Media Promptly Attacks “Obama Born In Kenya” Biography Story

After and the Drudge Report ran with headlines indicating Barack Obama’s own literary agent described Obama as having been born in Kenya as part of a brief bio published in 1991 and then used until 2007, the Mainstream Media is promptly attempting damage control for the embattled president.

Yahoo News Blog was among the first to publish a dismissive response to the “Born in Kenya” information that had been placed into a 1991 publication by Barack Obama’s own literary agency. Their report is now being picked up by ABC News and other media outlets and repeated verbatim.  Yahoo dismissed what it deemed an error as a source of further “Birther” conspiracies that continue to plague Barack Obama:

Obama’s former literary agency misidentified his birthplace as Kenya while trying to promote the then-Harvard Law grad as an author in 1991.

According to a promotional booklet produced by the agency, Acton & Dystel, to showcase its roster of writers, Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

Miriam Goderich edited the text of the bio; she is now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.

“This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me–an agency assistant at the time,” Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. “There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more.”  LINK


The White House has yet to respond directly to this latest controversy – but why would it?  With so many in the media willing to come to Barack Obama’s defense, such a response is to this point, entirely unnecessary.

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63 Comments to Media Promptly Attacks “Obama Born In Kenya” Biography Story
    • Sage0925
    • *shrug* They can attack it all they want…not buying it. See my posts in the precious thread. No way that a narcissistic sh*bag like our President did not know about this. He just overlooked it when spending about a million dollars to cover up his past.

    • Jen Gelman
    • Imagine – a drone employed by an agency that lists Barack Hussein Hussein as a client offering a cover story that doesn’t even include a plausible rationale. Where oh where did the Kenya content come from in the first place??

    • Gibbs
    • Since they failed to “fact check” the information provided to them that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, what was the source of the un-fact-checked information that led you to erroneously publish that Barack Obama was born in Kenya? I mean, you didn’t pull it out of your ass, right? Where did you get this mistaken information from? I’m sure that since you have such clear memories of this remember 21 years later that you can provide us with the source of the faulty information, right?

    • silverdust
    • I went through a good chunk of the 1,000 or so comments following the Yahoo story and the HUGE majority of respondents aren’t buying it.

    • Kev
    • “Move on…nothing to see hear, folks” -MSM-

      How many times have heard this? This is simplly proof that MSM is dead. Dead as a doornail.

    • bill o'rights
    • Hey everyone, cool down.

      This was a fact-checking error. She was looking at the Kenyan birth certificate, not the one on the White House website.

    • GJ Grakowski
    • From Jerome Corsi’s “Postman: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school”:

      “Allen Hulton, who was commended for 39 years of honorable service with the USPS, has given a sworn affidavit to investigators commissioned by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio to determine whether Obama is eligible for Arizona’s 2012 election ballot. Hulton has recorded about three hours of video interviews with WND.

      Hulton says that in conversations with Mary Ayers while on his route he learned of the couple’s enthusiasm and support for a black foreign student. One bright, warm Chicagoland day, he recounts, he met the student who fit Mary Ayers’ description in front of the Ayers home in Glen Ellyn, Ill. That young man, Hulton is convinced, was Barack Obama.

      About a year after discussing with Mary Ayers the foreign student she and her husband were supporting, Hulton recalls meeting a young black male on the sidewalk in front of the Ayers home.

      Hulton describes the man as being in his early 20s, noting that he was tall, thin, had a light complexion and that his ears stuck out.

      “He greeted me,” Hulton says. “He was very polite, dressed nicely, but informally – slacks and a dress shirt – and he spoke with no accent. Immediately this young black man entered into conversation with me. He told me he had taken the train out from Chicago and had come to thank the Ayers family personally for having helped him with his education.”

      Hulton remembers asking the young man what his plans were for the future.

      “He looked right at me and told me he was going to be president of the United States,” Hulton says.

      “There was a little bit of a grin on his face when he said it – he sounded sure of himself, but not arrogant. I know how people will say things because they have an ambition, but it did not come across that way,” Hulton says. “It came across as if this young black male was telling me he was going to be president, almost as if it were the statement of a scientific fact that had already been determined, as if his being president had been already pre-arranged.”

    • Marlowe
    • This thing has gone viral ever since Drudge put it up and Rush signed off today by saying, “I just saw this on-line, go to Drudge and check out the feature story”

      Drudge gets 1 million hits per day Rush speaks to 5 million per day. This is going to be seen by a huge amount of people. This will be hard for Barry and his cohorts in the MSM to tamp down. ’bout time!

    • VTX
    • The cup just keeps spilling. It should be expected – probably within a week to three weeks – that something very damaging is going to come out about Obama. Things that only people who are in the secret-finding-keeping-spending business (and I’m not talking about the paparazi) will release.

      John Edwards’ story was outed by the Enquirer, you say? No, it was given to them, after Edwards outlived his political usefulness. Thrown to the dogs – as we’ll soon see Barack Obama.

      Several weeks ago Van Jones postulated that blacks would vote for Obama “even if he came out of the closet.” Then came Biden, then came Obama. The White House has been trying to keep ahead, plugging one leak after another. Maddening – to them.

      But the torrent is about to turn into a major flood – Obama has betrayed and alienated those who thought he could be worked with, managed. Perhaps “betrayal” is too strong a word, since they knew he was a loose cannon from the beginning. For example, he could have been a model for racial peacemaking had he not jumped on the Professor Gates bandwagon, and more lately the Travon-train. I know how President Bush would have handled these issues, or issues like them. Those who thought they could manage the President weren’t completely surprised at his infantile needs and urges, but they thought he could be a little bit – just a little bit – more reliable.

      And now the trickle is about to turn into a roaring river – and black churches will angrily denounce him when they would hide their eyes to his defense of infanticide and his promotion of the sin of envy. The decline is as managed as his rise.

      Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned. The shellacking is about to begin, and his replacement (?) candidate about to be named. The point of the exercise is to humiliate Obama so much that he cannot ever come back – no one, not even blacks, will ever trust him again. He has been deconstructed, and the finality of that will be apparent soon enough.

      Van Jones just “admitted” (more like a press release) that if Bush had been handling the oil spill like Obama, he’d have been marching every single day, protesting in the street. He said it was only the name of the occupant in the White House which kept him quiet and apparently on the plantation.

      As Jones’ “releases” tend to appear before other calamities, it looks like we’re gonna see the threads completely unravel.

      • Den
      • The Dem’s are looking for a way to save their ass from the shelacking that’s coming in Nov. They want to force Obama to drop out. Look at what’s happened recently. Clinton with his disapproval of Obama’s tax-the-rich, Joe Biden’s set up of Obama’s gay marriage support (which forced his hand) and now Van Jones going after Holder.

        The birth certificate issue is gaining momentum as well.

      • ITYS
      • Is all of this and the Klein book a covert attempt by the Cinton’s the avoid a Constitutional crisis and miraculously insert Hillary as the DNC’s presidential candidate???? Bill has allowed his anger to fester a long, long time and Hillary has been marginalized by the Obama’s.

        • Annie Oakley
        • time for a pre-emptive strike from the Romney camp on Hitlery…..campaign ad? looks like they took the advice from Dennis Miller having the ‘debt clock’ in the background – great ad I might add :-)

      • Stirrin the B.S.
      • Excellent analysis VTX. If you are correct, my fear is that Hitlery will rise as the replacement candidate, and that she will recapture all of the so-called moderates, independents and fence-sitters that are jumping over to Romney. It’s putting us in a very perverse situation of hoping that Oblasphemy can survive the nomination, so that Romney can shellack him in a landslide.

        These are crazy times. I long for stability.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Fine comment VTX…will it be his roommate holding hands etc with Obama or his true parentage or one of his many other secrets…his intentional race war, his ties to communist Russia and Putin, his part in lighting the Middle East on fire raising oil prices and intentionally transferring the wealth of the USA, , his $150k bribe of the unReverend Wright, his $6 million payoff to his long time friend, nuclear secrets released, removal of missile defense shields, his dropping of state secrets to the NYT’s, his wikileaks scheme, his general destruction of Western society and capitalism?….regardless it was a long time coming…and many in his government should be very concerned when it’s time to answer for their subversion and traitorous behaviour …because many are waiting with baited breath and will move legally and constitutionally to cut out the metasticizing cancer that is Obama and his fellow pukes.

      • cobra
      • Quite possible.
        However, this Chicago thug will not be taking it laying down.
        Like a cornered rat, he will lash out viciously.

    • jms
    • It does seem like he’s comprehensively pissed off every single demographic this week. Quite an accomplishment.

      • ITYS
      • I know this may seem off base but down to last 2 on American Idol and the contestants went home last week for hometown celebrations. The AA singer who was awesome saw the crowds for him and said wow I feel like Obama. He was promptly voted OFF despite his very strong night of performances last night….coincidence????! I think not.

    • ThroughTheLookingGlass
    • Like so many before me, I am skeptical that the information was just pulled out of a hat. Where else do you get a bio from? Barry himself or his agent.

      Had the publisher incorrectly printed the pamphlet saying he was born in China, Barry and/or his agent would have been all over them like white on rice. After all, Grandma would love to see her grandson’s name in print with a promise of an important publication.

      To let it pass for 21 years is quite a stretch of plausibility. It was just information that was buried and forgotten, until someone started digging and found information long overlooked. After all, the promised book was scratched. Apparently someone assumed the publicity for it would be, too.

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…and the rest of the American public.

    • NameBM
    • This is the day “Birthers” are marking as the day they are starting to be vindicated.

      Now it is for every one to see that they had ground to question the location of O’s birth as he himself let it be Kenya for 21 years.

      As much as I respect Glenn Beck, I cannot wait to see him eat crow on this one.

      To also be followed, the Arizona Secretary of State has formally asked Hawaii to confirm the validity of the April 27, 2011 BC posted on the WH website. Such confirmation will be essential to have Obama on the ballot or not in Arizona. Let’s see if Hawaii finally breaks rank.

      It is pilling up!!!!

      • silverdust
      • Don’t hold your breath re Beck eating crow. He’s still sneering at anyone who doesn’t believe Zero was born in Hawaii. Afterall, “Stu researched a whole month on his topic and found it without merit.” Stu’s research sucks. The hospital Zero claimed to hae been born in hadn’t been built in 1961, and the Hawaii official whose signature is at the bottom of the page is “Uke E. Lele.”

        Stu. What a genius.

        • Justawhoaman
        • I personally handed Glenn a letter explaining that the birthplace didn’t matter as long as BHO, Sr. was a Kenyan. A friend has been working hard for 3 years now to force the SCOTUS to define NBC from a Constitutional question, NOT a political one. The reaction from Glenn was someone who had been threatened with even a discussion of the topic. Fear of being Breitbarted or IRSed? See Forbes list.

    • Ace
    • Anyone else hearing the rumor that the Breitbart people have an old video of “Obama” saying straight out of his mouth that he was born in Kenya?

      • Stirrin the B.S.
      • @TP – saw that video on Ann Barnhardt’s blog this morning. Here’s her response to it – as usual she minces no words:

        Two points:

        1. This proves that Obama is a stone-cold liar and con-man. Checkmate. Either he lied when he said he was born in Kenya, or he lied when he said he was born in Hawaii. The fact that he commissioned and released an OBVIOUSLY FORGED Hawaiian birth certificate certainly causes the Obama garbage scow to list to the side of the lie being that he was born in Hawaii.

        Barack Obama IS A LIAR. He is a man of degenerate morality, and is a psychopath. Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that a con-artist psychopath is the Chief Executive of the largest economy in the world and the history of the world? Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that a con-artist psychopath is the Commander-in-Chief of the largest military force in the world and the history of the world? Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that the entire intelligence, law enforcement and bureaucracy of the United States government is either so incompetent that they couldn’t even vet ONE MAN or that they are complicit in Obama’s con?

        She goes on to rip a lot of conservatives for selling out, by not taking sufficient action to expose and remove the usurper-in-chief – claiming that his presidency is good for business. That’s not going to make her very popular, but she doesn’t care, she’s not trying to win a popularity contest.

      • American
      • HiIIery knew everything…she knew from the beginning…she was the one that had the 1st investigations done by attorney Philip J. Berg, a Democrat, that was working for hiIIery’s campaign.
        From Wikipedia
        “Barack Obama presidential eligibility litigation”

        “Berg v. Obama”
        “On August 21, 2008, Pennsylvania attorney Philip J. Berg, a Democrat[12] and former deputy state attorney general, filed a complaint alleging that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and was therefore a citizen of Kenya or possibly Indonesia, where he lived as a child. He alleged that the “Certification of Live Birth” on Obama’s website is a forgery.[16] U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick dismissed the complaint in October 2008, finding that Berg lacked standing to bring the case and that his attempts to gain standing to pursue his claim were “frivolous and not worthy of discussion.”
        Bypassing the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Berg filed a petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment in the United States Supreme Court. On December 10, 2008, the Supreme Court denied Berg’s request for an injunction against the seating of the Electoral College, scheduled for December 15.[18] On December 15, 2008, the petitioner refiled the application for injunction.[19] Two days later, Berg’s appeal was denied without comment by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.[15] Berg’s previously denied request for an injunction was refiled with Justice Antonin Scalia on December 18, 2008.[19] On January 12, the Supreme Court denied the petition for certiorari. The application for stay addressed to Justice Scalia and referred to the Court was also summarily denied on January 21, 2009.[19]
        On November 12, 2009, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit affirmed the district court’s ruling that Berg lacked standing”

      • Obeline
      • Democrats may be faced with a choice between ‘the Lady or the Tiger’ – but, Hillary’s no lady and Zero’s no tiger.

        Republicans may view The Dem’s dilemma as being ‘between a rock and a hard place’ – but is Hillary the rock and Zero the hard place?

        What would we do without cliches?

        • cobra
        • If Hitlery replaces Zero, as nominee, the Clinton machine will pay back their debt to the Chicago machine, with a vengeance.
          There will be a civil war in the demshevik party, we haven’t seen in our life time.

      • Jules
      • Speaking of ValJar and Adirod, UM, I Mustache you a question: what has WHI said lately, if anything, about those two? Is he shaving it for later? You know, keeping tabs and all?

    • Marie
    • Obama listed himself as a student from Kenya and that is why his college records are buried under nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain.

    • Stirrin the B.S.
    • This is not going to be a popular comment at this time, but I still find it difficult to believe that Obumphuk was born in Kenya. However, I do believe that he himself is a composite, fictional character – a complete and total fraud and a con-man – who was constructed by the likes of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers and other radical communist America haters of that time.

      Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise one bit if he intentionally planted the born in Kenya lie as part of the raised in Indonesia and Hawaii background to accomplish two things. First, to give himself a cosmopolitan, man of the world, globally savvy character. And second – and most importantly – to lay a smoke screen over his heavily radical communist influences.

      I could be wrong, in fact Drudge has a “flashback” post from 2004 that has him admitting that he was born in Kenya – but again, is it real or is it Memorex? With a sociopathic liar, its hard to tell.

      • Jules
      • “…to lay a smoke screen over his heavily radical communist influences.”

        Yep, What’s a little prevarication among Democrats? Why it’s more patriotic than making someone else pay more taxes. Slick Willy was more than happy to excuse Robert Byrd’s being in the Klan, because, well, he did what he had to do, according to Clinton, another expert pathological liar.

        One wonders if Barry even knows the truth anymore. His memories go back how far?

        • ThroughTheLookingGlass
        • With an admitted history of drug abuse, Barry’s memories are more than clouded. This whole mess is beginning to read like a John Grishom novel!

          I can’t help but wonder what they will tell the children…

    • Den
    • Regardless of whether they remove Obama from the ticket and replace her, oops freudian slip, him with someone like Hillary. It’s too late, their brand is damaged and people will never trust them for having not vetted this a–h–e in the beginning.

      It’s pure BS.

      • Obeline
      • Remember the words of HL Mencken: no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

        I wish I could share your optimism about a damaged brand.

        (Uncle Bill was re-elected, remember?)

    • daybreak
    • I bet that editor, Miriam Goderich, hyperventilated until she about passed out when this story hit the news. She all but falls over herself to assure it was all her stupid, younger, just-an-assistant self that did it…all just a big mistake, people.

      I wonder it that was before or after getting the call from The Puppeteer (The one who makes Obamalamadingdong dance)?

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