Obama Whines Wife Should Be Paid For Being First Lady…

Never missing an opportunity to make the story about himself, Barack Obama reminds a group of women on the campaign trail that wife Michelle doesn’t get paid for being the First Lady – “even though that’s a tough job”.

The soon-to-be former President neglected to remind this same group of women that Michelle Obama has a staff of over 30 under her direction, wears outfits costing tens of thousands of dollars, goes on vacations costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and remains quite fond of throwing lavish White House dinners costing millions of dollars each year.

Tough job indeed…

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44 Comments to Obama Whines Wife Should Be Paid For Being First Lady…
      • Lindandy
      • I recall BO asking, after he was elected but not sworn in, for Mooch to be paid for her position as first lady. Hadn’t heard anything more about it but wondered if they got their way with that request. Glad to know they, apparently, didn’t get their way.

        You think she gets paid for all the photo ops that end up on or in magazines? BO and MO are 2 very disgusting, greedy people with bad intentions for our country!

    • Obeline
    • Once he loses the election, expect a new Executive Order paying FLOTUS retroactively for four years of service.

      And then the capons in Congress, no longer restrained by appearances, can have the bastard arrested for treason and anything else he’s earned.

      Scorched earth won’t do.

      • Stirrin the B.S.
      • @TtLG – don’t forget the FLOTUS’ entitlement mentality. If the usurper-in-chief and entire capitol hill can do it, well by Higher Power*, then so can I!

        (*that’s as close to acknowledging God as she can get)

      • Rurik
      • TTLG – In this instance, it is not the Red Queen, it is the Queen of Spades we must worry about, fresh back from her shoveeeeel ready garden.

    • Name Nancy
    • Moo-shel INSISTED that everyone who lined up for her to autograph her newest tome, PROVIDE OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION . Of course, the Obama’s protest the use of ID for VOTING – even though
      it’s required for signing Our Evita’s book.

      I think zooming around the world in a huge, beautiful jet, having servants around responding to every wish, “dates” in Manhattan that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, free clothes to cover that body, & having Hollywood non-talents perform in her own house, & being in position to send $17 million taxpayer dollars to the University of Oregon to save her baby brother’s job as assistant basketball coach,(Robinson) & much more is pay enough for a woman who thinks our American flag is just a piece of cloth.

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • She sent money to save her brother’s job? How did they squeak that by the taxpayers and Congress and the conservative media without a hue and cry? It’s ok to close out non-union workers from their pensions, whittle the military down to almost nothing and send jobs to China. But the first brother gets a bail out? WTF???

      • Mark Anderson
      • Wow! Hadn’t heard about the welfare funding to the brother before. Do you have a link for that? Did watch the video when MO mouthed,”All this for a damn flag” at the ceremony for the Ground Zero Memorial. Wow! again.

        I would like to comment on the picture of MO draped in blue above. I cringed when I saw it the first time…still cringing. Sad that this woman is so lacking in modesty and class that she can only ape the likes of Beyonce and other so-called glamorous celebrities because she apparently doesn’t know how to fulfill the role of First Lady of the United States.

        Maybe we can do like they do in hotels with elevators that go from the 12th floor to the 14th, skipping the 13th floor designation. When the Obamas have faded from view, we can expunge 44 and leave a blank between 43 and 45. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • Jules
    • So, Barry, being married to you is just a job? Your audience there seems to show more affection for your “partner is this process” than you do.

      Does he-who-must-not-be-researched know what this way of speaking implies about the nature of his relationship with Flout Us? And one more question:

      If Mooch had a son, who would he look like?

    • Publius
    • IMHO, Romney campaign needs to clean house and just get rid of spokespeople who continually miss opportunities to play offense against this team of Chicago thugs.

      Eric Fehrnstrom (who looks and sounds like a chipmunk) stepped all over his tongue with Etch-a-sketch line and continues to respond to Obama attacks in measured, almost nonsensical terms.

      And today, spokesperson Andrea Saul (whom Ann Coulter correctly called a moron) responded inanely to the libelous, sleazy, and totally false attack from a long-time Romney hater who has appeared in two separate commercials for Obama – one for his campaign and one for his superpac, coordinated illegally by the possible felon Stephanie Cutter – essentially accusing Romney of killing his wife because he lost his health insurance two years after Romney left Bain.

      Facts are really stubborn things. Romney-hater Joe Soptic worked for a steel company that Romney/Bain saved from bankruptcy and kept going 4 years longer than it would have without Romney/Bain’s help. Romney left Bain to run Olympics in 1999; steel plant was closed in 2001. Soptic’s wife was not covered by his health insurance in the first place. She had health insurance from her own job, which was not with steel company. Soptic’s late wife left her job at some point, years after steel plant had closed. It is unclear whether she took advantage of health insurance when she had it, to visit doctor for physical or other check-ups. Sadly, Mrs. Soptic died in 2006, shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.

      So, let’s do the math. Romney-hater Soptic’s wife died 7 years after Romney left Bain and 5 years after Soptic lost his job with steel company, which had no effect on his wife’s health insurance because she had insurance from her own separate job.

      In responding to this shameful, lying, scurrilous attack on her boss, what did Ms. Saul say?? She ignored the shamefulness, the lying, the scurrilousness of the ad campaign and said that it was a shame the Soptic’s didn’t live in Massachusetts, because their health care would have been covered by Governor Romney’s health care plan.

      Andrea Saul – WTF??

      Mitt Romney – WTF is going on in your campaign???

      • Ace
      • What is “going on” in the Romney campaign is that your eyes, and all our eyes, have been blinded by the morally degenerate illegal alien and his mob.
        Romney is a decent man, and in contrast to “Obama”, he seems weird right now.
        But I’ll remind everybody that Cruz in Texas was tied until his opponent did the same thing—he claimed Cruz was responsible for the death of a young boy. Total BS like what sleazy “Obama” just did.
        Cruz won in a landslide.

        Do you really want Romney to act like scatological “Obama”???

        • Publius
        • I’m not interested in what did or didn’t happen in a Texas senate primary. This is an elction for President.

          What I want is for Romney campaign to express the kind of moral outrage that those of us who are NOT “blinded” by the Obama campaign feel about such scurrilous attacks. I want to see a fighter, who knows he has to stand up and denounce the sleaze, not just sigh and lament the state of our political discourse

    • Lonni
    • Seems strange to me that, in this picture, his wife isn’t even wearing a wedding ring. Did she think it would distract from the haughty pose? Seems like she isn’t concerned about getting paid…..just the posing.

    • VTX
    • That’s funny! Especially by contrast with the stoic and ladylike Pat Nixon, who actually was a First Lady of the first order!

      And then I remember (vaguely) something about Hillary and her early years on the Rodino Committee, and wanting Pat Nixon to be responsible for paying taxes on the benefits she had received as wife of President Nixon – trips, food etc. It was decided that Pat would NOT be taxed on the benefits of her travel to China with her husband, but I recall that it was an open question at one time.

      Instead of being paid, perhaps the First Chupacabra Michelle Obama should be paying taxes on the perpetual string of junkets she’s been taking with taxpayer revenue?

      Pat Nixon travelled for her nation’s benefit; Michelle has travelled at her nation’s expense for her own benefit.

    • obxpatriot
    • That is strange that she doesn’t have a wedding ring on, I remember about a year ago, someone noticed he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. He made some lame excuse like it was out being repaired……lets see the marriage certificate too!

    • VTX
    • There is a word that is sometimes bandied about in certain circles – the two murdered choir members from Obama’s church would be familiar with the term – and that is “fag-hag.” I can’t say for sure that this is the appropriate term for the Worst Lady, but it isn’t the worst thing you could say about her, considering her viscious support of partial birth abortion (which is on the record, by the way.)

      • Obeline
      • Harry Reid’s antics provide legitimacy to Larry Sinclair, who at least names the source of his information about Zero’s sex and drug follies: HIMSELF

        He’s got another book coming out in about a month (great timing before the election) and it could just open up a pandora’s box regarding all the dead, gay bodies trailing Zero.

        Reid’s unsourced allegations and shenanigans have guaranteed open season on Zero . . .

    • Montanagal
    • You guys are great, but I can’t read this crap today. I have so much disdain for this administration, I’m going to puke. Signing off for now.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • As discussed long ago at Ulsterman…..is it our government…no it is the Democrat party that is funded with drugs…Can you say Mena Airport…Clinton? Commuist ‘s….at work…


      THE BLOG
      Fast and Furious2012 Olympic GamesTheBlazeTV

      Posted on August 9, 2012 at 8:00am by  Jason HowertonPrint »Email »
      Comments (200)
      A high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody is making startling allegations that the failed federal gun-walking operation known as “Fast and Furious” isn’t what you think it is.

      It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them — all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels.

      The explosive allegations are being made by Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, known as the Sinaloa Cartel’s “logistics coordinator.” He was extradited to the Chicago last year to face federal drug charges.

      Jesus Vincente Zambada-Niebla (Source: MSNBC)
      Zambada-Niebla claims that under a “divide and conquer” strategy, the U.S. helped finance and arm the Sinaloa Cartel through Operation Fast and Furious in exchange for information that allowed the DEA, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other federal agencies to take down rival drug cartels. The Sinaloa Cartel was allegedly permitted to traffic massive amounts of drugs across the U.S. border from 2004 to 2009 as long as the intel kept coming.

      This pending court case against Zambada-Niebla is being closely monitored by some members of Congress, who expect potential legal ramifications if any of his claims are substantiated. The trial was delayed but is now scheduled to begin on Oct. 9.

      Zambada-Niebla is reportedly a close associate of Sinaloa Cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and the son of Ismael “Mayo” Zambada-Garcia, both of which remain fugitives, likely because of the deal made with the DEA, federal court documents allege.

      Based on the alleged agreement  ”the Sinaloa Cartel under the leadership of defendant’s father, Ismael Zambada-Niebla and ‘Chapo’ Guzman, were given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago and the rest of the United States and were also protected by the United States government from arrest and prosecution in return for providing information against rival cartels which helped Mexican and United States authorities capture or kill thousands of rival cartel members,” states a motion for discovery filed in U.S. District Court by Zambada-Niebla’s attorney in July 2011.

      A source in Congress, who spoke to TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity, said that some top congressional investigators have been keeping “one eye on the case.”  Another two members of Congress, both lead Fast and Furious Congressional investigators, told TheBlaze they had never even heard of the case.

      One of the Congressmen, who also spoke to TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity because criminal proceedings are still ongoing, called the allegations “disturbing.” He said Congress will likely get involved once Zambada-Niebla’s trial has concluded if any compelling information surfaces.

      “Congress won’t get involved in really any criminal case until the trial is over and the smoke has cleared,” he added. “If the allegations prove to hold any truth, there will be some serious legal ramifications.”

      Earlier this month, two men in Texas were sentenced to 70 and 80 months in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to export 147 assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition to Mexico’s Los Zetas cartel. Compare that to the roughly 2,000 firearms reportedly “walked” in Fast and Furious, which were used in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens and U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, and some U.S. officials could potentially face jail time if they knowingly armed the Sinaloa Cartel and allowed guns to cross into Mexico.

      If proven in court, such an agreement between U.S. law enforcement agencies and a Mexican cartel could potentially mar both the Bush and Obama administrations. The federal government is denying all of Zambada-Niebla’s allegations and contend that no official immunity deal was agreed upon.

      To be sure, Zambada-Niebla is a member of one of the most ruthless drug gangs in all of Mexico, so there is a chance that he is saying whatever it takes to reduce his sentence, which will likely be hefty. However, Congress and the media have a duty to prove without a reasonable doubt that there is no truth in his allegations. So far, that has not been achieved.

      Zambada-Niebla was reportedly responsible for coordinating all of the Sinaloa Cartel’s multi-ton drug shipments from Central and South American countries, through Mexico, and into the United States. To accomplish this, he used every tool at his disposal: Boeing 747 cargo planes, narco-submarines, container ships, speed boats, fishing vessels, buses, rail cars, tractor trailers and automobiles. But Guzman and Zambada-Niebla’s overwhelming success within the Sinaloa Cartel was largely due to the arrests and dismantling of many of their competitors and their booming businesses in the U.S. from 2004 to 2009 — around the same time ATF’s gun-walking operations were in full swing. Fast and Furious reportedly began in 2009 and continued into early 2011.

      According Zambada-Niebla, that was a product of the collusion between the U.S. government and the Sinaloa Cartel.

      Soldiers and police officers guard packages of seized marijuana during a presentation for the media in Tijuana, Mexico. (AP Photo/Guillermo Arias)
      The claims seem to fall in line with statements made last month by Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state government in northern Mexico who said U.S. agencies ”don’t fight drug traffickers,“ instead ”they try to manage the drug trade.”

      Also, U.S. officials have previously acknowledged working with the Sinaloa Cartel through another informant,  Humberto Loya-Castro. He is also allegedly a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel as well as a close confidant and lawyer of “El Chapo” Guzman.

      Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo” (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
      Loya-Castro was indicted along with Chapo and Mayo in 1995 in the Southern District of California in a massive narcotics trafficking conspiracy (Case no. 95CR0973). The case was dismissed in 2008 at the request of prosecutors after Loya became an informant for the United States government and subsequently provided information for years.

      In 2005, “the CS (informant Loya-Castro) signed a cooperation agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California,” states an affidavit filed in the Zambada-Niebla case by Loya-Castro’s handler, DEA agent Manuel Castanon.

      “Thereafter, I began to work with the CS. Over the years, the CS’ cooperation resulted in the seizure of several significant loads of narcotics and precursor chemicals. The CS’ cooperation also resulted in other real-time intelligence that was very useful to the United States government.”

      Under the alleged agreement with U.S. agencies, “the Sinaloa Cartel, through Loya-Castro, was to provide information accumulated by Mayo, Chapo, and others, against rival Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations to the United States government,” a motion for discovery states.

      In return, the United States government allegedly agreed to dismiss the charges in the pending case against Loya-Castro (which they did), not to interfere with his drug trafficking activities and those of the Sinaloa Cartel and not actively prosecute him or the Sinaloa Cartel leadership.

      Taken directly from the motion filed in federal court:

      “This strategy, which he calls ‘Divide & Conquer,’ using one drug organization to help against others, is exactly what the Justice Department and its various agencies have implemented in Mexico. In this case, they entered into an agreement with the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel through, among others, Humberto Loya-Castro, to receive their help in the United States government’s efforts to destroy other cartels.”
      “Indeed, United States government agents aided the leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel.”
      The government has denied this and says the deal did not go past Loya-Castro.

      Zambada-Niebla was arrested by Mexican soldiers in late March of 2009 after he met with DEA agents at a Mexico City hotel in a meeting arranged by Loya-Castro, though the U.S. government was not involved in his arrest. He was extradited to Chicago to face federal drug charges on Feb. 18, 2010. He is now being held in a Michigan prison after requesting to be moved from Chicago.

      “Classified Materials”

      During his initial court proceedings, Zambada-Niebla continually stated that he was granted full immunity by the DEA in exchange for his cooperation. The agency, however, argues that an “official” immunity deal was never established though they admit he may have acted as an informant.

      Zambada-Niebla and his legal council also requested records about Operation Fast and Furious, which permitted weapons purchased in the United States to be illegally smuggled into Mexico, sometimes by paid U.S. informants and cartel leaders. Their request was denied. From the defense motion:

      “It is estimated that approximately 3,000 people were killed in Mexico as a result of ‘Operation Fast and Furious,’ including law enforcement officers in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, the headquarters of the Sinaloa cartel. The Department of Justice’s leadership apparently saw this as an ingenious way of combating drug cartel activities.”
      “It has recently been disclosed that in addition to the above-referenced problems with ‘Operation Fast & Furious,’ the DOJ, DEA, and the FBI knew that some of the people who were receiving the weapons that were being allowed to be transported to Mexico, were in fact informants working for those organizations and included some of the leaders of the cartels.”
      Zambada’s attorney has filed several motions for discovery to that effect in Illinois Federal District Court, which were summarily denied by the presiding judge who claimed the defendant failed to make the case that he was actually a DEA informant.

      In April, 2012, a federal judge refused to dismiss charges against him.

      From a Chicago Sun Times report: “According to the government, [Zambada-Niebla] conveyed his interest and willingness to cooperate with the U.S. government, but the DEA agents told him they ‘were not authorized to meet with him, much less have substantive discussions with him,’” the judge wrote.

      In this courtroom artist’s drawing Jesus Vincente Zambada-Niebla appears before U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Verna Sadock)
      In their official response to Zambada-Niebla’s motion for discovery, the federal government confirmed the existence of “classified materials” regarding the case but argued they “do not support the defendant’s claim that he was promised immunity or public authority for his actions.”

      Experts have expressed doubts that Zambada-Niebla had an official agreement with the U.S. government, however, agree Loya Castro probably did. Either way, the defense still wants to obtain DEA reports that detail the agency’s relationship with the Sinaloa Cartel and put the agents on the stand, under oath to testify.

      The documents that detail the relationship between the federal government and the Sinaloa Cartel have still not been released or subjected to review — citing matters of national security.

      • Obeline
      • “The documents that detail the relationship between the federal government and the Sinaloa Cartel have still not been released or subjected to review — citing matters of national security.”

        How convenient to selectively invoke ‘national security’ when everything else has leaked out of this administration.

    • PatinGA
    • This picture of michelle reminds me of the old western movie saloon “dance hall girls” :-)
      Laura Bush, please show this woman how a First Lady should dress! Give her some class and etiquette of a First Lady while you’re at it..

    • lovelypeace
    • Greedy. He should consider himself lucky that he’ll get a stipend because he’ll be a former president (in 2012 – hopefully).

      If Michelle wanted to be paid, then she could get a J.O.B. that pays. I’m sure it would tick people off that she didn’t want the job of being first lady, but James Buchanan found someone to fulfill that role since he wasn’t married. It’s not completely unheard of for a non-spouse to fill that role. Nontraditional, but not something that would cause a constitutional crisis.

      I can see why Michelle is ticked having to play the devoted housewife/cheerleader when she’s part of the brains (sad – I know) behind the operations. At least, Valerie Jarrett gets a title and paycheck in her own right and doesn’t have to live in her man’s shadow. I’m sure that bothers her and Obama to no end……

      Obama, the slacker puppet, and she doesn’t get credit or acknowledgement for the work that she has to do to keep Obama in line. Obama wanting his “sugar momma” to bring in the cash so he can play or watch basketball all day. I can see how he’d want to make an issue about it. I’d want to play basketball and watch ESPN all day too if I had two adult women trying to control my life and I didn’t have that much of a say in anything –

      I hate their arrogance/self-righteousness. They turn around and act like $400K isn’t enough money for their family to live on – sorry, but a lot of Americans would be grateful to have a job, let alone one that pays that kind of cash. Do you know how this would have went down if GWB complained that Laura didn’t have a salary? I’m sure we can imagine. It’s easy if you try.

      (ok, that’s just bad….sorry….long day on my end….)

    • gena
    • If she gets paid, then she would become our employee, right? Would we then be able to fire her? If so, put her on a salary, and then fire her.And if she becomes an employee, put some limits on the expense account. Seems to be unlimited right now.

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