“If I had a son – he’d look like Treyvon.” – Barack Obama

New information is now coming out regarding 17 year old Treyvon Martin’s past – a past filled with multiple school suspensions, drug use, and theft.

Trayvon Martin

It is one thing to have habitual race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make a media-fueled rush to judgement by inserting themselves into the lost life of a Black youth shot by a Hispanic man in Florida.  But to have the President of the United States do the very same thing is both far beneath the office, and an alarming display of dangerous arrogance and willingness to push America ever closer toward the brink of outright racial warfare.

A newly published report by the Mail Online outlines the reality of Treyvon Martin’s life at the time of his death – a reality that displays a clearly troubled youth who had become increasingly more involved in illegal activities that too often debilitates the futures of so many young men in America.  Here is a brief list of the activities the Mail Online investigation uncovered:

-Three recent suspensions from school

-His last suspension was for possession of a drug pipe and drug residue

-A previous suspension was due to his being caught with stolen jewelry and graffiti activity


Racial justice groups across the nation are now clamoring to use the death of Treyvon Martin as a means to push back against what they deem a deeply racist America – though this pushback most often neglects to indicate Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, is Hispanic, as well as admitting to Martin’s own troubled past. Protests over the shooting continue, Zimmerman has gone into hiding for fear of his life, and President Obama has sent in the Department of Justice to investigate.  Ironically, it was the Obama Department of Justice that allowed members of the New Black Panther Party to go unpunished after engaging in a clear violation of civil rights during the 2008 election.  This same New Black Panther group has now issued a $10,000 reward for the capture of Zimmerman.

See the full Mail Online report  HERE


INSIDER Warned Us – Obama’s Racial Division Plan Now Underway

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25 Comments to “If I had a son – he’d look like Treyvon.” – Barack Obama
    • H. Jones
    • Share the truth fellow patriots, spread the truth like wildfire.
      Even Yahoo has an article now with the truth about that kid, truth cannot remain suppressed for long, its getting out, its working!

    • Stirrin the B.S.
    • This demonstrates the power of the media. Obamamarxist doesn’t even try to hide his intentions anymore, because the LSM are in bed with him. There is no one outside of the conservative blogosphere to elevate his illegal and immoral actions to the level of the general population’s awareness.

      He’s acting with impunity. He’s acting as a dictator. And no one with authority is lifting a finger to challenge him. It’s criminal.

    • Obeline
    • Look at the parents and understand why the child went so wrong.

      Zero should be ashamed of himself – but he’s blinded by his own arrogance.

    • Chris
    • “If I had a son – he’d look like Treyvon.” – Barack Obama

      He was right when he said this even before this new information came out. Treyvon WOULD be just like his prospective daddy, Barack. A drug user and lawbreaker, a chip of the ole block.

    • silverdust
    • UM – Was that pix of Trayvon from his days as an altar server or boy scout?

      Dang. Those teefs just scream, “I will never have a retirement plan.”

      • birdie
      • I am wondering if Obama would like to retract his “son” statement right about now. He made that statement before the REAL pictures of Martin hit the news. Unless of course, a son with six gold teeth and tattoos, flipping off the camera is how he’d like his son to be illustrated.,

      • birdie
      • I am wondering why no one is going after the Black Panther Party, who has publicly put out a hit on Zimmerman, which I am pretty sure is totally illegal.

        Oh wait a minute – Eric Holder is attorney general….that’s why.

    • Diane Wright
    • Ulsterman,it isn’t like you to leave ANYTHING out.SO i am assuming you are not yourself.The letter from the Black(racist party of thugs)Panthers.States,”Dead or Alive”,they want him.Which makes this(go-figure)a terrorist threat,according to our govt.Hope you’re feeling better soon.D.W.W.

    • Bobbi
    • It’s not just a reward for Zimmerman. “dead or alive” is closer. The NBP doesn’t have any legal authority and should be hit with severe penalties, including jail time, fot provoking, inciting a riot.

    • Gunny
    • The kid was going down the wrong path. That is obvious. It pisses me off to see Obama basically siding with morons like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and stirring up the race war pot which is so obvious that is what they are trying to do. And in the first few days of news I never saw that pic of Treyvon Martin. The oldest one had him looking like about 12 and they were even showing some baby pics. WTF???? They are not even hiding this shit anymore. Right up in our fucking grill these liberals are just putting it to us. Well America you better vote this idiot out in 2012 because things are gonna get even worse if this POS gets another four years to fuck up this country even more. Oh and gas went up another 10 cents in my kneck of the woods this week. Hope and change my fucking ass. Bullshit liberal POS asshole enviros killing the country quicker than ever.

    • Lanurse1
    • I wonder if Obama will give each parent $50,000 for wrongful death like he did in Afghanistan. I think we need a t-shirt with Obama’s quote and Trayvon’s gang bang look–it’s so becoming :)

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Odd that Obama rushes forth on Trayvon as he did on the Professor Gates idiocy, without all the readily available facts…Are these the moments when Obama gets all ” wee wee’d up” and his handlers cannot manage him or are all his handlers racists as well.
      I look forward to the vetting of President Valerie Jarrett and hearing of Chewbacca’s use and fleecing of the American taxpayer though her HUD property sales and Olympic building scam to further enrich herself. It was patently illegal….Would certainly be helpful if Patrick Fitzgerald released ALL the recordings of Blago’s conversations to include all the players bidding for that senate seat.
      Chicago is heating up…but will six months be enough to get the information out that is needed to defeat Obama??

      It ALL needs to come out now WSI in order to have the time to saturate the story. These stories are complex and will take more than just releasing them — particularly in light of an adversarial press…Let ‘er rip!

      • Bunny
      • I was thinking the same thing ATB~ time for another ‘Beer Party’ in the Rose Garden with Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, Zimmerman, Biden & Hussein. It’ll all work out….

      • cobra
      • As the communication guys know very well, REPETITION is the key for information penetration.
        Repeat the truths about Obama as often as you can.
        Let all the people tell you they are sick of these stories….
        That’s the ONLY way to break the silence wall imposed by the media-demshevik complex.

    • MathMom
    • If Barky had sons, they would also look like the black teenagers who followed a 13-year-old white boy home and set him on fire on his porch, saying, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

      Oh? You’re not going to mention those boys, Barky?

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • Right out of the Chicago Razzle-Dazzle playbook, with an assist from Holdem’s Dept of Junk. This is the race card on steroids. The mom has sought trademark of her son’s name? This is a grieving mother? Making money off her dead son? This mother sent HER SON to her baby Daddy because he was suspended from school? If the public is gonna buy that, let me add a bridge in Brooklyn. The kid was a punk. Just like his wannabe baby-daddy, a punk ass junkie who was out for more than tea and skittles. Tea is marijuana. Skittles is drugs. Yeah he was up to no good. And the RACIST-in-chief is gonna ride this like a monkey on a junkie’s back. And take the nation down with him. Yeah this is the Transparency Barry promised. We can all see through his games.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • If Obama opines that, if he had had a son, it would look like this Florida person.

      I wonder if Obama opines that his son would have a record of behavior like this Florida person, as it is beginning to emerge on the news.

    • Name Nancy
    • “It’s deja vu all over again.” Tawana Brawley case launched Sharpton’s career as a racist provocateur. He was overheard stating that he knew that Tawana, a teenager covered with feces, lied to her mother. Tawana lied & said she was covered with human feces by the police & actually IN FACT – Tawana covered herself with dog feces. It would be a laughable episode if the police officers & the District Attorneys officers weren’t convicted in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION & in fact, one young Assistant District Attorney committed suicide. WHY ISN’T SHARPTON IN JAIL FOR HIS ROLE FOR THE SAME CHARGES WE PUT THE RUTGER’S STUDENT AWAY ? THERE’S NO TIME LIMITS ON CONTRIBUTING TO A DEATH.

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