Supreme Court Preparing Announcement On Obamacare Ruling

As early as tomorrow or as late as next week, the nation will learn of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Obamacare – a bill that mandates all Americans buy health insurance or be penalized by the government.


WASHINGTON — Television cameras will surround the Supreme Court on Thursday morning, as they did Monday, anticipating something that may, again, not happen.

…Last Friday was the deadline for justices to hand in dissents. Then whoever is writing the majority opinion – the betting is on Chief Justice John G. Roberts  Jr. – has the option of responding to any criticism of the ruling in his own opinion.

…The court is not meeting Friday, so if the healthcare decision does not come Thursday, the next opportunity would be Monday.   LINK


Today saw the Obama White House invoke Executive Privilage over the ongoing Fast and Furious investigation/scandal – indicating to the American people that perhaps the president was far more involved in the failed and deadly gunrunning operation than his own previous statements suggested.  To follow that up with a Supreme Court decision that strikes down all or some of the Obamacare legislation would be among the most damaging 1-2 political punches against a presidential administration for some time.

Last week many in the media were indicating how the Obama re-election campaign was floundering.

Now it is the Obama presidency itself that is at risk…

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24 Comments to Supreme Court Preparing Announcement On Obamacare Ruling
    • Marie
    • “Now it is the Obama presidency itself that is at risk…”

      I hope so but I still have my doubts. With everything that is going on and so much going against Obama right now…I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Barry Soetoro THE MOSLEM
    • Worse than Watergate.

      Nobody was murdered during Watergate.

      Fast & Furious has the President acting as Accessory to Murder.

      How many Obamaguns did Obama smuggle from the United States, across our border, into Mexico?

      How many violent drug cartel hitmen were purposely armed by Obama (born Shabazz/Soetoro/Soebarkah)?

      How many Americans did Obama help the cartels murder? Approx 3 so far, including border officer Brian Terry.

      How many Mexicans did Obama help the cartels murder? Approx 300 Mexican citizens so far.

      How many Obamaguns did Obama/Holder smuggle into Mexico to the drug cartels? Approximately 3,000 Obamaguns that we’re aware of.

      This is “accessory to murder.”

      When people tell you “Oh, Hitler was a madman… but Obama would never kill anybody!”

      …please remind them that Obama just DID murder hundreds of people in pursuit of his Communist utopia.

      It’s a utopia in which the White House ensures innocent people are shot dead so a handful of Communists can manipulate public opinion and undermine our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.

      • Marie
      • The left doesn’t see it that way. Their thought process is not like ours….

        We want Obama to go down but that doesn’t mean it will happen…..still lots of stupid folk out there…

        I had someone tell me the other day that he would rather vote for a nigger than a republican….stupid folk…

        We see wrong in this, they still see stars and someone paying for their gas and mortages….

      • M. Simon
      • Prohibitionists have been supporting murder for years. Mostly Republicans these days.

        Funny how so few on the Right want to connect F&F to Prohibition. Don’t worry. I will not let you forget until Prohibition is over.

        And just so you know – I can’t wait to see the Ohole out of office.

      • M. Simon
      • How many Mexicans did Prohibitionists help the cartels murder? Approx 50,000 Mexican citizens in the last 5 years.

        The Right has its hands just as dirty if not dirtier. And I have put that point in the hands of my Lefty friends. Get ready my friends on the Right.

        • E.A.B.
        • So you’re sabotaging the effort to defeat Obama just because you want to get high.

          And a handful of people here actually wonder why I suspect Ron/Rand Paul supporters and Libertarians in general…

      • Name Noah
      • What worries me more is how many guns,rockets ammo bullet proof vest and every other Military weapon we have has made its way to Muslims terrorist through the obama administration in order to rid the Middle East of Israel and begin the new muslim caliphate?

        If he is so brazen as to kill off an American Boarder Control Agent and not even remember his name plus 3000 potential liberal voters. What else is he doing to insure the death and destruction of our Military and eventually us?

    • Lonni
    • It sure seems that Obama will get some “blowback”, or is that “headwinds”, over this Executive Order move on F&F! The EO’s are designed for the President/The Office of the President to streamline the workings of Federal Departments, not as a catch-all for his buddies. What Obama appears to have done is state, by his actions, that his involvement does lean into being knowledgeable about Fast and Furious. An EO is used, as allowed by the Constitution to (1)modify how an executive branch department or agency does its job (rule change) or (2)to modify existing law, if such authority has been granted to the President by Congress. The EO that Obama issued doesn’t fit that criteria; it only allows for concealing what the DOJ has already done; it doesn’t change how they did it. Whoever advised Obama to issue the EO needs to brush up on what the Constitution actually allows. Concealing information regarding a crime isn’t one of them.

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • It’s not an EO. It’s Executive Privilege… 2 different creatures that Barry has abused. Executive Privilege is a shield to protect the president from investigative subpoenas of the legislature (Congress) or the Court, used as a power to protect the communications between the President and his staff dealing with Foreign Relations or National Security. The Supreme Court ruled against Nixon’s use of the EP to cover a criminal act, which led to his resignation. Odd that Barry would invoke EP for F&F, and not for the National Security leaks that have been featured in the NY Times. This contradiction of use makes it seem that Barry is hiding something, as well as Holder. A crime has been commited. Brian Terry was murdered as was Jaime Zapata. Barry and Holder cannot hide behind Executive Privilege here. Barry is using this as a delay tactic to avoid handing over incriminating information contained in thousands of documents which he fears will hamper his prospects for re-election. All I can say is, that his goose has been cooked before this with his other actions or inactions, ie lack of leadership. This is the icing on the cake of his and his administration’s massive failure in governance.

    • Paloma
    • Wasn’t it the DEA that was handling the ‘laundering’ of some of the drug cartel money several months ago? If so, are they still in charge of this operation? Does this also need to be investigated?

    • VTX
    • Obama is threatened by more than Fast and Furious: the FBI is not happy that FnF leads right to PATCON. Holder and Napolitano and Obama, as far as verious government agencies go, are expendable. Let that sink in awhile.

      The healthcare plan? Likely the Supremes will dump it into the sewer from which it sprang. Why support something that the newly elected House and Senate and President will eliminate overnight? The SCOTUS doesn’t want to see this come back to haunt them: if the Executive and Legislative branches dump the plan, someone will challenge their right to dismiss the law in court…leading right back to the SCOTUS.

      One thing we know about the SCOTUS, based upon their refusal to revisit Kelo: when they’ve made a mistake in the past, they don’t like to return to the scene of the crime. They won’t want to see this return, either.

      Will somebody please hold Judge Ginsberg’s hair while she vomits?

    • VTX
    • Holder botched FnF. Actually, he did what he was supposed to do: let the guns run until they ran out of legs. What he failed to do was to hermetically seal the operation.

      Odumbo’s people also failed with the healthcare bill. They went Grande Loco. They went off the plan – Leftists usually prefer gradualism. Rahm the Capo told them, warned them.

    • lovelypeace
    • It seems like everyone connected to Obama has a sordid or mysterious past.

      Sadly too many people still think that Obama is a great president. Ugh.

    • charlotte
    • I think the FALN were working hand in glove with the Weather Underground, the BLACK PANTHERS AND the Black Liberation Army.

      “For example, attorney Jill Soffiyah Elijah wrote on behalf of Buck’s release that “a warm nurturing living arrangement is available to Ms. Buck in my home located in Brooklyn. . . . I and my family look forward to her joining our home.” Elijah’s letterhead was Harvard Law School, where Elijah runs the Criminal Justice Institute.

      “Also on the letterhead in the Elijah letter to the Justice Department is Charles Ogletree, President Obama’s dear friend and mentor,” notes Adams. “Having Ogletree’s name associated with such a request was like mailing Buck the keys to her jail cell. Ogletree’s daughter Rashida was recently hired into Holder’s Justice Department as a lawyer.” Indeed, Rashida Ogletree is today a trial attorney in the “special litigation section” of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.

      Elijah, whose official title is Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School, “has represented numerous political prisoners and social activists over the past 18 years,” her bio says. “And, her travels to Cuba over the past 13 years have enabled her to conduct extensive research on the country’s legal system, with a focus on its approach to criminal justice issues.”

      Elijah represented Marilyn Buck as well as Joanne Chesimard, another cop-killer who escaped from prison and fled to Cuba with the help of Judith Clark and other members of the Weather Underground.”




      FOLKS WE HAVE THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND AND THE BLACK PANTHERS and the COMMIE associates of the FALN in the WHITE HOUSE and in the highest echelons of government today.


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