Michelle Obama Desecrates White House Yet Again

First it was her use of the East Room to stage a televised sack race with a late night talk show host.  Now First Lady Michelle Obama has staged yet another self-promoting event in one of the nation’s most sacred rooms in the White House - this time a workout session for an upcoming broadcast of The Biggest Loser.

For fans of Civil War era history, you know that it was the East Room that was the place of President Lincoln’s funeral as well as the location for the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 – two of the most historically important events for African Americans.

And yet, despite this room’s significance, the First Lady has now repeated its use as nothing more than a backdrop for her repeated lowbrow network television show appearances.

The Obama White House – where classless counts every day of the year…


Go to the always – good WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER for the full story.


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26 Comments to Michelle Obama Desecrates White House Yet Again
    • Barbara
    • Let’s face it–mooseshell is clueless as to American History and the significance or the sacredness of OUR White House. She hates Amerioca and what we stand for as much as her husband!

    • lovelypeace
    • I don’t tend to view the White House as sacred, per say. That said, the symbolism the Obamas’ put out there is just so hard to miss. They really don’t respect history, Americans or themselves. They want to be cool, but they don’t have the right attitude inside them. I mean, Clinton could get away with anything because he had that southern charm and that smile and could sweet talk anyone into agreeing w/him. He was just cool. Clinton loved being president and Obama – anyone can tell – hates his job. Obama’s mojo comes from spin and PR, not because of anything inside of him. The same with Michelle and I think history will prove that to be true in the long run. Worst president ever? Maybe?

    • Jules
    • Liposuction is a lot quicker, eh, Lady Macb…. er, Mooch?

      You think we’re just a country full of suckers, don’t you?

      “Get me, I’m so into fitness. My new figure? Did it all myself with hard work and dedication, the kind of thing I learned from my husband. Yeah, he sure has taught me a thing or two.”

      • ThroughTheLookingGlass
      • I’ve often wondered how extensive the “work” on her was. It’s obvious in her face! Sure explains the separate vacations. Wonder how they embezzled that into the federal budget.

        As for her continually to disrespect the American people…someone needs to put that dog on a leash.

    • Montanagal
    • The Obama’s don’t respect anything American. No surprise here! UM, the only thing this story does for me is get me riled and upset. Makes me feel like going and doorknocking for Conservative candidates till my feet bleed. GET THEM OUT OF OUR HOUSE NOW!!!

    • Name Noah
    • To be fair The Moch on the Americas biggest loser show is true, just not for the weight lose.

      She and her husband are Americans biggest losers.

    • Melonie Posey
    • Every day both of these assholes blatantly prove that they are Lying, Scheming, Evil beings fully intent on destroying our Country for their own desires. Obama was only put in office because he makes a “good” shill for the elite and their evil agendas. When these evil idiots conquer the world, WHAT THEN? What will they have gained? What will their next project be? Conquer the Universe???

      • ThroughTheLookingGlass
      • Matthew 16:26 “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

        If they were Christians, they would know better. They aren’t. They don’t.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • You all want some sardonic chuckles, get on the e mail list to receive those missives begging for a $3.00 donation. Today’s was from our featured player, above, advising me how much time her husband spends answering letters from people he has met and how he really cares for them. She, then, states that “she then states that she wants me to have his back” by sending in $3 or more.

      I guess he can write and watch basketball on TV at the same time.

    • Rurik
    • Almost as tasteless was that photo of her in her finest clothes, weilding her shovel in the WH garden, thereby gaining her proper title, The Queen of Spades. Was she The Imposter’s first shovel-ready project?

    • silverdust
    • When the show’s host told Mooch they had an open spot for the rest of the season, she was grabbed by men in black, never to be seen again. My guess is she’s under the arugula.

    • Questionman
    • I said it once, I’ll said again. This country is borderline disgusting. Thanks to racist, bigoted, extremist, and retarded right-wing of America. People like you are disgusting, sick, demented, and hateful. All the things you falsely accused President Obama of.

      you would attack anyone or anything American , if they disagreed in anyway from your narrowminded skewed conservative point of view . And here in your article you prove yourself no better than those perrenial detractors of the US who criticize the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan to end WW2 ,
      You’re a disgrace . and like your fellows would tear down America so long as conservatives are the last ones styanding . Your kind of thinking brought this country to the edge of default most recently . So for those like you it is revisionism and IGNORANCE that play into your pathetic repertoire of screeds , accusations and aspersions , even to the denigration of your own country so long as it props up your partisan agenda . What will you do next ? Slander those who died on the Normandy Beaches ? Your article turns my stomach ….shame on you .

      The GOP machine, like you, has fabricated so many lies about Obama that every evil that has ever taken place in the last 40 years is now attributed to Obama or some conspiracy Obama has supposed to have orchestrated. The GOP is nothing but a disgusting deliberate lying slanderous propaganda machine that is out to destroy not just Obama or the Democratic Party, but the entire country. The GOP has become so EVIL – no one believes their lies any more and no one trusts their party or their leaders. You are simply unbelievable!

      Yep, and if you notice, Obama hasn’t tried to abolish our government or create a collective labor authority over this one.

      Instead, he’s accepted more money from big banks than anyone else and has helped to enrich them with tax money.

      He’s a corporatist, not a Marxist. Marx would be speaking out against him if he lived today.

      Saying you lived in a Muslim country doesn’t make you a Muslim. Quoting from the Quran doesn’t make you a Muslim. Saying that MaCain never spoke about President Obama’s Muslim Faith (but left out “because I’m not a Muslim” which followed it) doesn’t make President Obama a Muslim. He is a Christian.

      George W. just about destroyed the country. If you remember correctly he added 3 Trillion dollars to the debt, he signed the affordable housing act, and the community reinvestment act (leading to the housing downfall). He was responsible for “no child left behind” (hows that working out for ya).

      He wrote more regulations, pass bigger government. Obama didn’t. But that’s something you racists want to forget!

      Anyone who calls Obama “fraud” is without doubt is a disgusting racist! I think the facts are obvious. The racist right hates having having black people in the White House. This is a hard-core fact. Why else are they STILL lying about his birth certificate?

      His birth certificate is REAL! He IS from Hawaii,You disgusting racists. The only record that Obama is required to release to prove his eligibility for office has been released. The birth certificate was generated and certified by the Director of Health of the state of Hawaii. It is hard evidence of his birth in the United Staes and would be accepted by any court in the land.

      Not one person has disproved this fact. Not one. Any other records that can be provided would do nothing to “identify” who he is, and would be used purely for opponents to sift through and dig up dirt, but would have nothing to do with proving identity. He is not required to release those records and I don’t blame him one bit for not doing so.

      I’m sick and tired of you hateful scumbags calling this man a fraud. HE IS NOT A FRAUD, YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST DESPICABLE LIARS WHO CAN’T STAND THAT A BLACK MAN IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

      That’s what you call this act of traitorism? Offering concessions? Are you NR becoming like FOX that is sliding over to the dark side? This fictional account of Obama sticking his head up Russia’s a$$ and selling out his country is disgusting and makes me very angry. Why didn’t he let Osama go? Huh? Answer that one! Why is he knocking the hell out of Al Qaeda? Huh? Answer that one! It’s sickening accusing this president of being a traitor. He wants to wait until after his re-election to discuss the Missile Defense System. Big deal! You Republicans are desperate to pin something on the president. You’re tired and weary from your Etch A Sketch nominee. So you make up CRAP!

      And at the end of the day, I was right, as usual.

      • Jules
      • Hey, you’re funny, Questionman. Really, a riot. This is defintely an act to take on the road.

        But watch out for hateful scumbags like us though, will ye? So dangerous to sweet, sweet folks like you. Will you know us when you see us?

        Take care and keep on truckin’.

      • Stirrin the B.S.
      • Wow, what flavor Kool Aid is your favorite Questionman? Because you’ve done drunk a boatload of it.

        p.s. I really hope that you’re too hungover on election day to get to the voting poll.

      • NameRonl
      • Where to start…geeesh. Seems Obozo spent more money in the last 3 years than all other president combined. More money by billions on regulations and destruction of jobs, than W did,

        Oboso didnt get Osqmq the Seals did, despite Obozo, oh yeah and why did they lie about the body? I wish to se the proof thank you very muxh.

        Where is his BC,Draft Registration, etc all proven…PROVEN to be forgeries.

        He ios the biggest crook, liar., anti American to ever live in the peoples house…except for maybe his wife who is nothing but a stone cold white hating raciest.

        there is to much to debate, but name just one thing that he has done that has benefited this country?

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