Yet More Proof Of Barack Obama’s Total Lack Of Leadership Over American Economy

This past week Americans learned President Barack Obama has not met with his own jobs council in over a year.  Now we also learn it has been over a year since he has said even one word to Congressional budget leaders.  He has time to fly to well over 100 and counting personal fundraising events and play repeated rounds of golf  - but no time to actually make any effort whatsoever to do the job of President.


Rep. Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman and the GOP point man on budgetary and other economic issues, said today that he has not spoken to President Obama in more than a year.

…The absence of even a conversation with Ryan – no less a meeting – calls into the question whether Obama is the least bit serious about trying to find agreement on extending the Bush tax cuts, an issue on which he has been pounding Republicans as allies of the rich. It suggests he is much more content to let this and other fiscal problems simmer so he can use them as a means of attacking Republicans.

During the past year, Ingraham noted, Obama has seen fit to meet with Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, but not Ryan. She could have added to the list a host of other celebrities and athletes, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Barbara Streisand, Charles Barkley, Chris Rock, Jay-Z and Tom Hanks and George Clooney, which whom he’s had  multiple sessions.   LINK

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5 Comments to Yet More Proof Of Barack Obama’s Total Lack Of Leadership Over American Economy
    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • I think this has been his agenda all along. The Czars are running the government while he just stands and grins, shakes hands, makes…er…reads speeches, stutters and stammers his way through the job description. Barry is our first Affirmative Action president, in way over his head and drowning in his lack of qualifications.

    • VTX
    • I was initially confused by Obama’s lack of action on the San Joaquin Valley, especially when Paul Rodriguez openly petitioned him to do something about the job-killing and farm-ruining desertification of the region.

      My confusion was erased when President DoNothing kept on doing nothing. Other than signing Executive Ordure (my spelling is correct in his case) he has done nothing to help solve any problem. People thought he was a master problem solver, and he has proven to be a prolem-causeer instead.

      President DoNothing, you may eat my shorts.

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