FINALLY – GOP Leadership United In Effort To Investigate Eric Holder

Republican leaders John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy joined with Darell Issa in a letter to Obama Attorney General Eric Holder that demands Holder cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation into the failed and deadly gunrunning operation.  And according to that letter just released to the media, Boehner and his fellow Republicans are focused in not only on what Eric Holder knew and when - but perhaps Barack Obama himself.


…“We write to express our concerns with the lack of full cooperation from the Department of Justice with the ongoing Congressional investigation into the operation known as ‘Fast & Furious’ and the related death of Border Agent Brian Terry,” the House leaders wrote to Holder.

…The House GOP leaders said there are “two key questions” that “remain unanswered.”

“[F]irst, who on your leadership team was informed of the reckless tactics used in the Fast & Furious prior to Agent Terry’s murder; and, second, did your leadership team mislead or misinform Congress in response to a Congressional subpoena?” the letter reads.

…Issa says he is planning to move forward with contempt of Congress proceedings against Holder if he does not comply with the subpoena. Earlier this week, Deputy Attorney General James Cole claimed that his boss has complied with the subpoena and alleged that the potential contempt proceedings would be “unwarranted.”

In their Friday letter to Holder, though, Boehner and his deputies said they were “troubled” with the Department of Justice’s “assertions that the Executive Branch possesses the ability to determine whether inquiries from the Legislative Branch have been fully complied with.”

“As the Supreme Court has noted, each co-equal branch of our Government is supreme in their assigned area of Constitutional duties,” the GOP leaders wrote. “Thus, the question of whether the Executive Branch has sufficiently complied with a Congressional subpoena requesting specific information pursuant to Congress’ Article I responsibilities is one only the Legislative Branch can answer.”



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27 Comments to FINALLY – GOP Leadership United In Effort To Investigate Eric Holder
    • Lynda Fox
    • What would happen if they did put holder in contempt? Will it rid this country of him, finally, or, is this just another investigation, or, task force, per se?
      And, I’m sorry, but, I do not trust Boehner at all.

    • truthandjustice
    • Heard some knowlegeable people who know about how corrupt “politics” is run in D.C. – like Brit Hume – that they predict this will go nowhere. These contempt deals have been done before & they never go anywhere. It’s just “dog and pony” show as they say. Likely that these GOP leaders (at least Boehner and Issa, probably Cantor) can’t do anything even if they wanted b/c of favors that were done for them in the past (involving Holder), and they are calling them in now.
      That’s why Obama regime is not too worried about being prosecuted or run out of office for anything. If it’s not held in secret, it’s rigged where they can’t if they find evidence for prosecution. Also can’t impeach without Senate being involved and they won’t b/c they’re dominated by fellow radical Dems.and would take several months, which ends up around election time. So I guess the Repubs. are just “wishin and hopin” the elections will solve things.
      And the ones that might be patriotic and might try to do the right thing are probably threatened. My guess about Blago, who probably knew some damaging info re Obama, was threatened & that’s why we didn’t get any info from him and had to go to prison….to protect his family.
      I don’t think most of us know how far and deep this runs – about their protection & help from the int’l radicals.
      Of course I’ll be hoping I’m wrong….we’ll see……..

      • Whistleblower
      • truthandjustice

        Unfortunately you are correct, this is a dog and pony show just as the Blago trial was. Issa is stiff-arming people that are trying to expose what is really going on here. He does not want to get to the truth about fast and furious, it goes much deeper than people realize. Issa at the same time wants absolutely nothing to do with any documents or evidence pertaining to all the corruption in Chicago. It’s all for show. Look to Chicago to find the answers. Chicago is the key to it all.

    • Jules
    • Finally?

      Oh yeah boy, yessiree Bob. This is it, Really. We’re serious now. Look out. No backin’ down.

      We have written a strongly worded LETTER!

      Take that. And this and that. Thrust. parry. Dodge. Weave. Little side-to-side action. Yes indeedy.

      Woo-wee, this is wearin’ us out. Let’s just sit down here for a second, get our second wind.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • We can go back at least as far as “Landslide Lyndon” for evolving loss of faith. With LBJ, people did nothing, with FDR people did nothing, with Woodrow Wilson people did nothing…

      Conservatives are busy creating value in the private section and meeting payrolls, not plotting and scheming like democrats alway do to steal elections, workers’ wealth and personal power.

      Conservatives, like it or not, have done this to ourselves.

      Hopefully, we are finally learning we need to weed the garden regularly and we have learned how to fight fire with fire.


      • ThroughTheLookingGlass
      • To wit: RINO’s–the Republican Party’s answer to fighting fire with fire.

        However, I do agree that weeding the garden will allow the plants to grow and produce IF they aren’t mistaken for weeds or actually are weeds.

    • Kay112
    • Did Boehner get poll numbers stating Republicans are very unhappy with him and are eager to give him the boot in November or what?

      All the sudden he is talking tough this week! He’s been tough on Holder and the debt ceiling! Someone gave Boehner a good talking to!

      “If you (Boehner) like this cushy job, you better shape up or you’ll be shipped out soon too!”

    • Jen Gelman
    • Next time you are in the shower, check yourself for a barcode. Because if you haven’t already been sold out you soon will be, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • Whistleblower
    • AmericatheBeautiful

      Fitzgerald has been protecting the corrupt in Chicago from the first day he arrived from NY, where he had recently brought charges against a virtually unknown Bin Laden, before 911. Patrick Fitzgerald came to Chicago the first week of September 2001.
      The press made him out to be Elliot Ness and then they helped him protect Obama and friends. We could go into particulars, however if you would indulge me and except this premise, and look at recent history through this prism, perhaps somethings will make a little more sense. If it helps, try to recall just who has gone to jail in Illinois. Less than the # of dead. Why does Holder think Fitz is pretty, and why was/is Fitz on short list to replace Mueller as FBI director ? Why did the press not ask the U.S. Attorney who brought charges against Bin Laden his thoughts on his demise ? Things are seldom what they appeared to be in Chicago.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Protect and Usher…watches wall =Holder and Fitzgerald

      Fitzgerald protected ACORN
      Lawyers taking images at Gitmo
      Holder’s fake Republican dirty ace in the hole

      Brought into office in Chicago to keep a lid on Rezko and pretend Obama was not equally dirty with Rezko as Blago repeatedly said

      Fitzgerald brought down the Bush WH and ramped up the hatred with his political assassination of Scooter Libby setting the stage to usher in Frank Marshall Davus’ son Obama

      Fitzgerald and his associatin with ACORN is stunningu

      • ThroughTheLookingGlass
      • As usual, terrific insight, AtB. I’ve always thought that Blago was hushed because he knew or said too much. That’s why most of those FBI tapes were never released to the public…at least the edited portions! Nevermind building a Presidential Library for Barry. All his papers will be sealed in Federal and State Court Records.

    • Whistleblower
    • Why is it that the national media has never ask John Chase reporter for (Axelrod’s) Chicago Tribune, how he knew that the feds were recording Blago? Why did Blago not make an issue of the leak ?

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • It is not about any one or all the bit players involved in taking down the USA…it is the tapestry they weave of a country captured and being destroyed…

      Look to the head and the seconds at every agency…

      WH – Obama–Captured

      Senate–Reid –Captured

      Holder @Justice with Lanny Bruer–Captured

      Pentagon–Panetta –Captured

      CIA –Petraues is either in on it or can be counted on for being managed–Captured

      FBI –soon to be Fitzgerald –Captured

      Fourth Estate, Media –Captured

      Treasury–Geithner– Captured

      Fed–Bernanke –Captured

      Second attack of a SC justice reported today…they will do anything, anything to protect the incursions they have made, ….they will not be denied unless we stop then. And stop them now…

      All we hold is the check book in The House and one last chance at this next election…with the sword of Damacles held gabove our collective head.

      If SCYTL is not stopped…we are dead.

      Secretary of State at the State level is the answer there …as FEC and Election Commission claim no knowledge…this must be stopped..
      SCYTL counted the vote for both Spain and France…look at the destruction wrought upon Spain by their Green Communist leadership…raped and destroyed, hanging by a thread….and France now heads down the same sorry drain…Where is the chickenshit Woodward? the Fair and Balanced scared into submission NewsCorp? The world either stands up to Putin now or awaits slavery and destruction

      The real story of our covert CIA agents being outed….how many worked in Holders Law firm?

      Right! Put Fitzgerald on the case…what a F…..g Joke!….understand from inside our government CIA was betrayed…How many dead?

      While the pretty Isakoff may have thought he was reporting on a tough persecutor anyone with a shred of IQ and an inkling of common sense can read though the lines on the corruption at play…

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