to conquer. Screw hope and change. Its going to be just a giant ugly slog through muck, innuendo, and outright personal attacks.

      It;s one of the most callous, cynical, and divisive ploys for a campaign EVER and we have to ensure that it doesn;t work.

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • You can tell by looking at Zimmerman that he is hispanic. It is Florida, after all.

      Calling in the DOJ was a big mistake. It will take them forever to do anything about this. They are so far behind on the paperwork for their last operation, that Holder mnay resort to just calling in his pals from the NBP! Though, Holder may not be around to complete this action.

      As for the can of worms being stirred: The police chief who stepped down temporarily is white. They are calling for policemen’s hide because Z-man was not investigated thoroughly. Is there a chance that the Z-man is just a local nut job with a gun and an active case of paranoia and wannabe cop-itus? Definitely! More than likely. But will it play out that way? Not a chance. Not with Sharpton on the case. Remember the child that was raped with racial epithets painted on her chest? (years ago) He’s been a man in search of a cause to blow out of proportion since then.

      This case in the public media will be less about the Hispanic man with a gun (Obama needs the hispanic vote!). This will be a witch hunt against the white police who neglected to do their duty and charge the guy immediately. Be mindful that many of the details of this investigation have yet to be released that may exonerate Z-man of murder. Or not.

      My questions are: Why did the kid lie in a morgue for what has been reported as 3 days? Why weren’t the parents notified immediately especially if his girlfriend was talking to him on the phone when the alleged assault took place?

      My opinion is that this is another distraction for what is going on politically. This is not the only case of a teenage crime victim lately, but it is the one that has caught the media attention for the time being.

      • Stan Lippmann
      • Sharpton got his start in the Tawana Brawley case. There was no rape, she spread dog feces on herself and climbed into a garbage sack and said the white policemen did it to her. Although she made the story up, the white cops got thrown off the force and sued.

    • Publius
    • As I recall, the White House shooter, who had been camped out with Occupy group in DC before staging the shooting, was also hispanic. Media morons intially made a big deal out of fact he had the word “Israel” tattooed on his neck, trying to suggest he might have been motivated by unhappiness over Obama’s policies in the middle east. That story died immediately after it was shown to be an absurd leap not supported by the facts.

      Now we have a hispanic guy named Zimmerman involved in this tragedy, and media morons are deliberately downplaying his hispanic heritage to imply something different? Just another day in Obama’s America…

    • IS
    • I saw on the news this morning that the family has already been in contact with the DOJ. I fear this is going to be about more than just race. Its going to be about guns. And gun control. Its no wonder the DOJ has their teeth in this now. They have probably been looking for the perfect set of circumstances to occur then exploit them. Black kid shot by what media portrays as a white man, by a man who has a license to carry concealed. Yeah, I really thing this is going to be about more than just race. The racial aspect is the bonus.

    • Bill Johnson
    • Zimmerman was not justified shooting that teenager.

      Either the shooter is guilty of man-slaughter, at a minimum…or there is something wrong about the law he’s hiding behind.

      • american
      • If you were being attacked and you had a gun and legal licanse to have it…you wouldn’t protect yourself!!!????…or are you jumping on the racisim wagon…Martin attacked Zimmerman, idiot.

      • Rob Crawford
      • He was punched in the face, knocked down, and his head was being repeatedly slammed into the concrete. Then Trayvon(tm) tried to take his gun.

        Clean shoot.

    • Molly Pitcher
    • I’m hoping that cooler heads prevail, but right now this grieving family is being totally co-opted and manipulated by the “race queens”. Having said that, has anyone noticed that the picture of Trayvon used by all media is undated and appears to be of maybe a 10 y/o?? Shep Smith on Fox has lit his hair on fire over this incident – yelling about “this CHILD shot in cold blood, armed with tea and skittles”. Yesterday I thought Shep would break down and weep at one point. I don’t know anything about this shooting except what I’ve heard and read, but the race queens and drama queens are out in full force.

      While this tearing of hair and beating of breast goes on about the “17 y/o child” someone should take a look at second city cop blog and read what 17 y/o’s are capable of.

      Zimmerman has a lot to answer for, and I do think that he overreacted. All I’ve read depicts him as a wannabe cop – minus the training and judgment. A young man is dead – his family is mourning – and blacks are marching for Justice for Treyvon. The race and poverty pimps are lining up, as are the attorneys. I just heard that Louis Farrakhan is jumping in. It’s going to be a long hot summer…

    • Rurik
    • The details of hte original shooting are also still being kept blurred. A 17 Y.O. teenager, regardless of race, can sometimes be quite large and physically imposing, and police dispatchers always advise callers to “go ahead and be a victim, and we’ll be around to collect the statistics when we can”. I would like more background on both Martin and Zimmerman, before deciding which one was the perp.
      I am aware that relations between Blacks and Hispanics traditionally have not been good, except for occasional intervals when they can unite against a common White or Asian enemy.

    • Barry Soetoro THE MOSLEM

      ……..and he wouldn’t be a US citizen (since Omoslem, and Omoslem’s late father, are both British subjects).

      …….and he’d hate the USA, as does Omoslem.

    • liveforliberty
    • The media is making a point in nearly every report that the shooter is “White & Hispanic”. Sharpton and Corrine Brown are stirring the pot. Kids are walking off campuses and abandoning classes. Why isn’t Sharpton showing up every time a young black male is killed in Detroit or Chicago or New York or any other big city? My theory is those are black on black crimes. ugh

      • lovelypeace
      • A lot of people in the Metro Detroit area are making the same point. We are so sick of the violence here, but it’s this incident that gets all the attention. I mean, it’s sad when you have the whole community begging these thugs to stop killing people, but that’s how they “deal with their problems”. Sickos. How many more innocent people have to die?

    • slamo
    • Just saw a photo of Mr. Zimmerman. No mistaking his Hispanic heritage. And his father said in a letter to the media that Zimmerman has black relatives. No way this is going to fly with the Hispanic community despite his “white” name. And the way the black leadership is pushing for riots over this will blow up in their faces.

        • SueK
        • IS,

          It was out there on various blogs last week.

          Supposedly, this E.O. was an update of former E.O.s dating back to the 1930s.

          My question is: Why now and why this pResident?

          I think we can all understand the need for an order such as this in wartime, or when there’s a serious threat to America however, we are not at war nor are there any imminent threats. This is a *peacetime* E.O.

          Sounds like barky’s just getting all his ducks in a row to take over everything we have. Scary indeed.

    • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX
    • This happened on FEBRUARY 16 – the story didn’t have “legs” until the ATTORNEY for the family called Al Sharpton and begged him to make an issue of it.

      This is a local issue and should STAY a local issue.

      Why aren’t we hearing outrage about the black youths who set a white youth ON FIRE? That is an obvious racial crime…..

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • Yes, they were contradictory. I had read the Charleston examiner article before seeing it linked here. I was referencing my insensitivity to the family of the 17 year old black punk. You can call me anything you want, but ttlg will be fine here…for now…till we know each other better. lol

    • cobra
    • The rats are willing to risk race riots.
      As how to deal with the race hustlers Sharpton and Jackson, just yell in their faces:
      “Tawana Brawley and Freddy’s Fashion Mart”.

    • american
    • Chock up another one for the vail being lifted…shine the light on the Real racist in America…WE KNOW (WITHOUT A DOUGHT) WHO YOU ARE.

    • TX Boy
    • Can’t help but think that Obama and his cronies way-miscalculated on the impact of this approach… they need the Hispanic vote to win re-election. If it turns out, as it’s beginning to appear, that this guy did shoot in self-defense… I wonder how the Hispanic community is going to react?

      Either way — it’s a damn shame that the POTUS is willing to exploit this tragedy for his own gain… I believe that it’s going to backfire big time.

    • Name Nancy
    • Why is Sharpton creating chaos, when he should be in jail for his purposeful LYING in the Tawana Brawley case? Then as now, Sharpton created the circumstances in the community and criminal charges against police and the District Attorney’s office. Then as now, Sharpton is creating a racial divide. As a result of Sharpton’s fully knowing he was lying, a young Assistant District Attorney committed suicide.

      Jackson is famous for his overt racism. He called New York City “Hymietown.” He should be in jail, too, for his shaking down of corporations to keep his lady friends & illegitimate kids in style.

    • Adam
    • Here is a link posted by the Sanford Police Department:

      Read the initial report and make sure you listen to Call 3. You can hear Zimmerman screaming for help before the gunshot. Zimmerman was on his back being beaten by Martin. The back of his head is bloody and his face/nose was bloody. I’d imagine Martin was pummeling Zimmerman.

      Also, Zimmerman initially was following Martin, but lost sight of him as he ran away (per his own 911 call). His statement is that: Zimmerman then was walking back to his car and was attacked by Martin, resulting in him being on his back, where he screamed for help, and then defended himself by shooting Martin.

      In most police reports, Hispanic is not a Race, but is an ethnicity. Therefore, when Race is determined, he would be listed as White with a ethnicity of Hispanic.

    • IS
    • The dude was a thug. His father went on TV and lied and said he had never been in any trouble. The facts are that he was a pot smoking, vandalizing, theiving, lying thug. He was on suspension from school when this all happened. It was not his first suspension.

      I also heard that legislators are “taking a look” at the law regarding the right to carry concealed and defend yourself. Like I said, this is about way more than race. This is going to be turned into a gun control issue. Thing is, looks like its going to backfire.

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