American Job Hiring Suddenly Stops

Despite a slight dip in the unemployment figures, overall job hiring has suddenly declined in America with more and more people giving up finding a job altogether.

As the unemployment rates dips to 8.2% from 8.3% Barack Obama’s friends in the mainstream media are certain to attempt a much-choreographed happy dance to try and convince Americans things truly are getting better.  The depressing reality tells a far different story though.

120,000 jobs were added last month – a figure nearly 100,000 BELOW what economists were expecting.  Last month there were nearly 200,000 jobs created – indicating a month-over-month DECLINE of  some 50% in job hiring.  That is a staggering drop in job creation and points to a far less healthy economy than the media and the Obama administration would have you believe.  The only reason the unemployment number went down to 8.2% is because fewer Americans are seeking work – so that growing number of unemployed Americans is no longer being counted.

Barack Obama initiated the most dramatic increases in deficit spending in generations – trillions upon trillions of dollars thrown at various Green Energy pet projects, Big Labor kickbacks, and state pension fund bailouts.  Those trillions of dollars now represent perhaps the single greatest threat to the long term stability of the United States.  The children of America’s children will be burdened with the economic folly that has represented the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

And he wants another four years to finish the job.

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