New York Times – Obama White House Bought and Paid For By Highest Bidders (WSI RELATED)

In a rather startling change in its normally overwhelmingly favorable pro-Obama tone, the New York Times publishes a lengthy expose on just how willing the Obama administration is to participate in “pay to play” politics – and even directly links the environment to top senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

As the news cycle and American public are distracted by the Secret Service/military prostitution scandal now developing, the New York Times publishes a story that has considerably more far-reaching implications into the corrupted inner workings of the Obama White House – including an on the record quote from a member of the Kennedy family confirming allegations the Obama administration engages in quid pro quo politics.


…The lobbyist did not get there by himself.

He was accompanied by Antoinette C. Bush, a well-connected Washington lawyer who has represented companies like Viacom, Sony and News Corporation for 30 years. A friend of the president and a cousin of his close aide Valerie B. Jarrett.

…Although Mr. Obama has made a point of not accepting contributions from registered lobbyists, a review of campaign donations and White House visitor logs shows that special interests have had little trouble making themselves heard. Many of the president’s biggest donors, while not lobbyists, took lobbyists with them to the White House, while others performed essentially the same function on their visits.

But Patrick J. Kennedy, the former representative from Rhode Island, who donated $35,800 to an Obama re-election fund last fall while seeking administration support for a nonprofit venture, said contributions were simply a part of “how this business works.”

“If you want to call it ‘quid pro quo,’ fine,” he said.

…Republicans in Congress have raised questions about whether Democratic donors who invested in the solar energy company Solyndra and other troubled firms influenced the administration’s support of those businesses, pointing to White House visits and other official contacts. The administration denies there was any wrongdoing.

…When Los Angeles officials wanted White House backing for a program that would speed up local transit projects, they turned last spring to a California political operative, Kerman Maddox, a top Obama fund-raiser and party donor.

…Lamell McMorris, a Chicago native and longtime Obama supporter who appears in White House visitor logs 20 times, runs a Washington consulting firm that, as recently as last year, was registered to lobby.




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45 Comments to New York Times – Obama White House Bought and Paid For By Highest Bidders (WSI RELATED)
    • Jen Gelman
    • I’d bet my next paycheck that the prostitution scandal was used to “clean house” of agents not necessarily favorably disposed to the current occupant without regard to his constitutional oath of office, the same way that the last chief of the IMF was eliminated to be replaced by a Chicago insider.
      As for Kennedy, it’s hardly surprising that Joe Kennedy’s grandson would unblinkingly defend what is business as usual in his clan.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • The elite democrats’ rank and file – the useful idiots that follow the elites’ talking points and faint at Barfack O’Bamma events – estrus boiling over as if a teenage girl watching Elvis – will never learn that their advocacy actually hurts their prospects for a good life in the long run.

      Every time I notice this I must smile a grim smile to myself.

      So many fools out there.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • Romney’s campaign needs to issue bumper stickers with that photograph of Barfack riding that girl’s bicycle (sitting down) while wearing that goofy crash helmet.

      “With him at the helm, do you sleep well at night?”

      • Jules
      • Well now, Werbaz, at least Little Barry is happy in that picture, all smiles.

        Do you know why? It’s because he spies just a little way off one of his keepers bringing him the streamers he requested for the handlebars. And as if that weren’t thrilling enough, behind that person is another bringing the cutest little wicker basket you ever did see for the front of the bike.

    • Name Noah
    • Anyone else wonder if this hookergate is part of a larger set up to have the Secret Service take the blame for the murder attempt on obama that his administration is planning?
      Looks to me like obama wants to take the Secret Service down and replace it with his own personal security people who are loyal only to him. Like all good dictators have.

      . He can’t make him self president for life as long as the Secret Service is in the White House and can arrest him for suspending the Constitution and treason.

    • Name Noah
    • Everyone keeps saying obama is unprotected, the Secret Service running around parting and hooking are not focused on obama and keeping him safe.

      I tell you I have a really bad feeling about this..

      • Jules
      • Same here, Noah.

        If you’re a “Wheel Watcher,” you might want to buy a vowel.

        N_ T_ _N _F _SL_M

        Try A, I, and O

        As a reminder see what WHI had to say in February, heck, see what Calyso Louis had to say in Feb.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • Boots on the ground is a high-testoserone activity and career. The boys just have to address that now and then and polish it up to keep their right mental set and be effective at what they are supposed to do. That the advance team did their job in advance and were blowing off a little steam at night does not, to me, suggest any Barfack cleaning house of disloyal Secret Service…..I bet most all of them are loyal to their OATH. Probably a strong representation of good Mormons included, to boot.

      • bill o'rights
      • You don’t think so? I’m not so sure. I would think prostitutes, etc., is probably par for the course. And now that ‘some military personnel’ are also now included, sounds highly suspect to me.

        I would add that the Marxists have always loved using sex as a way to either entrap or recruit (double agents). The KGB and the Chinese have used sex in this way for many decades. With too many men, it’s too easy a temptation.

        Perhaps I’m wrong, but Obama’s administration is becoming more and more predictable, thanks to the insights we have gained.

    • Paloma
    • Hopefully, the SS story may not be quite as bad as reported. All of the SS guys that were removed were with the logistics group that go in in advance to set up for the summit meeting. Apparently, one of the guys engaged a prostitute for the evening, then refused to pay her. She called some officials, and that’s how the story leaked.

      However, this must have been a real biggie event, as in addition to Boo and Moo, and no doubt AF1 and AF2, there were reported to be about two thousand folks in the president’s Royal Entourage, including HRC, Marco Rubio, and ‘friends of the president.

      The Summit Meeting was to include about 30 South American leaders, and the meeting was to discuss the Globalists’s agenda for the comung year. You know that Obeyme would have to be a part of that…

      • werbaz neutronName
      • As I understand it, prostitution is legal there although reserved for certain areas of the city. Also, these area boundaries change quite frequently and in response to a variety of pressures and events.

        It DOES seem the po-leece were very quick to respond to a single worker’s complaint over payment of a $47 invoice.

        If there is any conspiracy here to do anything, it might better be styled as some government seeking to dilute some dimensions of the Barfack O’Bamma agenda at the meeting and to discredit his appearance in advance.

        Hillary, pictured dancing with abandon in some hell hole there, guzzling a bottle of beer whilst wedged in the middle of a buncha Ilsa-She-Wolves-OF-The-SS party girls didn’t help the optics of the regime’s diplomatic visit to the sunny shores of drugs, dope and murder, INC>

      • Obeline
      • Rosen ‘situation’ is just another gem from the most hypocritically untransparent administration in history.

        And Axelrod screwed up royally during his Chris Wallace interview: ‘David Axelrod pulls a Hilary Rosen, Accidentally Endorses Mitt Romney”

        “The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we’re on.”

        The GOP/Keystone Cops v. The Dem/Village Idiots. And it’s still April . . .

    • bill o'rights
    • I also think there needs to be more emphasis on getting the countless Soros/Obama connections.

      Soros disgusts me as much as that filthy Austrian swine who unleashed such evil on the world 70 years ago.

      The man is a monument to the notion that the good die young and the evil will be with us always. He’s like a real-life version of the “Evil Emperor” in the Star Wars films.

      I have no doubt this man will outlive us all, and will continue to menace the world, albeit drooling all over himself and with a stoma, colostomy bag and electric wheelchair well into the next century.

      Unfortunately, this rank bedwetter has his tendrils in every aspect of American life, including ownership of the Spanish company that will be counting all of the votes this year, or at least the ones for Obama.

      In an effort to demonstrate the depth of this man’s depravity, I devised a test, which is as follows:

      I chose one of Soros’ pet foundations, Human Rights Watch, for the experiment. Go to the South Africa page on their website:

      Now, for those who are familiar with the present situation in South Africa, I don’t need to tell you what is conspicuously absent. If you are not aware of the current situation there, I encourage you to go to YouTube and type in the search phrase: South Africa genocide.

      I guarantee you will be shocked.

    • AmericatheBeautiful

      The latest message from the Blessed Mother (March 20, 2012) below is asking us to pray for Pope Benedict XVI every day for a month because he is in danger of being exiled from Rome. The Vatican is being accused of money laundering by the U.S. (Obama’s admin) and Chase Bank has closed the Vatican’s bank account. This is what our Lord Jesus and what the Book of Revelation have prophesied – persecution of the Catholic Church and Christian churches. This stems from the Catholic Church’s stand against the Obamacare’s mandate to provide contraception and abortion to employees under the Catholic Church.

      Why hasn’t the Catholic Church asked all Catholics to pull the funds from Chase?

    • Name Nancy
    • The folks who brought us Fast & Furious as a way to get rid of Constitutionally guaranteed gun ownership, also designed the means to get rid of the Secret Service. Remember how the White House Travel Office employees were fired by the Clintons. These government workers had to sell their houses & were impoverished in order to prove that they were innocent of wrong-doing. Same thing will go on with the Secret Service agents.

      Obama wants to be protected by ACORN, & their ilk. NOT by old-fashioned government types like the Secret Service. This was a set-up.

    • Name Nancy
    • The folks who brought us Fast & Furious ALSO designed the present Secret Service snafu. Does anyone remember the Clintons fired the Travel Office at the White House. These government workers were impoverished and had to sell their homes to prove their innocence of wrong-doing.

      Obama couldn’t stand squeaky-clean Secret Service agents guarding him. So they designed a new “Fast & Furious” that will impoverish these Secret Service agents who want to rescue their reputations. Obama would like his type of persons around him & guarding him.

    • MIPain
    • The most scandal free police force ever devised suddenly engaged in hiring prostitutes?? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

      In order for me to get my hands around this and still feel sane I have to think like a hollywood screen writter.

      Lets seee hmmmmm

      The A team is out so B team comes in made up of old farts and has beens. The powers that be trust the B team to screw up and look the other way,but of course the old dogs have some tricks left save the world from…

      A power hungry mad man (that would be Obama)

      An attempt to overthrough the government (Obama again)

      A false flag attack to gain sympathy (Obama still)

      Or my personel favorite an attempt to silence the A team regarding the stocking of the “Jungle Room” with young men. (definately Obama)

      • BJ
      • You must remember that wherever the president it the Secret Service is. They see all, hear all and CAN tell all. That in his mind must be prevented.

      • Obeline
      • How can this overt power grab be justified?
        When will Congress get its act together?

        Impeachment sounds about right – for a number of reasons.

          • Libertylady
          • And or cowardly Pubbies with large yellow stripes down their backs will just lay down and moan and groan about how hard it is and how they can’t do anything. I think they should castrate themselves, bronze their balls, and present them to Oblahblah in January 2013 as a coronation present. PUKE.

    • Paloma
    • @ Werbaz …’of the regime’s diplomatic visit to the sunny shores of drugs, dope, and murder INC’…

      Later at the White House, he opined that he would probably take MIchelle back there for a vacation. Guess he really liked the ‘sunny shores’….and vacations.

    • Kay112
    • I am going to say something which has been on my chest for a while now concerning another UM topic of corruption in the WH….

      There will be a long long time before America reelects another black president because this one has proven to be too corrupt and thuggish. You can mark what I just stated in your Bible! And truth is, there are many good black people. But O has done a lot of damage to this office and too many (not so good) black people are rebelling while pushing Obama’s agenda!

    • Paloma
    • Aha! Now we may know what the left hand was doing while the priveleged class was cavorting in sunny Cartajena.

      ‘Efforts to pass a bill that would allow IRS to deny travel rights to US citizens who the Feds merely claim owe $50,000 in delinquent taxes represent a de facto move to revoke citizenship of Americans without due process and in complete violation of the Constitution.

      With the suitably Orwellian title “Moving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century Act”, it includes a provision that allows the Federal Government to revoke passports of Americans accused of owing back taxes. No requirement the taxpayer be guilty of or even charged with tax evasion, fraud, or any criminal offence – only that the citizen is alleged to owe the IRS back taxes of $50K or more

      Does this mean that Tim Geithner, Warren Buffet, etc. will no longer be able to travel?

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