CONFIRMED: Voters Not Impressed With Obama Gay Marriage Stunt

In what appears to have been a highly orchestrated plan to once again appeal to a very specific segment of the American population, Barack Obama is now facing a clear public sentiment backlash.  As Mitt Romney so recently said, “It’s the economy…and we’re not stupid.”

Following his national television declaration that he was in fact FOR gay marriage (which is in complete opposite to what candidate Obama said in 2008 by the way) the Obama White House unleashed a barrage of publicity touting the moment – including gay pride clothing available at the Obama campaign store, and numerous public appearances on television.  And what has been the end result of all this effort for Barack Obama?  Disapproval among the American voter as the first comprehensive poll on the subject via Gallup would indicate:


Note the over 2 to 1 anti-gay marriage sentiment among Independents.  Also note how nearly half of Republicans and well over half of all other voters simply don’t care about the issue one way or the other.   The Obama campaign has grossly miscalculated on their gay marriage presidential moment. Watch for the media to work double-overtime to try and spin it into a favorable outcome, and when that fails, the issue, like so many other attempts they have made (war on women, war on old people, war on poor people, war on environment…etc) will quickly disappear, only to re-emerge later this summer when the Obama campaign goes into full on panic mode as the possibility of losing the 2012 election begins to look more and more like a probability…



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5 Comments to CONFIRMED: Voters Not Impressed With Obama Gay Marriage Stunt
    • ShainS
    • Smells like desperation to me. The country’s going over a fiscal cliff — many thanks to Gey One — and this is the best they can do? Pathetic …

      • Ebysan

        Information about the “MURDERS”; information about Larry Sinclair’s sexual escapades with Obama; information of Obama & Rahm Emanuel’s Lifetime Membership at the Gay Bathhouse in

        Chicago & Information about the Down-Low-Club of Rev Jeremiah Wright @ the Trinity Church.

        All of this has been information known to many of us since 2008 & 2009; but, this is the first time Donald Young’s mother is speaking out about her son’s murder!!…. Mrs Young actually worked for the Chicago

        Police Dept at one time. Now she fears for her own life!!!

        This information can no-longer be over-looked!!!!

    • cobra
    • I have another theory about Zero’s move on the gay “marriage”…
      What if he, more or less, concluded that his chances for re-election are slim and he wants to open a new market for his speeches after the presidency, by re-inventing himself as a “gay warrior”??
      Even if he doesn’t go that far in his thinking, he clearly wanted the money the gay bundlers were keeping from him.
      What if he loses and he keeps some of the money from his re-election campaign?
      He is not obliged to donate them to the DNC.
      In any case, I think he was just opening a big “market” for his speeches to make himself very, very rich, afterwards….

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