Why Is Barack Obama Hiding His College Records?

What started as whispers now grows to repeated questions over why Barack Obama has been so determined to keep his own education records hidden away from public view.


When President Obama gave the commencement address last week at the Air Force Academy, he congratulated the cadets for excelling at one of the most demanding schools in the country.

But decades after Mr. Obama completed his own college course work, his academic performance is still a mystery. Before and after his election as president, Mr. Obama has refused to release his college transcripts from his days as an undergraduate and a law school student.

Most presidents’ academic records are made public by the time they reach the highest office in the land, either with their consent or by someone else digging them up.

“There’s no reason why people shouldn’t know,” said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who focuses on the presidency. 

…The years-long secrecy about Mr. Obama’s college records has led to accusations that he is trying to hide something — for example, grades that might have justified neither his transfer to Columbia University in 1981 from Occidental College, a small school in Los Angeles where he was on a scholarship, nor his acceptance into Harvard Law School in 1988.


Obama ducks calls to release his collegiate transcripts


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27 Comments to Why Is Barack Obama Hiding His College Records?
    • Kay112
    • Obama may be dumber than dirt, but I didn’t say he is stupid~~ I am sure his college records would prove he lacks in intelligence so it wouldn’t benefit him to reveal them. Also, I bet he did get foreign aid as a student at Harvard. If Harvard would give minority status to Elizabeth Warren for 6 years, why not assist Obama with foreign aid?

      • NameBM
      • There is no mystery to the college records, there is just plain ignorance.

        To anybody with any experience of applying to Ivy League schools, there is ONLY ONE WAY a below average student from Continental can be transfered to Columbia.

        He is a foreign student.

        Now let’s be clear also. Obama did not attend Columbia. What he attended was an extension school of Columbia. One of those “Columbia” specific programs open to only foreigners.

        This is something few people know. ALL the major schools have specific “schools” within their main apparatus specially designed to provide a “taste” of American schooling to foreign students. This is a highly proffecient money machine for these schools.

        Mostly because the tuitions are paid by foreign governments and by the American governement(American Taxpayers).

        The purpose of these schools or programs are to give the foreign elite spawns an American experience in exchange for a shiny diploma from said school.

        The education is not the purpose. The purpose is to have the foreign elite of tomorrow experienced the American life for a year and to have an American stamps on their resume.

        It is also to have the best and brightest of America counting among their Alumni the foreign elite of tomorrow.

        It is also obvious that Obama went in Harvard not on the strength of his college record but on a “legacy” application. Meaning sons and daugthers of previous alumnis are prioritized. And since his tuitions were paid (via help from the Saudi Royals) and sine he was highly recommended from teaching professors, he was in.

        • reader
        • Interesting post. Ive considered some of this as well. Colleges are turning out little socialists right and left these days. Obama is the worst of that fact. If America gives him four more years we don’t deserve our freedom. We’ve gone too far into socialism to even care it seems then. Time to move!

        • truthandjustice
        • Thanks – this is the kind of info I wish at least Fox would expose but I’m cynical of them too & no doubt asking too much. Always suspected all of that was just another scam in order to be able to “present” and sell Obama as the great qualified Pres. candidate. Hearing there are increasingly more calls for his sealed records to be unsealed & discussing why won’t they? The general public is quite unaware of all the corruption and scams going on in this country – not to mention lawlessness and no justice.

          • NameBM
          • Reverend Manning had a “trial” last year. Now not to judge the whole Reverend Manning thing, several interesting infos and witnesses came out of it anyway.

            I would refer you to what has been reported for the details. But the black little old ladies who spent countless hours at Columbia investigating found NOTHING. No trace whatsoever of Obama having been there. Which coroborated a report from the MSM which interviewed many alumni of the same Class O would have been in, and nobody remembered him.

            Which also coroborated the fact that Columbia reported having O enrolled for one year only vs. the two years required to complete a regular degree.

            Identifying the extension program came out of the “trial”.

            To respond on how I would know that coming out of Occidental (thks for the correction) with average grades to transfer is impossible unless you are a foreigner: a) ask any kid or their parents how difficult it is to enter an Ivy League college. You have to be beyong outstanding. Not only in your grades but in the off-hours activities as well. Applicants prepare and dedicate their life throughout their entire high school years to do it. And transferring to an Ivy League is practically impossible and reserved to the very best and brightest.

            But if you are a foreign student, GRADES DO NOT MATTER. What matters is who you are, and how good your connections in your country of origine are. The Game for the best schools is to count the elite of foreign governements among their aluminis. These schools know the student will not stay in the US, therefore graduating an idiot is not too important. What is important is that he is part of the International elite ie. son a Kenyan Minister and stepson of an Indonesian high ranked official.

            b)Another clue is that Obama’s roomates were foreigners. The “foreigner” programs have their own structure within the structure, including their own housing program.

            Ivy League Schools are very protective of the relationships their students forge. They do not introduce Student enrolled in special or “short term” programs in the regular student body housing. Or if they do they do not mix them. Separate rooms, sometimes buildings.

            All this is absolutely true. I know the system first hand.

        • Kay112
        • @ BM~~ Are you positive there is only one way for Obama to have been transferred from Continental to Columbia and that is via being a foreign student? Would you kindly elaborate?

          • Lindandy
          • @BM (and Kay112): Obama went from “Occidental” to Columbia (not Continental) and I would also like to know more on this topic.

            @BM: “Obama did not attend Columbia. What he attended was an extension school of Columbia. One of those “Columbia” specific programs open to only foreigners.”

            Could you also elaborate on the “extension school” at Columbia, open only to foreigners. Where did this info come from? Very interesting (and possible) but had not heard it mentioned before.

    • Perceptible Future
    • Ulsterman,
      it seems lately many of my posts have been deleted, I am not sure why. Either frank and open discussions are being censored for no apparent reason or without explanation of the “in-house” violation. Two scenarios arise: 1) Your site is a propaganda arm at “Ground Level” or, 2) (worse) py-ops/information gathering tool of a much larger operation.

      Information submitted has purposefully been omitted which would deepen the discussion but for purposes only known by the man behind the curtain, it will only be posted briefly before it is deemed unacceptable and removed. Either way, I am disappointed with how you nudge the conversation into a narrative that has become very shallow.

      I am also sure this post probably will be removed. It doesn’t matter because I will not be returning to post here again. I just feel sorry for your more enlightened posters who will eventually find out who and what you are. Valē!

      • NameBM
      • I am not sure what is going on but I am calling it the tale of disapearing comments.

        This site has a specific feature: The more you visit it, the less comments are attached to the same post.

        Over the weekend, comments to the gay friend salute went from upper 10 to lower 10, to upper single digit to 3….

        Either spammy is very hungry and coming for second and third serving, or ….

        • VTX
        • It’s possible that the dog responsible for eating Obama’s college transcipts also found nourishment in many of the posts. Like Obama’s recipe book from his days in Indonesia:

          Bow Wow Chow

      • MEL

        • reader
        • I agree with you Mel. Comments come and go. Who cares? Nothing we are saying to each other in here is as important as the stories being published. Right? Check the egos are the door people. Grow up.

      • cobra
      • We have the right to be careful. Perceptible is right.
        I see no reason, at all, for censorship applied to us.
        While there are trolls, the people complaining here are not mind numb obamabots, but thoughtful posters.
        I am dismayed as well, but I will keep posting if I think I can meke a difference.
        Please stop dumping on Perceptible Future.

        • reader
        • I wasn’t dumping on anybody. I was pointing out our little comments are not that important. Same as on any blog. And UM explained the deletions a while ago. All the spam makes it necessary. More power to him. just keep the information coming because that is what I come here for. Not to read my own comments and get my ego stroked. Now back to regular programming!

          • cobra
          • You are wrong. Some people did an amazing body of research putting leads together.
            The pictures that emerged were very stark and it helped move the story, spelled by the WSI and the WHI.
            Besides, if people see their comments deleted, they may move on to other greener pastures…

      • IS
      • It may be the way the comment feature is structured, but when spam occurs, and it often does, many posts get deleted along with the spam post. Many of my posts have been deleted too. Its seems that what happens at times, after a spam bomb occurs, initially it appeared as though the admin on this site tried to delete only the spam. This seemed to cause the remaining posts attached to the spam get all crazy and end up appearing in spots that made no sense. So unfortunately its probably just easier to delete all the spam, and all the posts attached to it. Its a bummer, but part of the game.

    • MEL

      • ITYS
      • Also connections of Thomas Ayers as the bill payer, check out law professor Steve Diamond’s research which was out in 2008!!! This is the Chicago Communist connections, now how did this come about? Through Frank Marshall Davis? Bottom lie rme is this Bill Ayers connection may be the mst significant. Loo at Ack Cashill’s research on Ayers writing “Dreams….” and remember the flotilla saints Israel, and Ayers is deeply connected to OWS. Coincidences, I don’t think so. all remember Breitbart…….the CAC speech was about radical connections to the long gray haired ponytails……. Not the Derek Bell video.

        Just as an aside Nat’l Enquirer last week had cover story about WH murder scandal with AB and the coroners assistant. NO LOL, Nat’l Enq broke John Edwards story a FULL year ahead of the lame media. The article re-stated the gray haired ponytails issue and said those taes are now missing!!!!

    • E.A.B.
    • Obama’s college transcripts will show that he did not actually earn his degrees. They were “gifted” to him via his personal connections.

    • charlotte
    • I noticed that some of my posts have been removed. One post in particular where I laid out an explosive revelation and exposition about another possible Obozo connected crime…

    • cobra
    • UM,
      You run the risk of losing your readers, who post interesting stuff.
      if their posts are “pruned” for no reason. They will get pissed and just move away.
      I simply can not understand why and who is doing this stuff, if you want readership…

    • lovelypeace
    • I read an article the other day where the Libs were complaining about why we were asking questions about Obama’s BC/transcripts. The thing is that if we got satisfactory answers to the questions, then we would stop asking the questions. Americans are forgiving and compassionate, but we won’t stand by and be lied to. Why do you think we don’t subscribe to your papers or watch your “news” programming? Maybe if you all stopped pushing an agenda and reported what was going on, then maybe people might listen to what you have to say…….

    • Paloma
    • Agree. At first, and after UM’s explanation of the spam factor, I wrote off missing posts to that. No more. I, too, have had many (most) of my comments disappear after posting. I truly believe that we are being hacked, as UM has shown too much info that the obots fear. While posting here, one night a message appeared on my screen in bright green letters on black ground “You are posting too much – slow down.” Eerie. Next day I found that my computer would mot work. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Zero has too many mindless trolls working for him, using any lowdown tactics that he feels necessary to assure his reelection. Be careful, it’s getting really mean out there.

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