Russia Plans Military Base Off Coast Of Florida

Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a former member of the KGB, appears intent on returning to the Cold War glory days of Soviet Russia by giving strong indications of building a military base in Cuba – as well as other possible global locations.

(When representing the United States,  Barack Obama has taken to bowing to other leaders both great and small)



MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia hopes to establish its first naval base abroad since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union and is looking at Cuba, Vietnam and the Seychelles as possible locations, state-runRIA news agency quoted the navy chief as saying on Friday.

Russia has been increasing the reach of its navy in recent years, sending warships further afield as part of an effort to restore pride project power in a world dominated by the U.S. military.

“It’s true that we are continuing work on providing the navy with basing outside the Russian Federation,” RIA quoted Vice AdmiralViktor Chirkov as saying in an interview.  LINK


It is likely no mere coincidence that Moscow appears so willing and eager to challenge the military dominance of the United States at a time when its president has repeatedly bowed and begged other world leaders.  Remember this moment when President Barack Obama whispered promises to former Russian President Dimitri Medvedev that he would be able to do more for Russia “after the election”?


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    • MEL

    • MEL

      • truthandjustice
      • Per the DHS Insider at Canada Free Press about a week ago:

        Short on time, my source stated that the current resident of the White House has been tasked to implement a “robust agenda of change” using the agencies and government infrastructure previously created for him.
        “He’s been instructed to fully remove ‘God, guns and guts’ from America and Americans, to neuter our military, bankrupt our country, and force everyone into dependency through a well-planned economic disaster that was crafted long before he stepped foot into the Oval Office. The financial crash of September 2008 was one such well planned economic terrorist attack. It had the blessing of many bankers and politicians in the U.S. and now I’m finding, some overseas. It was an important part of the framework given to Obama to ‘grease the wheels’ for a complete financial collapse. And I’m sad to say that a lot of people I once thought were on our side played an important role in setting us up – all of us.”

        “The objective, or the agenda, is much bigger than I think anyone can comprehend,” stated my source. “It’s global in nature, and it involves other governments, communist governments,” he added. It’s evil in its simplicity. It’s to destroy our country from within and take away our ability to fight what’s coming. It’s to change our way of life, and he’s got the people in place to do it, at least for the most part. And forget about the Republicans versus the Democrats, because nearly all of them are all playing for the same team. Both sides have helped to get us to this point. They’ve allowed Communists to enter every government institution inside the beltway, and just about everyone let it happen, helped it happen or watched it happen.”

    • VTX
    • This is bad news. Worse, if Comrade Obama is re-elected, one might expect him to return Alaska to Russia. Unacceptable. This is likely part of the deal Obama spoke of when he believed he was off-mike.

      He is surrendering our sovereignty, our autonomy and our freedom as fast as he possibly can. Can we wait until the election? Worse still, once he’s defeated, can we survive his last months in office?

      Do we still have anyone in Intel with a shred of patriotism, or have they all gone over to the other side, too?

      • Kat
      • I was just remembering those islands off Alaska with all the natural resources Obama just gave to the Russians. The billions he gave to Brazil. How he stopped the pipeline. How he is trying to kill our domestic energy production. How he wants to tax small business and corporations. All the bowing he does to other world leaders. You lay it all out and the warnings to America sure seem very clear. And I agree with Mel, where is the media on this story? This should be front page leading news kind of stuff especially with that clip of Obama whispering a promise to the Russian leader about doing more for them. OMG this is just getting so scary. This election is the most important one of our lives for sure.

    • bill o'rights
    • I can tell you, for a FACT that gun dealers in Florida can’t keep the Barrett .50 cals in stock. Last time I was in a local gun shop, I asked why they always advertised the Barrett .50 cals, when they never have them out on display.

      Apparently, they sell like hotcakes.

      The clerk mentioned that they had had one just the day before. I asked who bought it (it was, after all, a $13,000+ firearm). Apparently, it was some cracker from out in the Everglades who paid in cash.

      If the Russians plan to attack Florida, this will encounter an unbelievable amount of firepower…including the personal arsenals of several of our resident billionaires.

      It really reminds me of the line from ‘Casablanca’ when Bogart informs the Nazi officer that ‘there are certain parts of New York I would advise you not to attack.’

      • truthandjustice
      • Speaking of Russia – Don’t know if you saw it – you probably know — but I posted yesterday on the previous thread about the Small Arms Treaty —

        OT but BREAKING — re that Small Arms Treaty —- just saw on Fox that they have decided to POSTPONE the vote until AFTER THE ELECTION….that the U.S., Venezuela, Russia (friends of Obama & regime) & others wanted to wait. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..can’t imagine why???

        Re invasion – but it would be after the “biggie” after they confiscated our guns……….????

    • Name Nancy
    • In October, it will be 50 years ago we had the Russian missile crisis involving Cuba. NOW, Putin’s men don’t want to shake the hands of the current US president – (did you watch that scorn the Russians have toward Obama?) Our allies are weakened by antagonistic steps taken by our current administration & “leaks” to the press which are fictional that harm our closest allies – Britain, Poland, Israel, Columbia,

      BUT our national, natural enemies have free reign, thanks to BO. Thanks to Obama’s administration every day Hezbollah are crossing our borders after their plane ride from Iran to Venezuela. AGAIN, incredibly illegal aliens are taking flight classes. Do we really need a mass gassing of Americans with WMD?

      The Mosques are mostly located in strategic places as armories – near the Triborough Bridges in Manhattan that can cut off that borough, right against I-75 in Michigan & Ohio, on the road to Miami Airport next to the U of Miami hospitals, etc. The Muslims demanded a Mosque at Ground Zero, which would be a Muslim Fortress in lower Manhattan, where the FBI, the NYPD & the Fire Dept. are headquartered, the Stock Exchanges, our local Ft. Knox, City Hall, bridges, tunnels, the Statue of Liberty are located.

      So what difference does it make if Russia has a fort a stone’s throw across from the US in Cuba? We are committing national suicide by destroying the Blue Dog (Scoop Jackson’s branch) of the Democratic Party, & allowing the leftist thugs like Leo Gerard to become our masters. Putin and the Chinese, as do the Kings & Imams of the Middle East “disrespect” this poor excuse for a President, who is in the pocket of the UN.

      STILL people will vote for Obama & other Democrats for Congress & the Senate. AMAZING. AND the mass media – the NY Times, LA Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. – cheers them on.

      • truthandjustice
      • I have been trying to post important info re DHS as reply to you on the previous thread re the questionable incident with the Seal Team 6, etc. that I just saw this morning but every time it comes “under moderation” so I assume you guys don’t see it – right? I can’t figure out why – but I’ll try again & leave out the actual links. But it is highly informative & breaking.
        Go to the Infowars site and click on the story shown at the top about “The Terror Within – Former DHS Officer – Julia Davis”. Then check out her site that has her new documentary. WOW!!!!

      • Charlotte
      • So true. I always wondered what the hurry was to build mosques all over the place even in towns where there are very few Muslims and where they drive in. Remember what Erdogan said”Mosques are our barracks” -how true. Remember Israel always found weapons hidden in mosques and blew some in Lebanon up to furious cries form the international crowd and UN. I think Jarrett needs to go. SHE is the handler. I wonder who is pulling her strings? I guess Iran.If Jarrett goes, then O is rudderless to a certain extent

        • Ebysan

          “Top Priority: The Terror Within” explores issues that have sparked nationwide controversy such as the USA PATRIOT Act and illegal tactics improperly used against law-abiding Americans under the guise of “the war on terror”. Julia Davis, a former federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security, discovered and reported a breach of national security at the largest and busiest land border crossing in the U.S. on 4th of July, 2004. When the DHS failed to act on her reports, she took her concerns to the FBI/JTTF.

          • truthandjustice
          • Thanks – your post with that link got posted. Also check out her documentary:

            Said it was very likely that is why Brittany Murphy AND her husband died recently. Remember her? Said they died of……you guessed it….heart attacks. The list of dead bodies is getting longer and longer. And they seem to be getting bolder and bolder.

      • Redwine
      • Nancy, on reading your post it just occurred to me that there is a mosque-school complex close to the Canadian border just north of the crossing into the US at Blaine, WA. I noticed it while driving from Canada back to my WA state home. I was very surprised to see something like that in such a strange place so close to the main highway. Now, I understand better the strategic placement of this complex of domes and minarets.

      • NameBM
      • I hate to break it to you BUT there IS a mosque at ground zero.

        The building they wanted to level to build the “cultural center” is already occupied on its first two floors by a mosque. It is a building which had one of the plane engine go through its roof and damage the upper floors. But the ground floors are functional and housing a functioning mosque/cultural center.

        Bloomberg can you bend over a little more….

    • Ming the Merciless
    • How many here have the Kaspersky anti-virus on your computer? Remember that Yevgeny Kaspersky is a KGB agent, a close friend of Vlad “The Impaler” Stalinovitch Putin and he personally have shut down the internet on a few Baltic countries for “Unfriendly acts” toward former Soviet Russia…

      Until America make herself “Kasperski Proof”, this fat drunken Russian can shut down the free world in a second!

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Only problem ever had was after going to the site to check…..that computer now has a virus…or more likely a spy mechanism…thus will not use it ……Do not go to the link they suggest

      • Publius
      • Kaspersky was hired by Iran to help them figure out why the computers at their nuclear sites were malfunctioning. He discovered the Stuxnet worm and told Iranians how to thwart it. He is still on Iran’s payroll and working to discover and neutralize cyber attacks on Iranian military targets. Kaspersky’s work for Iran will ultimately result in outright (hot) war, since covert activities like Stuxnet will no longer be able to stall or derail Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful

      More Kabuki….as Jesse Jackson Jr enters for the first time after months of BS..the hospital for the treatment of depression…took him awhile to figure out anither scheme…slow thinking thug…hiding out now goes into the clinic for “help”or rather athe soft wall of a hospital curtain

      Jackson Jr was caught red handed and the government has a VERY cooperative protected witness …..that Jesse ordered and was involved in scads of dough to Blago and his campaign..the US Attorney Fitgerald was prosecuting …just like Blago ….but Obama and his dirty White House called it off…the lifers inside the USA office didnt like the crime inside and out…..but they all despised PF….so the cookie crumbles, no fraternal wall

      Well folks, the new Congress wasn’t liking the Jackson Crime spree either and the White House subversion of law with corruption coming from inside the law, added tonthe stench being sweated out by the criminal class…..So off the rats run and hide…but not for long…there is a long reach happening here, with plenty of willing to throw these pukes under the bus….pass your meds around Jesse…there are plenty of folks who will want them.

    • Justawhoaman
    • I personally am sick of the pukes who are selling us out… Last I checked, that doesn’t leave a very long list of “likes”. It is time for “John Wayne” to show up and kick some doors down, bloody a dozen or more noses, and give the charge. Give the command for Americans to take over.

      Ok. I’m awake now… But are the real Americans hiding out in the swamps and flyover country with 50calibers? I do know that plenty of people are getting their marksmanship capabilities honed… It is one thing to own a firearm. It helps if you can shoot your intended target in close groups….

      The Barrett is an incredible machine designed by a true American entrepreneur….

      Interesting facts coming from Florida. For someone who loaded sandbags for their 1960′s basement windows, this announcement from Russia is uncomfortable (being nice).

      • bill o'rights
      • To answer your question…

        I believe, yes. I’ve been to the shooting ranges, the gunshops and the gun shows. We routinely have firearms and ammunition shortages here. Many people have purchased tens of thousands of rounds. I know of one individual who purchased three truck (Ford F-150) loads of .50 caliber ammunition. I would speculate that that’s $250,000 in .50 bmg.

        Just about everyone you talk to has jumped on the bandwagon. I would add that we HAVE NOT seen an increase in violent crime, despite the rebirth of ‘gun love’ in Florida. I can’t say for certain, but I get the sense that violent crime has decreased. And, despite what Obama and his D.O.J., labor and media minions would have you believe, Florida is unusually racially integrated. It’s not the Florida of 1960. It’s the Florida of whites, blacks, Hispanics, asians, Jews and middle easterners. The only time race becomes an issue is when the White House seeks to stir race hate for the Marxist agenda.

        Russians in Cuba?

        Putin knows what a p-ssy Obama is–a pseudo-intellectual milquetoast whose Marxist ambitions create opportunity for the Russians. Let’s hope Putin doesn’t push this until Romney is in office or we’re screwed. Given Obama’s actions in the midddle east, he clearly isn’t losing sleep over the prospect of nuclear winter. On the other hand, he just GAVE several islands in the Aleutians to the Russians last year. I believe he WANTS Russians in Cuba, and Putin is more than happy to oblige.

        • truthandjustice
        • Yes, it’s my personal suspicions that the Obama regime is somehow involved with Russia re our downfall. Remember what the DHS Insider said that I reposted above – that other Communist countries are involved. In addition to those, we also have the Muslim Brotherhood…all uniting for our take down.

          Common sense says they are not going to wait and see if Romney is elected and/or if we do have the elections, if he is, wait until his inauguration b/c they know that’s when their window of opportunity will be over. That’s why I say, just from logical common sense, that they will try something huge to gain control over us before that takes place. They will bring about “whatever” so they can confiscate our arms. They might do it also even if Obama is re-elected and not wait for what they do in his “term” – don’t know — it gets quite compllicated and depends on what happens with other issues.
          If the patriots in our military, Intel know about these plans and are planning how to fight or thwart – we wouldn’t know about it as it would have to be VERY top, top secret….fooling the enemy. It may be they can’t do anything until it happens.
          All I know is expect the unexpected, both bad and good and pray fervently for God’s mercy and intervention.

    • Justawhoaman
    • On second thought, how stupid are the Russians, really? Like there aren’t plenty of American sympathizers…. Whose families have been supporting them from the States for years. I lived in Yourami long enough to know how Cubans really feel about Castro amd the Russians.

      Interesting. Would before interested in the facts.

    • Xeno
    • Fellow readers, I’d like to call for some calm… It’s ONE base and Cuba is only a POSSIBLE location of several.

      Even if it’s chosen, it would be up to whoever’s in charge of Cuba at the time, not the US. The President would have no say in it, one way or another, no matter who they are.

        • Xeno
        • And you “obviously” have no knowledge of what I do or do not know. Just having a base somewhere – even if it WAS Cuba – is just a location on a map. As Syria proves, you can have a relatively tiny port and it can be classified as a ‘base’. What matters is what you do with it and what it’s capable of.

          All things considered, the missile base Iran is stationing in Venezuela is far more alarming.

          As I said, Cuba seems to just be one of several possible locations. If anything, Russia has an incentive for choosing somewhere else, since trundling their latest hardware in and out of Cuba would be an intelligence coup for the US Navy, which would be very happy to start monitoring their acoustic signatures.

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