Top Iranian Military Commander Planning “Full Annihilation of Israel”

Do you recall when then-candidate Barack Obama declared Iran a small nation that did not pose a serious threat to the world?  It is that very talk by the man who is now President of the United States that now emboldens Iran to pursue a nuclear bomb with a promise to then annihilate Israel from the face of the earth.

From a recent Daily Caller report:


Iran committed to ‘full annihilation of Israel,’ says top Iranian military commander

Iran is dedicated to annihilating Israel, the Islamic regime’s military chief of staff declared Sunday.

“The Iranian nation is standing for its cause and that is the full annihilation of Israel,” Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi said in a speech to a defense gathering Sunday in Tehran.

…While many within the Islamic regime, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have often stated that Israel should be annihilated, until Sunday no one in the nation’s leadership has announced Iran’s determined intention to carry it out.   LINK


And do not forget – it was Barack Obama, who as president, did NOTHING during the popular uprising that took place in Iran during 2010 – an uprising that was eventually and quite brutally put down by the very Iranian officials who are now promising the destruction of the Israel.

Such are the facts of the Obama foreign policy – dangerous weakness and indecision that has done nothing but further destabilize the most dangerous regions in the world.

It is also a fact that Barack Obama was a 20-plus year member of a radicalized Black Liberation Theology based church in Chicago well known for its anti-Jewish rhetoric.  Such information, while easily verified, continues to be downplayed or completely ignored by the Mainstream Media.

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16 Comments to Top Iranian Military Commander Planning “Full Annihilation of Israel”
    • IS
    • ‘Roknabadi repeated the Kayhan report’s claim that Iran has thousands of missiles at the ready.”

      “If the Zionist regime makes such a mistake with military aggression against Iran, it will face Iran’s crushing response,” he warned. “We have prepared ourselves and currently have 11,000 missiles ready to launch at the U.S. and Israel and their interests in the world.”

      Read more:

      Sounds almost like they are declaring war on us. Any word from Obama yet on this? Is America going to just sit and wait until they attack Israel and the US with missiles and THEN finally do something?

    • Perceptible Future
    • The global economy is crappy, lots of financial hardship in our future. Let me think… Where have we heard this before… Oh yea, 1929 Depression- Democrat President- World War II!!! Any bets for World War III?

    • R. J.
    • It is so sad that so many liberal American Jews voted for this guy and still support him to this day (especially the ones that live in Hollywierd). All of this was predictable, all of what this president was going to do was knowable before the 2008 election…I always thought someday I would wake up to find Israel a smoking hole in the ground. Now, I am certain I will. No one is going to stop this and the west will have yet one more black spot on it’s soul for letting it be so. God bless the poor, besieged, people of Israel. God have mercy on the rest of us.

    • Holly
    • UM, you need to add the word “year” to the last paragraph of this story, so that it reads “20+-year member of a Black Theology church.”

    • charlotte
    • Israel’s nukes are always ready. Iran will no doubt then also kill the “Palestinians” too. I wonder if that Commie troll Abbas and that Fayad have taken this into account? By the way Abbas has skimmed off $100 million from aid given by foreign countries. Same as Arafat did. And Barfack’s admin just gave them another tranche of money…

      Jordan and Lebanon will also be affected. But I am consoled that Iran will be turned into glass should they even try to annihilate Israel.Barfack is stupid because there are Hezbollah terrorists right on our borders in Mexico. Rumor has it that small suitcase nukes have already entered the US…
      Barfack must know this all and the only explanation is that he doesn’t care/mind because he is so obviously a Muslim (Rev Wright said he wasn’t sure whether Obama became a proper Christian)

      • cobra
      • The tragedy of all of this is that the majority of the Iranians are not islamo-nazis, just people looking to have a life.
        The young people, the majority of the population is westernized and would love nothing more than to kick the mullahs in the teeth…

        • bill o'rights
        • Again, I have to agree.

          I am so tired of despots. They never cease to bring such pain upon the people they rule.

          I would have thought our own government was, for its (very few) weaknesses, infallible. It is still inconceivable to me that anyone should be unhappy living in a nation that seeks, by design, to promote the best in everyone and preserve their right to reach for their dreams.

      • bill o'rights
      • I have heard this as well. They’re very well funded and have been there for some time.

        I’m fairly convinced the good people down at Janet’s DHS have been dealing with them for a while now. My speculative mind’s eye sees them as serving the role of mercenary, once the administration declares martial law.

        Is it so far-fetched to believe they would be recruited as henchman to help eliminate those pesky ‘defenders of the Constitution’ in Texas and Arizona?

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