For That Special Someone…An Obama Campaign Donation

The Obama campaign has entered full on unreality with its most recent attempt to squeeze more campaign dollars out of the American people.  Instead of buying a gift for that special wedding, birthday, or anniversary event - just donate to Barack Obama!



Wonder how much of that money will go toward a “Free Eric Holder” defense fund?

Think this is some kind of joke?  Feel free to check it out for yourself – it’s already set up over at

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16 Comments to For That Special Someone…An Obama Campaign Donation
    • lizzy'sName
    • They’re a little too late for June Bride Bucks but I guess they could go for Sept. weddings. Pretty creepy idea registering for gifts with Obama!

    • Abby
    • They forgot about funerals. They could have asked for the donation instead of it going to charity. They’re slipping.

    • VTX
    • All sorts of vulgar things run through my mind – gifts I would deem appropriate for the Worst Couple. But as I’ve stated elsewhere, the Worst Lady has inspired me: I’ll be saving up for a donation – to Mitt Romney.

    • Lindandy
    • Couldn’t this be illegal if donations to a person’s “gift registry” exceeded the donation limit? Seems to me that would be the same as if the registered person was making the donation. Sounds like the potential for a big time donation SCAM operation. No surprise there.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Of all the dirty low down tasteless scams. From redistribution of wealth to redistribution of gifts. Barry is the most ‘entitled’ person in the country and his wife is the biggest moocher. What kind of idiot would fall for this scam? Talk about money laundering. This one is the mother of all the covers. Un-effen-believable.

    • charlotte
    • This is truly insulting. Young couples have been the folks hardest hit by the Obama economy; unemployment rate among the young is at all-time highs. Yet Obama suggests that we should send money not to those couples, but to the campaign of the man who has put them on the bread lines.

    • Paloma
    • @TtLG – “of all the dirty low down tasteless scams…”

      Remember, he learned all about that ‘low down’ bit at his church where he sat for twenty years, but never listened to the sermons.

    • bill o'rights
    • Actually, great idea…

      I’ll box up our turkey baster and ship it to the White House, with a note stating that I’m unable to send cash this year and have opted for re-gifting, in anticipation of the high taxes Obama wishes to impose on me this year.

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