Support For Mitt Romney Coming From All Parts Of America Now (WSI RELATED)

Mitt Romney is raising more cash than Barack Obama – by a growing margin.  Even the more affluent liberal strongholds of New York and San Francisco are opening their pocketbooks for the presumptive GOP nominee.  The war is being waged – and Obama is presently losing.



WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is out-fundraising President Barack Obama by impressive margins, is attracting thousands of donors this summer from traditionally Democratic areas of the United States, collecting millions of dollars in even progressive communities from New York to Los Angeles, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of new campaign data.

…The money race has become a critical bellwether in the presidential campaign, which is expected to cost more than $1 billion. Obama is not only losing the money race but also is being outspent on the airwaves, thanks to millions of dollars in ads from independent “super” political committees funded by wealthy donors who oppose Obama and his policies.

Romney and the Republican Party are also making financial inroads in traditionally liberal cities across the nation, including Austin, Texas, and Obama’s hometown of Chicago. These include small and large contributions, from $200 to the maximum $30,800 allowed under federal law to political parties each year.    LINK


Some time ago WSI promised to close the fundraising gap for Mitt Romney.  They have more than made good on that promise, which means not only their direct involvement, but much credit to Mitt Romney and the Romney campaign is deserved.  With the pick of Paul Ryan, the conservative base of the GOP has once again been energized and now engaged.  Romney himself has managed to remain attractive to moderates and independents from both parties – something that, if Barack Obama is not able to overcome, will likely be a decisive factor in securing a Romney victory in November.

No time to celebrate though. I am reminded of the warnings of both WHI and WSI – Obama’s “investors” will not lay down without putting up a significant fight – and that fight has only now just begun…

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10 Comments to Support For Mitt Romney Coming From All Parts Of America Now (WSI RELATED)
    • VTX
    • I know a lot of people of moderate income who are sending money to Romney and other Conservatives. As the Newsweek cover almost intoned:

      Hit the road, Barack,
      Don’t you come ’round no more no more no more,
      Hit the road Barack
      Don’t you come ’round no more!

      I wonder if he even has a clue as to how unpopular he REALLY is these days, or if he just listens to tapes of crowds chanting his name? (Imhoptep-Imhotep-Imhotep…!)

    • mustang
    • I read in an account of fundraising (sorry can’t remember exactly where) that the heavy donations in the week following Romney’s announcement of his choice of Ryan were composed of more than two-thirds first-time donors.

    • Obeline
    • Piece in the New Yorker is riddled with both pro-Obama nonsense and bias, and anti-Romney/Ryan statements and innuendo. Nonetheless, it addresses Soros —– as backing OFF Obama???

      Sample of a few egregious whoppers . . .

      “Obama sought the Presidency in part because he hoped to alter the relationship between powerful financial interests and those who govern. On his first day in office, he banned lobbyists from his Administration”

      “In 2007, Obama admitted that he suffered “from the same original sin of all politicians, which is: We’ve got to raise money.” But he insisted that he would fight to reform the system: “The argument is not that I’m pristine, because I’m swimming in the same muddy water. The argument is that I know it’s muddy and I want to clean it up.””

      “According to Jodi Kantor, the author of “The Obamas,” Michelle and Barack shared an early conviction that the gap between the rich and the poor had less to do with hard work and merit than with “opportunity, power, access and wealth.””

      “In addition, confidants say that, although he still supports Obama, Soros has been disappointed by him, both politically and personally. Small slights can loom large with wealthy donors. When Soros wanted to meet with Obama in Washington to discuss global economic problems, Obama’s staff failed to respond. Eventually, they arranged not a White House interview but, rather, a low-profile, private meeting in New York, when the President was in town for other business. Soros found this back-door treatment confounding. “He feels hurt,” a Democratic donor says.”

      Read more

    • Rosemary
    • Obeline, thanks for the recap. However, I feel and may have read that Soros is disappointed because he feels Obama hasn’t made as much progress in destroying the USA.

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