Obama Campaign Running Deficits Already

Just as he has done with the American economy, President Barack Obama’s own re-election campaign is now spending millions more than it is taking in.  The Romney campaign on the other hand, continues to enjoy ample donations and considerable cash on hand.



Amid a heavy barrage of advertising by opposing “super” political groups, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign spent more than it collected in June.

…Competing fiercely to keep the presidency, Obama reported more than $46 million in June and total spending of $58 million.

Romney, during the same period, reported receipts of $33 million and spending of $27.5 million for June. The challenger’s cash on hand was almost a mirror image of Obama’s and the DNC’s, as Romney reported $22.5 million in the bank and the Republican National Committee said it had $89.4 million.



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11 Comments to Obama Campaign Running Deficits Already
    • Connie Tea
    • Obama is done. He has been nothing but a goddam disgrace. He never should have been elected and he’s going home in November. He’s an empty head on an empty suit and the only color I see when I look at him is Communist RED.

    • Mark Anderson
    • What I’d like to know is where did the mountains of money that poured in to the Obama csmpaign 2008 that wasn’t all spent go? Stashed away for a rainy post presidency day?

    • silverdust
    • I’m taking this headline with a grain of salt. It was revealed that all the whining the Zero gang did about Romney outraiding them in June was a lie. They’re trying to motivate their base to up the ante.

      Also, I don’t think Zero would concern himself about the petty details of managing the “books” on his campaign quest. He’d leave that to a peon, and ANYONE on the planet could handle $$ beter than the Choomer in Chief.

      • Jules
      • “I’m taking this headline with a grain of salt…”

        As well you should, Dusty. You’re right too, about Foxnews’s having gone “to the dark side,” if not having always been on it, in only a lighter shade (as is my opinion).

        Live free or die as the say.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • here’s my “paranoid” prediction: And I certainly hope and pray that I show up silly and stupid here…………………..and it all becomes merely the plot for a novel.

      1. Agenda 21 been cooking since at least 1990: George HW Bush and world leaders signed off on it…..need to reorganize world government to develop policies that will sustain life in face of growing population and in face of need to redistribute living standards from higher living standards to lower living standards nations to bring all more in line with all others……that is, reduce all to a common state of poverty and misery. Faux Science of Global Warming, etc.,. etc. CO2 levels will kill us (levels actually fallen in USA last two decades and plants are happy about that)

      2. Timetable was gradual but steady. Among other things, all knew the European Community and the Euro were flawed at the base and would not last (something I said back in 1990, a whole lot and when the Euro took off I decided maybe I was stupid…..but I was just premature). Anyway, timetable began to worry “them” as EU and euro were failing too fast to be folded into Euro/USA common government (monetary and fiscal policies) before Euro failed. So need some President and congress who can rush things a bit. Who can we get? Bingo – the Chicago Political machine will be bought off and then can be the nexus…..Remember Christine Legarde now head of IMF was in Chicago for a time and partner in a law firm in tight with the Daley machine. They were bring along the Obamas at the time…..

      3. So Obama gets “elected” (like the Chicago machine stole the 1960 election for JFK—-could not have won without those votes and Nixon – unlike Gore – refused to contest it because Nixon didn’t want to put the USA through what we went through with the Supremes ruling for Bush in 2000 and since with Bush hatred).

      4. Democrats – Carter, strengthened by Clinton (warnings by W. Bush and Cheney and Fed Res), Threats on banks by Janet Reno, pushed affordable housing Act, loans made never should have been made, these bundled with good ones by banks and sold on the world’s money markets (banks are short term institutions, they don’t hold much long term receivables; they have to turn their monies to make money).

      5. Predictably, these housing loans began to go bad and the bundles began to lose value, institutions tried to sell them on to others, frenzy, eventual writedowns. All those democrat cronies making millions from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd,

      6. Agenda 21 – Bilderbergs, international labor, etc – people were caught flat footed by Crash of 2008……World finance started to unravel more quickly when democrats got the House in 2007.

      7. Crash of 2008 and aftermath put the EU and the Euro in a path to fail much quicker than planned and expected.

      8. Obama, though moving quickly (rolled up more national debt in 3.5 years than all presidents together had accumulated since beginning of USA) and this debt was spent for political payoffs mainly and what permanent jobs were created (producing something of value) cost tax payers $22 Millon dollars EACH. USA fabric badly weakened on purpose with more economic decisions being made for political reasons by the government than by the private sector in response to calculations of expected profit and loss.

      9. But because Obama and his Chicago crowd (Valerie Jarrett, Axlerod, helped by Soros whose track record of “breaking” the Bank of England and de-stablizing nations) could not move fast enough before end of his first term – since the long term timetable was speeded up by financial crash of 2008 and aftermaths) were moving fast but not fast enough – now – it became imperative that Obama be elected to a second term to “finish the job.” (of Hope and Change to Agenda 21 guidelines).

      10. Obama’s internal polling data much worse at present than doctored polls indicate…..they see a bloodbath in November. Once the internal polls put Romney 7% ahead of Obama, they can’t steal that many votes…..so gotta go another route.

      11. Colorado massacre. WTF? Guy member of Occupy Black Bloc – Occupy movement fringe. This comes just before UN vote on International Gun Control Treaty so now Obama has political excuse to sign this treaty. Disarm private sector USA as well as law enforcement except for Homeland Security.

      12. Massacre is dry run for a darker plan: What if the Democrat Convention were disrupted with a similar event and no nominee formally chosen? Pelosi is on the news now advising democrats to stay away from the democrat convention and “campaign at home.”) What if Republican convention disrupted by similar episode and Romney killed? The political process was not working but government had to be maintained?

      13. Obama says no election because no nominees, election will have to be “delayed.”

      14. Reviewing the pattern of Executive Orders Obama has signed this year, they all -together- give him the power to take power apart from Constitution, declare Martial Law, shut down the internet and other non essential communication, restrictions on private travel, curfews, Use Homeland Security and all those weapons and people he has bought and hired, to enforce “Homeland Security”. Security for him and his plans.

      15. Military has to be preoccupied to give Homeland Security goons full power at home, so Obama has to send American troops on world wide missions — Wag the Dog — such as Iran, Syria, etc.

      16. So no conventions, no elections, Martial Law, National Emergencies…….engineered terrorism events in USA bad enough to give population no alternative but to accept his policy moves.

      Far fetched? Will we wake up to an interesting new novel or to a nightmare?

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