Obama Government On Ammunition Purchases – Move Along Now, Nothing To See Here…

Hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow-point ammunition is being ordered up by various Obama government agencies, including the National Weather Service, leading for a growing number to question why?  The answer to that question from the Obama administration appears to simply “don’t worry about it.”



Agencies tamp down speculation over hollow-point ammo purchases

Obscure federal agencies triggered a firestorm of conspiracy theories this week after they put out orders for thousands of rounds of deadly hollow-point bullets. 

But the agencies, most recently the Social Security Administration, are trying to put a damper on the speculation — noting the ammunition is “standard issue” and simply used for mandatory federal training sessions. 

“Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately,” said a message on the official blog for Social Security’s inspector general office explaining the purchases.

…The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, found itself scrambling to respond to a similar report this week about an order for 46,000 rounds of ammo. Though the agency initially indicated it was for the National Weather Service — leading to questions about why the National Weather Service could possibly need so many bullets — a spokesman clarified the bullets are actually meant for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. A “clerical error” resulted in the order saying the ammo was for the weather service.


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      • bill o'rights
      • Yup.

        I need another 15,000 rounds myself. Hopefully, it provides years of shooting at the range. But now that DHS’ cumulative ammo purchases exceed 1.2 billion rounds since Obama took office, one wonders what they intend to do with it.

        • Jules
        • They are ordering it. Are they getting it? And from whom? I want to know who is making the ammo and selling it to the Feds. And I would like to know just how much they actually have.

          And I would like a penthouse on the Mediterranean, and a new Mercedes, and…

      • Publius
      • This must be how Obama Administration plans to reduce costs of Social Security going forward. I wonder if NBC or the NY Times would actually report the story if they started shooting Social Security recipients.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Start calling Congress Monday…..DEMAND they answer for this purchase…Is your governor confiscating this ammo? Is our governmenr declaring and preparing for war on the American people …DEMAND ANSWERS

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • “Potentially each hollow nose bullet represents a dead American. If so, why would the U.S. government want the SSA to kill 174,000 of our citizens, even during a time of civil unrest? Or is the purpose to kill 174,000 of the nation’s military and replace them with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) special security forces, forces loyal to the Administration, not to the Constitution?

        Were I the JCS, and if I wasn’t already fully briefed on this matter, I’d stop the purchase of hollow point bullets, ask the secretary of Defense why all this ammunition is being purchased and spread around the country? If I got answers like the ones Congress got during the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious – I’d start tracking all ammunition deliveries nationwide to find out what organizations and units are using them, for what purpose and, if it is not constitutional, prepare to counteract whatever it is that they are doing.

        This is a deadly serious business. I hope I’m wrong, but something smells rotten. And If the Congress isn’t going to do its duty and investigate this matter fully, the military will have to protect the Constitution, the nation, and our citizens.”

        Major General Jerry Curry (Ret)

      • Perceptible Future
      • They also ordered a bunch of paper targets but why would you order hollow-point ammo to use for practice? It doesn’t make sense unless they’re planning on using it for nefarious reasons. The Hague Convention of 1899 strictly prohibits the use of hollow-point, or expanding bullet, in armed conflicts because of there destructive nature to maim.

        If the Hague forbids this and our government is still insistent on ordering them for use, then our government in essence is declaring war on it’s citizens! ENOUGH! I WILL NOT COMPLY!!

        I guess I will have to be deemed a radical ex-military veteran terrorist who loves his country, it’s traditions, and it’s history.

        If our government thinks they have the cajones large enough to get my weapons, then by all means, then come and and take them!

      • werbaz neutronName
      • They practice with what they shoot in the “line of duty” – and I will put that phrase in quotes at this point.

        Next, they will be arming Nippletaneo’s airport sludge. Seems every Federal employee is soon to be armed.

        As they are not deployed overseas – generally – is may be reasonable to ask:

        — Who do they plan to shoot? –

        • NameBM
        • Yeh. Exactly. Who do they plan to shoot? And why are they planning to have to shoot so many?

          Are they planning on some kind of civil meltdown like resulting after an EMP attack?

          Should we connect the dots of the Russian Nuclear Submarine crusing “undetected” for several weeks in the Gulf of Mexico, with a dry run drill of an EMP attack on America, and the arming of many DHS subagencies all over the country?

          An absolute read (if you’re OK to loose sleep for weeks after that): One second after by william Forstchen.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • http://pjmedia.com/blog/more-reset-failure-did-russian-nuclear-sub-travel-undetected-in-gulf/?singlepage=true

        On August 14, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the U.S. had confirmed “a Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in U.S. strategic waters was only confirmed after it left the region.” Back in 2009, just months after Obama took office, the New York Times had reported the appearance of Russian attack subs off the U.S. coast for the first time in more than a decade.

        The WFB report was sourced to anonymous “officials who are familiar with reports of the submarine patrol in the Gulf of Mexico,” and they pointed to “incursions into restricted U.S. airspace near Alaska and California in June and July by Russian strategic bombers.” The incursions had also been noted by WFB — when they allegedly occurred — as demonstrating a pattern of increasing Russian aggression. Then, too, the WFB relied on anonymous Pentagon sources.

        Republican John Cornyn of the Senate Armed Services Committee was quoted by WFB confirming the sub report:

        It’s a confounding situation arising from a lack of leadership in our dealings with Moscow. While the president is touting our supposed “reset” in relations with Russia, Vladimir Putin is actively working against American interests, whether it’s in Syria or here in our own backyard.

        Cornyn has been active in opposing Russian support for the genocidal dictatorship in Syria that is one of Russia’s closest allies. However, the only major news organization to carry the WFB report was the Daily Mail, and two days later the Pentagondenied the report. The Moscow Times quoted submarine experts opining that the Russian sub could not have been stealthy enough to enter and remain in the Gulf for an extended period. The MTquoted other sources calling the WFB’s bona fides into question and suggesting the report was political propaganda from a website whose publisher worked on the McCain campaign in 2008.

        The WFB stood by its story. The Kremlin refused to comment. The Kremlin’s English-language mouthpiece, Voice of Russia, said Russian military officials were congratulating themselves on a job well done. Then, it said maybe not.

        So what do we have here? Is the Obama administration conspiring with the MSM to cover up a damaging series of events that seriously undermine Obama’s foreign policy agenda, or is a rogue conservative website ginning up false reports as the election cycle gets underway to help sink the Democrats’ reelection bid? Was Cornyn commenting based on his own independent knowledge of the events, or did he jump the gun and simply respond to the claims made by WFB? Was WFB lied to by anti-Obama figures within the U.S. military?

        Nobody seems to know for sure. But here’s what we do know: On Obama’s watch, a proud KGB spy named Vladimir Putin was successful in pulling the neo-Soviet wool over America’s eyes. He was able to pretend, with Obama’s active assistance, that he had stepped down from power, when in fact he was preparing the way for his return as “president for life” in the manner of a banana republic. And immediately upon returning, that spy has launched a furiouslegislative crackdown on American values and has pursued a foreign policy that has made it very clear he is America’s foe, not its partner. He has created a repressive society within Russia that has seen the rebirth of bothdefectors and political prisoners, where even McDonald’s comes under attack and Madonna is branded a “whore” by high-ranking Russian diplomats.

        Chess champion Garry Kasparov was arrested on the spot and roughed up when he simply appeared and tried to attend the public trial of the Pussy Riot collective in Moscow. Putin calls Obama a “crude blackmailer,” even though Obama is doing all he can to help. Meanwhile, Putin is almost certainly lining his personal pockets to an obscene extent.

        Kremlin apologists have always argued that the saving grace for Russia was the internet. They claimed that the Kremlin would never be able to launch a successful attack on the internet, and it would remain a key bulwark against Russia slipping backwards into the neo-Soviet mire.

        But this is precisely what is happening in Putin’s Russia today. Putin has just launched a major new push against the internet, blocking websites he doesn’t like and charging his key internet opponent, Alexei Navalny, with corruption allegations that could send him to prison for a decade. What’s more, we’ve seen the nascent protest movement organized primarily through internet resources fizzle and die out, even as Putin has consolidated his malignant KGB regime.

        And we know this: through it all, Barack Obama and Michael McFaul, his ambassador to Russia, have remained silent. They have turned a blind eye to neo-Soviet repression, and they have ignored neo-Soviet aggression. Doggedly focused on their reelection narrative, they have insisted that Russia is doing just fine, a stalwart American partner, because of Obama’s “reset.” They have demanded that U.S. legislation be adopted to reward Russia with trade privileges, and they have demanded that no U.S. legislation confront Russia over its egregious human rights record.

    • InTheKnow
    • This surge in ammunition purchases should be a red flag to every American. America The Beautiful is right, we need to call our Congress people and start getting this exposed more widely.

      Something is rotten in Denmark here.

    • Vyxen
    • They discussed this on a local radio show the other day. One theory was that the departments had to spend the money or they wouldn’t receive it next year, so they just spent it on anything, which just happened to be ammo. The other theory was that since O can’t ban guns or ammo, that they plan on buying so much of it that all of the ammo plants won’t be able to sell to anyone but the government, since they’ll be behind on their order. Hence, ammo for the government, none for us.

    • VTX
    • Holly asked why hollow points for range practice. Very good question. A piece of paper or cardboard doesn’t require a spreading, impact-type bullet. Only something that can go from here to there and make a hole in a really big hurry.

    • VTX
    • Frank Herbert (Dune Sci-fi writer) once said that bureaucracies always turn into aristocracies, which then turn into tyrannical aristocracies.

      He also said that rebels are always closet aristocrats, (which explains Obumbler and his crew of miscreants and misfits.) The rebels are here; they’ve turned into aristocrats, and now they’re onto their endgame: tyranny.

      Herbert also wrote “The White Plague,” a scenario that only Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could love.

      • R. J.
      • Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is a perfect analogy. The “pigs” are walking on two feet and have sold out the rest of us.

        Connect the dots. It is not a hard exercise. The dollar is going to collapse due to stupidity at the highest levels going back decades and take the life’s work of millions of people with it . The people will blame those at the top and want answers, want justice, etc. It is going to be ugly…

        TPTB know the end is coming and they do not intend to pay for their sins or the sins of others. They also do not intend to live at the bottom of society where most of them really belong.

        They now have the power to imprison and kill American citizens within the continental US without any due process, no day in court, no jury of your peers, just gone…add all their crazy purchases lately, ammo, bullet proof check points, riot gear and you get the picture. Virtually every federal agency is arming up no matter how mundane their activities. The department of education has a SWAT team! Why? What does that have to do with educating our children?

        It all makes sense once you know what they do. Our fiscal situation is terminal. It cannot be sustained and that goes for the rest of the world as well. Fiat currencies ALWAYS fail and that is all the world has right now, phony money created out of thin air, abused by those in power to steal the wealth of the rest of us. It has been the same story through the ages and it always ends in collapse.

        We turned away from gold 41 years ago. Fiat currencies last about 40 years or so. The end is in sight and there is no answer…

    • Jen Gelman
    • This story may be part of a psy-ops offensive targeting gun owners who are fearful of government encroachment on 2nd Amendment rights. It is conceivable that they are pushing unstable fringe figures over the edge in hopes that they will predictably commit acts of gun violence, thereby creating the pro-gun control narrative that gun-grabbers are after.

      • VTX
      • If so, they’re playing into a paranoid fantasy known as The Turner Diaries.

        But on planet earth, some sources indicate that Fast and Furious was preceded by similar Eric Holder failures, one of which culminated in the destruction of the Murrow building with the loss of a tremendous number of innocent lives. Eric Holder is rumored to have helped provide the dynamite to set off the fertilizer. Waco was another such operation designed – allegedly – to push racial nationalists over the edge. One thing was clear, however: regardless of whether the feds were involved in these particular operations, they were the main source of funding for these racial nationalists, just as they provided motive and materials for an islum-based plot which recently resulted in a conviction. PATCON.

        The drone issue, no matter how far it goes, NNEMPs exempted from discussion, is something that frightens most anyone who loves the Constitution – including such paranoid types as (sarcasm turned on high) Charles Krauthammer.

        My suggestion is to have lots of powder ready, and to always keep it dry. Constitutionalists are not the aggressors.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • If you have not read this book, try to find a copy and read it. Over 800 pages. Published by Accurate Press, St. Louis MO 1996. Written by John F. Ross. Title of the book is Unintended Consequences. All my extra copies have been absorbed by friends since its publication and have circulated among their friends and their friend’s friends. You will be interested in the plot of this novel, after a slightly slow start.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Folks add it up….

      We have a president whose mentor and/or abuser… or partner …and/or parent …was a Communist, an admirer of Stalin…Many biographers of Obama have catalogued this…


      *Putin installed Medvedev under the pretense of not being in power

      *Missile Defense shield deal Obama made with Putin for no exchange

      *Our shunned and drifting Allies

      *Obama/ Hillary give all details of our Nukes to Putin

      *USA destroys 1/3 of its Nuclear weapons —Russia none

      *Russian soldiers on American soil playing war games

      *Russian Nuclear Sub in the Gulf of Mexico…Obama denied…Putin denied..then sub was confirmed

      *Russian Nuclear Subs off east coast in 2010

      *Russian war planes invade our air space in Ca and Alaska

      *Obama administration buying 1.5 Billion rounds of Hollow point bullets (5x more than USA population and an order of magnitude than used in 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan… just for Homeland Security)

      *Obama administration buys even more Hollow Point bullets

      *IRS, NOAA, SSA, order hollow point bullets

      *Obama administration passes out 3,000 Ak47′s (or more) at our border…refuses investigation

      *Napalitano blatantly LIES to Congress showing distain for questioning and questioners

      *Holder blatantly LIES to Congress showing distain for questioning and questioners

      *Obama spends 2 1/2 times the dollars, American Taxpayer dollars, in 3 years compared to what Bush spent after 911 in 8 years

      *Birds fall from the sky by millions …we’re told it happens all the time…It doesn’t

      * Fish by the millions show up dead…includind dolphins and whales, marine mamels…we’re told it happens all the time…It doesn’t

      *Jack Wheeler the author of our manuals and rules on Bio-Warfare and Chemical War-Fare is murdered…barely a peep ….nary an investigation

      *War Games? Practice?

      *Armed Drones across the country

      *Obamacare….Healthcare by virtue of government permission…Yes, DeathPanels.

      *Obama claims the Osama kill…but a poster claims it wasn’t Osama that went in the drink but Hamsi BinLaden, his equally tall son who has gone missing…Ask Valerie Jarrett

      * Seal Team 6 blown out of the sky…riding an old battle ax , all together 24 Seals another 12 military..some say it was THE Seal Team 6…Who Why…Is this why Dishonrable Disclosure is about…retribution and recognition of subversion beyond the leaking of National Security Secrets…

      *Massive Executive orders on Marshall law

      *Massive Executive orders on Control of the Internet

      *Scrubbed Internet

      *If not Breitbart… then certainly his Coroner’s mysterious death by arsenic

      * Depth and breath of hardcore Socialists and Avowed Communist Czars placed and infiltrated into every part of government ….

      JCS Martin Dempsey, your oath is to the United States of America, it’s Constitution and her citizens…Where are you? Where is your investigation? You and Pannetta said you answer to the United Nation before you answer to Congress?..WRONG! You answer to one constitution…the one you swire allegiance to..,,If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…or worse.

      If this is the SNAFU we are all privey to…Then what the Hell does “MORE FLEXABILTY” encompass?

      We demand that our representatives in Congress and in the Militarty wake up!…. Now!
      The Ret Military have weighed in with Dishonorable Disclosue…where the hell are the rest of you chickenshits?

      • Perceptible Future
      • Thanks ATB, printed out your post and tacked to a wall as a reminder… Sent a copy to all my ex-vets, patriot friends, and family members. Hell, I think I’ll even send it to the people I don’t like because we are all in this government induced sh*t, together…

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • In part:

        Now Obama is going head-to-head with his nemesis: a politician who believes more in content than in form, more in reform than in rhetoric. In the past days much has been written about Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate. I know, like, and admire Paul Ryan. For me, the point about him is simple. He is one of only a handful of politicians in Washington who is truly sincere about addressing this country’s fiscal crisis.

        Over the past few years Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” has evolved, but the essential points are clear: replace Medicare with a voucher program for those now under 55 (not current or imminent recipients), turn Medicaid and food stamps into block grants for the states, and—crucially—simplify the tax code and lower tax rates to try to inject some supply-side life back into the U.S. private sector. Ryan is not preaching austerity. He is preaching growth. And though Reagan-era veterans like David Stockman may have their doubts, they underestimate Ryan’s mastery of this subject. There is literally no one in Washington who understands the challenges of fiscal reform better.

        Just as importantly, Ryan has learned that politics is the art of the possible. There are parts of his plan that he is understandably soft-pedaling right now—notably the new source of federal revenue referred to in his 2010 “Roadmap for America’s Future” as a “business consumption tax.” Stockman needs to remind himself that the real “fairy-tale budget plans” have been the ones produced by the White House since 2009.

        Photos: Obama Faces a Tough Crowd in Iowa

        Charles Ommanney for Newsweek

        I first met Paul Ryan in April 2010. I had been invited to a dinner in Washington where the U.S. fiscal crisis was going to be the topic of discussion. So crucial did this subject seem to me that I expected the dinner to happen in one of the city’s biggest hotel ballrooms. It was actually held in the host’s home. Three congressmen showed up—a sign of how successful the president’s fiscal version of “don’t ask, don’t tell” (about the debt) had been. Ryan blew me away. I have wanted to see him in the White House ever since.

        It remains to be seen if the American public is ready to embrace the radical overhaul of the nation’s finances that Ryan proposes. The public mood is deeply ambivalent. The president’s approval rating is down to 49 percent. The Gallup Economic Confidence Index is at minus 28 (down from minus 13 in May). But Obama is still narrowly ahead of Romney in the polls as far as the popular vote is concerned (50.8 to 48.2) and comfortably ahead in the Electoral College. The pollsters say that Paul Ryan’s nomination is not a game changer; indeed, he is a high-risk choice for Romney because so many people feel nervous about the reforms Ryan proposes.

        But one thing is clear. Ryan psychs Obama out. This has been apparent ever since the White House went on the offensive against Ryan in the spring of last year. And the reason he psychs him out is that, unlike Obama, Ryan has a plan—as opposed to a narrative—for this country.

        Mitt Romney is not the best candidate for the presidency I can imagine. But he was clearly the best of the Republican contenders for the nomination. He brings to the presidency precisely the kind of experience—both in the business world and in executive office—that Barack Obama manifestly lacked four years ago. (If only Obama had worked at Bain Capital for a few years, instead of as a community organizer in Chicago, he might understand exactly why the private sector is not “doing fine” right now.) And by picking Ryan as his running mate, Romney has given the first real sign that—unlike Obama—he is a courageous leader who will not duck the challenges America faces.

        The voters now face a stark choice. They can let Barack Obama’s rambling, solipsistic narrative continue until they find themselves living in some American version of Europe, with low growth, high unemployment, even higher debt—and real geopolitical decline.

        Or they can opt for real change: the kind of change that will end four years of economic underperformance, stop the terrifying accumulation of debt, and reestablish a secure fiscal foundation for American national security.

        I’ve said it before: it’s a choice between les États Unis and the Republic of the Battle Hymn.

        I was a good loser four years ago. But this year, fired up by the rise of Ryan, I want badly to win.

        • R. J.
        • The voters now face a stark choice. They can let Barack Obama’s rambling, solipsistic narrative continue until they find themselves living in some American version of Europe, with low growth, high unemployment, even higher debt—and real geopolitical decline.

          His vision for this country is far darker than that…we will be a third-world backwater that is unable to project power anywhere and just ripe for the picking.

          Since he took office, our nuclear arsenal has been depleted from 5000 warheads to 1500. His goal is ZERO!

          We are living at a time that is one of those “perfect storm” moments. The left has never been closer to achieving their ultimate goal of remaking our society in their image and a global economic collapse looms large.

          Obama and the left cannot afford to lose this one for all kinds of reasons but they are getting help from the other side, and that is disturbing. NDAA sailed through the senate virtually unopposed! Obama is stepping up the preparedness levels of our government to a fever pitch but they’ve been wargaming unrest scenarios and created the so-called “FEMA” Camps long before he took office…

          I honestly do not know if we can trust any of the “ruling class” anymore. The people who f$&ed this up are never going to admit it was their fault, Dem or Repub. The evil sociopaths are achieving their goals. They seem to be hanging together on security issues lest they hang separately.

          I am voting for Romney because there is a slim chance he can do something to keep our republic intact, obama’s goal is clearly to destroy it. Do vote. Do exercise your franchise, but Keep you eyes wide open!

    • MJM
    • Amazing how if the average American buys two boxes – 100 rounds – of .22LR, they are immediately classified as a “DOMESTIC TERRORIST”. (What do you need that much ammunition for?)

      In fact, if a person has 100-200 rounds and two guns, the media refers to that as “an arsenal”.

      And yet, over a one-year period the US Government’s DOMESTIC agencies can order over 1.4 Billion – yes, that’s Billion with a “B” – rounds of various rifle and handgun calibers and shotgun shells, and we’re expected to believe that this is “business as usual” and “nothing here to see”.

      Let’s see – so far they’ve sent in SWAT teams with full-automatic rifles and bullet-proof SUVs to close down food co-ops and AMISH farms selling raw milk. Of course they need hollow points!

      Hmmm – those Amish have beards just like Al Qaeda. You don’t think …..?

      I guess that is Washington’s new motto: “The US Government – Helping Save Us From Ourselves. Because Freedom Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be.”

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/48863

      Dishonorable Disclosures
      The Tragic Real Life Violence in Obama’s Hollywood Movie

      - Judi McLeod  

      Aside from the clear and present danger the Obama regime places the military and their families in by ongoing intelligence leaks, the most telling part of the video Dishonorable Disclosures is how Obama invited Hollywood to the White House for a briefing days after the killing of Osama bin Laden.

      Still shots in the film depict the lanky frame of Tom Hanks sprawled over a front row seat, with director Steven Spielberg at the other end of the front row of the White House Movie Theatre.  Today Hanks and Spielberg play pivotal roles in the reelection campaign of President Barack Hussein Obama.

      The highly controversial OPSECDishonorable Disclosures: Why Congress must hold Obama accountable for national security breaches is going viral on the Internet.

      “America’s politicians need to recognize that the right and proper role of the U.S. military is for defense and national emergencies only, not  political gain,” writes the Washington Times. “While politicians in air conditioned rooms jockey for electoral capital, someone’s father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter is wearing the uniform and is in harm’s way on behalf of those politicians.”

      Dishonorable Disclosures finishes the true story that not only did Obama take full credit for the Navy SEAL raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, but that the world-viewed photograph of a casually dressed Obama posing with VP Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton watching the raid on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan in the White House Situation Room, was merely the forerunner for a coming Hollywood film intended to lionize Obama as bin Laden’s killer three weeks before the November 6 election.

      Following the raid, Obama refused outright to release any pictures of bin Laden’s corpse—but had already granted full access to ‘the vault’—a CIA installation where some of the planning for the bin Laden raid took place to Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal for a film, titled Zero Dark Thirty.

      The only good news in the entire staged saga is that the film has been forced back from an October 12 release to a December 19 one.

      Without the brilliant investigative work of Judicial Watch,  whose documents were obtained through a lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act, the Obama/Hollywood movie deal would never have seen the light of day.

      Without the courage and savvy of the OPSEC Intelligence and Special Operations Team, the public at large would never have known about the current administration’s sellout of intelligence for sheer political gain.

      According to the Daily Mail Reporter, “The CIA and Pentagon have said that there was nothing unusual about their dealings with the filmmakers”.

      Speaking in Dishonorable Disclosures, retired CIA officer Fred Rustmann points out, “Days after the raid, Hollywood was invited into the White House so that they could receive a briefing on exactly how the raid took place.  What kind of sources we had, what kind of methods we used all for the purpose of making a Hollywood movie.”

      “What was done was stupid.  But it was more than stupid because it was done with malice of forethought.  It was done for a political purpose.

      Bill Cowan, Lt. Col. USMC (Ret,) said,  “And somewhere in this administration, perhaps at the highest levels there are people who don’t understand what the requirements are that are put on anybody else when we divulge national security information such as the identity of the organization that killed Osama bin Ladin.”

      “We have now put all of those men, all of their families, everybody around them at some sort of risk.  When is the payback going to come?”

      Loose lips sink ships and claim the lives of the very people out on deadly missions to protect the freedom of citizens.

      While Obama has come on like a modern day version of Billy the Kid bragging that he “killed Osama”, Shakeel Afridi,  the Pakistan doctor whose intelligence led the Navy SEALS to bin laden rots in a Pakistani jail.

      In the end Dishonorable Disclosures sends a vital message to America: There’s a Marxist activist squatting on the White House and until he’s gone the lives of our bravest are at risk.

    • Francesca
    • The Social Security Agency has special agents??? (I haven’t read all the comments as yet, so sorry if someone has already addressed this.) Not to mention law enforcement on FISHING? That is riduculous. They must think we are beyond stupid. I am becoming more and more afraid of my own government.

    • vyxen
    • There’s an article on this at American Thinker. Here is one of the comments that is, I think, quite telling:

      Obama once mentioned a “police force” answerable only to him … that was scary then and it’s even scarier now.

    • NameBM
    • Fact:

      France’s military had reactivated in total secrecy an entire network of retired officiers to operate as underground logistic support and intelligence, as early as 1938.

      France knew it would be going to war against the Germans within a year and knew it would loose the traditional organized fight. It knew it was going to be occupied and was preparing the resistance before the first gun shot was even fired.

      So …. “they” know. Whoever “they” are and whatever “they” know.

      We are just seing some trace evidence of the organization of phase 3 or 4, when phase 1 has yet to have happened.

      • VTX
      • That would seem to be a rosier view of why every department seems to be arming to the teeth. I would prefer to think that our government is purchasing bullets – in the name of defense against a foreign enemy. But that, in itself, is worrisome. Invaded?

        With BO, foreign enemies would be invited to invade, more likely.

        I think the fear of a civil war is more or less anticipated: if it can be forestalled until the Idiot in Chief is removed from office by the voters, and if he is prevented from starting riots after he’s shellacked in the election, I believe it will no longer be an existential threat.

        The fact is, the likely voters for BO need to understand that he is doing exactly what Biden warned about with his gush-mouth: putting us in chains. ALL of us, including the AA population. BO is the biggest threat to civil liberty we’ve ever had since the Cold War.

      • VTX
      • And Churchill did the same – set up a potential-government-in-exile. He was concerned that the enemies within would surrender or sue for peace to the Nasties (that’s how he pronounced Nazis.)

        Considering the surrendering nature of the current occupier, it appears that he’s trying to prevent a Churchillian exercise.

      • NameBM
      • My comment might have been taken too literally by some. I did not mean that this Administration is anticipating having to defend against an invasion of America, but rather that their vision carries on a futher horizon than the rest of us.

        An invasion or rather an invasion on dual or triple front (east, south, west) is not something I brushed off, but not as a trigger.

        I do not discount the probability of a coalition of enemies wanting to share the spoils, but that would imply first that America would have been defeated or was about to be by other means.

        What I was trying to convey is that there is obviously some preparations being taken to defend or cohorst. The real question is therefore what is the trigger event, the phase one?

    • Obeline
    • OT, but a topic that also needs exposure:

      Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and David Axelrod were all involved in the patient dumping scheme at the University of Chicago Medical Center many years back.

      Today’s piece by Abraham Miller (American Thinker), “Romney Really Needs to Fight Back” is very timely. BTW – recent polls from Illinois indicate Obama’s losing handily in suburban Cook County. Perhaps airing this heinous story (to complement the Niall Ferguson/Newsweek cover/article) might loosen his grip on the city of Chicago, itself. Downstate Illinois leans right — wouldn’t it be a hoot if ILLINOIS came into play?

      Questions about why Mrs. Obama gave up her law license and the insurance fraud litigation cloud need to be aired now, too. And why did Mr. give up his law license?

      Many questions to be asked – because 2008 was such a bust:

      ” . . . If Mitt Romney wants to fight back against the onslaught of Obama’s vicious and deceptive negative advertising, then Dontae and Angela Adams need to become household names in America. In fact, they need to become symbols for what the Obamas are really about.

      The Adams’ story begins with Michelle Obama’s appointment as an executive director of the University of Chicago Medical Center. Mrs. Obama established satellite health centers ostensibly designed to tend to the community’s medical needs. David Axelrod, currently the senior strategist for Obama 2012, subsequently teamed with Michelle to launch an advertising campaign to redirect community members away from the prestigious medical center and to these facilities.

      Mrs. Obama’s plan was benignly called the Urban Health Initiative. Axelrod’s ASK Public Strategies promoted the plan to the community. One of the promotions was that the plan guaranteed free shuttle rides to and from the external satellite clinics.

      There is something highly commendable, indeed noble, about bringing medical care to the indigent by going into their neighborhoods. That is, if there is not another agenda in play.

      The university medical center is a premier medical institution and caters to well-insured and affluent clients. Some of Chicago’s poorest south-side neighborhoods are within a two-mile radius. These people generally have Medicaid or Medicare, if any insurance at all, and the hospital cannot command the kind of reimbursement payments from them that it can command from the well-insured and affluent.

      Hospitals get additional subsidies from the federal government to cover charity cases. When Michelle Obama worked for the medical center, it spent less for the care of the indigent, as a portion of total budget, than the average non-profit hospital in Cook County, although the indigent constitute a substantial portion of the population in the surrounding neighborhoods. Indeed, the Mail (London) On Line, in a long story about Mrs. Obama, raised the issue of why she went to work for a hospital which, the Mail alleges, was known in the community for its ruthless greed.

      Mrs. Obama, with David Axelrod’s help, redirected the indigent away from the hospital to the satellite centers, where care was less costly and, of course, less encompassing. In 2007 and 2008, the medical center, a non-profit organization, was turning a profit well in excess of 100 million dollars. The hospital appeared to community activists to be engaged in a process of dumping the poor and cherry-picking from the rich in order to enhance its revenue. In 2002, the year Michelle started working at the medical center, it refused to admit a man suffering from stomach pains, allegedly because he had no insurance. He later died at another hospital. Four years later, the Department of Health and Human Services fined the hospital because of this case.

      In August 2008, twelve-year-old Dontae Adams was attacked by a stray pit bull that nearly tore off his lip. Dontae’s mother, Angela Adams, rushed him to the emergency room at the University of Chicago Medical Center. There, Dontae received Tylenol, a tetanus shot, and antibiotics, but the medical center refused to admit him for the vital surgery to sew back on his lip. Angela Adams claims that the hospital refused to accept her Medicaid for the surgery.

      A panicked but highly aware mother, Angela Adams took Dontae on a public bus for the hour-long journey to the county medical center. Arriving at five in the morning with gauze pressed to his bleeding wound, Dontae was quickly admitted to surgery so his lip could be reconstructed and his speaking ability preserved. With high praise for the mother’s reactions, surgeon Mark Grevious, who reconstructed Dontae’s lip, told the press that this was a serious matter, and it needed to be addressed.

      The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), in the wake of the Dontae Adams incident, expressed grave concern over Michelle Obama’s medical initiative, diplomatically calling it “dangerously close” to patient-dumping.

      For its part, the university’s physicians, who reviewed the Adams’ case, claim the hospital acted properly, and that admitting Dontae to surgery would have enhanced the prospect of infection. Obviously, the opinion was not shared by Dr. Grevious. Dr. Nick Jourles, president of the ACEP, said that there is no reason why surgery would have enhanced the likelihood of infection.

      Mitt Romney, contrary to the pro-Obama campaign ad that falsely asserts that he condemned a cancer patient to death, killed no one. Michelle Obama, in contrast, implemented a policy to redirect poor patients from a hospital that receives tax breaks and incentives, in the hundreds of millions, to treat them. One of these did die as a consequence of that policy. That is not to say Mrs. Obama killed anyone. It is to say that she helped implement a policy and underscored a medical culture of keeping the poor out, and that policy had consequences.

      One child could have been speech-impaired for the rest of his life, save for a valiant and determined mother, because of the medical center’s policies. And those are the cases that made news.

      The tag line for portraying Mrs. Adams’ experience should come from her own words: “It’s not just about my child.”

      So if Mitt Romney wants to stop talking about how Barack Obama’s negative and deceitful campaign is beneath the dignity of the office and wants to come out swinging, I want to see a poster showcasing Angela Adams as a woman of courage and valor who did not let Mrs. Obama’s initiative deprive her son of his ability to speak. And I want to know, who is the faceless and nameless man who died from poverty because of alleged patient-dumping? His death needs to speak to us as part of this campaign. Portraying his death would give dignity and justice both to the man and to the Romney campaign.

      Some argue that for the Romney camp to take on the first lady would be a losing battle. Hardly, as both the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune have surfaced the story. And the story has tentacles that reach into the complex relationship between then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama and convicted felon Tony Rezko’s pay-for-medical play scheme.

      South-side Congressional Democrat Bobby Rush and Republican Senator Charles Grassley unsuccessfully tried to get a national hearing on patient-dumping. It’s only the national media that has stayed away from the story.

      If Ann Romney’s T-shirts and horses are campaign issues, then why shouldn’t Mrs. Obama’s controversial program of redirecting indigent patients be a campaign issue? Why is it that activists in the communities surrounding the University of Chicago have opposed the program? It’s time for the Romney campaign to raise those issues.. .”


    • Randall
    • I really wouldn’t worry about this story from the perspective of martial law. It ain’t the case. Sure, there are ammo purchases in all departments, but don’t you think they may be in the event of a terrorist attack?
      The world has gotten less safe, mind you, with this administration. I venture to guess this is what we call preparation.

      • VTX
      • “In the event of a terrorist attack?” When the DHS Secretary calls Conservatives and lovers of the Constitution and Christians “terrorists,” you think they’re gonna protect themselves from actual terrorists? They won’t even use the words “Muslim” or “Islam” with “terrorist!” Not even to describe Major Hasan!

        I’ll combine a number of names – which are kind of like Obama’s “composite girlfriends” – and you can call it a terrorist and I will agree with you:

        Bill Loughner-Ayers-Cho-Ayers-Holmes-Ayers-Hasan-Ayers-Holder-Ayers

        Now THERE’S a terrorist! And as for your assertion: go blow it out your shorts. Won’t work here.

    • cobra
    • The danger is that some bureaucrats, knowing the angle the commies are coming from, in order to “please”, to start making mistakes…
      Never discount the “nose browsing” effect.
      in fact, I bet this is how Ruby Ridge and Waco started and evolved.
      Dangerous stuff.
      stay vigilant my friends…

    • Diamond Mair
    • Hollow-points are NOT generally used as target rounds {although with the waste, fraud & abuse of this “administration”, wouldn’t be surprising} – from Wikipedia: “the hollow point bullet has several purposes: hollow points are designed to increase in diameter once within the target, thus maximizing tissue damage and blood loss or shock, and to remain inside the target, thereby transferring all of its kinetic energy to that target” Check Wiki’s page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow-point_bullet & scroll down to the “Legality” header – pretty good picture of S&W .40 ……………………..

      Hollow-pointed rounds are designed to incur MAXIMUM damage to biologic tissue; there are NO reasons for all these entities of the federal government to be procuring THIS ammunition in THESE quantities – unless they’re getting ready to start shooting US.

      Semper Fi’

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Thanks Jukes, posted your link under WI story so more might understand what is unfolding

        I send the sister story your way


        The Essential Rules Of Liberty
        Brandon Smith

        There is nothing worse in this world than an enslaved man who naively believes himself free, except, perhaps, trying to explain to that same man his predicament. You can lay truth after truth before his feet. You can qualify your every position with cold hard irrefutable data. You can plead and scream and raise veritable hell, but before he will ever listen, he must first become aware of his own dire circumstances. As long as he views himself as “safe and secure”, as long as he imagines his chains to be wings, he will see no reason to question the validity of the world around him, and he will certainly never invest himself into changing his own deluded destiny.

        Unfortunately, there are many such men crawling and scraping about here in what was once a land graced with a self sufficient and independently minded public majority. The great lie that has been perpetuated in this country over the past several decades is that we can defer our responsibilities of vigilance and place our well being and our futures into the hands of others for the sake of “collective efficiency”, or leisure. We have been conditioned to live in a state of constant indifference, a society which prizes compromise over principle and steadfast resolve.Those who refuse to compromise that which is honorable for the sake of ease and comfort are indicted as “extremist” or even criminal. The idea of personal revolution is treated with discomfort, and all we claim to stand for becomes muddled in a fog of inaction and cynicism. As Americans, we have forgotten what it means to earn and protect our own freedoms. We have forgotten that in liberty, there are standards that must be defended.

        This, however, does not mean we cannot yet again remember ourselves. The desire for freedom is as inborn and natural as our own heartbeat, as our own breath. It is instinct. It cannot be erased from within, only oppressed from without. The tide has always been against tyranny, always, though we may find that hard to believe. If liberty was not ingrained into our very DNA, humanity would have succumbed to bondage and self destructed long ago. This is not the case. Stretching under the surface of our superficial force-fed mainstream culture are the roots of something real, and honest. Simmering beneath our so called “civilized” veneer, many Americans are finally rediscovering their wild and defiant origins. In the recent past we have been taught to feel ashamed of our rebelliousness. Now, we are learning to hold it quite dear.

        For those of us who are awake, and for those who are on the verge of understanding, certain rules come into play that strengthen our stance and shield us from folly. Liberty is not a self perpetuating social condition. It requires guidelines, and effort, and sacrifice. Liberty will not survive without our willingness to maintain it. If you are not ready and willing to fight for your own independence, then you are not truly free.

        Let’s examine some of the inherent laws and guidelines of free will and free action that will allow us to not only win back our self determination, but to keep it for generations to come. You want liberty? This is what it takes…

        Rule #1: Never Take Anything For Granted

        A lot of people today seem to have serious issues with expectation and assumption; what we in the alternative media often refer to as “normalcy bias”. We have grown used to the idea of abundance and relative safety. So much so, that we fail to notice when our abundance and safety begin to disappear. We assume that the condition of the world today will be the condition of the world tomorrow, and for all time. In the U.S., we have even come to expect not only that our prosperity and our freedom are inevitable, but that they will also increase exponentially with each passing generation. This is a relatively new and narrow cultural mindset likely caused by the explosion in industrial growth after WWII which seemed to erase all memory of the Great Depression in our society, leaving us with the belief that surely, our circumstances would never become so desperate again.

        Those who are truly independent realize that nations, no matter how affluent, can self destruct at a moment’s notice, especially when they fail to recognize their own weaknesses and confront their own demons. Never suppose that that which is good and just will remain without your own initiative. Never wait for others to fix those problems which you could just as easily solve yourself.Never expect that freedoms won cannot also be easily lost. Always prepare for the worst outcome, and strive for the best outcome.

        Rule #2: Educate Yourself

        Never become a useful idiot, or a waste of oxygen. Being a part of the herd is nothing to be proud of. Strive for knowledge, and thirst for the truth every moment of every day. Many of the things we deem “important” in modern society are in the grand scheme hollow attempts to fill our lives with distraction, only wasting time until we finally bite the dust filled with regret. Pretending to further the depth of one’s life is not the same as actually doing so. I can’t think of anything more horrifying than becoming a man who rushes around frantically every waking moment, but ultimately accomplishes nothing.

        Do not assume that you already have a tangible grasp of the truth, especially if all your knowledge has been handed to you. Instead, research that knowledge for yourself. Put that which you have been taught to the test. Only in this way will you finally learn. Expand your horizons. Learn something useful. Remove unnecessary distractions for at least part of your day and focus on increasing your awareness of the environment you live in. There are very few things in this world more important than this, and self education should take precedence over everything else except your family. “Lack of time” is no excuse for ignorance. Make time! The ignorant are led. The knowledgeable lead themselves.

        Rule #3: Don’t Be A Pansy

        Liberty is not for the faint of heart. Emotional courage is paramount to freedom, and it can be expressed to incredible effect by even the most unlikely heroes. I’ve seen children with more courage and tenacity than some full grown men.

        If one recognizes the gravity of the situation we face as a people, if one understands the considerable danger involved in the fall of a Republic to the depths of fear and autocracy, but still does nothing, that person has not only failed the world, he has also failed himself. “Making waves”, or drawing the ire of “authority”, is the least of our worries. If you have utilized an objective eye, and know you are right in your position, then there is no reason to fear criticism from anyone.

        Sociopolitical action, nonconformity, noncompliance, and self defense, are unavoidable aspects of a society that wishes to maintain its freedoms. There is no way around it. If you are not willing to stick your neck out and expose yourself to risk, you remove all chance of possible gain. If you are a self proclaimed activist that refuses to sacrifice, that refuses to struggle, then you have failed before you even began. Talk must lead to balanced action. Never thumb your nose at the devil without being ready to trade punches as well, or all is lost.

        Rule #4: Stop Waiting For Others To Tell You What To Do

        Independent people not only consider and implement the solutions of others, they also work on their own. Complaints abound lately in the Liberty Movement;

        “When is someone going to do something!? What are YOU going to do about our predicament!?”

        This is the question of a slave, not a free man. A free man asks, “What am I going to do about this predicament? What is MY solution to the problem?” Therein is the key to liberty; decentralized leadership and movements based on fluidity and spontaneity of action, instead of a great mass of people standing around stiffly waiting for orders on high, or a self styled messiah to engineer their world view. As soon as you place your very initiative under the control of others, you have lost the fight. Always consider the solid strategies of intelligent people, and adopt them if they are useful, but do not remain idle because you are too frightened to exert the effort to solve problems bigger than yourself. Spectators only witness history, they do not make history.

        Rule #5: Cast Off What Is Unnecessary, Keep What Is Effective

        Yes, I stole this rule from Bruce Lee, but it is just as applicable to social movements and economic stability as it is to the martial arts. Invasive debt creation, for instance, is a tool for subversion, and no people forced to bear the burden of liabilities they can never repay is free.Therefore, exorbitant debt must be avoided, or cast off completely.

        In our personal lives, how many useless goods do we accumulate on a daily basis, instead of useful items that we may one day desperately need? How much of our life is spent accumulating garbage in order to keep up with “socially acceptable” levels of consumer behavior? How many of us cling to careers we hate in order to service our needless consumption? The ability to prioritize must become a virtue once again, and, we all need to shut off the cable television…

        This rule also applies to governments. If a government no longer fulfills its sworn duties to the people, and no longer serves the purposes to which it was originally intended, then it too must be cast off and replaced with one that does serve the people, or, it must be forced to return to its inherent foundations. Today, this kind of talk is often referred to as “extremism”, or insurgency, no matter how correct it might be, which brings us to our next rule…

        Rule #6: Ignore Establishment Labels

        Tactical name calling is only effective if we actually care what other people think of us. Labels like “homegrown terrorist”, “extremist”, “doomer”, or “conspiracy theorist”, are designed to shame people into self censorship. That is to say, they pigeonhole movements and their participants into categories of public shame, causing said movements to fear social reprisal. They are also meant to forcefully assign “outsider” or “fringe” status to particular political positions in order to marginalize and weaken the resolve of those who hold them. Never mind that almost every powerful and honorable cultural movement in history once started out as “fringe”.

        Early in our lives, we are taught that it is far better to be accepted, and to avoid standing out, even at the expense of our individualism. Unfortunately, many adults never outgrow this childish belief, and thus become vulnerable to tactics as absurd as simple ridicule. At bottom, being slandered by a thieving bureaucracy infested with soulless parasites bent on centralization at the expense of innocent human life is a bit laughable (this goes for you too, SPLC). Globalists, along with their media cronies and their think-tank sock puppets, will say ANYTHING to get what they want.Empty words and false labels cannot stop the truth, or a movement driven by the truth.

        Rule #7: Cynicism Is The Path To Defeat

        It is good to be critical, but not to the point of nihilism. America’s past is riddled with mistakes, bad judgments, horrible crimes, and downright stupidity; that doesn’t mean that the principles on which this country was founded are any less vital. We hear often from cynics that humanity has become too stupid and complacent to do what is right. However, stupidity and complacency are not inherent qualities. That’s an elitist fantasy with no basis in fact. Stupidity and complacency are learned behaviors, and they can be unlearned. What IS inherent is our ability to choose what path we will take. For adherents of liberty, we need only remind people that they have this choice. We can whine and cry all day long about how nobody pays attention and how there is no hope, or, we can exhaust all options before throwing in the proverbial towel. We don’t need to “like” society the way it is, but we do need to recognize the underlying potential of all people to become something much more than what they currently are (I can’t stand blind ignorance either, but I’m certainly not ready to accept it as a fact of American life). Remember, no fight is over until it is over.

        Rule #8: True Authority Is Derived From Respect That Is Earned, Not Bought, Or Taken

        A corrupt politician is just a criminal conman in a nice suit. A law enforcement officer who refuses to follow Constitutional Law is just a petty little tyrant in a black uniform. An economist who knowingly skews data to fit his own political bias or to serve the political biases of men above him is just a liar or an inept buffoon with an embossed piece of paper from an expensive university. A lab scientist or doctor who flubs experimentation to support the interests of the corporate world rather than the needs of the public is just a quack in a white coat. All too often, though, we find ourselves taking these cretins seriously all because they talk the talk and wear the costume. They are just people, and if they cannot do their jobs honestly, then they are useless people, who deserve our disdain, not our respect. We should never allow such men to wield positions of authority over us.

        Rule #9: Take It Personally

        When someone tries to steal from you, hurt you, or enslave you, unless you are some kind of nut, you take it pretty personally, right? Why should it be any different when a government commits the same grievances? Americans should be furious over the destruction of their economy, their currency, their infrastructure, and their Constitutional freedoms! They should be enraged over the endless wars overseas that are bankrupting the nation. They should be bellowing to the rooftops over the cooption of their political system by a slimy brood of corporate bankers. Is this “extremist” behavior? Who cares!? If your anger is not visible then it is not worth a damn. Don’t just get active, get emotional! This is about your life, and the lives of those you love. That’s not to say that we should take out our frustrations randomly and haphazardly, but if we can’t at least make known our anger over the misdeeds of government, then what the hell is the point of calling ourselves free?

        Rule #10: You Are The First And Last Line Of Defense

        Like it our not, this is our job. We have inherited a country on the verge of disaster, and we are tasked with cleaning it up, otherwise, there will be little left to pass on. We do not get to bask in illusory prosperity for the rest of our days. We do not get to feed off the entitlement program trough until we are fat and contented. We are not going to retain our rights without blood, sweat, and tears. We will not be building magical floating cities in the clouds or skyscrapers on Mars. We will NOT be remembered fondly as members of some fantastical “golden era”.

        We have been thrust into the muck and the mire. We are being molded as the lost children of an age better forgotten. We have been slapped in the face with a dilemma so volatile and so incredible it may one day be called the greatest crisis of all time. We have drawn the short straw.

        This could be viewed as some terrible doom. It could be held as a star crossed act of ferocious fate. We could fall to our knees and lament with despair, overcome with woe at our unbearable lot. But, this would be in violation of rule #3, and nobody wants to be a sobbing pansy. On the contrary, every “bad luck generation” is only so if they refuse to see the great fortune at their fingertips; if they refuse to seize the moment and conquer the giants of their day. The greater the hardship, the greater the enemy, the greater the heroes. We are faced with possibly the most unrelenting antagonists and the most treacherous obstacles in recent memory, or even distant memory. In the same spark of confrontation, we are also presented with unparalleled opportunity to change the course of the world forever. Whether or not we succeed, is entirely up to us.


    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The World of Tomorrow
      Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 20 Comments
      The slogan under which Obama hopes to win the next four years is “Forward”. “Forward” is the quintessential progressive slogan, progressives being people who are so forward-thinking that they want to remake the 21st Century in line with their 19th Century ideas. Progressivism, like so many other flavors of futurism, is so new it’s old. It’s the world of tomorrow as imagined by men with top hats and full beards whose Twitter-wielding descendants are still shouting, “March Forward!” at us  150 years later.

      The last century has represented a great love affair with the future. A hundred years of spring cleaning accompanied by the resounding cry, “Out with the old, in with the new.” Everyone was a progressive now. The one thing that all the participants in the Second World War had in common was that they were all dreaming of the future. A Thousand Year Reich, a United Nations or Communism: millions died for the sake of a wonderful future.

      The Germans died for a Nazi superstate built out of Albert Speer’s monstrous concrete towers of babel, a technocratic revival of Mad King Ludwig’s castle building projects. The Russians died for collective agriculture and inspiring posters of grim workers hoeing the earth and electrifying the countryside. Everyone else died because they were either in the way of one vision or the other. Then they died so that a United Europe and a United Nations might usher in a better world.

      The world of tomorrow has seen better days. The West is still in love with the future. If you doubt that, stop by an Apple Store and marvel at all the shiny surfaces. Try not to notice that the aesthetic is a retro futurism because even our future has become our past. Forty years after the Soviet Union tried to land a Mars rover and fifteen years since the first time we did it successfully, we landed a bigger and better rover on Mars. We may not be able to reach the ISS without taking a ride on Soviet Soyuz tubs, but the parts of NASA that aren’t dedicated to proving that science and technology are burning up the planet through Global Warming, can still execute an occasional engineering triumph.

      But the future is not so much a place as it is a state of mind. It is a fervent faith in the inevitability of human progress. Men have died for this faith and men are still dying for it.

      Britain’s Olympics opener celebrated the journey from the industrial revolution to the NHS euthanasia bed. While capitalism killed workers randomly and unscientifically, the progressive state kills them scientifically and methodically. Any old factory can kill a worker by dropping a load on his head or allowing him to inhale fumes that in retrospect turn out to be toxic, but it takes a genuinely progressive turn of mind to leave him lying in bed for three days begging for a drink of water while he dies because he has become, in the fine German phrase, “Lebensunwertes Leben” or “Life Unworthy of Life.” That is true progress, which also happens to be the name of the unmanned Soyuz cargo ship that keeps American astronauts from starving or dying of thirst up on the ISS.

      The Nazis and the Communists believed that certain races and classes had to be wiped out to make the future possible. We, the modernists who communicate through shiny slabs of white and black plastic, who use the flag of the United Nations as our background image and John Lennon’s “Imagine” as our ring tone, don’t believe in such barbaric things. Instead we kill people because they are too old or too sick and use up medical services that are always short in a collective system.

      WW1 and WW2 were fought over regional ambitions, but we have gone beyond them. Our scientists can measure every atom of carbon in the atmosphere and assign responsibility for it to individuals. “Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?” Yeshayah’s prophecy asks  These are the territories that now concern us.

      When our modern institutions aren’t starving retired workers to death in soiled hospital beds, they are rationing out water and air, earth and sky. They warn us that there are iceberg shortages, shortages of soil and swampland. Our rationing has gone planetary. We imprison men for filling in wetlands and cap and trade the heat of the planet. Our collectivist world state allows no sparrow to fall without charging someone with unlicensed hunting.

      But their taking ownership of the planet may be a bit premature. Outside a few enclaves where the smooth and shiny still predominate, the barbarians are at the gates of the empire of tomorrow. While the West is still in love with the future, even if it is a future of rationed everything where everyone is entitled to a tofu turkey in every microwave oven and a whopping tax bill to pay for the tofu turkey’s carbon footprint, the rest of the world is in love with their past.

      No sooner did mobs gather in Cairo, Tunis and Damascus than Western foreign policy analysts began dusting off their history books and drawing analogies to the 1848 European Revolutions. But there was nothing modern about these revolutions even if they relied on Twitter flash mobs and Facebook posts. It isn’t the future that the Muslim world wants, even if the modern Albert Speers fill Dubai with horrendously futuristic architectural vomitoria, it’s the golden past.

      In Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, Hamad Jebali, the new Islamist Prime Minister of Tunisia, proclaimed, “My brothers, you are at a historic moment in a new cycle of civilization, Allah willing. We are in the sixth caliphate.”

      For the Islamists who inherited the Arab Spring and their eager supporters, the future was the past, a return to the glories of the Caliph and his harem, to an era where Christian and Jewish Dhimmis knew their place and he Islamic Empire stretched across the world. The Arab Spring, which began when a Muslim man was so intolerably humiliated at being struck by a woman that he set himself on fire, culminated in gang rapes and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. A revolution which began when a man was humiliated by a woman ended with the ritual sexual humiliation of women at the hands of revolutionaries and the regime, and the restoration of the old patriarchal order of Imams and Islamist Neo-Caliphs.

      So much for the future and so much for the world of tomorrow where all men will be brothers so long as they can beat their sisters.

      Western liberals are still pretending that Caliphate is just United Nations spelled backward, but their faith in the progressive future of no nations, no borders and no freedom can only be sustained for so long by Benetton ads and cheerful multicultural sitcoms. Outside their enclaves the future looks nothing like them. While they parcel out the carbon atoms of the North Pole, their capitals are being carved up into tribal enclaves where the future is as much the past as it is in Cairo or Tunis.

      Our present future is defined by the spillover of violent chaos. In the throes of Egypt’s revolution, Bedouin tribes in the Sinai are violently asserting their rights and the Kurds are rising in Syria. As the fall of the Czars and the Austria-Hungarian Empire devolved sizable portions of Russia and Eastern Europe into violent chaos, a violent chaos that repeated itself several decades later when the Nazis pounded through on their way to the Thousand Year Reich, the fall of the last modern states in the Muslim Middle East has ushered in its own chaos of bandits, tribalism and terrorism.

      The West has been marinating in that chaos for some time now. It is the reason why we have a police state, a massive military with no equal and social welfare spending that is through the roof. It isn’t, as the modern progressives would like us to believe, because people are living longer, but because of a domestic instability rooted in tribal violence and cultural chaos. And no amount of euthanasia set to a tune from Paul McCartney, who unlike John is still free to imagine that there’s no heaven, only an earth where they stop feeding you if your illness gets too expensive, will fix that.

      But the architects of our future still can’t see the present for the future. They also can’t see that the present has become the past. In the urban mosques it is not to the infidel Queen or the Republic that allegiance is owed, but to the Caliph and the Mahdi, to the martyrs who give their lives in orgies of death so that the wheel of time may turn back and that yesterday may replace tomorrow.

      Their own native culture is equally decadent. In art and literature, in film and fashion, the new is still the old. The two biggest summer films are based on characters that debuted in 1939 and 1963. Stop by Broadway and you can choose between a musical based on Abba, another based on a Disney movie from twenty years ago, and Sister Act, Ghost and Bring It On, musicals based on more movies from the last twenty years. We are remaking remakes with tongue firmly in cheek to show that we don’t really mean it, that we aren’t truly culturally bankrupt, only ironic connoisseurs of the past.

      Liberal websites denounce the 1950′s in retro fonts painstakingly designed to look like they are from the 1950′s. Clothing brands aimed at young people aim for that same retro look. Abercrombie and Fitch’s popular Hollister brand is pegged to 1922. American Apparel is rooted in the 70′s. There is nothing modern because there is no modern. Only bits of cultural appropriation to give the retro a more exotic flavor.

      The progressive sneers at the past but cannot escape it. Whatever creative energy his assaults on culture unleashed have long been spent. He has nothing new to offer, only rationing plans for the old. Our technocracy has made us into sophisticated communicators, even if we have nothing new to say. Institutionally we harvest and wield massive amounts of data and use it to manipulate people. We cheered so loudly for Curiosity’s arrival on Mars because it has been a long time since our culture did anything noteworthy. Even if it isn’t truly new, it’s new to us.

      There is no world of tomorrow because there is no tomorrow. A decaying culture has no future. Only a stasis that is easily ruptured by internal and external enemies. To have a future we must have a culture again and to have that we must rebuild an identity by meeting challenges. We can discover who we are through what we can do. It is not futurism that makes futures, but a people striving to make something because they believe that the future is worth making.

      The great progressive project of the future is a rotting stench that blows across the Atlantic. It is a formless dream that died. It is a future without a future. It is a million conferences and a billion regulations. It is a world where everything is known, where each atom is weighed and every man is found wanting. It is a closed room and a white bed on which to lay down and die on while the machines count off the seconds.

      If we are to have a tomorrow it will not come from those places. It will be not be the Everycity or the eternal conference. It will not be from the men and women who have appointed themselves the rulers of the earth and all that is within it.  Rather it will come from those who defy the decay, who cope with the chaos that the progressive program has spawned, who hang on to their homes and their businesses and fight for their dreams.

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