Issa Ready to File Contempt of Congress Against Eric Holder

Congressman Darrell Issa is ready to file a 48-page Contempt of Congress charge against Obama Attorney General Eric Holder – though he may have to do so without the approval of House Speaker John Boehner and other members of the Republican leadership.

From a just-published Daily Caller report:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa has drafted a 48-page contempt of Congress citation for Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast and Furious. It now appears Issa is currently moving forward without the support of House Speaker John Boehner.

A spokesman for Issa refused to comment when The Daily Caller presented him with GOP leadership’s open opposition to the notion it approved contempt proceedings.

If Issa does get the green light, it appears as though he’s going to make his moves around Memorial Day or shortly thereafter. During an appearance on Fox News Thursday night, South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy — a member of the House oversight committee who’s been close to this investigation — said Memorial Day is Holder’s deadline.

“Before Memorial Day, Eric Holder will either comply or he will suffer consequences,” Gowdy said. “When I say consequences, I mean contempt of Congress.




NOTE:  Thank you to Ulsterman Report reader Kay112 for the Daily Caller link.

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33 Comments to Issa Ready to File Contempt of Congress Against Eric Holder
      • Connie Tea
      • Boehner is a spineless, gutless RINO pussy who is firmly in Obama’s corner. He needs the people of Ohio to stay blissfully ignorant of his corruption and insider trading. Hopefully he will not be the Speaker in the 113th Congress.

    • VTX
    • And why is Boehner refusing to cooperate? Does someone have something on him – something shady? Pictures? Recordings? A paper trail? This is such a no-brainer, he risks being replaced – and he should be. And perhaps Boehner should consider resigning his seat, not just his position as Speaker.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes – same here. Have always been upset with Boehner….makes one very suspicious now. Also read where McConnell is another VERY clueless, “do not rock the boat” Establishment type who is actually hurting Consv. cause. He’s more interested in keeping a good relationship with Reid. LOL
        Don’t want these truths to come out – why not??!!
        Convinced BOTH of these guys need to be voted OUT asap…..

    • truthandjustice
    • Skeptical until proven wrong…I really think he will do this if he doesn’t get the desired response; however, what I worry about is whether it will do any good and actually bring about some action that will remove him. Bet the WHI knows quite a bit about this. He seemed so confident — but who knows. I remember him saying he really didn’t know for sure about Issa – he was waiting like the rest of us. I saw on Breitbart a day or so ago about Issa saying this was the most corrupt govn’t in history. Yes, we know. Now what, Mr. Issa???
      Re the UBL deal again — just saw on Drudge that Obama campaign has brought out an ad about our wonderful, brave, patriotic, tough President got rid of our most hated enemy, UBL. And guess who is the narrator? Bill Clinton — who must know about what “really went down” (since Hillary was part of it) and is apparently being forced to continue campaigning/lying for him – still afraid of threats??? This, along with the latest about the Panetta memo – all at the same time……….LOL

      Again, if WHI involved — MANY thanks!! Come give us the latest asap !!!

    • 57th State
    • Interviewed by Fox News, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) states, “If I were [Obama], I would find a way for [Attorney General] Eric Holder to step down, and it would be characterized as a firing. …And as more of this [Operation Fast and Furious scandal] unfolds—and I think there is substantially more—you remember that September 19 is kind of the date that bad things happen before elections. I don’t think that [Congressman] Darrell Issa [chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee] is planning a date like that… but as this moves forward, and [if] I’m [Obama], I’d be very worried that this comes to a crescendo sometime before September 19 of this year. For those reasons …I would remove Eric Holder from the target zone here—put somebody else in who’s determined to clean this up. I would dump all this information out in the public and just come clean and put it behind me. That’s what any responsible public official would do.”

      • Obeline
      • Yup – and Holder can ‘resign’ to become the Dean of Harvard Law School or some other august institution to inspire another generation of slime.

        Then, with the DOJ’s #1 and #2 gone, who’s #3 again? That fellow related to that woman in California with all the kinky ties to laundered money and mayhem?

        Could things get even worse?

        • Stirrin the B.S.
        • You got it! Obumphuk had his contingency plan all in place. Tony West rises unbelievably fast – from a regional associate attorney general to the top job in the DOJ. How beholden (beholdered?) to Onlowme do you think he will be?

          I’m praying that the American voters will resolve all of this sewage stench for us in November.

    • Kay112
    • DC is simply filled with too many corrupt politicians! They should be sent packing.

      My hubby informed me Issa was on with Megyn Kelly today. I missed what he had to say, but the theme was Holder and Fast and Furious!

      Anyone have a link on it, please post it for us. Thanks!

        • Stirrin the B.S.
        • Anyone associated with Oblowme is dirty – that’s all he knows. West raised $65MM in campaign contributions – there’s bound to be dirt in there. West was part of the defense team for Jihad Johnny – not dirty, but certainly questionable. West’s sister in law, Kamala Harris, has been linked to money laundering by WHI.

          Everything and everyone associated with Obysmal will be much more closely scrutinized this time – no free passes will be issued. The blogosphere will force the truth to be exposed.

    • GJ Grakowski
    • Who knows what good it will do, but I just went to and sent this:

      Dear Speaker Boehner:

      Please stop impeding Representative Issa on his efforts to hold AG Holder in contempt for his stonewalling of the Fast & Furious investigation. Holder is a crook and should be held accountable on a number of issues, e.g. the New Black Panther voter intimidation case that was dropped, causing J. Christian Adams to quit because “I was told by voting section management that cases are not going to be brought against black defendants on [behalf] of white victims.” This is an outrage.

      HOLDER SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. DON”T STAND IN THE WAY!!! If that isn’t possible for you, then perhaps, you should consider stepping down as the Speaker of the House.

      GJ Grakowski

      • Kay112
      • GJ, I am impressed! Why? Let me quote you~~

        “HOLDER SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. DON”T STAND IN THE WAY!!! If that isn’t possible for you, then perhaps, you should consider stepping down as the Speaker of the House.”

        Two thumbs up to you, Great American!!

    • lanurse1
    • With the rumors of Obama threatening Chelsea Clinton during the 2008 primaries if Bill/Hill came forward with info that Obama wasn’t eligible for President~~can you blame Boehner? Maybe he has been threatened…I have a feeling others have been threatened too~~

      • Lindandy
      • November may be too late… we are living in very dangerous times. Wish I had answers for what needs to be done but I don’t. Hard to trust anyone to do the right things for our country; no telling who has been intimidated and threatened in very serious ways by the Chicago political thugs.

    • Hubcap
    • They need to hold their ground and call their bluff. A threat is a bluff. People will not pay attention to whatever is said or done to these political crooks anyway. Remember they bring a baseball bat you bring your 4 frinds with baseball bats and bricks. If these men can’t take the heat they need to get out the kitchen and all this is brought about by the biggest weakening get over ever done and that is political correctness. Individuals do not owe any attention to political anything that is designed to fool a peorson into thinking they are guilty of something and need to fix it…its a way to use guilt and the politicians are using it a lot like many churches for control and to keep good hard working people under their tumb.

    • Diane Wright
    • If we give/get enough exposure on this, J.Boehner will jump on board quicker, than you can say “GOD BLESS YOU ISSA”.
      J.Boehner has never been any good for Congress. (his record, or lack of action proves this).

    • viking
    • Originally made this comment in response to ThroughTheLookingGlass in another thread before I noticed this post.

      I’ve wondered if Boehner’s motivation is to carefully negotiate the minefield, do nothing to lose the House majority until the Senate and Presidency are Republican too. It would avail us all nothing if in 2012 the House reverted to Pelosi, even if we took the Senate and WH. So far, he’s avoided giving the broadcast media weapons to seriously undermine the R’s chances of keeping the House. Admittedly, the cost has been the unavoidable consequence of infuriating Tea Party type conservatives.

      For me, I’ll believe he’s a traitor if and when we have the House, Senate and WH and betrayal ensues. My impression is that he knows only too well that the nation is in severe danger, that we’ve got one shot at turning the ship of state around and that he’ll be damned if he fouls up our only chance. I think he sleeps fine at night knowing a lot of conservatives curse him because if all goes well, he’ll have held the line until the re-enforcements arrived and turned the tide.

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