BREAKING: Obama White House Using George Soros-Media Matters To Deflect From Fast and Furious

Once again the Obama administration is openly expressing their links to the Far Left of America – this time using the George Soros funded Media Matters as an official government source to deflect from still-growing criticism surrounding the failed and deadly Fast and Furious gunrunning program.  In addition, new details are now emerging about a 3rd weapon found at the scene of Border Agent Brian Terry’s death – and the Obama administration’s intentional cover-up to hide that evidence.


Excerpt from a just released Washington Free Beacon report:

The Department of Justice is using the liberal “watchdog” group Media Matters for America to deflect questions about the Fast and Furious scandal, including those regarding a gun that might have been used in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

…In response to an inquiry from the Free Beacon, a Justice Department spokeswoman said in an email that she “was told to direct your questions to the FBI, and also to provide you with a link to this story:

The link was to a story at the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America supposedly refuting many of Pavlich’s claims. Media Matters is a partisan organization whose founder, David Brock, is also running a pro-Obama super PAC.

In Operation Fast and Furious, federal agents allowed more than 2,000 weapons to be smuggled across the U.S.-Mexican border and into the hand of violent drug cartels, with the intent of tracking them to learn more about the cartels.

Two weapons connected to Fast and Furious were discovered at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was gunned down in the Southern Arizona desert in 2010 by five criminals armed with AK-47s.

However, Pavlich asserts there was a third gun. The book details three separate pieces of evidence that point to a third weapon being recovered and then covered up by the FBI and the Justice Department.

Border Patrol agents, who have since been issued gag orders, were overheard at Terry’s funeral discussing the third gun.



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36 Comments to BREAKING: Obama White House Using George Soros-Media Matters To Deflect From Fast and Furious
    • Name Noah
    • Wow, just when you think the obama regime has reached its lowest, more devastating news comes out.

      We really have the most corrupt people maybe in the world working for obama….

      They all need to be replaced. From the lowest on the food chain to the highest,in every office of every agency.

      • ITYS
      • This is beyond outrageous, DOJ questions are now referred to Media Matters. Are they now an arm of the US government? The arrogance is startling, not to mention MM has tax eexmpt status as a non profit.

    • Obeline
    • Sigh . . . and it’s only April.

      This election promises to redefine corruption and filth. Ugly and scary days lay ahead. There will be violence this summer – and all hell will break loose whether or not Zero wins. American professors have trained in Tehran to fortify the Occupy movement (of course, they’ve been allowed to return to the USA). Agitators and haters are gearing up.

      Every day there will be a new diversion from the realities of America today, courtesy Team Zero.

      How Soros was ever allowed to become so mighty remains a huge question.

      Forewarned is forearmed.

      Henny Pennyism or foresight?

      • Ebysan
      • Ulsterman…. Thank you for being a “True Patriot” & telling us the truth about our corrupt Obama administration!!!

        The MSM refuses to tell us the truth.

        We appreciate the insite of WH Insider & WS Insider…They are putting their lives on the line to save America!!…. I try to enlighten others by sending them many of your articles

        “Obeline: How Soros was ever allowed to become so mighty remains a huge question.”
        This is an “eye-opener” about this vile man “George Soros”

        ONE EVIL HUMAN – FROM STEVE KROFT (“60 Minutes”)

    • VTX
    • It hasn’t been mentioned – much – but what Holder has done in Mexico is a form of state-sponsored terrorism: 300 and more dead Mexican civilians and Mexican authorities. Holder’s department and our government has acted against the Mexican people and the Mezican government in something that can only be called terrorism. Holder is, in effect, an international and domestic terrorist. The sooner we acknowledge that fact, the sooner he can be extradited – to Mexico, for trial by Mexican authorities. If they want him.

      Otherwise, there’s Guantanamo.

      • AZVick
      • VTX: How right you are! And moreso, the Mexican government has been very quiet about the murder of hundreds of its citizens by our nation’s deliberate act of hostility.

        At the very dawn of this story breaking, I heard a report that the Mexican Congress considered F&F to be an act of war. How quickly it was squelched. One can just imagine…

    • truthandjustice
    • I read where Media Matters was discovered to have said in their IRS non-profit papers that they were constructed as a weapon against Christians – to counter pro-Christian bias in news reporting by the American media !!! LOL

      Well, where’s OURS that is to counter the pro-left bias in news reporting by the majority of the media ??!! I am so more than tired of this and even at Fox I read where Ailes has told them not to be “activists”. I guess I’m grateful for what they do report – but still – not near enough. But then again, I guess they have to contend with being threatened – like Murdoch, etc. This stuff HAS to be stopped – it’s like dealing with the murderous, threatening mafia…keeping power and others quiet by these crimes. I pray for so many brave, patriotic whistleblowers that there will be too many for them to handle and not be detected. Something…somehow the truth getting out so that there would be too many of us who know the truth and nothing they can do about it for a change. PRAY !!!!!!!

    • truthandjustice
    • Forgot to mention to those who hadn’t heard – that the well-known Christian, Charles Colson (Nixon’s aide who went to prison for Watergate) who founded world-wide Prison Ministries has died. Re what’s going on with Obama and religious freedom, he said:

      In a Feb. 3 video message, he saw the larger issue of the threat to religious liberty.

      “We have come to the point – I say this very soberly – when if there isn’t a dramatic change in circumstances, we as Christians may well be called upon to stand in civil disobedience against the actions of our own government,” Colson said in the video.

      “That would break my heart as a former Marine captain, loving my country. But I love my God more.”

      Colson emphasized that his mind was already made up: “I will stand for the Lord, regardless of what my state tells me.”

    • Nexxxxxt
    • Also, it wasn’t the reporter saying Murdoch influence tanked, it was a pollster. And why, praytell, does no politician want to be seen in the same room as a Murdoch, for decades an eminence grise of UK politics? Because Murdoch’s company “hacked the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler” [quote from AmericatheBeautiful's link], which sickens everyone aside from the occasional Fox apologist.

    • Name Nancy
    • Soros, with his checkered past, financially with Britain & France, and as a Nazi collaborator should have his citizenship removed. Soros was an admitted Kapo for the Nazis 9his admission over 60 Minutes with Steve Kroft should be enuf to boot this vile Kapo out.). Why not bring trouble to Soros and Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance?

      • bill o'rights
      • UM,

        This is off topic, but I think I speak for everyone on this forum when I request, again, that you take WHI up on his offer for protection.

        By my analysis, we are likely in checkmate, at least with regard to the first stage of Barry’s coup. By all indications, they have almost complete control over the mainstream media. Mr. Murdoch and family are under attack and recognize their vulnerabilities to this heinous enemy.

        Does it make any sense for you not to get protection as well? Mr. Murdoch has the resources to protect himself and his family very well, yet he still lives in fear.

        It Obama is reelected (and, perhaps if he isn’t), the evidence suggests that a lot of people could die. It’s imperative that you make arrangements to protect yourself and your family.

        We need you.

        We are doing our part to get the word out and increase the viewership. Now, do your part and protect yourself and your family.

    • Paloma
    • This is a MUST READ: actually in four parts, all of which are pertinent and informative:

      1) Obama’s Ineligibility Makes Policies Irrelevant…Not Evidence of Forgery (4/20/2012 (also see comments following article)-(just keep scrolling down)

      2) Obama’s Secret Service “Johns” Now Redlighting Ted Nugent (4/18/2012)

      3) Eligibility and Justice Are Blind Regarding Obama – and Rubio (4/16/2012)

      4) Obama’s Lawyer Admits Forgery But Disregards “Image” as Indicative of Obama’s Ineligibility (4/12/2012) – (also see comments)

    • Paloma
    • @ ITYS There could very well be some information on Citizen Wells site, if it pertains to corruption, election scandals, bribery, payoffs, Obama associates, fraud, forgery, Obama’s lies, prosecutors not prosecuting, Obama cronies (both in jail, or not gonna be), Chicago crimes, bribery, hidden agendas, you name it. This site has been following BHO since he magically appeared on the scene.

    • cobra
    • National Enquirer reports that Mooooooochel orchestrated the atack on Ann Romney that blew up in their faces. What a naughty @#$%h!

    • Paloma
    • Please be sure and read Clarice’s Sunday article at American Thinker: This Weeks’s Exploding Cigar: Obama the Dog Eater. And don’t miss the comments pages.

      This will make your whole week better – trust me.

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