Mitt Romney to Obama – “Take Your Campaign Of Hate Back To Chicago”

After days of highly negative rhetoric from the Obama campaign and Democratic Party operatives that accuse the GOP nominee of being a tax cheat and causing cancer deaths,  the normally even-tempered Mitt Romney blasted President Obama for comments from Vice President Joe Biden that indicated Republicans wanted to see Black Americans ”back in chains.”


Romney slams Obama in tough new speech


Mitt Romney used a tough new campaign speech to personally blast the Obama campaign on Tuesday, saying comments earlier in the day from Vice President Biden are “what an angry and desperate Presidency looks like.”

“Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago,” Romney said while campaigning in Ohio.

…Romney was responding to Biden’s suggestion that the GOP ticket’s economic policies would “put y’all back in chains.”

…Romney repeatedly and harshly criticized Team Obama for the remarks.

“His campaign and his surrogates have made wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the Presidency.  Another outrageous charge came a few hours ago in Virginia. And the White House sinks a little bit lower,” Romney said.

“This is an election in which we should be talking about the path ahead, but you don’t hear any answers coming from President Obama’s re-election campaign. That’s because he’s intellectually exhausted, out of ideas, and out of energy. And so his campaign has resorted to diversions and distractions, to demagoguing and defaming others. This is an old game in politics; what’s different this year is that the president is taking things to a new low.”



It should be noted that the Obama campaign officially supported the Vice President’s “back in chains” remarks.  With internal polling data indicated big trouble for Team Obama in a number of key swing states, look for the rhetoric and tactics of Barack Obama to become increasingly volatile and negative – and if his response today is any indication, look for Mitt Romney to no longer simply ignore that negativity. 

Unlike 2008 – the top of the GOP ticket, alongside his running mate – is ready to fight and fight hard. 

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27 Comments to Mitt Romney to Obama – “Take Your Campaign Of Hate Back To Chicago”
    • USA4ever
    • Very glad to see Mitt put on the brass knuckles.

      Regarding swing states, everywhere you turn someone’s got Obama with 270 electoral votes locked up and all this polling nonsense. OUTRIGHT LIES. Does anyone really think this is Barack Obama’s election to lose right now? PUH-LEESE. Bill O’Reilly especially is peddling this stuff, along with the “Florida is in danger for the GOP because seniors think Paul Ryan is out to get them” narrative. I don’t trust any mainstream news anymore. Even Fox is playing up these synthetic storylines. Hope WSI continues to vice grip these morons into some semblance of sanity.

    • Perceptible Future
    • The “Lawlessness” One makes for good theater but we all know the last act of this play. From comedy (Biden) to tragedy (Bari) this sorry script is coming to it’s final act. There will not be any encores, no cheers for a repeat performance, no… The curtain is closing and the lights grow dim… FINI

      Remember, 35,000 of the Continental Soldiers along with 44,500 and 5,000 Continental Sailors of the colonist along with our allies fought from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783
      (8 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 1 day) to secure our bloody independence. This was roughly less than 8% of our population resisted the tyranny of England.

      If 5% rises up to re-defend that is 15+ Million patriots. Minimum…

    • truthandjustice
    • Reince Priebus is telling Hannity tonight about how they are going to be fighting back with brass knuckles b/c of these outrageous remarks, etc. and coming closest I’ve heard publicly from them about how we could lose this country if he is re-elected – not talking about saving the GOP but saving the country. And not just talking about the economy. Wonder if they finally woke up to the real Obama and his real agenda….maybe intervening by our Insiders? Pray so.

      • Stirrin the B.S.
      • The more that Obumphuk explicitly states that he is fundamentally opposed to the R&R policies (i.e. free market capitalism), the more he defines who he really is. This will give R&R a perfect opportunity to emphasize that definition as being a statist socialist.

        that then, transcends the future of the Republican party and shines the spotlight squarely on the future of our country. Obumphuk has been forced to explicitly show his true intentions. The first time around Americans didn’t understand what fundamental transformation meant. This time they will.

        I believe that R&R have been emboldened to point this out. We can only hope that those independents who voted for the Lyin King in 2008 will not let their egos prohibit them from admitting their mistake, and give the Destroyer another chance to prove them right. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Charlotte
    • From the Black Republican’s FB page:

      ” “WelliBeGotDamn” What yall know about that old school cuss? LOL!! WELL..that is the only phrase that fits!

      DID YOU HEAR JOE BIDIN say Romney is “GONNA put yall back in chains” ??

      DEMOCRATS try scare the hell out of BLACKS every election season with their racist lies like this one. Whats sad is 90% of BLACKS fall for these lies every single time.

      DEMOCRATS have NO regard for the pain and suffering THEY THEMSELVES caused and fought to maintain when they fought to KEEP SLAVERY, to ESTABLISH JIM CROW, and to MAINTAIN SEGREGATION even after we marched. The don’t care about us and never have and worst yet, they look us in the face and think we are TOO stupid to know what they did to us. How insulting!

      DEMOCRATS continue to play with our scars as a people and poke down into our deepest wounds as a nation. They do this not to bring healing but to agitate, to invoke FEAR, stir up raw emotions. In the sickest way, the hope to bring about blind allegiance to their Godless party.

      DEMOCRATS act as if they had nothing to do with the EVIL that happened to BLACKS. They constantly point the finger at REPUBLICANS. History shows DEMOCRATS are guilty as hell and had a LOT to do with our suffering at every turn…BUT THEY THINK WE ARE TOO STUPID to ever learn the truth. I know we are not stupid, so my question is are we damn cowardly to speak out against their race based POLITICAL BULLYING ?

      It’s time for another SLAVE REVOLT! All you BLACK DEMOCRATS NEED TO GET UP OFF THIS PLANTATION! This time FREE YOUR MIND! Stop believing their race baiting lies so YOU CAN BE FREE!”

      Amen says I.

    • Obeline
    • A couple days ago, InTheKnow posted a perceptive comment responsive to UM’s post about Romney’s telling Obama to elevate his campaign. It bears repeating, one MORE time, particularly in light of chatter and speculation that if Zero loses 2012, he could be poised to return in ’16 . . .

      “We have a choice of two individuals in the upcoming election, Romney or Obama. Mano Romney is far from perfect, but he is exponentially better than Obama. That is where the focus is now. That does not mean we will then roll over and allow Romney to continue to implement an NWO agenda unchecked. Most of us here, due to Obama, have raised our consciousnesses sufficiently to a point where there is no going back. We are forever changed. And Romney will face the same scrutiny.

      But, we cannot cross two bridges at once. First, we cross the bridge of trying to defeat Obama at the ballot box in November. Then, we can move on to working to defeat more agents and planks of the NWO agenda.”

      Highlight from Jim Geraghty’s piece this morning:

      ” . . . What if 2012 Isn’t Obama’s Last Campaign? . . .

      . . . Thinking two steps ahead? If Barack Obama loses the 2012 election, do you think he’s going to quit elective politics, serve on a series of corporate and foundation boards, write a best-selling children’s book on being a Dad and a Lugaresque memoir describing how Fox News and Peter Orszag betrayed him? I don’t. I think he’s going to run again, Grover Cleveland style. That casts possible additional (distant) light on today’s endorsement of same-sex marriage: It may or may not help Obama in 2012. But it would much more reliably likely help him in 2016, when public opinion can be expected to have shifted further in favor of this social innovation. It would certainly help him in the Democratic primaries . . .

      . . . Aaron Goldstein was even more explicit: “Let’s say Obama loses in November. He has a ready made excuse for his defeat. Obama can say that the forces of darkness (i.e. opponents of gay marriage) are to blame for his defeat while patting himself on the back for his “courage” in supporting same sex marriage. It also helps to position him for a comeback in 2016 or 2020. Make no mistake. If Obama loses this fall it won’t be the last we see of him. . .

      . . . There are a lot of people who are emotionally invested in the notion of Barack Obama as a transformative, redeeming, era-defining national leader. . .

      . . . In fact, thinking back to my Jolt of a few days ago, about how political leaders seek to have heroic narratives… perhaps Obama would be even more pleased with himself with “wilderness years.” In fact, if Obama really is a messiah-like figure in the minds of his biggest fans… doesn’t he need to return and demonstrate a political resurrection? . . . ”

      The fight of our lifetime, for sure.

      ABO Forever.

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • Obeline, that’s a scary proposition. At least there will be more time to properly ‘vet’ him and get to the truth of who really is the man who calls himself Obama. My guess is he will self-destruct, as most narcissists usually do. Once and done is my belief and prayer. I just can’t see him surviving this defeat. His ego couldn’t take it.

    • VTX
    • Did you catch Romney’s phrase?
      “Out if ideas.”
      And the more important one:
      “Out of energy.”

      The latter shows that WHI is (and has been) spot-on about Obama’s listlessness. The only thing he can do is campaign; he can’t govern. And when his charm wears off – (as it already has) – he turns desperate. And Romney has hit the nail on the head.

      Obama is now unlikeable from head to toe; he failed to earn anyone’s respect, and instead has earned our contempt and our dislike. That must rattle the Delusional Narcissist in Chief, to find himself unliked and unwanted. Bye-bye, Barry. Your abandonment issues are about to become worse.

    • Obeline
    • These are some of the most frightening people to hit the air – the look in their eyes is horrifying. Painful to watch and listen to.

      ‘One more term.’
      They’re brainwashed.
      Surprised DSW, Cutter and Soledad aren’t in the chorus.

      Don’t want to give this mess more exposure than it deserves, but it makes for some interesting viewing — and helps identify the enemy.{3BDB990F-4DD4-479A-A191-B8E7DA893040}&title=Singers-Use-Les-Miserables-To-Pay-Tribute-To-Obama


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