Bill Clinton’s Public F-YOU to Barack Obama

Yes, he gave praise to the One here and there, but the most direct shots came out AGAINST Obama far more than for Obama.

Very interesting – this was at a fundraiser hosted by Bill Clinton for President Obama…


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10 Comments to Bill Clinton’s Public F-YOU to Barack Obama
    • Bobbi
    • On WND, a Hollywood film maker and Hillary supporter, claimed that Chelsea had been threatened, and that is why the Clntons did not bring out their evdence. Dr. Corsi interviewed her.

    • CHHR, VA
    • “the only guy who gave you 4 surplus budgets out of the 8 I sent”

      LOLOLOLOL, you nean AFTER the Republicans came into the legislature in a rather impressive victory right?

      Or do you mean, that you made it look like surplus once you emptied the SS trust fund you called out in your state of the union address in 96?

      Oh wait, that’s right, you took the “surplus” from government debt and pushed it over into the “public” debt so that it looked like you were fiscally sound.

      It doesn’t matter, the $460B was carried for years with funny accounting tricks and therefore NOT a surplus or good for the economy.

      I like his little vendetta against the One, but I really wish someone would tell the actual truth.

    • Xeno
    • I’ve been telling the rest of you to watch Clinton for a while now.

      He’s quietly sabotaging things on purpose. Not out in front. Behind the scenes, in as subtle a way as he can get away with.

      Why else do you think he put in the it-could-have-hurt-HIM remark in the interview he gave in the video which heralded Bin Laden’s death? He knew how that phrasing would be used. Knew the Republicans would happily use it and knew he could absolve himself of all liability.

      To paraphrase the ‘South Park’ creators, Bill dislikes the Republicans, but he quietly HATES what Obama’s team did to him.

    • Publius
    • The Clintons have always placed a premium on loyalty, and reciprocate it with their friends. The obverse is also true. Bill, in particular, is a master at punishing those he considers disloyal. Some don’t seem to recognize what he’s up to, even while he’s doing it right in front of them.

      Now that the Walker recall has failed, Obama’s hollow campaign promise of 2007 to “put on comfortable shoes…” and march with union members wherever their collective bargaining rights are under attack, should be seen by labor unions across the board as proof that Obama cannot be trusted.

      Once the dust settles on the Wisconsin debacle, it may prove to be a watershed moment in Big Labor’s relationship with the Obama campaign. It would not surprise me to see a few labor leaders, possibly United Mine Workers and/or those representing potential Keystone Pipeline workers quietly reaching out to the Romney campaign. It would be in Romney’s political interest to be receptive to such overtures, reassuring them that his energy policy would put their people back to work.

    • Obeline
    • Been watching this site and it’s really interesting to see how Hillary supporters analyze Bubba’s recent performances. Worth keeping an eye on for perspective, from the other side:

      ” . . . Bill Clinton hasn’t had this much fun in a long time and anyone who wants Obama defeated should help Bill Clinton as he (slaps) “supports” Obama in a very peculiar way . . .”

    • Chunkdog
    • Although I don’t agree with a lot of his politics, Clinton knows how to play the political game, is extremely intelligent and charming, is a good manipulator, and very rarely says things that he doesn’t mean. Unlike Obama.

      So he can get away with planning a death by a thousand paper cuts. After each one, he plants a smile on his face, and with that “good ol boy” demeanor says he’s sorry and that it was just a accidental little scratch and didn’t really mean to hurt anyone.

      Meanwhile, the totally clueless Obama is bleeding out all over the Oval Office rug.

      Nobody ever referred to Obama as “Slick Barry”, have they?.

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