Barack Obama Solves Illegal Immigration Problem!

In a remarkable twist, it appears the disastrous economy under President Obama has managed to do what no other president has ever done – make fewer Mexicans enter the United States and more return to Mexico because jobs in America have become so scarce.  Bravo Barack Obama!

From the Pew Research Center:

The largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States has come to a standstill. After four decades that brought 12 million current immigrants—more than half of whom came illegally—the net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped—and may have reversed, according to a new analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center of multiple government data sets from both countries.

The standstill appears to be the result of many factors, including the weakened U.S. job and housing construction markets…


Net Migration from Mexico Falls to Zero—and Perhaps Less

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18 Comments to Barack Obama Solves Illegal Immigration Problem!
    • truthandjustice
    • Yes – bravo – I wonder if “they” thought of this effect when they decided to take down our economy, etc. They need their votes, no? Oh – I forgot, no problem — there’s their very successful, magnificent voter fraud machine they have great trust in, along with their thuggery…and/or better yet, their plan to call martial law — and suspend the elections altogether. Of course…stupid me.

      BREAKING — OT but thought I’d get this out there —
      “Google apparently is on board with Ayers’ authorship of the award-winning book (“Dreams” – instead of Obama as he claims)

      A search on Ayers’ name in Google’s books section lists “Dreams” among his works.
      “Google knows so much about us already that privacy activists are alarmed. What data are its algorithms sifting through to come to the conclusions that yes, the stylistic parallels to Ayers’ other books are formidable and Barry never showed any sign of an ability to write this way before or after,” writes Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.”

      Lifson points out that Christopher Anderson’s “friendly biography” of the Obamas “includes the information that Obama found himself deeply in debt and ‘hopelessly blocked.’ At ‘Michelle’s urging,’ Obama ‘sought advice from his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers.’”

      “So the company that supposedly knows more about us than we know ourselves also knows who wrote ‘Dreams from My Father,’” he writes.

      Cashill’s book notes Obama told an audience of teachers in July 2008, “I’ve written two books. I actually wrote them myself.”

      One of those would be the 1995 “Dreams,” which was called by Time magazine “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.”

      • Stirrin the B.S.
      • Good one b-o-r! What better way to rid this conuntry of an illegal alien, than to remove him from his job. Bon voyage Obumphuk – go fundamentally transform your native country, and keep your communist-marxist hands off of mine!

    • Obeline
    • The Law of Unintended Consequences . . .

      But how’s Zero going to lure the illegals back over the border to cast their votes for him? Offer them free phones or Chevy Volts?

      • Perceptible Future
      • Silly, he doesn’t need them to vote for him he’s already got the Diebold voting machines dialed in to vote for him. If you think I am joking think again. There are literally Trillions upon Trillions of dollars riding on his re-election, not to mention a communist agenda to put in place. All these other things are distractions. Watch the “Other” hand… Remember, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” -Rahm Emanuel…

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The American people deserve secure borders. That is what we direct and pay our Federal Government to do. That is their CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY? That is the president sworn duty.

      We cannot and should not pay the tab for every illegal that wants the citizenship we earn daily through our taxes, our forefathers shed blood on battlefields and our sworn allegiance. We came to this country legally and took an oath to prtotect her.
      Obama may be a communist, may a socialist or may be a racist…but we know he is a danger to this country and her citizens.

      • cobra
      • Both parties have a stake in “remaking” this country demographically, culturally and socially. With the goal of changing it politically.
        When you promote illegals, barely literate in their native language, without any knowledge about our culture, our Constitution’s foundation, you prepare for the takeover of the country.
        Who pushed the 1966 Immigration “Reform”?
        What did sen. Kennedy say in 1966 about that law, that it will not change the ethnic make-up of country? Premeditated criminal BS.
        Who pushed the 1991 Immigration law?
        Do you see any relationship of these laws to the acceleration in the moral and economic decline of the country?

        • NameBM
        • 1985: The California School System is the envy of the entire nation. It produces some of the best and brightest.

          2015: What California School System????

          Two years ago I was standing at a stop light at a Venice High School at the end of school day. Hoards and hoards of Mexican teenagers were passing me by. The ethnic ration was probably 2 whites for 98 minorities, with 70 of them being Hispanics. I was flabbergasted.

          • cobra
          • I live and work in California.
            It pains me to no end to have witnessed the debasement of this once great state.
            And this is the country’s future.

        • bill o'rights
        • How much must a person despise himself and his country, to take such radical steps?

          It’s clear that history is no longer taught, because people no longer consider the consequences of ideas.

          Or, perhaps the end result of having it so good, for so long? The grass begins to look greener out of sheer boredom or antipathy.

    • lovelypeace
    • I wouldn’t say that history isn’t being taught because some of my best teachers were history professors. That said, I sought out history/political science classes.

      A lot of people graduate from college w/o ever stepping foot into a history class. They really have no idea that American freedom is a rarity in the world. They assume that because they live in America and we export our culture to other nations, they must be like us, right? A lot of smart people are clearly clueless when it comes to putting anything into historical context. Most elites prefer it that way. (Then, they get mad at us peons for wanting to home school the kiddos!)

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