Romney Cash Now Pouring In…(WSI and WHI Related)

Romney fundraiser: Donors ‘coming out of the woodwork’

So says a headline from The Hill, followed by an article indicating when it comes to raising vast amounts of campaign cash, the Mitt Romney campaign might do what few ever though possible not so long ago - outspend Barack Obama in 2012:


Mitt Romney’s fundraising has skyrocketed since he became the de facto nominee, a top Romney fundraiser told The Hill Wednesday evening.

“People are coming out of the woodwork,” said the fundraiser, who requested not to be named. “A number of my friends who didn’t want to get involved in the primary are now coming off the sidelines for the general election.”

…Romney and the RNC have a combined fundraising goal of $800 million, according to a memo obtained by the New York Times. That figure would likely mean Romney outspends Obama — and that doesn’t factor in the Republican-aligned outside groups, which are expected to outspend their Democratic counterparts by large margins.



And this as part of an earlier letter from a longtime Wall Street insider: 

…We still have much work to do before now and November, and I have every intention of fully meeting my obligation in what has been started here.  It would not be fair to either yourself or –name deleted- if I was to be so rude as to roll over and die now would it?  Perhaps then this adventure we are now on is actually responsible for waking me up each day?  Yes, I believe that may very well be true, and so I must thank you for continuing to include me in all of this.

If you have been paying attention to the news reports, which of course you are, then you are seeing the initial results of my efforts.  There will be more to come soon.  Support has been quite strong.  I am actually rather amazed at how deeply the fear for the country now extends. It has brought together a normally quite disparate group of interests. Neither time nor the severity of the moment allows for us to sit and watch and pretend to live above it all.  Not anymore. The determination of those who control this administration, and the willingness of this president to assist in their desired outcome has finally awoken us.  The defeat of Barack Obama is the most important thing I can do with the time I have left. 

… I read the comments of your readers.  As many as I can. I am almost shamed to tell you how closely I follow those comments.  It borders on obsession.  The many who have said I should have done more.  Who said I helped or at the very least allowed Barack Obama to be elected president.  While my powers of influence certainly are being exaggerated by such comments, the essence of their meaning is accurate.  I was both arrogant and lazy.  And so I must apologize to them for that.  The anger and resentment that Americans feel toward Wall Street is sadly, deserved.  At least in part.  While we are not the monsters of greed and manipulation some would make of us, so many on Wall Street were not paying attention. That truth cannot be denied.  And so there are those of us now working to remedy, in whatever way we can, however best we can, the mistake of our own arrogance and ignorance.  I can only speak on my own behalf in this and say that my hope to do just that is quite sincere in each and every breath I now take, and in each and every breath I have left in me to do so.


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28 Comments to Romney Cash Now Pouring In…(WSI and WHI Related)
    • Bulldog
    • This is tremendous news. I myself will be joining the Romney campaign soon in my town. I already sent away for the bumper sticker.

      I keep telling people to get over Ron Paul not being the choice. I understand the passion of Paul’s supporters but we’re in a “life or death” situation for America. Those of us who keep up with your posts, Ulsterman (and WHI and WSI) know this. No more waffling and no more whining that “my” candidate didn’t make it. All that is important right now is getting Obama out of the Oval Office. Period.

      • Annie Oakley
      • I would not have agreed with you 6 months ago. But I will vote for Romney in the 2012 election. Another poster alluded to the fact that she’d rather have a ham sandwich than Obama. I concur.

        He must be put out of office. If he’s re-elected (which I highly doubt as most people I talk to find him morally repugnant) the USA will become South Africa. Black on white crime will skyrocket.

        I too, have a dream, that Liar-In-chief, his racist anti-white wife Mochelle and treasonous vile viper Valerie Jarrett are put into shackles and imprisoned for high crime and treasons. Let them work in forced labor camps so they can sit and think about all the terrible suffering they’ve put upon the rest of us.

        The USA is the last bastion of hope on this planet. I’ve traveled overseas and yes I kissed the ground when I came home. Nothing, I mean nothing is like the USA. Our constitution was put together by a group of genius men who gave their lives, their fortunes and sometimes their family to give us a constitutional republic. We are the last house on the left.

    • Jen Gelman
    • The sad part is that if Romney stays true to form, he will be more concerned about courting favor where none is to be found than with reversing the damage of the past decades.

      • Kansas Patriot
      • Romney seems to have a genuine fire in his belly to be elected. He has proven himself to be willing to attack Obama and his policies. Don’t ever expect him to comment on Obama’s birth certificate unless and until it becomes fact.

        • GJ Grakowski
        • I may be way off base here, but I think the Romney people do have plans to engage in obama’s eligibility issue, but most likely not in a straight forward manor. It would be much better politically if the dems themselves make it an issue. In this regard, it is my belief that Marco Rubio will be chosen as Romney’s running mate, which I think would be great. Rubio is well spoken and has shown strong conservative values. But I think the choice of Rubio will have two specific objectives. One will obviously be to win the Spanish vote, but the other will be to taunt the dems into making an issue out of Rubio’s “natural born citizen” status. If the dems challenge Rubio on that, it will then bring attention to obama’s questionable “natural born citizen” status, as well as piss off the Spanish community. Worst case, Rubio is forced to withdraw because of eligibility issues, but obama will then be forced to prove he is eligible, which, as we all know, will be problematic, PLUS the Spanish vote will go way south on the dems.

    • SpySmasher
    • No Jen, the REAL sad part is that constant complaints such as yours weaken our only hope. Romney is our nominee people! If you’re a REAL patriot, why not accept him, and try to find flaws with Obama instead of constantly bitching that Romney’s left toenail isn’t quite to your liking, so he’s evil. Obama is the one who is REALLY overflowing with flaws! If Obama wins, America is over.

        • werbaz neutronName
        • The only PERFECT candidate fielded by any political party in my memory has been – in the minds of his Estrus-burdened female and metrosexual supporters at least – has been Barfack O’Bamma.

          Let’s not look for perfection here: let’s pull together and support a person who will win on election day.

          AND let’s keep the House and take the Senate! Remember Supreme Court appointments!

      • InTheKnow
      • Damn right. This is not a time for complaints. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and the rest are nonexistent unicorns. It’s down to the capitalist vs the marxist. That is the choice. Anything else is distraction or folly.

        Cast aside any personal distate for Romney you might have. You are either choosing to save America, or choosing to forsake her. That is how I view the 2012 election.

    • ITYS
    • This is another example of exactly how CORRUPT the media is with their false narratives. Just like Romney is weak with women is such NONSENSE b/c women are worried sick for the future or their children. Same as the “likability” canard, who likes an arrogant, sneaky LIAR???? Just like the” low GOP turnout/enthusiasm” BS….IMHO people have been waiting to see who the nominee is because its ABO!!!!

      Zero intellectual curiosity, zero honesty or critical analysis for the propaganda water carrying shills!!

    • InTheKnow
    • WSI, as Ulsterman aptly provided, is in the process of his personal redemption.

      Not that he needed any, in my book. He is the Global Elite who is talking out of class, while the rest — or many of them, anyways — stay hidden in the shadows to their disgrace.

      WSI is a patriot, and fully redeemed in my own eyes. He has shown courage and leadership while others of his class continue to worship the golden calf in the White House.

      Thank you, WSI. And thank you, UM and WHI. America isn’t rolling over for any two-bit Marxist fraud.

    • Publius
    • According to the Washington Free Beacon:

      “The Treasury Department is keeping billions of taxpayer dollars in America’s most troubled bank to spare President Barack Obama the embarrassment of another failed bailout, according to financial experts.”

      Story is about Ally Financial, which used to be GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corp.) before being spun out of GM to protect it from bankruptcy. Ally received $16.3 billion in bailout money, has so far paid back $5.5 billion. Ally lent money to auto buyers and home buyers who had bad credit, so chances of repaying Treasury for bailout funds are slim and none. Geithner and company are doing whatever is necessary to avoid having Ally go belly-up before election. Fascinating, though sickening, read.

    • viking
    • After Romney’s speech last night, which I watched live on FOX, I am delighted by this news but not at all surprised.

      I believe this was the first time Romney spoke in public where he seemed fully engaged in what he was saying. There was a relaxed authenticity in every word he delivered. It was outstanding.

      Though I didn’t vote for Romney in my State’s primary and was skeptical of Romney’s conservative credibility, I am fully on board supporting him now. I would have been regardless of last night’s speech because Obama must be defeated and Romney is now the challenger. However, last night Romney just made it a pleasure and a joy to support his candidacy. I don’t believe it was contrived, were he capable of that we’d have seen nothing but this from him throughout his public life.

      Lastly, to WSI should you see this, take heart and our gratitude for all your efforts to aid our great nation. Each and every one of us slumbered unaware to some degree or another of the ‘progressive’ agenda and its advance into virtually every institution, field and industry within our great country. Each of us knows we failed to remain vigilant enough to appreciate the steadily building threat in our own corners, where we have our own share of bad actors as well. Is the widespread hyper-erosion of our character and culture of no consequence to the nation’s health and it is only the Sept.’08 financial disaster that matters? I don’t think so.

      I suspect many of those expressing resentment and blame towards you would not do so eye to eye. Fear and frustration exercise us all. I also believe those comments would not have been made had the individuals thought you’d read them and take them to heart. A good many have admitted as much.

      Take heart! We are Americans, united under God in a magnificent cause! “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand . . . ” (Ephesians 6, 10-20) Its a new testament verse but it seems apropos for us all.

    • lovelypeace
    • I’m glad to see that people are getting on board w/Romney. A lot of people are still itching for a convention fight and that really bothers me. Now we need to do the work and win the election.

    • Hazelev
    • WSI, WHI and UM,

      I write this for my mother, a Victorian, small-town girl, born at home, and for my father, a backwoods country boy whose thirst for bootstrap independence never waivered. They’re both gone now, but their hunger for our continued independence livee as unmistakably as the smell of clothes fresh from the dryer or as warmly as the touch of a child’s fingers on my face.

      As one of those who has wondered why I am alive now, I thank you for your work. My stubbornness, innate intelligence, education and thirst to be unconstrained has kept me here, along with luck and God’s grace. I have lived a life of extraordinary freedom: both highs and lows. And it’s that freedom, that soaring, Peppermint-Patty kind of mountains’-majesty-clean and Big-Sur-sunset-salt air that has planted my love of America. .I have tasted freedom and cannot undo my taste for it.

      WSI, WHI, and UM, without your reach, the warp and woof of this freedom-loving soul would be much harder to keep tended. You show me there are yet lilies in fields that I have yet to see and birds of the air that wait for me to watch them. That you embrace the tender care which Liberty requires for its existence inspires me to remember how that taste for freedom lingers askance our present world, like an afterglow at 14,000 feet.

      I do not have your impact, WSI, WHI, and UM, but I, too, can still see freedom’s Northernmost light. Its deep, lingering glow still leaves the scent for human dignity and Divine inspiration. In my mind’s eye, I can smell pumpkin pie and apples, and think of laughter, apple-picking and Thanksgiving.

      Thank you.

    • rhcrest
    • I;m not nuts about Romney but he has 3 BIG things going for him as far as i am concernec. 1. We KNOW he is an American citizen both in birth and upbringing. 2. We won’t have to worry about him being high on coke with his fingers on the nuclear bomb. 3. We know he won’t be secretly working with the Russians. I highly doubt that he is KGB unlike Comrade Obama. And actually he has one more thing in his favor. He doesn’t HATE America and everything she stands for.

    • Dan
    • If the Wall Street Insider desires to “make it up to the nation,” —– just defeat obama.

      Just get the media to actually start covering the guy, instead of carrying water for the guy.

      Just get the media to play it straight, just get the media to report on the REAL unemployment and underemployment numbers.

      Just get the media to report on what the present “Misery Index” is.

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • “If Mr. Obama isn’t going to act like a president, he bolsters the argument that he doesn’t deserve to be one.” WSJ link from above.

      That pretty much sums it up on ALL counts…not just fundraising and GOP donors. I challenge anyone to provide an example when Barry has done one thing Presidential, not in function, but in demeanor and decorum.

    • Connie Tea
    • While Romney may not be the conservative we’d like to have, at least I believe he truly loves America which is more than I can say for the Commie POS Obama. I would much prefer a serious conservative in the White House, but I would vote for a ham sandwich before I’d vote for Obama because the sandwich would do a better job. I have a dream of seeing Obama, the Wookie, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder in handcuffs and I am wondering if indeed the military (the only branch of the government I respect at this point) will be the ones removing Obama from the White House. It may come to that if Obama’s plan for race riots and martial law come to fruition. I also say a prayer for the WHI and WSI every night because while they may be late to the party, they are with us now, which is heartening. While I’d rather see Obama lose in a landslide I can live with the thousand cuts approach. Nothing that damages Obama’s electability is bad in my view. It’s life or death for America in the 2012 election–something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. I opposed Obama in 2008 with everything I had and ran for Congress as the Republican nominee to try to oppose him in Congress after a lifetime of not being interested in politics. I did it for my beloved America and everything I do now is geared toward denying a second term to this communist bastard whom I despise with every fiber of my being. When Obama attacked freedom and America, he became my sworn enemy because I believe in the Constitution above all documents except the Holy Bible. This is our fight to lose–and we must not lose because America as we know it hangs in the balance.

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