Romney’s Amazing June Fundraising Totals

The GOP candidate for president raised an astonishing $106 million dollars for the month of June.


  • $106.1 Million Raised In June
  • 94% Of All Donations Received In June Were $250 Or Less
  • $22.3 Million Raised By Donations Under $250 In June
  • 536,729 Donations Received Under $250 In June
  • Approximately $160 Million Cash On Hand


That $160 million cash on hand total is also quite impressive.  This is a Romney campaign that appears well prepared for the August thru October battle that will likely prove among the most divisive and hard fought presidential campaigns in modern history.



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6 Comments to Romney’s Amazing June Fundraising Totals
    • werbaz neutronName
    • …..and Romney’s folks have not had to contact all of us with a plea for yet another “$3.00″ contribution and get us on a raffle list to have dinner with him (or a cup of coffee with “plugs” Biden), or meet him and lovely FLOTUS in some celebrity’s home…. a celebrity home with “dirty doorknobs like that one where Ms.”Sex in the City” lives in reported squalor.

      …..Romney supporters may be motivated by quite other inducements: such as (in WHI’s words to the effect of, “kick the blankety-blank into the gutter” on election day.

    • lizzy'sName
    • A direct result of people’s anger over the Supreme Court decision on Obama Care. I’m certainly pulling for someone who will shoot down the IPABs, the huge tax increases, the explosion in government workers, and the evisceration of Medicare contained in the ironically named PPACA. This bill was a gift to the insurance companies and pharmacutical companies.

        • lizzy'sName
        • How many new people will be forced to pay thousands of dollars for health care coverage? Prices for insurance have not dropped they have risen. If the articles I have seen are correct many businesses will drop coverage for employees and pay a cheaper tax because the increases in the costs of insurance never end.

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