Eric Holder Tells Congressman Issa – Let’s Make A Deal…

Clearly fearing for his job now that Congressional Republicans and even some among the Mainstream Media are asking increasingly tough questions surrounding the Fast and Furious and White House leak scandals, a panicked Eric Holder asks Republican Darrell Issa to accept a deal.  Will Issa agree?


In a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Holder said he was prepared to make “an extraordinary accommodation” to congressional investigators by turning over internal DOJ documents to the House panel related to Fast and Furious. Holder has previously asserted that such documents are not covered by committee subpoenas.

In addition, Holder wants to meet personally with Issa by Monday to ensure they can reach a deal.

”The Department’s willingness to provide these materials is a serious, good faith effort to bring this matter to an amicable resolution,” Holder said in his letter to Issa. “However, because as the Chairman only you have the authority to bind the committee, I continue to believe that a meeting is required both to assure that there are no misunderstandings about this matter and to confirm that the elements of the proposal we are making will be deemed sufficient to render the process of contempt unnecessary. I seek your direct engagement for precisely that reason, and I propose that the meeting occur by Monday, June 18, 2012.”

…Holder has also portrayed the Justice Department as willing to compromise with the congressional probe of the failed Fast and Furious program, which allowed guns sold in the United States to go Mexican drug cartels. Two U.S. law enforcement agents were later killed with some of the weapons.



Congressman Issa’s office has yet to indicate if Eric Holder’s current offer and attempt to stall the contempt vote now scheduled for Wednesday will be accomodated…

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48 Comments to Eric Holder Tells Congressman Issa – Let’s Make A Deal…
      • lanurse1
      • EXACTLY Jules~~When receive a SUBPOENA from Congress you HAND OVER what is asked for you DON’T COMPROMISE~~Issa better stand his ground~~Holder must go AND face charges

      • bill o'rights
      • Absolutely.

        If he shows up at that meeting, its over. Considering Holder’s history and his systematic abuse of power, I can only imagine the kind of intimidation he could lay on, behind closed doors. Holder is a coward and a criminal who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

        I can’t wait to see that son of a b-tch go down. In my wildest fantasies, Issa has tracked down a federal judge to sign an arrest warrant for Holder, should he be found in contempt…followed by the Congressional Sergeant-of-Arms marching into Justice headquarters and demanding his arrest.

        If Obama wants to shield him, which I’d likely bet could happen, it would be time to go after him. And, I’m all over that. An eviction notice is long overdue at 1600 Pennsylvania. The situation with IMF is not totally irreparable yet, but it will be by November. It’s time for these people to go.

    • Justawhoaman
    • Good God. Everyone here needs to write Issa and tell him that the gig is up. We are all watching and his “Dancing With The Czars” has got to stop, We all know about the back room deals and we are “stick a fork in me” done with this line of boulder-dash. We demand that Holder is out, if not. On his way to prison and that the Congress and Senate had better start bracing for treason charges.

      Race riots? That is what the left is pushing for. Bring ‘em on. Blacks in this country need to understand that the Left is NOT out to support them. They will treat them the same as they did all the little stupid college kids In the 60′s when they tricked them into Peace Rallies only to light a bomb in the midst to bring in the police (that they still call “pigs”). Tear gas.

      It will be more than tear gas today my friends.

      Pray for Peace..

    • IS
    • Issa will cave. He will accommodate Holder. The documents Holder provides will throw others under the bus. End of story.

      Or is it?

      Lets hope Issa has some balls. Wont hold my breath.

        • AmericaTheBeautiful
        • Hello Whistleblower, for show or for time?…Because things are coming down the pike that will change the focus dramatically.

          As Italy collapses and the IMF emerges as Goliath and the people world over come to an understanding that much that has happened globally has been orchestrated in order to remould the globe to a New World Order…with the USA loosing its sovereignty via the Trojan Horse that is TPP and USA citizenship via Amnesty for all who desire it…diluting and destroying our constitution, constitutional rights and further redistributing the wealth and treasure of the USA.

    • VTX
    • Let’s suppose Axelrod or Jarrett or Obama (or his wife) were behind the scheme. Let’s say that, just for our amusement. Will Holder keep his cards to himself and fall on his own short little sword?

      We will see. If anyone higher up than Holder is inolved, you can be sure he’s going to turn – not to keep his job, but to keep his immunity.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • I’ve got a very bad feeling about this….

      Word is that this is the song and dance that these pols play…like political chicken. Since Holder swerved suddenly to avoid a head-on, he thinks he’s been spared a collision. Issa needs to see what he’s offering first, then run Holder out of town on a rail. Holder thought he could stall all this until after the election when it may or may not be a moot point. I sure hope Issa and Company see it for what it is: an 11th hour prayer for reprieve.

      • Jules
      • In the old game show “Let’s Make a Deal,” Monty Hall would approach a member of the audience, and offer some $$$cash prize if the poor slob, dressed by a one-armed blind drunk, could produce from his (or usually her) purse, or pocket something like a clothespin or a unopened pack of gum. “If you can show me ____, you’ll win $$____”

        Only here, Eric thinks that HE is the host of this game show and can reverse the rules.

    • IS
    • People, we gotta put pressure on Issa. There is a link above posted by someone else, but I am going to post it again here for those who immediately scroll down to the bottom.

      Also, we’ve got a little Twittering about this. Twitter seems to work really well. The posts will remain for a while, and with calls, they are effective, but they can easily be deleted before even being heard by anyone.

      For those of you with Twitter accounts, tweet to @DarrellIssa and let him know Americans are counting on him to not cave.

    • Nan G
    • How often has Holder visited the WH?
      “President Obama certainly has an estranged relationship with his cabinet, preferring to govern mostly out of the White House. But according to White House Visitor Logs, John Bryson actually visited more often than many of his colleagues–a total of 31 times (barring multiple John Brysons). Energy Secretary Steven Chu had visited 17 times and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has only swung by 13 times. To put that in context, Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen has visited the White House 33 times and union boss Richard Trumka has visited 69 times.”
      The Bizarre White House Reaction to John Bryson News
      This backs up what the WHInsider has said about Obama hanging out in a game room, smoking and watching ESPN, in flip-flops.

      5 minutes of face time only rarely.

      • IS
      • Here is what I found interesting about the article you linked:

        “In Carney’s first answer, we learned that President Obama had not spoken with Secretary Bryson. This seemed odd. A cabinet secretary is hospitalized following serious traffic incidents and a police citation and the president does not pick up the phone to check on his welfare?”


        “The White House has more questions to answer. These questions do not require them to divulge any private or health-related information if Bryson and his family choose to not share that information. But White House officials should explain why the president was left in the dark, why the president is still not in touch with his cabinet secretary and why they had such a hard time gathering facts over two days.”

        Well, what if Obama already knew? What if Obama is actually surprised the guy is still alive and needs more time to figure out why the hell his little plan didn’t work?

        Speculating of course. It does seem odd though, doesn’t it? Obama says he just found out, didn’t know, hadn’t spoken to him? Why WOULDN’T he have spoken to him? It seems like he should have, if he is a trusted, valued member of his administration.

    • VTX
    • Issa should arrange for special protection for Holder – if he’s willing to provide the links. Holder is NOT the author of F and F – but he sure did administer the program. He has culpability – but the finger points higher.

      That having been said, I believe Issa should make sure he has a record of the meeting. Nothing off-the-record. Even if he has to wear a wire.

      • IS
      • You make a good point. If Holder spews, he is as good as dead. He would need protection. Wouldn’t it be something if Holder actually started to spew spew spew… about his homey?

        It would be Holder’s only saving grace if he were to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He would have to offer big info to get any sort of immunity deal. Holder could actually come out of this smelling like roses and make a lot of money from book deals and whatnot. But he would have to tell the truth.

        • VTX
        • I’m guessing Holder – who has experience in government far beyond any of the jerks he works for – knows how to survive. It must be grating for him to serve a non compos mentis boss (and her lesser underling, BHO.)

          I am not rooting for Holder – but his ability to survive makes him an excellent comparison to those creatures who survived when dinosaurs left the scene en masse.

      • CHHR, VA
      • You mean to tell me that for more than three years Holder hasn’t consider his fate? I think not AND I also think he deserves the consequences for his conscious decision to play ball so to speak. You don’t get do overs when people die at your hand.

        • VTX
        • I think Holder has been playing a game that he’s been practicing for a long, long time. This particular episode is coming to an end – and perhaps Holder didn’t think anyone would carry it this far.

          If he’s not getting ready to cut a deal with Issa, he’s got his blackmail-cards ready to put on the table. Issa should not meet with him alone.

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